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Fortune Magazine’s Romance with Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour


In a startling break with sanity, FORTUNE Magazine (formerly a respected business oriented publication), has named their top 50 world’s greatest leaders.  No. 34 is a remarkably infamous proponent of the subjection of women, gays, children, Christians, Jews, etc.!

Seriously!  Linda Sarsour who hates Israel, equal rights for women, religious freedom, and everything not approved of by Sharia, is #34 on the list of greatest leaders in the ENTIRE WORLD!
Source: Fortune Magazine

To get educated on what Linda Sarsour stands for, please watch our investigative video reports via Truth Report Production of ATP:


  1. john lianos April 12, 2017

    it is totally unaxeptable to put linda sarsour as a leader who is aterroristanti semite and antigay antichristian antiwestern sheis amuslimbrotherhood stealthy operatorabranded terrorist organization hamas u name it anything to do with promoting there Islamic cause ans sharia law there involved with all the muslim organizations spread like an octopus wake up fortune magazine ulost allot of validity u might as well put kim jong from korea the castros abu bakdar from isis who elseerdogan assad oh don’t forget osamabin laden who else oh maybe hitler stalin mao so sad to see a magazine like that lose it svalidity

    1. Anna Sawiniuk April 14, 2017

      john…thanks for taking the time to respond! now that we are up and running on the new website, you will be getting a few emails in this format weekly! hope you like and will forward to all of your contacts as we need to get the truth out there!
      if you are so inclined, we would GREATLY appreciate any help on building up our email list. if you really want to help out, please send as many names as you can share that we can add to our email list. obviously anyone that is added can opt out at any time! or if you prefer, please forward our emails to everyone that you think might be interested in reading what we work so hard to produce!
      thanks so very much!

  2. Johna663 January 30, 2018

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