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Fauci emails, Critical Race Theory & More


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful day, June 3rd, 2021. And we have a lot to talk about; we have a lot to talk about, seriously. A lot has been happening. You don't have to look for anything. Just wait, sit by, and watch it take place. Biden again with an event, race-baiting, most definitely. Of course, Fauci's emails. Do you know what made me think about Channon?

Channon: What's that?

Will Johnson: Fauci's emails remind me of Hillary Clinton's emails. So, they don't want you to read what is in the emails. All they want you to do is focus on why the emails were released in the first place, but before we get into all of that, if you haven't already, everybody, please, for anyone who's a new listener, please do me a favor. Get out your mobile device and text, W-I-L-L. That is my name.

Text WILL, to the number 88202. Text WILL, to 88202. There has been a lot going on. I've been down to the border. I went to Florida. There is so much going on. Let's talk a bit about, what do you want to talk about, Joe Biden or Fauci?

Channon: I wish we didn't have to talk about any of them, to be honest with you. I wish they weren't in the positions they're in, but let's go ahead and talk about Biden, so we can get everybody's hearts pumping at the top of the hour. What do you think?

Will Johnson: I like it. I think the heart will pump even with Fauci, but let's do this.

Channon: I don't think they have very high expectations. Well, they don't have high expectations of Biden, either, you know.

Will Johnson: I think the heart will be pumping just because of the situation, and the information is coming out. How Fauci changed his role in everything, but let's get to Biden first.

Channon: He was at an event yesterday, and some interesting things happened at this event. I was like, what event was he at? I guess it was an event and he made remarks about, the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, I guess. So, naturally, he's there to race bait.

Will Johnson: That's what Democrats do. They race bait. They keep the division going.

Channon: He made a couple of announcements. First, he made the announcement that the blacks do good things. They don't know how to get lawyers and accountants, but they have good ideas.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. If you're black, you don't know how to find a DMV. You don't know how to get a voter I.D. You don't know how to use a computer. You don't know how to find a lawyer. You don't know how to find an accountant, but you have good ideas.

Channon: Then he announced that Kamala Harris is going to be the push for voter protections, which is also another interesting piece that we should talk about because she hasn't done anything for the border yet, but now she has another great responsibility.

Will Johnson: Well, I'll make a prediction right now. I'm willing to bet that she's going to do a lot more for ‘border protection,’ this so-called ‘border protection,’ and I'm doing my finger quotes. You know how you do it. I'm willing to bet that she's going to go out there and say that she will stop this voter suppression.

You know, the whole thing, like in Georgia making sure that your vote counts as your vote. You know that nasty thing; rich people vote, poor people vote, and each of their votes counts as the same thing. That's what Georgia passed, but that to them is voter suppression. They want to change that.

Channon: Once again, that's more that we could talk about, but let's go ahead and start with this clip from yesterday, from Joe Biden talking about black ownership.

Will Johnson: After we play this clip, I want to play another clip from Fox News with Leo Terrell, Sean Hannity, and Larry Elder. Leo Terrell, 2.0 for those of you that don't know.

Channon: Yeah, he is pretty good.

Will Johnson: Let's play this first clip with O'Biden, as he talks about people of color, or black people not being able to find something, or being able to know how to get something.

President Joe Biden: The data shows young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding, given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don't have lawyers, they don't have the accountants, but they have great ideas.

Does anyone doubt this whole nation would be better off from the investment those two make? I promise you, that's why I set up a national small business administration that's much broader because they're going to get those loans.

Will Johnson: Oh, come on. This is so insulting.

Channon: It really is.

Will Johnson: It is 100 % insulting. If President Trump mentioned anything like he just said, they would be like, “Oh, my goodness. You're so racist.” What are you insinuating? That black people don't know how to do something, but they have good ideas?

My goodness, and then you have the racist, and I'm calling them all racist. The racist, mainstream liberal, socialist, communist media have nothing to say about it because they're all in agreement with racist Biden, O'Biden, sorry.

Channon: Incredibly, he gets away with comments like this because he consistently says how incapable and incompetent blacks are. They can't get a driver's license. They don't know where to go. They don't know how to get online and search for where to vote, or where to go.

They don't know how to make a plan. Early voting is sometimes two weeks ahead of an election. They can't make time or figure out how to make time to go vote. I mean, it's so insulting, and the sad thing is as you sit there, you watch him. He's mostly talking to a huge black audience, and guess what they do after he's done talking?

Will Johnson: They clap.

Channon: (Clapping) I'm sitting here going; he just told you that you are stupid.

Will Johnson: You know the reason why I think they probably clap? They are listening to him, and they are like, what? Then someone comes up that they don't have on camera holding a sign saying, applaud now.

Channon: If you would look at the data, Joe. Under President Trump, black entrepreneurship grew to an all-time high. You know why? Because they're completely capable of doing it without government assistance. They are not dumb. As you hear Sean Hannity say, they know how to go on legal zoom. Legal zoom is not racists.

Anyone can go on there. I mean, come on, give me a break. He's so racist in his thinking, and people don't even put two and two together. Why do you think black ownership was soring? Because the economy is going, it was stimulated.

Trump created more money in the marketplace, especially where he went to black neighborhoods to stimulate the economy. It was under President Trump. It is crazy to me that these people do not pay attention to what is happening.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it was night and day under President Trump.

Channon: He didn't sit there and say, I'm helping you because you don't know how to get a lawyer.

Will Johnson: No, he didn't.

Channon: He did not insult the intelligence of black people like Joe Biden does.

Will Johnson: No, absolutely, and it was so much better under President Trump. A Lot of black people right now are starting to recognize, like, wait a minute. It was so much better under Trump. So, they have to come out and race bait to convince the black community or anyone that will listen to them to go and say, oh, yeah, you know what?

Because under Trump and the Republicans, they made it bad for me. But people go, wait a minute, that's not true. That's not true at all. It was so much better. The economy was booming, and it wasn't just for black people. Like you just mentioned, President Trump put a policy that helped Americans across the board, and guess what? Black people benefited from it.

Channon: Because they're Americans.

Will Johnson: Because they're Americans. Hispanic women started more businesses under President Donald J. Trump than at any other time in history.

Channon: Yeah, minority women at that.

Will Johnson: Yes, minority women. Hispanics were working more than any other time. President Trump was breaking records. He was breaking records in a positive way, and they saw this. They could not stand it. They said we've got to get rid of him. He's destroying us. He's making us look bad.

Channon: I can't believe that they're not insulted by the things that he said.

Will Johnson: I am insulted.

Channon: Well, you are, but the people in the audience. I'm thinking, do you guys not hear what he's saying to you? I mean, he's saying that you don't know how to get an accountant or a lawyer, but you have a good idea.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but you have a good idea. So, let's listen to Hannity briefly. To what Leo Terryl and Larry Elder had to say about how Biden was saying that black people don't know how to get access to a lawyer or accountant.

Sean Hannity: Joey likes to say, come on, man. The president should speak up now, rather than constantly trying to fuel division, racial division. Why don't you finally take some responsibility for your history of disgusting racial remarks? Why does the mob in the media give you a pass? You know, like when you praise or work with a former Klansman to stop the integration of schools.

You were worried about schools becoming racial jungles, Joe. Because everyday Americans, all races, they're tired of the constant playing of the race card dividing all of us. Joining us with reaction, radio talk show host Larry Elder a Fox News contributor, and Leo Terrell. Okay, now, I don't know. If I'm an African American and I'm a lawyer. Now, Larry ...

Leo Terrell: I want to go first, okay?

Sean Hannity: Are you both lawyers?

Leo Terrell: Yes.

Sean Hannity: Wait a minute. So, you don't take on African American clients, do you? Okay, go ahead.

Leo Terrell: Oh, listen, Joe Biden, look at me. I'm black. I'm a lawyer. Larry's a lawyer. There are thousands of black lawyers. This is insulting because I'm black. I'm a lawyer for 30 years as a lawyer, and here is the other part about it that is so insulting. It makes up a false assumption, a racist assumption, that blacks only go to black lawyers.

I have black clients, white, yellow clients. This guy plays the race card. Somebody needs to tell him he's a racist. Somebody needs to. I'm black; I'm a lawyer. I can't say anything else.

Sean Hannity: I thought about you guys today because you're both friends of mine. I'm like, I can't wait for tonight, Larry.

Larry Elder: Oh, this is crazy. Sean, how about this part? Studies have shown that black entrepreneurs are just as capable as white entrepreneurs. Well, duh Joe, and Sean, who gives business advice?

Sean Hannity: And poor kids are just as smart as white kids. I'm like, what? He is so gone.

Larry Elder: And Charlamagne, the guy, you ain't really black if you don't know whether you want to vote for me, a vote for Joe Biden. Look, this is a man who's never even run a lemonade stand, and he's giving business advice?

Sean, here are the numbers to keep in mind, four, six, eight, 12, 4% is the percentage of the black vote that Republicans got in 2008 when Obama ran, 6% is what he got when he ran for re-election, presiding over the worst economic recovery since 1949, 8% is what Republicans got when Donald Trump said, “What do you have to lose?”

And 12% of what Trump got for re-election when he delivered an economy with the lowest unemployment rate for blacks in history. They are scared to death. If that number gets to 15% or 20%, these guys are toast, and they know it. So, they're pulling out the race card. Breaking news, breaking news, I'm black, I'm a lawyer, I'm black. Breaking news on Fox, on Hannity, I'm black, and I'm a lawyer.

Sean Hannity: A Fox News alert. Oh, okay, a civil rights attorney.

Larry Elder: Somebody to tell Joe Biden he's a racist. Joe Biden is a racist.

Sean Hannity: I just want to know, you know, there are great services out there. I have a radio advertiser, 1-800-Accountant. They take on any client. We all know about, LegalZoom.com, which's a great service. It is very inexpensive. You know, Larry and Leo, they cost a lot of money per hour. I'm just saying, Larry.

Larry Elder: No, I take a lot of clients. I'm black. I didn't know that. I've been a black lawyer for many years. Hey, Sean, if Biden really wanted to help, why doesn't he get behind vouchers K through 12. Get behind voucher cases. O'Biden went to a catholic prep school. One of his sons went to a catholic prep school. Give everybody else an opportunity to do the same thing. Vouchers, Joe.

Will Johnson: Vouchers, Joe, did you hear Larry Elder say, O'Biden? Did you hear him because you said you couldn't stand it when I say that, but even Larry Elder said, O'Biden.

Channon: Yeah, he did. Will had to replay it for me. I was like; he didn't say that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, before we get started, I said, he even said it. Larry even said, O'Biden, because it's true. Obama is in the background running everything if you ask me, or at least he's running that much.

Channon: Well, what's true is that it is truly racist. The way Biden thinks, how little he thinks of black people.

Will Johnson: Yes, it's 100%. How little he does think of black people. As black people, you need a handout. I'm going to give you something to pacify you. I even talked about putting, you know, a black person on a $1 bill or $20 bills, just to pacify you a little bit, black people. I mean, this dude is literally racist. He is racist. President Trump was just the opposite, and everything that they blame somebody else for, they're the ones doing it.

Channon: Do you think that the black community as a whole is paying attention to these things because I give them more credit than Biden does.

Will Johnson: You know what? The only reason why they're doing the race-baiting, and they brought up this other case from 2019 that they've been showing on the lame mainstream media about the police officers killing another black man. It happened in 2019. Well, they currently don't have one that's active right now that they can talk about.

So, they went and dug one up because they see that they're losing more and more of the black community. I was in the airport, and these two black dudes came up to me because of the shirt I had on, and one was 6'4', 250 lbs. at least. He goes, dude, I looked at him, and he goes, I love that shirt.

Channon: Will, so everybody knows. Will's shirt said "F" Biden.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know I don't ever use foul language. I don't say foul language, but you know what? It's not even a nice word. I'll admit it. It's not even a nice word, but I did it to prove a point. Do you know what's amazing to me?

Channon: It's amazing to me, that guy, you said it wasn't just him. It was the same for both of them.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, he had another guy with him, and both of them go. They said I have to make a confession. He said I made a mistake voting for Biden. He said I should have voted for Trump.

Channon: Wow.

Will Johnson: Seriously, he said, what's going on is crazy. I should vote for Trump because this dude in the White House right now, he's not for anybody.

Channon: He's not.

Will Johnson:  He's for nobody.

Channon: He is for big government.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: That is exactly what he is for.

Will Johnson: The elite, the globalist, but it's amazing to me to touch on it really quick. The shirt I had on did have a bad word on it. There are a lot of bad words, but I did it to prove a point about our First Amendment rights. A lot of the liberals got triggered by it, and I put a comment. I just put a text comment on Facebook. That comment right now has over 5,000 plus comments for that one little comment that I said.

It was because the stewardess came up to me. I went to TSA, I went through everything, and got on the airplane. I sat down in my chair, and the stewardess came up to me and said, you have to take the shirt off because it's offensive to children. It happened to be a white female liberal. It's crazy.

Channon: Full disclosure.

Will Johnson: Yeah, full disclosure.

Channon: Actually, they almost kicked Will off the plane. He wanted to get home, but he did have a conversation with her about First Amendment rights. Then he turned his shirt inside out.

Will Johnson: She said you don't have First Amendment rights. Those words came out of her mouth. She said you don't have First Amendment rights. She said I'm done having this conversation with you. I'm going to kick you off. I'm like, wow.

Channon: Now listen to this. When Will gets off the plane, he decided to turn his shirt right side out.

Will Johnson: Yeah, kick me off the plane at what, 30,000 feet. What are you going to do? Throw me out the door? So, I changed my shirt right before we get off, and then I'm walking out. A lot of times, there's someone at the door right there saying, thank you for flying with us. I get stuck right there for a second, and the guy said, “Thank you for coming.”

I said, “Yeah, but your stewardess back there wasn't happy to see me. She literally told me that I don't have First Amendment rights.”  He goes, “That's not right.” Then I walked off the plane, and for anyone who flies frequently, you know that sometimes a captain and another stewardess are waiting to come on to relieve the other captain. Anyway, I walked off, and both of them go, “Oh, I love your shirt.”

I said, “Well, your stewardess on board did not like my shirt. She straight-up has told me I don't have First Amendment rights.” The stewardess that was waiting to get on said, “You absolutely do have First Amendment rights. She has no right to tell you that you can't wear that shirt.” She said, “It's not a nice word on the shirt.”

I said, “You know what? I completely agree with you, but I did it to prove a point. Our First Amendment is going away in this country. It's going away. When you got people like Biden helping our country be destroyed, along with Antifa, BLM, the Democrats, the Socialist Communist Democrat Party, and the lamestream media. They're all working diligently to take down our country. To destroy it. To prove my point. Everybody that is white right now that voted for President Trump.

Do you know that Biden is calling all of you white supremacists? Even though many of you have supported me. Many of you have supported Latinos. Many of you have supported Asian people, people from various parts of the world per se white, but you have supported them. Still, Biden and the Democrats are calling you a white supremacist. It's disgusting.” To prove my point, Channon, listen to this.

President Joe Biden: In the joint session of Congress, according to the intelligence community, terrorism for white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al-Qaida. It's white supremacy.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. Who do you think he's talking about in the United States of America people? Because I can walk out on the street, walk my dog, and I don't have to worry about someone attacking me unless it’s Antifa or BLM. I can go down to the bank. I can go down to the store, and don't have to worry about someone, a white supremacist attacking me. Seriously, the only ones to have to worry about attacking me are these anti-American, socialist, communist Democrats.

Channon: That leads the way to the next part of our conversation, critical race theory. The O'Biden administration, you’ve got me saying it, is pushing into the schools. Yesterday, there was a video that went viral. Do we have that video about the Black Panther that had the conversation with his daughter about the critical theory?

Will Johnson: Yes, we do. It is actually on our website, UniteAmericaFirst.com. There is an article written by one of our writers, and we do have a video there as well. So, let me go ahead and pull that up, and we will play the video.

Channon: Now, critical race theory for those who don't know encourages intolerance, difference, and anger. I mean, it's making white people bad to black people. Think about our children. I mean, there might be a small percentage of kids that might have been taught to be racist in their homes, but for the most part, most children are not taught to be racists.

Will Johnson: They don't have it in them unless it is taught to them.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: But to my understanding, and you correct me if I'm wrong. He's a Black Panther.

Channon: That's what the article is saying.

Will Johnson: The article says he's a Black Panther. So, he's a black male, and his daughter is black, of course. He's talking to his black daughter about how to react to white people. Okay, listen to this.

Kory Yeshua: Daddy teaches you can be anything in this world that you want to be, right? Doesn't daddy teach you that?

Royalty Yeshua: And it doesn't matter if you're black or white or any color.

Kory Yeshua: It doesn't matter if you're black, white, brown, yellow. Right, and how we treat people is based on who they are and not what color they are.

Royalty Yeshua: And if they're nice and smart.

Kory Yeshua: See, this is how children think right here. Critical race theory wants to end that. Not with my children. It's not going to happen. My baby is going to know that no matter what she wants to be in life, all she has to do is work hard, and she can become that.

Royalty Yeshua: Work hard even though you don't know anyone. You can make friends.

Kory Yeshua: Yeah, you can make friends no matter what color they are. So, we need to stop CRT, period, point-blank. Children do not see skin color man. They love everybody. If they're good people. They love them.

Kory Yeshua: We pray for people that are hurt.

Kory Yeshua: Daddy teaches you can be anything.

Will Johnson: That's it, that's absolutely wonderful ...

Channon: It's so wonderful. He says to her. You can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard. That's how it is in America. We just saw Leo Terrell saying, listen, I've been a black lawyer for 30 years. Ben Carson, look at him. Look at NBA players, look at football players, and look at doctors. You could do whatever you want as long as you work hard. That's the message we should be sending to all kids in America, equally.

Will Johnson: You know what? That's what the CRT should be about. To teach white kids, black kids, brown kids, yellow kids how to all get along.

Channon: To be united.

Will Johnson: Not singling out white kids and saying they are bad. That's what they're currently trying to do. For those who don't know, the critical race theory is to tell white kids and tell black kids that white kids are just inherently bad simply because they were born white.

It's disgusting. For them to even have the audacity to sit there and try to make this part of the curriculum in the schools in our nation. Seriously, whoever came up with that should be jailed. Seriously, in my opinion.

Channon: It's the opposite of what they say they want to do. They say they want to unite, but truly they want to draw those lines of division. They want to make whites look like they're all bad people, just like this little black girl in this video. She's like, I love everybody as long as they're nice. I'll be their friend as long as they're nice.

That's the conversation we should be having in school. I understand things happen in school. I understand things happen in the workplace, but a lot of things that happen are not based on color. It is based on someone's characteristics and them not getting along. Honestly, that's what it is. Instead of saying, well, that person wasn't nice to me, so I don't want to be their friend. It's like, oh, you don't want to be their friend because you're racist. That's not what it is.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: On Epoch Times, I read this article. It said, the director, Peter Kurti from the Center of Independent Studies, and author of a new paper canceling the Culture Critical Theory and Chisum of Incoherence, explains there are three dangers to the critical research, which I just said, intolerance, difference, and anger.

He said, firstly, we are confronted with the erosion of tolerance when unacceptable opinions are denounced. Secondly, there's an emphasis on the difference by promoting discrimination as a good thing because they're saying, listen, we can discriminate against white people. It's okay because they are bad. In the old days, they discriminated against black people because they said they were dumb.

So, it's still discrimination, which we are not supposed to tolerate. He said, thirdly, there is incitement of rage and anger that makes reasonable discourse impossible. That's exactly it. You know, there's been kids, we've had so many people right. One thing is, there was that mixed kid. Will, do you remember this?

There was a mixed kid, and his mom was black. He was told he had to write a paper denouncing his whiteness and how his whiteness gave him the white privilege. She's like, what are you talking about? My son is half black. She went to the school. They refused to change his grade because he refused to do this thing, and he was going to fail the class—somehow, he wasn't going to graduate.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he was mixed, but because he had looked a little white, they wanted him to denounce his whiteness. Who he is, and go along with their critical race theory, or you're going to fail. This is our country today. They prevent us from even having this conversation. It's ridiculous because we shouldn't be talking about this. There's so much more as a society that we could be doing vs. having this stupid conversation.

They're trying to create this racial division in the United States of America. It's like it's never going to end. To prove my point on that, I have another sound bite that I want to play for you. This is from Judge Joe Brown. You know what? This judge reminds me, just the way his facial features are and stuff. He reminds me of my father, my dad.

Channon: He kind of does.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I'm like man, he looks like my dad almost.

Channon: Anyway, go ahead, Will, you want to play the video.

Judge Joe Brown: Joe Biden, who got up there, and the speech he gave, I mean, I was really offended. I heard it right outside the state Capitol building in Dover, which is a rundown, ramshackle old house, 250 years old. And he said Negro children are like roaches. If they are allowed to integrate the schools, they will infest them, and they will never be gotten out. Negro?

Joe Biden said it. Yeah, I heard it. He said Negroes were animals, and they would turn the streets into jungles. He and Senator Eastland had a plan where they could put all of these Negro animals in zoos. Now, we talk about the 94-crime bill. There was the 91; it was bad. The 91 was really bad. Eighty-one was the one where one rock got you five years, which due to some other stuff, Biden and Dennis in Eastland did.

It wasn't five years with parole. They abolished federal parole. So, you get five years, you get 60 months, and you get released with all good amount of time, 56 months from federal custody, and then there was 81. Then there were 79 and 77, so let's give blame where blame is due. That bastard has been a racist dog, and he used to talk about how he understood the Negro because he was raised in Delaware.

And he said Delaware was a proud slave-owning state that basically copped out by not going with the South during the rebellion, as it should have because they were too close to D.C. not to be intimidated. So, I listened to this racist dog. I kept up with him because I was practicing criminal law, and federal criminal trials became almost a lynch thing because of what is allowed.

By the way, if you ever get interrogated by the feds, never say, I don't know what happened. I don't know anything about it because you will get convicted on one count of an indictment.

Will Johnson: Wow, you know that last piece where he said if they talk to you, don't say you don't know anything because they get you on one count of the indictment? They used that for January 6th. They use that a lot. That's how to do it. So, the way I take it is, if they come to talk to you, to say, you know what?

I need to talk to a lawyer. I need to talk to a lawyer. Probably keep repeating that. I should talk to a lawyer. I need to talk to a lawyer; you know because they'll get you on anything. But anyway, Joe Biden has always been racist. Joe Biden has always been racist, and he's not going to stop being racist because it's in his nature.

The Democrat Party itself is a racist party. They're the ones who created the KKK. They're the ones who wanted to keep slavery. They're the ones who had the slave plantations. They're the ones who didn't want women voting. They're the ones that didn't want black people voting. They're the ones that were against civil rights until they figured out how they can use it to control black people.

They were against all these civil liberties for people unless it was for them. Now, they want to convince all of us that they have changed, and the party has switched. No, the parties never switched. That was another big lie.

Channon: Listen, I believe in cases that people can change. I believe that if you make comments 30 years ago that you could have learned from them. You could have grown. You could have become a better person.

Will Johnson: So, what about Biden in his case?

Channon: Well, I'm getting to that. According to the things that Biden said, because he pretty much makes the case that blacks are incapable and that they're incompetent. It makes me believe that he still has those same thoughts and ideas he did 30 years ago. He hasn't come along very well. I mean, critical race theory in schools is very, very dangerous.

I think it won't unite the country. I'm really happy to see that there are states that are standing up against critical race theory. You now have Montana is banning the program. So is Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, and I believe if I'm not mistaken, Florida has as well.

Will Johnson: Ron DeSantis was like the first one that I saw come out and denounce it. We're not going to have this critical race theory nonsense in our state. It's not going to come. We're not going to have it in schools. We're outlawing it right now. Actually, I did have a short video on it. That video went viral, hundreds of thousands of views for that video. It went viral because I said Ron DeSantis reminds me of what a strong American leader looks like.

Channon: That's right.

Will Johnson: And a lot of people got upset because I said that. Of course, you have the white racist liberal that's upset because I'm saying that white people aren't bad. Then you have the black liberal upset because I'm saying white people aren't bad. This is this crazy. Our country is so divided, and all they're doing it, Biden, and the rest of them. All they're doing is creating more division.

Channon: It's so sad, but people are waking up. You know, we have seen all types of stories where parents are going to the school boards, and they're saying, listen, we don't want this in our schools. It's damaging. We don't want it. That's what people need to do. We need to stand up to the school boards and say that we don't want it. If I didn't name one of your states. I would strongly suggest you do that.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, let's talk a little bit about Hillary Clinton's emails, I mean, Fauci's emails.

Channon: I was like, what?

Will Johnson: Fauci's emails. So, Press Secretary Psaki, "sock it to you," "sock it to me."

Channon: Nobody knows that, Will.

Will Johnson: But you know what that is.

Channon: I know what it is, but these people don't know what it is.

Will Johnson: Come on now, some people do. Okay, it's from a movie called The Last Dragon with Bruce Leroy, and he went to the cookie factory. He said, "sock it to me," "sock it to me."  But anyway, so Hillary Clinton, you remember, she wiped the server clean with the cloth. No, I'm sorry, bench me. In this case, I guess Fauci didn't get a chance to delete his emails.

The emails that are coming out are damaging to his cause and what they are doing. You have the mainstream media disregarding it, and the reason I brought up Psaki, Press Secretary, is because I haven't heard it today. I know she did a press conference today, but I didn't get the opportunity. I missed most of it. So, I don't know if she was asked a question, but prior to today, not a single reporter asked her that question. I'm led to believe ...

Channon: About the Fauci emails?

Will Johnson: About the Fauci emails, and I'm led to believe that they were told, do not ask anything about the Fauci emails.

Channon: Well, that could be.

Will Johnson: But if they're told not to ask, what is the difference between communist China, and the same thing they did in the 1930s in Germany with the whole propaganda movement?

Channon: We heard that they have to get approval to ask about certain things.

Will Johnson: I thought that was approved for O'Biden.  I thought they can ask her any questions or is that not still the case.

Channon: I think it's a reference to someone else like somebody's comments or whatever you have. You have to get it pre-approved or something like that.

Will Johnson: Seriously, when did the press have to say, hey, can I have permission to ask this question? So, they're no longer doing their jobs? What's the point? What's the point of having them? There's no need for them to be there. She can come out and lie to the American people and go on about her business.

Channon: The point is that they're not transparent. Psaki, Biden, and Kamala, they all came out, and two of the top things I remember them saying is, we're going to be 100% transparent.

Will Johnson: They sure did.

Channon: They lied, and they said they were going to unite the country. They lied. So, today, Scalise, Comber said Fauci must testify about published emails on the origin of COVID-19. What happened is BuzzFeed filed a Freedom of Information Act request requesting Fauci's emails, which was fulfilled. Some of the emails were redacted, of course, or covered up.

You can't see everything that is said. So, in the emails, there is quite a bit of email. I kind of went through some of them just because I was like, okay, what is exactly in these emails? For the most part, people emailed Fauci, and supposedly he's this great guy that wants to respond to everybody.

So, in the beginning, he's like going back and forth, and he pretty much stood by the story that COVID did not come from the lab. He said that according to the information they have, it crossed from animal to person.

Will Johnson: It was a bat. Originally it was a bat.

Channon: He said scientific data proves it, really? Because now they're saying that there's a lot of data proving that it could have possibly come from the lab.

Will Johnson: The lab?

Channon: As Trump said, it came from.

Will Johnson: You know, the reason why the mainstream media and a lot of them on the left were trying, you know, were deflecting from that and wouldn't even acknowledge that it came from the Wuhan lab is because Trump said it. So, instead of them searching for the truth, seeking the truth, they were just upset.

Their backsides were hurt because President Trump said it, but now that they said it, oh, President Trump is out of the way, we can say it now. We can say where it possibly came from to try to make it look like, hey, people, we're trying to get to the bottom of this.

Channon: For so many things. They made it sound like it was a conspiracy theory. It was a conspiracy theory that came from Wuhan.

Will Johnson: Yes, that's what they were saying. It's a conspiracy because everything is a conspiracy to them until they can turn around and say it's not, just like the whole One Word Order, remember that. It was a conspiracy as well. One word order is a conspiracy, but now it's not because you have the left with the Paris Climate Agreement. I know we're getting off a little bit, but there the whole Paris Climate Agreement is a world order thing. Everything is a conspiracy. Go ahead.

Channon: Will always goes off. I'm like, where is he going with this.

Will Johnson: It relates. I can make the connections with all this stuff. It's just my mind is going.

Channon: Yeah, it is going, for sure. Do you know what the sad thing is? If it's not information that they accept or they want people to know. It's a conspiracy theory. Now, Trump is gone, so it's not going to hurt them now to say, oh, yeah, he's right. I mean, they won't say he's right.

Will Johnson: Another example is hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine was bad. You can't even say it. You can't even post it online, but now it's okay.

Channon: In the email or something I heard, they said that he said it was effective, but I didn't see it in there. I don't know. There is a lot of emails, though. As I said, some of it's grayed out. They asked him about it, and he's like, oh, well, I can't tell you. I get tens of thousands of emails. I can't tell you what was grayed out.

Will Johnson: Thirty-thousand emails, it was 50. He wiped it with a cloth.

Channon: Somebody went through them and covered up some of the emails.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: I mean, what was the intention for doing that. It's questionable.

Will Johnson: If I'm not mistaken, I saw a tweet from Rand Paul, where he was saying that Fauci should be fired because he constantly drills him. Is it Rand or Ron?

Channon: Rand Paul.

Will Johnson: Rand Paul? Ron is his dad. Paul Ryan, no, no, Rand Paul. Yeah, yeah,

Channon: Will, is confused. He has too much going on.

Will Johnson: Exactly. So, he's constantly drilling Fauci in these hearings, constantly drilling him.

Channon: He really is.

Will Johnson: He says, hey, he should be fired. Fauci's excuse is that, well, it fine, it's changed. We do the science. We do the study, and it changes from this to that. So, where's the science about the current CCP virus? You know, this foreign substance that people are putting into their bodies?

Where's the science? One science is that when they were giving it to animals, all the animals died. A lot of people didn't know that. You don't have the mainstream media talking about that. All the animals died, and they ask, why did you stop the experiments or the testing on the animals? Because they all kept dying, but they're going to do it on people now. Oh, my goodness. Do you see what's happening here?

Channon: Yeah, it's interesting. In the USA today, they did a good job of pulling out some of the things that ...

Anni Cyrus: Hi, everybody, Anni Cyrus is here. I apologize, and it looks like we are having a technical difficulty, and their call dropped. I'm pretty sure they're going to dive right back in. So, bear with us for a few minutes, and I'm sure they're going to be right back. In the meantime, I'm going to do what I'm very good at doing.

Just in case you haven't done it yet. Make sure to grab your cell phones and send Will's name, W-I-L-L. Send it to 88202 in a text format, and you get signed up to the American Truth Project text alert system. You will be able to get all of our productions and text messages whenever Will goes live on the radio, right here on this channel. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get them back on yet.

So, just bear with me one more minute. I am trying to contact Channon, but no luck yet. I apologize for the technical difficulty; as you know, that's the beauty of running live programing. I believe I was able to get Channon. So, I'm sorry, I am normally very good at jumping in and just talking, but this topic is definitely not an area of my expertise.

Except all I can say is we need to stop the corruption no matter how deep it is. Here we go. I think we have them back.

Will Johnson: Thank you for that. I'm not sure what happened.

Channon: I don't know. Yeah, all of a sudden.

Anni Cyrus: I think somebody wasn't happy about what you were saying. Okay, I will let you guys take over.

Will Johnson: While we have you here, Anni, can I ask you a question?

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: Okay, awesome. I do enjoy talking to you. So, with Fauci's emails and deleting, you know, or Hillary Clinton deleting the emails, why do you think that the mainstream media is not asking questions of Psaki? I’d love to hear your opinion on that.

Anni Cyrus: To be honest, as I was listening when you were talking, it took me back to my motherland. Actually, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, when you have a press pass, as you walk into any event, there's a printed list that they hand you as a journalist or a press person with what you are not allowed to ask.

Then it has specific questions that would be icing on the cake if you do ask. I think that is applying here. I have a friend of mine who told me that they were given a heads up. This person is in Los Angeles involved with the press told me that they were given a heads-up not to bring up emails until further notice. But as far as why they're hiding it, I think Will, you know why.

If they come out if they put any attention on it when it's proven to the entire country that the American people will flat out know for a fact, they were lied to. They went through hardship, and they went through a bankruptcy, lockdown, depression, suicide, and losing loved ones because one person decided to lie to them. Right now, as it is, Democrat Party is on edge. They can't have any more bad proven press against them. They're going to cover this up.

Will Johnson: But doesn't it make them look even worse because they're avoiding it? Because people are asking questions. Why are they avoiding talking about this? I mean, because for me is alarming.

Anni Cyrus: Well, yeah, but there's very few of us, Will, who are even aware of it, or are even asking, or caring. Remember, there are so many distractions going on that average Americans are not going to even pay attention to this. It is less damaging to avoid it.

Channon: And their base definitely isn't going to.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, it's less damaging to avoided it than shed light on it, and God forbid if they let it go all the way to where it's proven that we were lied to.

Will Johnson: Well because you have people like Rand Paul and other politicians. I see them all on social media, and especially on Twitter. Where they're all coming back across and saying, Fauci should be fired. He'd lied to the American people. He knew, and in some of the emails that they were talking, he said that they're going to push this because of President Trump. It looked like he was holding back information as well. So, I think they can only ignore it for so long.

Anni Cyrus: Of course

Channon: I think it's important who you listen to, just like listening to American Truth Projects. People need to diversify the different media that they're listening to, so they are well informed. If you keep listening to just one avenue, you're never going to get informed anymore. Unfortunately, that's the way it is. That's why they're also trying to stifle the conservative voice. They don't want it heard. They don't want the government to be questioned. They don't want to be transparent.

Anni Cyrus: Because they've been covering up for way too long, too many anti-American moves and actions they have taken. They've been just covering that up for long enough. At this point, the smallest proof, and as I said, where I'm standing, the Democrat Party is really on edge.

They are a push away from falling apart, from their internal fights to a lot of Democrats are waking up to what's happening. They have to get through this until Kamala is sworn in as Madam President. After that, they don't care because communism is going to apply.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I think you're spot on; I think they're just trying to hang on until they can get her in that position because she's already taking over a lot of stuff, too. She's supposed to do the voter integrity now.

She's supposed to take over that, and in today's press conference, they did ask Psaki about that. Psaki said that she appointed herself to that. A lot of people don't know.

Anni Cyrus: She's going through a very, very quick crash course because, let's be honest, Kamala doesn't know anything. She doesn't. I mean, she knows two things, but that's not for us to mention on live radio. As far as being a Madam President ...

Channon: It's not part of her resume.

Will Johnson: It's part of her resume. It's just something that they don't want us to see.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, but it's going to become useless. That talent is useless when you are, Madam President. Talent is where she's at, so that doesn't even apply.

Channon: 100%.

Anni Cyrus: They are putting her through a complete quick crash course on how to, at least, act like Madam President, and that's it. From there, they're going to push her in.

Channon: Yeah, if you notice or if you've heard, she is almost at every single meeting that Biden is in; she's with him from morning to night. If he has a press conference, she's standing behind him. She is with him most of the time.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, from what I heard, the last diaper change is Kamala's duty right now.

Channon: She's what? I'm sorry.

Anni Cyrus: The last diaper change of the night is Kamala's duty. She puts Biden to bed before going home because she needs to learn. No, that's real because of issues in his administration.

Channon:  She is the first one in the office and the last one to leave.

Anni Cyrus: She is also taking the lead when negotiating with Iran.

Channon: It makes little sense. She has no foreign affairs experience.

Will Johnson: With Iran, do they look at her as any kind of authoritative figure because she's supposedly a woman?

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely not, but they are looking forward to having her as Madam President. I have watched so many reports on Iranian T.V. stations when they refer to Biden as Harmonie, which is the supreme leader, as a communist puppet in the office. That's what they refer to Biden today in Iran's media.

Channon: Wow.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Anni Cyrus: That's why, to be honest, the Fauci situation is the least of our problems. If you would watch middle eastern T.V. stations, what's coming is terrifying.

Will Johnson: Yeah, we're in such a world of hurt, and I kept telling everybody, I said, you know, if you think it's bad right now, I'm just waiting for Kamala to get her grips on what's going on. Just wait until she gets her grips on the United States of America, and for everyone who's like, yes, yes, yes, they're going to be screaming, no, no, no.

Channon: She is just a puppet, too. I mean, at this point, I don't believe either one of them is truly in control. I think she's a little bit stronger voice than Biden. I mean, she can articulate a sentence better than him.

Will Johnson: If anyone's in control. I would say that is probably Nancy Pelosi but even go above Nancy Pelosi. I truly believe that they're taking orders or getting orders from the UN through China.

Anni Cyrus: Well, here's the thing, the biggest difference between “Kamala and Biden,” and I am using air quotes as well. As a leader, Biden cares for one thing, which is, Mr. President. Kamala cares for one thing, which is dollars, which makes him more dangerous.

Channon: I think she likes the power. I think she's all about power.

Anni Cyrus: What she knows for a fact, she won't hold on to the power. She knows that internally, externally, she knows she's going to be replaced very quickly. So, she's making deals with the devil of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China.

She's making sure her bank account is going to be packed up for the rest of her life and probably a few generations after her. That is a person you cannot trust in any shape or form. She will sell every single one of us and our organs if she needs to get the money.

Channon: She is following the lead of Hillary and the Clintons. She's following the lead of Biden and Obamas. I mean, she's following their lead. She's like, they did it. I am going to do it too.

Anni Cyrus: She is following worse. She is following the lead of the squad, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Pressley.

Will Johnson: The squad.

Anni Cyrus: The socialist Democrat lead, which is ruthless, ruthless. The moment she gets the power, she's going to go after our Constitution. She's going to try to bring that thing down.

Will Johnson: 100%.

Anni Cyrus: She thinks our Constitution is racist.

Channon: Do you think Ilhan Omar is about money? I don't think she's about money. I think the Clintons are more about money. I think Ilhan Omar is more about power, and the Muslim movement, the Islamic movement.

Anni Cyrus: Ilhan Omar openly calls for a Communists Islamic revolution, which is the red-green axis. No, Ilhan doesn't care about money.

Channon: That's what I was talking about.

Anni Cyrus: But I'm saying she's following the footsteps of the squad as far as how to get the money, which is the ruthless way. Well, a more ruthless way because Hillary doesn't do any better with ruthless either. I saw a video today, and I'm like, what are people talking about? I'm just going to go ahead and say, Fauci, didn't kill himself. I'm like, wait, what? Oh, got it.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Oh, that's funny, I haven't heard that.

Will Johnson: Fauci didn't kill himself. Get a server ready with that. Get it prepped. Hey, Anni, thank you for coming in and taking over when we got disconnect there. I'm not sure what happened but thank you so much. I greatly and highly appreciate you so much.

Anni Cyrus: And I always appreciate you, Channon, and your wonderful thoughts.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Thank you. For everyone listening, please do me a favor, send a text, and type W-I-L-L. For the number, type 88202. All right, thank you, everybody, and God bless you. Thank you so much. We'll be back next Thursday. Take care.

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