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Fake COVID Vaccine Support Meant to Deceive the Public


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, it's the Katie and Barry show coming to you live on Friday with my favorite Londoner, Katie Hopkins. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Hi, Barry, how are you?

Barry Nussbaum: I'm doing terrific. Thanks for coming on again today. Let's talk about this vaccine push on both sides of the pond. Tucker Carlson, of FOX News, seems to think maybe these vaccines are being rushed out to the public, and he's throwing some skepticism at the vaccinators and the pushers of the vaccine.

At eighty-nine, his former boss, Rupert Murdoch, pops up in England and says he's gotten the vaccine, and he wants everybody to get it. The left is furious because they really hate Rupert Murdoch.

He's obviously a well-known conservative and an American, and they really hate Fox News. I mean, the left. Now Fox is supporting the vaccine. What's going on over there?

Katie Hopkins: It's a muddle, and it's a jumble. I loved Tucker's rant or his opening statement. I thought it was fantastic. He makes it very clear, it's not that everyone is against all vaccines ever. Many of us are very grateful for vaccines that have saved us from various diseases over time.

He's making the point, why this kind of glitzy marketing spin as if it's some sort of Chanel perfume for the Christmas season? Why this kind of push as if it's a commercial product? I think that's how many of us feel.

There's an innate suspicion when science and medicine behave in a way that we're used to seeing on ‘High Street’ or at the mall. So that's kind of the premise of his point. I think what's really sent people into a spin over here in the UK is news just breaking that Rupert Murdoch at 89 has had the vaccine.

People are saying, well, look, hold on, you've got Fox News and Tucker who are skeptical and questioning the push for the vaccine. Then you've got the boss or certainly the old boss having the vaccine and telling people they should have it.

I suppose there are questions all over the place. I'm with Tucker, firmly, because I'm with him that this is not a vaccine that I'll be taking. I think it's nonsense.

But I do see the rage from people who expect their networks, the news networks, I think, to be ultimately consistent, or do they? Is that what people want from their news networks, or do people want their news networks to just agree with them these days, Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I've got a better question. Not to say that your question is right on, but over here, they're talking about even if you get the vaccine, could you still have to social distance.

You still have to wear a mask. You still have to stay away from public gatherings for all of 2021. If it works, aren't you immune? Aren't you going to stop being a spreader? Can you explain that to me, Dr. Katie?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, my understanding, Barry and I would like a little white coat actually and a stethoscope, is that during testing of the vaccine, they did not test, nor did they have time to find out if getting the vaccine can stop you from passing it to other people.

As we've posted on ATP’s website, if people want to see it, you can see from my European roundup video just how fast and hard they are shuttering down Europe. We will not see any of the front end of 2021, and that is with the vaccine.

Barry Nussbaum: So, it was rushed at warp-speed using Trump's terminology. There's already bad news out almost everywhere the vaccine is being distributed. You've got Bell's Palsy in the UK, which is facial paralysis.

There was a nurse in Alaska. I saw the video. She fainted from it and needed an EpiPen injection to be kept alive. In Australia, they're withholding the vaccine because it produces false, get this, positive HIV results. That's in a country with, 47 active cases on the entire Australian continent. They've ordered, 10 million doses of the vaccine.

Katie Hopkins: I know you couldn't make it up. But with Australia, for example, it turns out they manufactured the vaccine using an HIV protein. So, part of the HIV virus was used to make the protein.

When it was introduced into volunteers, they came up as HIV positive. These were ordinary, healthy individuals now, reading as HIV positive. I mean, truly, it is unbelievable. So not only these reactions, the Bell's palsy, the facial paralysis, the issue with HIV in Australia, but there is also a lot of footage emerging, Barry, of what appears to be staged injections.

Which sort of goes back to Tucker's point. Why this big glitzy marketing push? Why this propaganda or the need for propaganda if this vaccine is so great?

Barry Nussbaum: You're saying that some of the footage that's out there of famous celebrities getting the vaccine is just staged for the camera?

Katie Hopkins: There's one video we should look at in particular, Barry. It's a video where it is absolutely clear, and it's a nurse administering it to another nurse or doctor.

It is absolutely clear that the injection did not happen. The presser is already depressed, yet both go through with the motions of delivering that vaccine. I guess my question is, if we're supposed to believe in doctors, nurses, and science, why are they complicit in this fraud? Why are they part of this propaganda machine?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, that's exactly the question I want to know. By the way, in Australia, with all these HIV positive results from people that got the vaccine. Are you surprised that people are saying, "No, thank you. I'm not taking any HIV protein in my arm along with your vaccine?"

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. When I posted the news article and the reference point to The Scientific Journal that explained it, so nothing to do with me, Instagram pulled that down as fake news. It came from The Scientific Journal.

It explained how this HIV situation arose. So, this sort of censorship from social media that we are seeing they will not allow any reference to anything that is not positive or supportive of the vaccine.

Barry Nussbaum: Is it any wonder people doubt social media platforms less and less? What's going on at the Hopkins' house? Mom and dad don't want the vaccine, but your sister says they have to have it.

Katie Hopkins: Yes, and I think, Barry. We're probably representative. I mean, not in many ways. Like they have me as a daughter to deal with Barry, you wouldn't wish that on many fathers. But I believe in everyone should do what they want.

If they want it, great. If they don't, great. Not my thing. It seems that many families have an enforcer. My sister works within the socialized health care system. So, she's fully bought up, sold up, believes in it like it's the new coming, the second coming of Christ.

She believes they should take the vaccine. She is fully a believer in all of the COVID hysteria. She's a believer in the vaccine. She thinks they should stay indoors, and she almost polices their actions.

I've heard this from many other people of my age, your age, saying that one of their children is acting as the police, the family unit's enforcer. That's a very curious dynamic inside a family.

Barry Nussbaum: It also reminds me of totalitarian regimes that entice the children or family members to tell on the parents or other family members. When that happens, the entire family starts to break down at the state's request and demand, and that is scary.

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely Barry. Just briefly, if I may, know these are daughters now that are withholding grandchildren from the parents for Christmas. I mean, when you think of the emotional levels of that, that's a complex emotional dilemma in a family. I think it's the cruelest, the meanest of all.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. Thanks for coming on, Katie, and thank you out there in ATP land for everybody joining us today for Katie and Barry discussing the news of the day. I want to remind people, if they haven't already to text the letters BYA and send it to the number 88202, you'll be automatically subscribed to all of our content.

You'll get a chapter of my new book Because You Asked for free on your cell phone. If you're overseas, go to our website, Americantruthproject.org, and you can sign up for the same free stuff there. Thanks, Katie, for coming on today.

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