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Facebook Condones Holocaust Denial


If it weren’t for low and double, Facebook wouldn’t have any “community standards”.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Holocaust denial would not be removed from the social media’s platform, stating that the act is merely posted by misinformed people with no ill intent.  If Mr. Zuckerberg spent five minutes on any of the hundreds of Holocaust denial pages on his platform, he would know that there absolutely is intent to harm the state of Israel and the Jewish people.  Holocaust denial is certainly not the only antisemitic activity festering on Facebook; blood libels are disseminated on neo-NAZI and pro-Palestinian pages everyday.  Anti-Zionist pages, dedicated to the destruction of Israel, are permeated with calls for violence against its citizens.  All of these things can be found on Facebook within a few short minutes.

But, what is not permitted on the largest social media’s platform is the truth about Islam, and those committing acts of violence in its name.  Critiquing the ideology and analyzing the texts of its holy book violate Facebook “community standards”, posts that do so are frequently removed, and the people posting them having their accounts blocked, often repeatedly.  These are not posts calling for violence against Muslims, simply stating facts.  Calling for jihad is permitted, but pointing out those calling for jihad is not.  Holocaust denial and antisemitism is acceptable, critical analysis of Islam is not.

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/facebooks-zuckerberg-says-he-wont-remove-holocaust-denial-posts/




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  1. James Hartness July 21, 2018

    I wish all users , Christian, Jews , and morally sound people would all leave Facebook. It is obviously biased toward the forces dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the Christian USA.

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