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Europe Appeasing Iran To Save Disastrous Nuke Deal


The original signatories of the toothless JCPOA, minus the recently withdrawn United States, are meeting in Vienna, in an attempt to save the disastrous deal, by offering Iran economic compensation to help offset the effects of renewed US sanctions.  European corporations have already begun ceasing operations and trade with the Islamic Republic, realizing the cost of violating US sanctions far outweighs the benefit of doing business with the Iran.  Just the announcement of renewed US sanctions has already had a big impact on the Iranian economy, halving the value of its currency, leading to street protests and calls for regime change.

France, Germany and the UK should be joining the United States, reimpose sanctions, and collapse the Iranian economy, not looking for ways to skirt the sanctions and aid Iran.  Enough financial pressure would force Iran to negotiate a new, comprehensive agreement, or face the possibility of regime change from an angered populace.  This financial appeasement is prolongs the suffering of the Iranian people, keeps the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in power and poses an existential threat to anyone within an ICBM’s range.

Read article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/cracks-form-in-bid-to-save-nuke-deal-as-berlin-says-it-cant-meet-irans-demands/



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