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EU Outraged By Palestinian Snub


A high ranking delegation from the European Union visited the Palestinian Authority last week, only to have their request to meet with PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah rejected.  One member of the delegation was the individual responsible for transferring funds to the PA, he demanded an explanation of what that money was being used for, specifically, was it being used to pay the monthly stipends to terrorists and their families.  The Palestinian PM’s refusal to meet with, and answer the questions of the delegation speak volumes.  The United States passed the ‘Taylor Force Act’ earlier this year, which drastically reduces US contributions to the PA because of their “pay for slay” policy that incentivizes the murder of Israeli citizens.  Last month Australia ceased all direct payments to the PA for the same reason.  It is shocking  that the traditionally pro-Palestinian EU is finally inquiring as to how their hundreds of millions of euros are being spent; will they follow the lead of the US and Australia, and stop financing the PA’s terrorism?

The PA takes billions of dollars in foreign donations; its leaders line their pockets and load their Swiss bank accounts with some of it, pay terrorists and their families hundreds of millions with some, then go on international tours blaming Israel for their economic woes  and begging for more money.  As long as the international community continues to fund the terror machine, there is no motive for the PA to make peace with Israel, crime pays.

Read article at Israel National News: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/248585



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