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Dr’s Panel to Ok the President? Dumbest Idea Ever!!


Graham: Another stunning blow to Liberty from the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts. He has done it again. Roberts is siding with the radical extreme and anti-constitutional wing of the high court to snuff out hope of possibly saving lives in Louisiana.

News Reporter: A divided Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a Louisiana abortion law one day before it was supposed to go into effect. However that action is only temporary. The Republican backed law passed in 2014, but it’s been tied up in litigation since then and has never been enforced. It requires the doctors who perform abortions to have what’s called ‘Admitting Privileges’ at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.

Graham: Joining me now the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Barry, this is a very simple law. It is common sense that if you’re doing a major procedure like an abortion, you got to have admitting privileges to a hospital but I think my buddy, Daniel Horowitz hit the nail on the head. This reporter kind of swerved into it too and that is Roberts is now the new ‘Anthony Kennedy’.

Barry: I don’t take it so seriously. In regards to the very serious subject matter that this ruling is in regards to, it’s a temporary ruling that literally says ‘we’re going to take a full look at the concept and the underlying law’. I think that this ruling is more illustrative of what everybody says during these confirmation hearings Graham. You can’t predict how people are going to vote once they get on the court because they are not controlled by politics. They are controlled by their interpretation of the state law in regards to the US law governed by the constitution.

What I really like about this is maybe it will calm down the next ruling of the Judiciary Committee which might be soon, if Ruth Bader Ginsburg never comes back to hear cases. Donald Trump (will) get another nominee. The Judiciary Committee pounds on these nominees demanding to know how they’re going to vote on rulings that they don’t know anything about; that don’t even exist yet and here’s an example of how justices vote the law that’s not necessarily in their political constituency in regards to this ruling. Like I said, it’s temporary. We’ll see what happens.

Graham: I’m just worried about the Roberts because he seems to be swimming more and more to the left. You know ‘a constitutionalist’ is neither left or nor right. I don’t know what Roberts is trying to be except, as I said, the next Anthony Kennedy.

Now the president had his physical today. He went to the hospital had his physical in the meantime, there’s this wacko professor from Yale, Bandy Lee who got some sort of group of psychiatrist and psychologist together and they somehow want us to believe that they’re going to evaluate the mental health of the president.

Barry: This maybe, and I mean this literally, the stupidest idea I’ve heard in regards to the presidency. Maybe this psychiatrist, who just finished a book about how mentally unstable Trump is, wants to have a committee that’s going to decide the mental fitness of future candidates. I think she wants to start with Trump and be able to disallow a candidate based on their mental instability. This decision would be made by a committee of people she’s going to select.

This will never happen she wants to take away the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans who vote and the political process that takes 2 years to vet somebody? Believe me, they catch the mentally unstable. Remember Howard Dean went crazy in one press conference and his political career was over in 15 seconds? The American electorate is a lot smarter and a lot more able to discern who belongs in the White House than a psychiatrist with a political agenda. That’s my opinion.

Graham: Yeah and this is just another open attack on the 45th president of the United States. It would have never have been suggested when Obama was in office. It is suggested now. Bandy Lee is the one that needs the mental examination in my opinion. Barry thanks!  


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