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Does Muslim Brotherhood Run the White House?


Anni Cyrus: Hello, everybody, and welcome to Islam Corner on ATP radio. I am your host, Anni Cyrus. Thank you so much for joining me today. We have a very informative program, and we have a very amazing guest with us, which I will bring her on in 30 seconds. Let me do the normal call-out or shout-outs.

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Without further ado, it is my honor and privilege to introduce our guest today, Brigitte Gabriel. She's a national security analyst to the New York Times, best-selling author, and chairman of ActForAmerica.org. Her latest bestseller is Rise. If you haven't read it, please do so. Hi, Brigitte, and thank you so much for joining us today.

Brigitte Gabriel: Oh, I'm delighted to be with you.

Anni Cyrus: It is such an honor. I have looked forward to today for years.

Brigitte Gabriel: Thank you so much. I'm a big admirer of yours, and I'm delighted to be with you.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you so much. Let's dive right in because we only have one hour, and I want to make sure to hear all of your brilliant thoughts, and of course, I'm sure my audience does.

Brigitte, you have been informing, educating, and telling all Americans, furthermore, all human society, for years that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to infiltrate our government. Their bottom line, their end game, is to fly the flag over our White House. How deep has this infiltration gone today?

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, you know Anni, we've been trying to wake up the American public ever since 9/11 about the influence operation and the threat of radical Islam to world peace and national security. A part of that plan for the Muslim Brotherhood is the infiltration of the United States.

Osama bin Laden said himself that the September 11th attack was a trigger. It was basically to start the conversation and the movement. It succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. Never did he imagine that because of September 11th, we're going to have to start dinners at the White House. It started under President Bush that we're going to have the Muslim initiative program.

Where President Bush launched, after 9/11, to bring Muslim operatives to work on all levels in our government because he thought, President Bush at that time, for us to fight radical Islamists we need to bring Muslims into our government, Muslim Americans. As far as he was concerned, of course, their loyalty lies in the United States and not somewhere else.

After all, when they became an American, they pledged allegiance to the United States—forsaking all other countries and pledging their loyalty to America. Little did he understand the threat, the mentality, and the ideology driving the radical Islamists at that time. It was under President Bush, he brought Muslims into the Pentagon, into the State Department, and the White House.

He thought they would translate the material to work as translators, as the middle people, as we negotiate with the Taliban at that time or reaching out to identify terrorist groups within our own country. We found out the operatives that he brought into the government of the United States, which includes the State Department and the Pentagon. Imam al-Awlaki, for example, was brought into the Pentagon to say the prayers for the ceremony remembering 9/11.

He became nothing more than the head of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which we ended up killing later on. So, under President Bush, the infiltration began and was not only given access, but President Bush rolled out the red carpet to the Islamists we brought into the government.

Starting at that time, back in 2001, 2002, when all that process began. We started seeing the influence operation become bigger, deeper, more influential, and broader within our government. Today we see the results.

Anni Cyrus: I think for someone like myself and for you who completely have a tangible understanding of jihad. It is so terrifying to say that our government asks those who believe and follow Sharia to come and protect us against Sharia jihad. It makes zero sense.

Brigitte Gabriel: Because President Bush at that time did not understand what the ideology of Islam is. He figured like a lot of Americans when to hear the word, Islam they think it means peace, you know, like as-salamu Alaykum.

They don't understand that there's a huge difference between salam, which means peace, and Islam, which means religion, which means submission. The ideology that al-Qaida adheres to is the most authentic form of Islamism. In my second book titled, They Must Be Stopped. I have a whole chapter titled, A Purest Drink Their Islam Straight.

I detail where the radicals are getting their ideology. President Bush, at that time, as well as the American leaders, did not understand the ideology, did not understand the jihadist mentality, did not understand martyrdom. They thought, of course, all Muslims are peaceful, and it is just a radical minority who are doing these things.

They are right; 75% of Muslims around the world are not strapping bombs on their bodies or trying to blow us all up, but the 25% radicals are the ones that matter and those are being funded. They are being supported by very wealthy Shias in the Middle East and by very wealthy people across the globe who support that ideology.

When you move to 2021, and you realize that the Islamists now, like Linda Sarsour, these types of Islamists right now, who are very prominent, and the CAIR members they are not only being supported by radical Islamists from the Middle East and the Gulf States who are mega-millionaires but they're also being supported by the leftist element in our society.

They have combined forces with the Islamists to influence the United States to affect policy in America. We are watching right now the effect of that coalition ganging up against the United States in all forms because right now, you have the country divided.

Between Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, which is working with the ‘brown-skinned people,’ brown organizations like CAIR, and Linda Sarsour, who identifies as an oppressed minority. Now they are working together against our country and our freedoms. That is a problem, unfortunately, Anni, when people like us were warning about the influence operation within our government.

When we were working on it, we were warning at that time about terrorism because it was the biggest threat to the United States. Most people were not talking about socialism or Marxism. It was not as prevalent. It was not as visible. It was not as organized. Back then, people did not pay attention, but right now, we see all the forces come together.

Not just the Islamists, but the Marxists, the socialists, the communists are coming together against our country.

Anni Cyrus: That is correct. You said something very interesting just now. You said, the so-called, brown-skinned people. Here is my question, I'm brown and so are you, Bridget. How come Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Keith Ellison, and members of CAIR don't even bother when you and I are being threatened and have bounties on our heads for simply stating facts about jihad? Are we not brown-skinned at that point?

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, it's all about politics, and this is why black people in America don't care how many black people die in Chicago over the weekend. They don't care about how many black children are dead because of black-on-black violence, but they do care when George Floyd is killed because he was killed by a police officer.

Look, we have bad apples everywhere. You have police officers who do things that they're not supposed to do, and they should think twice about it. I understand that, but again, they are picking and choosing who they stand up against or for.

We are for the protection of all people, brown, black, yellow, Indians. I don't care what your skin color is. We are all humans, and we all have red blood that flows through our bodies. We all have families that we love. We all want to make a living and provide for our families. We all want to live in peace. We all want to leave the world more peaceful for our children to grow up and prosper.

We do not want to see harm. However, unfortunately, what we see today, we are seeing such identity politics that people like you and me look Middle Eastern. I have tan skin; I'm Mediterranean. So, when people like me speak up about why we need to control immigration, and I'm an immigrant, a legal immigrant to this country, by the way.

I'm speaking because I did it by the book. I came here. I love this country. When I pledge allegiance to the United States, the day I became an American, I left everything behind. I don't have dual citizenship. I don't want dual citizenship in Lebanon.

I am an American and nothing but an American, but when I speak the way I do, they do not agree with my policies. They go out of their way to assassinate my character, destroy my livelihood, my life, attack my family and yours because we are all in the same boat. As you said, we both have brown skin, yet we are both attacked because of our skin color.

I do not know about you, Anni, but I've been in this country for almost 35 years. Never once in 35 years in the United States, until this year have, they even thought of my skin color. The only time my skin color was an issue was when people were complimenting me on my Mediterranean tan that I was born with.

It was never my color or my tan, never, ever once got in the way of starting my own business, running my own business. As a matter of fact, when I went to apply for an aid program when I was starting my production company back in the early '90s, and friends of mine who were African Americans told me, look, we have an aid program, and maybe you can qualify for an aid program.

This is a program where the government hands you a contract, so you don't even have to bid on it because they consider you an unprivileged minority because of your skin color. When I put in my application, and I went to meet with the small business department the first thing they said to me was, ‘Well, you're Lebanese. You don't qualify.’

I said, ‘What do you mean, I'm Lebanese? I don't qualify?’ I look at my skin color. He said to me, ‘Well, no, you are Lebanese. Lebanese, Jews, and Indians who come from India, and Vietnamese, those people don't qualify because you all come to this country, and within one year, you own your own business, and you drive a Mercedes.

Therefore, we don't hand those contracts to you. We save them for people who we believe are oppressed.’ That was the government's response to my application. So, I built my business in this country by my bootstraps. I worked hard. I ran a business. I raised a family. I've pitched pennies.

I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunches as I saved my money. This is how I built a life in the United States and became successful because that's what all immigrants do. Legal immigrants, for the last 300 years, have come to the United States and they worked hard in the United States.

They built a life in the United States, and they became successful. Never before did we have an immigration system for losers to come to the United States to siphon off our taxes and the goodies of America, so they can send them somewhere else without any intention of ever becoming someone successful in this country.

Anni Cyrus: Amen. Come August of this year, it will be 19 years that I have arrived in the United States of America, and I agree. I have had people ask me that. I have met many Middle Easterners who came to America, and shortly after, they built their life. My answer always is because when we come here, we really come from oppression, especially women.

We come from where we are half a person. We had a male guardian to decide every single breath we take daily. So, when we find the freedom offered in America, equally to every single breathing human, we grab it, hold on to it with dear life, and built the life that we came here to build. I came to this country completely legal and went through all the proper channels.

I waited three years in Turkey to make sure I came to America with welcome to America paperwork. When I arrived, exactly, nobody told me, hey, because of the color of your skin, eye color, height, or any of that. Not even my accent got in the way of me building the life I have today.

Until a few years ago, when I started losing my clients, my business because I came out and started warning people that the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Islamic Republic of Iran's regime, my motherland, they are all after one goal, which is taking down America and wiping Israel off the map. That's when I started losing my life.

Brigitte Gabriel: Exactly, and that's what the Americans do not understand. Today you've got the younger generation of Americans who do not understand the issues and are not interested in learning about history. This is exactly why they say those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. People like you and me have escaped oppression.

You can talk about what happened in Iran after the Shah. How Iran was under the Shah, what happened when Khomeini came to power, and how Iranians are living today. I can talk about Lebanon being the Paris of the Middle East and being completely destroyed at the hands of the Palestinians. They used our democracy to destroy our democracy.

What people used to say to us back in Lebanon, ‘Oh, we hate you. We're going to change everything.’ First, come Saturday, then come Sunday, meaning first we come for the Jews, then we come for the Christians. We didn't understand them. We didn't take them at their word because, oh, they don't mean it.

We took them in as refugees. We gave them shelter. We sent their kids to school. We gave them food. We didn't realize that they can turn against us the way they turned against us, but we had important people who do not share our values. So, when people like you and me come to the United States, we warn people about what is coming because we understand the enemy.

We were on the other side. We grew up on the other side. We understand what they're saying. We understand the language. We understand their mentality. So, when we warn Americans about what's coming because America's future, our past is America's future unless America wakes up today.

When you look at the countries you and I were born into, their totalitarian countries, completely corrupt, completely almost bankrupt. My country of Lebanon is totally bankrupt right now. People are starving. They're fighting in gas lines. They are fighting at the grocery stores to buy milk and bread for their children.

The country has completely fallen apart from being the Paris of the Middle East to what it is today. It's because when you have corrupt leaders who are only interested in lining their own pockets. Who would sell their soul to the enemy in order to advance their own career.

Selling their country in the process and not minding selling their own country because they don't care about anybody else. That's when you have countries deteriorate. Your country did. Your country of birth did. My country of birth did. That's why we came to America to build a better life, and that's why after September 11th, we started warning, and we started warning with passion about why we need to wake up and change course.

When we started seeing that the same corrupt, unethical people from our region of the world are now in very influential positions within our government with access to classified information they are actually passing to our enemies. Look, just a couple of months ago, when they convicted the lady from the Pentagon who was passing information about the people who gave us the intelligence to kill Soleimani and gave it Hezbollah, Lebanon, and to the Iranians.

These people are working within our government. Now, when you and I voiced our opinion, and when we warn people about what's within the government, they call us racists. They call us homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes because they cannot argue with our facts. That's why they start slapping names on us, trying to silence us, but people like you and me who escape tyranny are not going to be silenced.

That's why I will continue sounding the alarms. That's why Anni, I have my organization, ActForAmerica.org., and I encourage our listeners to go to our website ActForAmerica.org and join us. Act For America today is the largest national security organization in the U.S. devoted to protecting America to preserving America's security, sovereignty, and freedom.

We have 1.6 million members nationwide. We have passed 112 bills on the federal level and the state level. We have groups nationwide. Go to our website ActForAmerica.org, click on ‘Join the Movement,’ and join us if you want to stand up today and start fighting for our country.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely, I agree. I have had the honor to speak at over 21 of your chapters across America.

Brigitte Gabriel: Fantastic.

Anni Cyrus: That's the thing. People need to realize when someone like Linda Sarsour comes out screaming minority oppressed. No, no, Linda, you are getting all the biggest stages. You're getting photo ops with all the government members who are willing to throw us, the American citizens, under the bus to make you happy so you wouldn't label them as Islamophobes.

On the other hand, very few of us are willing to stand up and speak out. Regardless of the risk that we're going to face one way or another because we love America. I always walk around and say the most brilliant document ever written in the history of human society is the constitution that we have today.

I just adore our constitution. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it is as close as perfection you can ever get, but then Linda has said, Ilhan said it, and Rashida. They have all said that they ultimately want to tweak our constitution so their blasphemy laws can exist.

Brigitte Gabriel: Yes, exactly. What's so scary right now is, they are working with leftist organizations. Working with them, hand in hand, to silence people like you and me. Look, leftist groups are regularly working with Islamic organizations, like CAIR, ISNA, and others to prevent almost every common-sense intelligence and security measure that will secure the country from terrorist attacks from taking hold.

The leftists have been colluding with Islamists on everything, from cutting human intelligence to monitoring mosques and blocking the training of counterterrorism agents on signs of Islamic radicalism to smearing their enemies with accusations of Islamophobia. The list goes on and on.

There is perhaps no greater example of this relationship than what exists between CAIR, and the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU. Basically, the ACLU functions as CAIR's legal attack dogs. Filing lawsuits against anyone who gets in the way of CAIR's radical agenda.

Not only that, Linda Sarsour is now bragging about how she's working with the leftist. Sarsour is being funded by leftist groups like the SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU to continue spreading poisonous propaganda. She gave an interview to Glamor magazine. She said, "I hadn't seen coordination like this in my 16 years of community organizing, both locally and nationally.

We absolutely have the support of groups like the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, and Planned Parenthood." Planned Parenthood, for example, was the premier sponsor of the Women's March, and other groups, like the National Resources Defense Council, Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, the Human Rights Campaign, and even labor unions 1199SEIU and the American Federation of Teachers came out in support.

So, Sarsour's response reveals a dangerous web of alliances between the far left and radical Islamists like her who have teamed up to fight a mutual enemy, the United States, and its Judeo-Christian culture. They raise money together, they repeat each other's talking points, and they defend one another whenever the other is exposed.

This is how much they are coordinating. We in America, on the right people or the general public, have no idea the level of coordination between the leftist organization and Islamist organizations. In my last book titled Rise, Rise in Defense of Christian Values and Freedom. I have a whole chapter titled The Leftist Islamist Coalition, where I detail their association together.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, and I repeat, if you have not read the book Rise, please purchase it, and read it, word for word, and then grab that, and be annoyed. Tell everyone, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors. It's okay to lose a couple of friends. The stakes are as high as they can get.

Trust me, fellow Americans, this is it. Losing a couple of friends, coworkers, or even if a family member gets mad at you, it's all right. We are about to lose our freedom and trust me; I'm sure Brigitte can back me on this. You do not want to go there. We both come from a place where freedom didn't even have meaning, let alone existence.

Brigitte Gabriel: Right, and once you lose your freedom, it is very difficult to get it back. Look at what the people in Iran are going through. Look at what the people in Lebanon are now going through. I mean, just recently, as recently as two years ago, there were people by the millions in the streets of Lebanon revolting against the government.

COVID shut everything down. COVID was a godsend to keep the corrupt leaders in the office while getting richer and richer, and they have their money in Switzerland. Nothing can touch them. They have depleted the bank, the central bank, and nothing's going on. They are untouchable where people are starving. Look at Iran.

Look at the million people march in Iran. Shame on President Obama for not standing with the freedom fighters in Iran, and he took the side of the mullahs. This should go down in history records how America, under the leadership of Obama, betrayed the Iranian people who are fighting for their freedom.

Look how difficult that is to get it back. This is a warning to Americans. When you lose your freedom, don't think then you can wake up and fight for it because it will be very difficult to get it back once you lose it. Now is the time to stand up and fight. Now is the time to stand up and speak, by the way, when you are sitting with your friends, and they are complaining to you about America, bad-mouthing America, putting down America, and they are complaining about America.

If you do not stand your ground, stand up, and speak up in defense of America. You are the cancel culture. You are a part of the cancel culture because you are canceling your own voice. Not only the voices of freedom fighters like us who are speaking out in defense of freedom. You are not the only silencing yourself.

You are empowering people trying to cancel conservatives and patriots who are speaking out in defense of our constitution, defending our Bill of Rights, the freedom that America has given its people, and the freedom that we enjoy because, let me tell you something. There is no other country on Earth as free as the United States of America.

This is exactly why people flock from all over the world to come to America. No matter how much they hate us. No matter how much they loth us. No matter how much they despise us. No matter how much they do not agree with us. Despite all that, they cross oceans to come to the United States of America.

They do that for a reason. If Saudi Arabia were so hot, you would see people immigrating to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Indonesia, or any other country in the world. Instead, they're not going over there. They are trying to come to the United States of America.

Anni Cyrus: Amen, Bridget. There's one question from our audience that I would like to ask you because I would like to know the answer as well. She is saying where she works, and there's absolutely no room to have any discussion like this.

As you know, in cancel culture, she might most likely lose her job if she does that. So, she's asking, ‘Can you recommend any short papers or pamphlets that I might give to my coworkers or perhaps students with the truth, so she doesn't have to discuss it with them?’ She can just give them the pamphlet or the paper.

Brigitte Gabriel: Look, once you give them the pamphlet or the paper, they're going to know exactly where you stand. If they already know where you stand, then today, on social media, there are plenty of people who make a case for freedom. Like myself, Candance Owens, Charlie Kirk, and many others who talk about freedom.

Then you can share that with them. You can send them links. Video is the most convincing thing nowadays, and everybody is on social media. A lot of people do not want to sit and read articles, but they are going to listen to videos. There are plenty of those, but here's one thing I want to emphasize.

A man convinced against his will is of the same will still. Sometimes people try to convince others to see something their way there. Usually, if you're going to beat them over the head trying to convince them, they're not going to be convinced. You need to talk to the choir. You need to talk to people who agree with you, bring them together, form a group, and start becoming active in your own community.

Talk about community organizing, one on one. That's exactly what I'm talking about; that's what we do at Act for America. That's why I'm saying, form a group, join us, either start a group or join a group. If there is no group near you, start a group. If there's a group near you, join it. Become active, sign up to get our emails and action alerts.

Go to ActForAmerica.org. Click on Join the Movement or at least sign up to get our emails and action alerts. You can forward our emails to your friends if you want to forward them articles on the subject, videos, and stuff like that.

We send plenty of emails and articles about these issues. Also, we send notifications about bills coming down for a vote for all of you right now who are listening to me. Make sure you sign up to get our emails and action alerts, and give us your address, what state you are in because we are monitoring state bills in all states.

We send action alerts about bills coming down for a vote in your state, so you can call or email your representative, your state delegate, state senator, city council, or state school board, whatever it is the bill we are working on, you can make your voice heard. If we do not know what state you live in, you are not going to get those action alerts if you're just signed up to get to our emails in general.

They will only go to people that we know. For example, if there's a bill in Arkansas, we know that you live in Arkansas. You're going to get an action alert about a bill coming down for a vote in Arkansas. If you just sign up with your email, and we do not know where you live, you're not going to get any notification regarding bills.

That's an important point I want it to get out. When I talked about culture earlier, and I said, when you are with your friends, and they are speaking against our country. Then you need to speak up and make your voice heard, letting them know where you stand as well.

Don't be silenced, but for your political activism, and every single person needs to be engaged. No matter what you do, become engaged, even if you are a keyboard activist. Even if you join us on the internet, where you get our action alerts, and you send emails to your elected officials, forward the emails to your friends.

At least become a keyboard activist if you do not want to become more involved. Go to ActForAmerica.org., become engaged, and become involved. Now is the time to act.

Anni Cyrus: I 100% agree. This is an infowar. This is about information. You've got to know your enemy to fight your enemy. A lot of these bills that are going on are going to turn into our enemies. So, if you know about them, you can stop them. You can do something. I completely agree.

Let me repeat one more time, ActForAmerica.org. Go in there, sign up for anything you can do, and get involved because we all got to do our part, whatever that might be. I promise you, dear audience. We all have a part to play, and we need to start playing now. Thank you for that information, Brigitte.

Now, let's go back to when we started this discussion. I agree with you that there wasn't enough information.

Brigitte Gabriel: Anni, can I add one thing about bills? Before we move from this thing, I know a lot of people are concerned about critical race theory right now because it's dividing the country. I want to give you an idea about the bills we are working on when I talk about bills and why we need to reach you because this is a part of the culture war.

We are literally fighting for our survival and the survival of the United States. We are fighting a group of people who want to eliminate our constitution. They want to eliminate our bill of Rights, eliminate our freedom, and divide the country using race.

This critical race theory is the destruction and decay of our country from within. So, I was talking about notifying people about bills coming down for a vote. We work on so many bills, so many issues, and I'm going to discuss critical race theory because I know that a lot of people are concerned about it.

Act For America is very actively engaged right now in 26 states with critical race theory bills. We were able to pass a critical race theory bill to stop it in Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, and Iowa. We have a CRT bill now pending in Kentucky. We have another one pending in Louisiana. We passed one in Maine.

We now have one pending in Michigan, and in Missouri, we introduced it, but it failed. We now have one pending in New Hampshire. We have one pending in North Carolina. We have one pending in Ohio. Those pending, if you are listening to me right now, and you are in any of those states.

Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Kentucky, we need you signed up to get our emails and action alerts to be notified when the bill is coming down so you can call your elected officials. We passed it in Oklahoma. We have no bills pending in Pennsylvania. Rhode Island, South Carolina, and South Dakota failed.

We passed one in Tennessee, Texas, and one in Utah. I'm reciting them to you because they are right now in front of me. I was working on them right before I got on this call. This is why I say it is so important for everybody to become engaged.

Go to ActAmericaFor.org, sign up and join the movement, or at least sign up to get our emails and action alerts. Let us know where you are, what state you are in so when we have a bill coming down for a vote, whether it's about the FBI monitoring terrorist activity.

Whether it is about something the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to do in your state, whether it's about critical race theory, whether it is about election integrity. Whether it is about border security, we need to reach you, and this just gives you an example of the type of work that Act for America does.

Anni Cyrus: Wow, I am impressed. Well, I'm scared of what they're doing. I agree it is very ironic when you try to divide a country based on race where our First Amendment exists. That right there should be enough fear and alarm people, but I'm very impressed with what you're doing. So, yes, please, please, people.

Go to ActForAmerica.org and get involved because we cover this at ATP Report as much as we can as well. It is scary where they're going—targeting our children, innocent children. They're trying to raise a new generation of racist people just based on this. So, thank you, Brigette everything you do, but specifically, right now for covering this issue, we're facing.

Brigitte Gabriel: Right now, Anni, when we talk about security, national security, and monitoring people on the no-fly list, for example. You know CAIR is challenging the no-fly list, the Council on American Islamic Relations. I know your audience is very familiar with CAIR, but I still feel I have to say the full word just in case we have new listeners.

Look, CAIR is challenging people on the no-fly list because they're saying this is racist. They're being targeted because of their skin color because they are brown. I mean, absolute nonsense. So, now they are using the race card as a part of the critical race theory. They're using the race card to abolish the no-fly list. Letting terrorists get a free pass to come to the United States because they blame it on race.

Instead of blaming it on their link to the Muslim Brotherhood or to terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Shabab, al-Qaida, ISIS, or whatever other alphabet soup of terrorist organizations that were involved with.

Anni Cyrus: I love how you said that. I sometimes can't even keep up with the new terrorist groups coming up with their abbreviations and all that, but you said CAIR. I'm glad you said CAIR because they have targeted all of us. CAIR likes to pretend that they are so worried about Muslim civil rights and Muslim communities.

No, I can promise you, people. CAIR has one mission, and that is to silence, which I just love this Brigette. They label us, me personally. They put out a press release saying Aynaz Anni Cyrus, the anti-Muslim speaker. I'm like, I'm sorry, I start all my speeches by saying, I want you to know the number one victims of Islam are Muslims, specifically Muslim women. How am I anti-Muslim when I want to save these people?

But that aside, their whole purpose is to silence us. So, they can lie to the American people by saying it is a religion of peace. Jihad means survive your workout at the gym, then go and get money from IRGC, Hamas, and the Islamic Republic of Iran to further their agenda. They're literally walking down our Congress right now, members of CAIR, but I was sent this video recently, about a month ago.

Nihad Awad, which is the head of CAIR National. He was giving a speech at a rally that we need to support Palestinians, and we need to betray. Well, he doesn't say betray because he has no friendship with Israel, but he said, we need to stop all support to Israel, so Hamas can go and demolish Israel.’

Here's my question for you, Brigitte, if CAIR is so worried about Muslim civil rights in America, why are they constantly promoting the destruction and war against Israel?

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, remember, Nihad Awad, CAIR, was birthed out of the Islamic Association for Palestine, IAP, which was named in the Holy Land Foundation trial, for raising money and supporting terrorism. So, the leaders of IAP got together in that famous big meeting in Philadelphia where they decided, ‘Well, you know what?’

We need another name. We need a name that is so free, like a breeze that does not threaten America. We need to come up with a new organization to avoid the bad rap about the Islamic Association for Palestine. That's where they came up with the name CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations. So, CAIR was birthed out of the Islamic Association for Palestine, IAP, which is listed in the Holy Land Foundation trial, also the Muslim Brotherhood clan.

So, Nihad Awad, his number one priority, is standing up with Hamas and defending the Palestinians. That's exactly why, basically, CAIR is a part of Hamas. This is why they are against Israel, the Jews and want the destruction of Israel. That's why CAIR will never condemn Hamas by name.

Anni Cyrus: Thank you. That's what I was hoping my audience would hear. This information, if you Google CAIR, you're not going to find this. They're just going to make this huge deal. Oh, what a wonderful, noble group of people. No, they are the front and many other front groups doing the dirty job for Hamas, which now here's my next question for you.

The Biden administration is assigning these people to positions in our government that are very important. One name that keeps popping on my radar is the new adviser, Farooq Mitha. He is a board member of another Hamas group doing business as another Muslim civil group in America.

This man is dealing with small businesses, dealing with almost $140 billion every day. Is it that the Biden administration isn't aware of it, or does it go back to the fact that the unholy alliance, the red-green axis, is in power now? Are they just going to hand over all of these positions to members of Hamas?

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, that's what they're doing. They are very well aware of who these people are and look, we are pretty much back to a third Obama term because Obama is the reason why CAIR rose to prominence the way it did. CAIR received government grants from the Department of Homeland Security and other government grants to the tune of $850,000 a year.

So, you have organizations like yours and mine struggling to raise a dollar. Of course, we are banned by the government because they consider us, quote, "radical under Obama." Meanwhile, Obama handed hundreds of thousands of dollars of our tax dollars to organizations like CAIR and ISNA.

These types of organizations are receiving government grants to improve the image of Islam to improve relations between the Islamic community and the United States government. So, now they are just going back to doing the same thing. It's a continuation of the Obama policies, except now, Biden is President instead of Biden being Vice President.

It is no surprise that this level of coordination and appointments to people with connections to Hamas, Gaza, and the Muslim Brotherhood within the different levels of the government because do not look at them as any threat to the United States.

They are people who are following the Democratic agenda and advancing the democratic system. Obama went up against Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and invited the Muslim Brotherhood. He had them seated in the first two front seats when he gave his big famous address in Egypt.

His first big speech to the Arabic world, and he disobeyed and disrespected Mubarak. Mubarak did not want any of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood there, but Obama insisted that they come to attend the presentation. Not only attended but they were seated in the first two rows of the auditorium.

So, what you see right now is the same reverence and respect extended to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and Hamas's operatives in the United States that were extended under Obama to the same type of people when Obama was in office. When Biden was Vice President. It's now the third continuation of the Obama presidency, except now under the shallow finger of senile Joe Biden.

Anni Cyrus: That is very true, and back to what I was saying. Again, I go back to Google because, believe it or not, Google is very powerful. They are the number one search engine optimization out there. As I said, you look up CAIR, and they're wonderful, you should donate to them, and they're doing a good job.

But then you look up Act for America, for example, and it is a hate group itself as SPLC has named Act for America. I have lost count of how many times they named Act for America a hate group.

Brigitte Gabriel: Oh, my goodness. Not only the Southern Poverty Law Center named us as a hate group, the organization’s headquarters, but we had about a thousand chapters nationwide. They named 48 different chapters of Act For America as 48 different independent hate groups.

That's exactly why we took the map of our chapters down from our website. In the old days prior to 2015, you could go on our website, and you'll see a map of all our chapters nationwide. You'll see a map of the United States. You put your cursor on whatever state. You click on it, and it lists all our chapters in that state.

After the SPLC put out the hate list, they went on our website and started picking up every chapter and naming them because this was a great fundraising tool for the SPLC. They were raising money because they were saying, look, hate groups in America are rising. This year we have, whatever many hate groups.

We knew all they had to do is every year add another 50 groups of Act for America to their hate list and beef up their hate list. After all, we had a thousand chapters. They can keep on adding 50, 50, 50, one year after another, boosting the number of hate groups in the United States even though they talked about Act for America, the organization.

The groups they accused of hate were little mom and pop shops, which love this country. Who are patriotic Americans, veterans, hardworking business people, hardworking employees that love their country.

They wake up in the morning, go to their jobs, make money, pay their taxes, try to serve our country, and try to be patriotic, law-abiding citizens, but because they stood in the way they exposed the evil, the influence operation within our own government, the SPLC, working with the ACLU, working with CAIR, and working with ISNA.

Remember, they all work together and go out of their way to identify organizations like Act for America as a hate group because they wanted to discourage people from joining us or believing anything we say. I have to say, they succeeded. As you said, when you go on Google right now and type Act for America, all you get is a hate group.

Meanwhile, CAIR, which is an unindicted coconspirator and the largest terrorist financing trial in America's history. It is listed as this wonderful organization standing up, fighting against bigotry, racism, and defending the Muslim community in the United States.

It's total lies, total baloney, total propaganda on the part of the left, and the Islamists coming together to destroy people like you, me, and other patriots sounding the alarm.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, and that's the bottom line. They have taken over mainstream media. You said early on this program that it isn't just the Islamic movement anymore. We have the communists, Marxists, leftists, and we have the socialist. If you read the Marx book, Marxism Rules, one of the 45 rules is to take over mainstream media and repeat the lies on your news, and eventually, enough people will believe it.

That's what we're facing today. They have repeatedly lied about many great organizations such as Act for America, Jihad Watch, FrontPage Magazine, David Horowitz Freedom Center, and America Truth Project. You go anywhere, and they're all bad. They're spreading fear and Islamophobia. Quickly, please, if you don't mind. Can you tell our audience, our listeners, about where this Islamophobia word was created and what the purpose was, please?

Brigitte Gabriel: Oh, my goodness. The United Nations came up with the term Islamophobia, which was actually the Arabic block at the United Nations or the Islamic bloc because they wanted to silence any critique of radical Islam. These were the same people who are funding al-Qaida, and who later were funding ISIS.

They wanted to create a word to silence any criticism of radical Islam. They didn't care whether the criticism has merit because, remember, these nations are a dictatorship. There is no freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia. There is no freedom of speech in Iran. Look, Iran sits on the Human Rights Council, for God's sake, at the United Nations.

Libya, the same thing. So, when you look at all these nations who sit on the Human Rights Council, who break every single human rights law.  These people are members of the Islamic bloc of the United States. Their countries have no freedom. Their people are totally oppressed. If you speak against the dictator, or you speak against the country they come and get you in the middle of the night. Never, never to be heard from again.

There is no freedom of the press, and so they came together at the United Nations. They came up with the word Islamophobia because they wanted to silence criticism. Not only silence criticism, but they also wanted anybody speaking the truth to be convicted. They wanted to make it a hate crime. As a matter of fact, they are still working on designating Islamophobia, and anybody who speaks like this to be designated as a criminal, a crime of hate.

This is what we are fighting right now. That's what the public needs to be aware of. This is why we need to stand up and fight now while we still have a chance. Now is the time to act. We named the organization Act For America. Not think about America, not wish for America, not hope for America, not think about America, but Act For America because without taking action, nothing happens.

Go to ActForAmerica.org and get involved. If you can support us financially, please do so. We need your help. My philosophy is this; when everyone does a little together, we can accomplish a lot. We may not have a George Soros on the conservative side.

We are not funded by oil tycoons like Saudi Arabia, or the sharks in the Gulf States who fund CAIR and fund all these Islamic organizations. America has to be defended by patriotic Americans, everybody giving a little bit at a time. So, together we can make a difference for our country and our freedom.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely, and my philosophy is no war has ever been fought for free. One way or another, no matter how you look at it. There needs to be financial support, and this is a war, people. Believe me. We're at war. We are fighting for our freedom, liberty, and our children. Remember, again, I always say this, Brigette.

The revolution and the hijacking of my country by these mullahs happened in 1979. I was born in 1983. I had nothing to do with this. I ended up paying the price for it. So, if you're not going to do it for yourself, that's all right. Think about your daughters, granddaughters, and your nieces because they will pay the price.

I have heard this from so many people. Oh, it's not going to happen in my lifetime. I'm way too old. Yes, you might not see it. You might just get wind of it, but the next generation of your blood is going to suffer. This is beyond you and me today.

Brigitte Gabriel: Exactly. What good is building wealth if you cannot leave your children a nation in which to live? You and I are not living in the country that your grandfather and my grandfather built. The country your father and my father contributed to, whether in taxes, sweat, or hard work, while building a good life.

Whatever your grandfather, your grandmother, or my grandfather, and my grandmother worked for, you and I no longer have a country in which we were born into where we can live nor raise our children. I'm an only child to a very successful businessman. My father raised the money to build the hospital, the church, and the school in our town.

My children will never, ever lay eyes on anything he has ever built. My children will never, ever, even step foot because I'm in exile and wanted dead in Lebanon. My children will never step foot in the home their grandfather built for them. So, when people like you and I speak about why we need to defend freedom.

We know, and this is why we are so passionate. People can hear the passion in our voices. We know what's at stake, and we have cried, have been depressed, and have seen our children deprived of seeing what our parents have built for them and us, that neither you nor I could enjoy.

Neither can our children. I'm not sure if you have children. I have children and grandchildren. As I'm giving you this interview right now, my daughter is going into labor to give birth to another child. So, I look at my grandchildren, and I feel sorry that they will never be able to know what their grandparents have built for them because I know how much it hurts me.

I know my mom and my dad I know how hard they worked. I know how proud they were of our home. I remember my father telling me one day, you're going to live here with your husband and your children, and I want to make sure I build a good life for you. So, you will never need anything. Instead, I am here, and I have to build a life in America from scratch. I had to suffer, and my children will never, ever be able to go back home.

That's the message I want to leave to our audience tonight, who are listening to me right now. If you don't think you could lose America, think again. Greater nations, greater empires have been lost because they caved from within. Look at the Greek empire and look at the Roman Empire. If you think America is invincible, just think of the Titanic.

The unsinkable ship that everybody thought would never sink. Just remember that. Go to ActForAmerica.org and join us. If my message resonates with you, go to ActForAmerica.org, and join us. Sign up as an activist, sign up as a group leader, or start a group. If you don't have time to give up your time, then give up your finances.

We need your money. We need your support. We are willing to fight the fight on your behalf. Please, we need your help in every way you can. Go to ActForAmerica.org and support our work.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely profound and thank you for sharing. Congratulations on the new baby!

Brigitte Gabriel: Thank You.

Anni Cyrus: I appreciate you giving me and my audience your time to come on today. Even though I'm sure, your heart is with your daughter as she goes through her labor. We wish her all the best. Our prayers are with you and with your family.

Brigitte Gabriel: Thank you.

Anni Cyrus: I appreciate your time. I want to tell my audience to please go to ActForAmerica.org. Get involved financially if you don’t have time. If you know someone who has the money or the time, do that, but again, I'll repeat, buy the book Rise, and read it. It will give you the information that you will not hear on even Fox News today.

Okay, not that I'm saying FOX is that good today, but before we leave. One last question for you, Brigitte. After getting involved and doing everything people can. Your final thoughts on where the Biden administration will go with the Iran nuclear deal and the dangers our nation is going to face if that deal goes through.

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, we know that Biden wants to go through with the deal, and that's why we have to fight tooth and nail to stop it. We have to do everything we can because if that deal goes through. If Iran does develop a nuclear weapon and sees it to succession.

To the supreme success, where they do have it. They will use it against Israel, and they will use it against the United States. We cannot take that chance.

Anni Cyrus: For anyone who thinks I'm overreacting because I'm biased. I'm not. That is the truth. We, the people, have got to petition our government, and we have to stop them from negotiating, making a deal with a mass-murdering regime who is financing the Palestinian people to blow themselves up to kill innocent Jews just because some cult has ordered them to.

On that note, Brigitte Gabriel, I am forever grateful for your wisdom, for your thoughts. I hope you come back to my program so we can keep on educating our fellow Americans.

Brigitte Gabriel: Thank you, and I would be delighted to do so. Thank you so much for having me with you today.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely. My pleasure, and to my lovely audience. Thank you so much for staying with us. Thank you so much for sending questions. Remember, if you want to stay in touch with me at American Truth Project, all you have to do is text my name Anni, A-N-N-I. Send it to the number 88202, or simply go to our website, AmericanTruthProject.org, and sign up because, as Brigitte said, you have got to get involved. On that note, please stay safe, stay vigilant, and I will talk to you all next Monday.

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