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DHS Expert Predicts New Korea And Afghan Policies After Bolton!


Barry Nussbaum: Good evening and welcome to the Truth Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have a very special guest today. We have Phil Haney with us. You might recognize Phil as one of the founding members of Homeland Security here in the United States. He's a 35-year member of law enforcement with an expertise in Middle Eastern and terror policy. But before we get started, I want to make sure you remember that you can text "Truth" the word is truth to 8 8 2 0 2 to subscribe to our mailing list. And you will never miss an exciting episode, and future episodes, videos, and articles will come directly to your phone simply by sending "Truth" to 8 8 2 0 2. So, Phil, welcome aboard. It's great to have you here.

Philip Haney: Great. Thank you so much.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's talk about Pakistan. So Bolton is out. We don't know who is in. What's the situation in Pakistan.

Philip Haney: Well, right now, President Trump is very upset with them as well. He made that quite public with Imran Khan. What was at last month when he came to Washington and said flat out paraphrasing, "We're not happy with what we've been getting in terms of return for investment, vis-a-vis foreign aid. You're supposed to be watching these Haqqani groups and these Deobandi groups and the Lashkar-a-Taibas and even the Taliban themselves, but you're not doing. In fact, you're using them as proxies against India." And right now, the flashpoint, of course, that illustrates that so well as Kashmir. You've probably been watching the headlines virtually every day. The pressure is blowing up like a balloon right now. That's been a sore spot since 1948, the same time as Israel and Hamas in Gaza and Palestine started, this same issue between India and Pakistan started in the same year, 1948. And there is a Muslim majority in Kashmir. And the premise is that Pakistan should control it because it's a Muslim majority. Whereas India says no, it's historically been part of India and we want to keep it that way. Also, for security, it's a security issue. It's just like the Jordan Valley, exactly the same kind of thing. Which as, you know, Netanyahu just recently announced they're going to upgrade the status of the Jordan River to secure the borders of Israel. So very, very similar kind of thing.

Barry Nussbaum: We have one more foreign policy area to talk about on the other side of the world, Phil, which is North Korea. As everyone knows, there's been great hoopla. Trump is talking to Kim, and something's going to happen. And then he's not going to talk to Kim Jong again. And there's going to be a deal. And then there's not. What do you the changes are going to be in regard to Korea at this point?

Philip Haney: That's the hardest one for me to answer because they're so opaque. It's tough to see what North Korea is going to do. I read a passing reference between the respect that the North Koreans have for president Trump versus the lack of respect that they had for Bolton. So where did that come from? Is that propaganda or is that a personality evaluation or a foreign policy statement? It's hard to tell, isn't it, because they're really hard to read. So I'm less confident about what might happen in North Korea than in the other regions that I focus on more except for the nuclear program. That would be the thing that ties them together: Pakistan, North Korea, the dirty bombs, and all sorts of unpleasant things to talk about. Of course, you know the puppet master is going to be China. So there is China with North Korea.

And meanwhile, there is China sitting, as I said, like a vulture on the wire waiting for Afghanistan to get resolved. And they're going to come in and hand the Afghanis, how much was it that President Obama gave the Iranians? They're going to hand them even more. And they won't meddle in the internal politics. They'll just give them all this stuff and say we buy the rights to your whole country. And that's the thing that hurts me the most or among the most is all that sacrifice. You know, the sad thing about Afghanistan? It could actually be nearly a Garden of Eden with all that resource. If they actually took it and put it back into the country, built up the infrastructure, develop agriculture and transportation, that place could be as nice as anywhere in the world. It's because they have the resources to do it. And everybody's suffering because of the Islamic influence in Afghanistan and that entire part of the world. And by the way, to sum up, their whole goal is not terrorism or even jihad. It's the implementation of Sharia law. And if they come in the next time, they're going to come in like a flood. I cringe to even think about it. There's going to be a level of vindictiveness that is going to surpass the last time. Because now they're going to say we've had to do this twice. We're going to make darn sure this time that we never have to do it. So if you believe in prayer, it would be a good time to pray for President Trump and everybody in that national security community, because this is a hard one. But we dodged the bullet by him withdrawing, saying it's dead, that was a good thing because it was a really bad deal.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks, Phil, that was great stuff. Thanks for joining us today on the Truth Report. You can always go to our Web site, AmericanTruthProject.org. You can find it by just typing in FindBarry.com. That takes you right to the Web site where you can sign up, so you never miss an exciting episode. And don't forget to text "truth" to 88202. 88202 gets you on our mailing list. And this time you'll get all of our stuff for free right to your phone every single day without having to do anything more. Again, thanks for joining us. I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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