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Dems Use Biden To Get a Madame President?


Will Johnson: Hello, hello, hello, everybody. Will Johnson in the studio with me is Channon, and of course, I want to say thank you to Anni as I always do. Thank you, everyone, for joining us. Please do me a favor. You know the routine; you know the routine.

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Man, man, man, do we have a lot to talk about, but we're going to talk about our main thing. How the Democrats are pushing; let me just say it like this. The only reason why Vice President Biden is in the White House is that they want to have a Madam President.

That's what it all comes down to; they want a Madam President. It is like they're itching for it so bad they're willing to put the country in such a bad situation just to get it. See, they don't want a Madam President under President Trump. They want a madam president that is a Democrat.

That's what it comes down to; they want a Madam President who is a Democrat that they can control because, see, strong women like Anni and yourself who are conservatives can't be controlled. Margaret Taylor Greene can't be controlled. That is the problem for them.

Channon: That is the thing.

Will Johnson: But wait, hold on. I know people might want to give us a call to talk about this because I mean, seriously, Biden has how many days left. His fuse is short. But if someone wants to give us a call, what number would that be?

Channon: So, the number is 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: One more time, one more time, because someone probably didn't have a pen, so they were delayed a little bit. Someone can get a pen and paper so they can get the number. What is it, one more time?

Channon: 516-595-8069 and press 1 to come on with, Will. So, what I was going to say was the Democrats in power perhaps want a woman in charge because Kamala Harris did not do that good in the primaries. I mean, literally ...

Will Johnson: She dropped out.

Channon: Well because nobody was supporting her.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she dropped out.

Channon: They did not like Kamala Harris as far as the American people went. But this is one way they can get her in there, get Joe in there, and slowly but surely, maybe put her in power. Can we show the clip of Matt Gaetz?

Matt Gaetz was on Fox News Sunday, and he even said that you have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun, right?

Will Johnson: Well, you know, we're going to play the clip with Matt Gaetz. But Vice President Biden, he's been declining. Even before the election, he was saying stuff that, you know, just bumbling, just wah-wah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He can never complete a sentence.

This is before the election, and this is the reason why he would stay away from the press. He was staying in the basement. They were calling it out. He wouldn't he take any questions, and even now, he's been in the White House for how long? He still hasn't done a single press conference.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I've seen people online go, well, you know, Press Secretary McEnany, she wouldn't even take any questions. Then they go, well, Trump wouldn't take any questions. The reason why she wasn't doing that much is that President Trump was doing press conferences.

Channon: What were the questions?

Will Johnson: She took questions, but they go as far as saying that President Trump never talked to the press. They're saying that now, which is a blatant lie.

Channon: They were saying his Press Secretary did not have daily briefings like Psaki is having for Biden, and she said the reason that was is that Trump was speaking for himself. He was out there all time talking to the press. Let's talk about what's happening in Syria. If what is happening in Syria happened under Trump, Trump would be out there talking to the American people and telling them what is going on, right? It's completely silent under Biden.

He's done so much. He's opened up our borders. He's stimulated some tension in the Middle East. He's creating tension in Washington, and here he's completely silent. When they ask him questions, they asked his Press Secretary.

They said, okay, when is Biden going to have a press conference? She said, well, he's so busy. You know, he made all these promises to do all these things, and he's working on those things. There's not a single president, number one, that's not busy the minute he gets into office. That's just an excuse, right?

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: She said that, and then the guy came back, and she said, well, you know, he is answering questions, though. He said, well, there may be certain things when he comes out and says this is what's happening, and they say, oh, we'll take questions.

He said they only let one or two questions get out there, then they rush us out, or they rushed him out. Literally, a guy said this in the press conference, and she seemed like she just passed it aside like, well, that's not a big deal. He's busy.

Will Johnson: Well, let me just say this. You know, what it comes down to is that they know that Biden is declining. There is something wrong with him, and I've been saying this even before the election. It's elder abuse what they're doing to him.

It's elder abuse. You got to kind of feel sorry for the old man. I said you should let the old man retire. They should let him retire and sit on the beach somewhere or wherever he is, at the pool, you know, looking at the sun, glistening through his hair. You know the story.

Channon: Glistening in his hair?

Will Johnson: I mean, the thing is it is elder abuse what they're doing to him. They know that he's declining, and just like what Matt Gaetz is saying in the video that we're going to play here in a minute. He straight-up is allowing, and it looks like Kamala Harris is about to take control. The transition is taking place seriously.

Channon: Right. It is interesting the role that she's taking. It is a little bit bigger role than some of the past vice presidents have taken. What we know is that Kamala Harris is taking a very active role in foreign policy.

In fact, she's taking calls with the Secretary of Defense, and she's becoming a very vocal participate in policy decisions regarding Iran and Saudi Arabia. She's calling world leaders by herself. I mean, Biden is the President of the United States.

He is not even in the room when this brand-new Vice President, brand new, is taking calls with world leaders. The scary thing is that foreign policy is not even a strong thing for her. She's never been in a position where she's dealt with foreign policy at this level with world leaders. So, why is she taking these calls instead of him? It's a question people are asking it.

Will Johnson: That's the million-dollar question, and at no other time did you see Mike Pence taking calls from world leaders for President Trump. You didn't see it. It didn't happen. The only time there was any interaction between other world leaders and Mike Pence is when President Trump had Mike Pence working on something.

You know, I think Mike Pence, not to get into the whole thing with Mike Pence, because I think he pretty much stabbed President Trump in the back. But the only time he was, like I said, was working on something, for example, the whole Corona Task Force. President Trump appointed him to that, but President Trump still stepped up to it. He took charge because of the situation.

Mike Pence apparently wasn't doing what he should have been doing. That's the reason why we went down this whole road. But anyway, the whole point about Kamala Harris. They purposely did this. They purposely put Kamala Harris with Biden. So, that way that they can end up with a madam president.

These people aren't stupid. These people are not stupid, they see, and they know Biden was having issues. So, they purposely put Kamala Harris in there because they knew that the American people would never vote for someone like Kamala Harris, which is Hillary Rodham Clinton 2.0. They know this.

Channon: You know, it's interesting because you just brought up Mike Pence leading the charge with coronavirus. You remember how much criticism the media gave Trump and Pence for putting Pence in charge of it?

Will Johnson: Yep, yep.

Channon: Well, Biden has done the same thing with Kamala Harris. She's leading the charge on the coronavirus as well. She's been actively traveling around the country talking about vaccinations. She led the 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus package. She was a part of that. Of course, she was the vote that put the nail in the coffin.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Channon: The people that didn't want it.

Will Johnson: But, you know, she's like the person in the forefront, right? Because Biden can't do it, Biden can't take any questions. Biden can't talk to the press.

Channon: Right. Yeah, you don't see him doing what she's doing.

Will Johnson: No, you don't.

Channon: I mean, she's definitely out there. She's definitely traveling for him. She's definitely doing more speeches and taking questions more than he is.

Will Johnson: This is disturbing.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, this is so disturbing that another hoax, another lie, actually took place. Seriously they might as well just start calling her Madam President. I'm serious. It's ridiculous.

So, let's listen to what Matt Gaetz has to say about this because even before Matt Gaetz mentioned it, and Matt Gaetz started to talk about it many other people have been calling it out too. Many people have been calling it out.

Channon: Yeah, you brought it up. It's so interesting because you brought it up the day before I saw this video. You and I had a conversation, and you're like, I wonder how many more days it is going to be until Kamala gets into office.

Will Johnson: Before she takes over. She's already in the office before she takes over from, I can't remember, I don't know anything Biden. I don't even know where I'm at, Biden. It's just days. It is a matter of days, to be honest with you. In my opinion, it is a matter of days.

Channon: Do you think he will even last a year?

Will Johnson: I can't even see him lasting six months, seriously. This will probably be the shortest term ever. Maybe within the first 100 days because he's declining terribly. But let's listen to what Matt Gaetz has to say.

Maria Bartiromo: President Biden is nearly halfway through his first 100 days. He has yet to hold a press conference. He has yet to take questions. He said he wanted to take questions. The other night they turned the lights out on him, and then you've got Vice President Kamala Harris meeting with international leaders. Benjamin Netanyahu, Macron, all of these leaders that she is doing these meetings with. What is going on? Are we getting ready for some kind of transition?

Matt Gaetz: You have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun. Joe Biden has had more nap time than he's had questions from reporters and you're right, while the middle kingdom grows more ambitious in their goals, we are still toiling away in the Middle East. Joe Biden has had more attacks on Syria than he's had press conferences.

So, you have to ask the progressive voters, is this really what you expected? Is this what you wanted? A warmonger President like Joe Biden when Donald Trump did so much to bring peace. To actually confront the real threat, China. Not to be trying to build democracies out of blood and sand and Arab militias in some desert far away.

Will Johnson: That's because Biden and the Democrats answer to China. That's the reason why they're ignoring China, which is actually the real threat here, which is the reason why we have this whole mask mandate. The reason why they're doing this social distancing. The reason why America is now becoming a communist nation. It's because of China. They're all ignoring that.

Channon: Right. Let me ask you if you were a world leader. Let's say Macron or Netanyahu like he just mentioned, and you were pushed off onto the Vice President to talk to instead of the President. What would you be thinking?

Will Johnson: I think that there's something wrong with him. You know, they probably give some kind of excuse saying Biden is tied up.

Channon: Come on, he might be tied up.

Will Johnson: He might literally be tied up.

Channon: But you're talking about world leaders.

Will Johnson: No, without me even being there, I'm willing to bet that they're giving this kind of story. Some lame story, lying to them saying, well, Biden is tied up. He's unable to come right now. He asked me to do this because he's working on this and that. You know what? They're probably blaming it on, saying he can't talk to them on the phone because of COVID.

Channon: Well, as a world leader, you know, all these world leaders are just as busy as Biden. I mean, he's not an exception to being busy. Yet, they make time to have a conversation with him. It's really insulting, or it would seem to me that Kamala Harris is now the one talking to them because I'm too busy.

If that's the excuse, we don't know for sure what is happening, but I would be wondering what exactly is happening. You know why? Of course, it is no secret, right? Everything is on social media. It isn't within the borders of America. It's across the world.

Will Johnson: They're trying to do what they're doing in China. To suppress the information and not allow stuff to get out of the United States. They're trying to do that. You have the big tech companies working side by side doing it as well.

But here, in this case, Biden is probably taking a nap. The reason why he can't come to the phone. I mean, blaming it on something. Imagine, as soon as he gets on the phone with these world leaders; he can't even remember who he's talking to.

Channon: I know. He can't even put a sentence together.

Will Johnson: Just think about it. If he's talking to Benjamin Netanyahu and he can't even remember who he's talking to.

Channon: I know. Didn't he in a press conference forget who his Secretary of Defense was? Is that what it was?

Will Johnson: Yeah, let's play that clip because he was in front of the cameras, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were prerecorded. You would think that they would try to fix that before they released it. But I'm assuming.

Channon: I mean, there is a video.

Will Johnson: Yeah, let's listen to what he says about the Pentagon. He can't even remember the Pentagon. I mean, it's so bizarre, people. I mean, is this really real? Is this real? Is this really happening? Just think about it. Listen, it is so bizarre.

Joe Biden: I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the former General. I keep calling him General, my, the guy who runs that outfit over here. I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we just talked about and for recommending these two women for promotion. Thank you all. God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously,

Channon: Right now, some people will sit there and excuse it, right? Well, okay, you know, that happens. He's old, whatever.

Will Johnson: You know what? That is exactly; listen to this one. Because someone said that very same thing, oh, that's how old men talk, right. Listen to this.

Joe Biden: More than 400 small businesses closed unnecessarily. The vast majority of economists left, right, and center from Wall Street to the, to the private, private economic polling positions. The economist, as I said, left, right and center, say, in addition to the needs the people have, we need this to grow the economy.

Will Johnson: This is the man in charge of our nation? Are you kidding me, people? This is the man in charge? Think about it. He's flying the airplane, everybody. He's the one pushing the button.

Channon: Right. Yeah. You know, listen, my dad was 80 years old before he passed away, and he was more articulate and could complete his sentence better than Joe Biden can.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. This is ridiculous.

Channon: It's ridiculous that people are excusing that instead of paying attention. Why can't this guy put a sentence together? Why can't he remember names? Why can't he take questions? When he does take questions, he fumbles, he stumbles. He can't remember.

Will Johnson: Then they excuse it.

Channon: He can't remember, and then he, Ah, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh Ah, Ah, and then all of a sudden, he gets cut off. There's a reason why they cut him off. They know at that point, he lost it. Like there's no way to reel him back.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: He's not going to recover well.

Will Johnson: Right. That is why you get people like Matt Gaetz and many others acknowledging that Biden is suffering from something. He's going through something, and it really looks like Kamala Harris is already making the transition. She is doing the job. She's actually doing his job.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, if she's doing his job, what is he doing? I mean, maybe, sleepy Joe is taking a nap.

Channon: Those people are still naysayers. Those people out there going, “Nah, I really don't think that's happening.” If you think it's not big enough, that she's taking calls with world leaders and running the coronavirus effort. She's also taking a huge part in everything that Biden does every single day.

She spent several hours. They spend several hours together every single day. This isn't something I'm making up. There is an article that was on ABC News. What's happening is she is in the Oval Office meetings every day.

She's meeting with him when he's with Congress, when he's with governors, mayors, world leaders, she's with him. They have conversations before the meetings. She's the first one in there. She's the last one to leave. During meetings, they pull her aside and actually have conversations while they're having meetings.

Will Johnson: Biden is asking her for advice. Biden is asking her what to do. She's already in control. The question to me is, why are people not acknowledging it when it's actually happening? Like I said at the beginning of this, the reason why that she's there with Biden is that they are itching so bad to say, Madam President.

Channon: Right, and, you know, he's saying that he wants her there. This is part of his plan. He wants her to be in every single part of his Presidency. He wants advice from her. I am sitting here going, “Listen, I understand advice. I understand getting all the information gathered before you make a decision.”

Like, I get that, and that's a responsible thing to do as a president. But I think he just doesn't know what to do. I think he depends on everybody else to tell him what to do, when to do it, how to do it. He's just the face right now.

Will Johnson: He's literally a puppet. I remember before the election, they were saying that they need somebody that they can control, and Biden is that person.

Channon: Well, so is Kamala.

Will Johnson: So is Kamala.

Channon: She will do anything to be in power.

Will Johnson: Yes, she'll do anything, and, you know, she's got to be itching to replace him. She's just sitting there waiting. She's waiting and be honest with you. I think once she becomes Madam President, because I'm telling you, it's going to happen.

It's going to happen. There's no way that he can last for six months in the condition that he's already in; he's declining every single day. At some point if they're not already doing it. They're doing articles, you know, for the 25th Amendment to remove him, seriously, and he's going to go along with it.

Channon: They definitely are. If she's not going to take Biden's place in these four years of his administration, they're prepping her for the next four years.

Will Johnson: So, you don't think that she's going to take Biden's place in these four years?

Channon: Oh, I think it's possible. Let me tell you what.

Will Johnson: I'm calling it out now. I'm calling it out now, seriously. You look at him, and he's declining. He can't even remember where he is half the time.

Channon: As active as she is, and she's doing more than he is as far as, well, you know, it appears she's the one doing the traveling. She's the one doing the talking. She's the one taking world leader calls. She's the one dealing with coronavirus.

He sits there and shows up to sign yet another executive order, right? It's pretty crazy. I don't know what's going to happen. I think that she definitely, at some point, will be put in position because, let's be honest, he can't do another four years.

Will Johnson: Oh, no.

Channon: He's not an eight-year president. I mean, period.

Will Johnson: Even on the liberal media, they said that there's no way that he can do another four years, seriously.

Channon: I mean, it hasn't been 100 days, and he can't even put a sentence together.

Will Johnson: He couldn't put a sentence together before the election.

Channon: And he's so busy he can't even have a conference call. He can't handle world leader phone calls. He can't, I mean, give me a break.

Will Johnson: He's so busy he can't do his job.

Channon: Right. He can't remember who's in his cabinet. He's the one who is supposedly picking them.

Will Johnson: He can't even remember where he's waking up; he said he has to look over at Jill. Where are we again?

Channon: Yeah, it's absolutely crazy. I can't believe that some of the Democrats who voted for him aren’t looking at what is happening to America. Literally, we were almost at war in the Middle East. We have a war at our borders. I mean, I think we should take the last 30 minutes and talk about the crisis that's happening on the border.

Will Johnson: Do you know what they're doing when they see Biden in this way? They're making excuses for it. They're literally lying to themselves saying, that he's still better than Trump. He's still better than Trump, and the man can't even remember.

He can't remember where he is, but they are saying he's still better than Trump. There is this whole thing about vote blue, no matter who. It is so disturbing that our country is in this situation, in this predicament. It's extremely disturbing.

Channon: If you want to give us a call, I'm going to give you that number really quick. Get a pen and paper and give Will a call. The number is 515-595-8069, press one to come on and talk to us. I want to know what you guys think. Do you guys think that Kamala Harris is being groomed to come up in the next, I don't know, within the next four years?

Will Johnson: It's not even the next four years. You keep going to four years.

Channon: I said within the next four years.

Will Johnson: You keep going up to four years. No, no, no, no, maybe four more weeks.

Channon: Four more weeks?

Will Johnson: I know that’s stretching it out.

Channon: What was that one movie where they, something vacation? You know where the ...

Will Johnson: National Lampoon's Vacation?

Channon: No, where the guy died? Bernie.

Will Johnson: Bernie? Oh, yeah. Weekend at Biden's.

Channon: And they keep propping him up. He's like on the beach waving at people.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, Weekend at Biden's, and Kamala Harris is sitting there holding his hand. Wave, wave everybody, and you know, that face smiles. Hahaha, Hahaha.

Channon: My question is, how long can they get along with a dead Biden? You know, Bernie's like smiling and stuff and waving at people. People say, oh, yeah, look, he's so great. He's better than Trump.

Will Johnson: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then they movie his mouth. That explains why he can't complete a sentence.

Channon: It's so funny, yeah.

Will Johnson: I mean, it's so ridiculous. It's 100% ridiculous, and you think, is this really our world? Like I mentioned a second ago. People know that Biden is declining. People know that there's a problem here. People know that there's a problem, but they're so bitter, they're so hateful, so angry. They despise Trump so much. That's the whole thing; vote blue no matter who.

Channon: I know you're saying that.

Will Johnson: It doesn't matter. They are like; we will go with a lie just to get rid of Trump. We'll even tell ourselves the lie and believe it just to get rid of Trump's. We want to be deceived just to get rid of Trump. That's what's happening here, and they're going along with it. They are making excuses for it because they will lie to themselves into believing every single bit of it.

Channon: Well, I think that's what it is. I think they're lying to themselves.

Will Johnson: That's what it is. They are lying to themselves, and they believe it.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously, they've convinced themselves to believe the lie when they know it's a lie. We're going to talk about the border a little bit here, too, because Kamala Harris, of course, did the press conference instead of Vice President Biden doing a press conference. She went on there talking about this is pertaining to the border because of the stimulus bill, right.

That 1.9 trillion dollars that every taxpayer, every American is 320 Americans in the nation, and if you divide 1.9 trillion dollars with three 330 million people. You're talking roughly about $5,700 and some change, right? That every taxpayer, every American, would have to pay. That's how it comes about. So anyways, Kamala Harris straight-up said that this stimulus is going to make it to where Latinos or Hispanics and black people will finally come out of poverty.

Channon: Yes, that's a dumb statement.

Will Johnson: The government is here to save you. The government is here to save the day. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: This bill is more about their agenda in helping people overseas and the global agenda than about the American people and stimulating our economy.

Will Johnson: If you even look at the percentage. Look at the percentage supposedly going to the actual COVID relief. The percentage is extremely low compared to the rest of it. Then they make excuses for all the money, and then they pass it without a single vote from a Republican.

Channon: Well, they have control of the Senate.

Will Johnson: People, if you don't think that they're ready to tear this country down even more. Then you are totally asleep.

Channon: So, Biden has said that he wants to tax businesses to help pay for that stimulus package. Do you know what I always think? I always think, you know, if you're a business owner, in most cases, when you come up with a plan, you come up with a plan to pay for it. I believe that Congress should always, with their packages, come up with a way to pay for it before they vote on it.

I don't believe that you should come up with a package and just think, oh, well, yeah, there's 1.9 trillion dollars somewhere. We'll figure that out later. Let's just go ahead and pass it, right. I mean, that's just irresponsible.

Will Johnson: We will just squeeze it out of the American people.

Channon: Right. You know, Trump, when he went into the office, he went into all the spending and started eliminating some of this just irresponsible spending.

Will Johnson: Right, right.

Channon: Because he knows you don't come up with a plan without a way to pay for it. You have to have a way to pay for it.

Will Johnson: You're talking about common sense, and we're talking about Democrats. They don't have any.

Channon: Right. So, they're going to put the burden on business owners. Let me tell you what. What do you think is going to happen? We already have 17 million people unemployed right now. We have over 300,000 people that Joe Biden just gave a green card to that we're just here before ...

Will Johnson: Well, you know, they're rushing the border so they can get their check too.

Channon: Hey, they're demanding it.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. They are rushing to the border. Give us a check. Give us a check, O-Biden.

Channon: Right. So, what is going to happen to these businesses? Now they have to pay extra taxes. Listen, they are even admitting that American business owners and people are in trouble because of the pandemic. Yet you're going to put another burden on top of businesses that already suffered so much.

Will Johnson: Hum.

Channon: So much.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: There is no relief in this. They are burdening them in the name of COVID relief.

Will Johnson: There's no relief for them. You know why they're doing this, right.

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: Do you know why they're doing it, right, to the businesses? You know why they're doing this to the businesses, right?

Channon:  Yeah, because they want to destroy America.

Will Johnson: Well, they want to destroy America, and it's all part of the build-back, better plan. The whole build-back better.

Channon: There is no build-back better plan.

Will Johnson: No, that is the build-back better plan.

Channon: What's the building it back plan?

Will Johnson: Well, the whole build-back better came from this world economy.

Channon: Yeah, it's just words.

Will Johnson: This World Economic Organization.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: That's where the Biden administration got that from in the first place, the whole build-back better. Because they want to build back, basically, what it comes down to is, they have this world economic organization that believes; they are Marxists basically. They believe capitalism has run its course and the best way to do it is to do a reset.

They have this whole global reset that they're implementing right now. Right, before everybody's eyes. It's not a dream, everybody. So, the thing is, they have to tear down all of the businesses. You know they've already said that the small business in the United States of America need to go away, and only if they comply with the $15 an hour.

Then once they comply with the $15 an hour, what's going to happen to the small business? They're going to shut down. The businesses right now, with the whole stimulus bill, 're going to put the bill over to them. It's going to tax them more; it's going to end up shutting them down. Once they get it to where they can shut down all of these small businesses, and they have these huge businesses like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., Home Depot.

Then they will be able to bring in the one world currency and have everyone comply with their new economic system. That's what it's all about. You have to tear it all down in order to build it back. Their motto is we're going to build back better.

Channon: So, fortunately, the amendment for the $15 an hour did not pass. Unanimously it did not pass, by the way. It wasn't just, you know, Republicans. A large amount of Democrats disagreed with that, too, because it was very hurtful to businesses. Now, there may be certain states ...

Will Johnson: Like California.

Channon: Like California, that will.

Will Johnson: You know, places like New York because of the cost of living, seriously. The minimum wage should probably be $60 an hour in New York. Well, because of the cost of living, the only problem is that when you increase the minimum wage, they increase milk. Milk would probably be $130 if they were to do that.

Channon: Yeah. I mean, there's a domino effect to everything we do.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: Yeah, pretty crazy.

Will Johnson: It is crazy, 100% crazy, but let me play this clip that we have from the soon-to-be Madam President. My goodness. Oh, my goodness. It's so disgusting. But listen to what she says about how this whole stimulus is going to bring Hispanic and black people out of poverty.

Kamala Harris: The American Rescue Plan will also get $1,400 checks in the pockets of people who need them most and a $3,000 tax credit per child. Think about it. This plan will actually lift one in three black and Latino Americans who are living in poverty and lift them out of poverty. We will also lift half of America's children who are living in poverty out of poverty. Just think about that.

Half of the children in our country who are living in poverty won't be. So, the American Rescue Plan for that and so many other reasons are we are happy to say is incredibly popular, and the support for it is broad, and it is bipartisan.

Three and four Americans support the bill. Democratic and Republican mayors and local leaders have endorsed it and, of course, so has the National League of Cities. Thank you for that.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. The American Rescue Plan?

Channon: It's not bipartisan.

Will Johnson:  It's not bipartisan.

Channon: That's a lie.

Will Johnson: But the American Rescue Plan? The government is here to rescue you. You know when the government comes to say that they're here to rescue you. Oh, my goodness, lookout. Look at, history is repeating itself.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: History is repeating itself.  It's about to get really, really bad.

Channon: Yeah. There's nothing in that bill that's going to lift people out of poverty. That's a complete lie. You can't tell me that even this week, they're saying that $1,400 stimulus payments are going to start being paid this weekend.

Let me tell you, has $1,400 ever lifted you out of poverty? It's a one-time payment. It's going to be gone probably by the end of the week or within two weeks. That's not going to lift anybody out of anything.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Now, if you want to split those 1.9 trillion dollars across all the adult Americans into the United States.  Well, now that might help a little bit more, right. But it's not about the American people.

She says these things, and it's interesting to me because I wonder when it doesn't happen, what these people are going to say. Are they going to excuse it? Are they just going to forget about it? Because they've never been lifted out of poverty by these Democrats.

Will Johnson: Well, I think her hope is that they're going to give the parents $1,400, and then they're going to give each one of the children that they have $3,000.

Channon: I thought this was a tax break. Not that they're actually giving them $3,000 per kid.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, some are tax break, but some of these parents or some of these women have three to five kids. That's a nice piece of change. Three times five, I mean, seriously, this is a nice piece of change.

Channon: I have three kids.

Will Johnson: Nah, I'm talking about three to five kids. Some of them have five kids.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: The reason I bring it up. When I was living in Arkansas, they had this plan for black women, specifically black women living in the projects, in the hood. That as long as you don't have a father in the household, we will give you government assistance. You can have up to five kids in government assistance to get money, welfare checks, etc., etc., etc.

But after five kids, they have to get your tubes tied. So, a lot of these women were having these kids just so that they could get government assistance. They were making careers out of it.

Channon: It's unfortunate. The only way, well logically, I mean, that we've done stimulus packages in the past, hasn't lifted anybody out of poverty. We've been given tax breaks. It may give a short-term stimulus to the economy, but it doesn't give a long-term answer to people's poverty.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: The only thing that could possibly help people is if you teach them how to make that money work for them and to become successful. Unfortunately, we don't do that, and that's not the mindset, quite honestly.

Will Johnson: Right, that's the whole saying.

Channon: When people get this money. What's the first thing they do?

Will Johnson: They blow it. The whole saying, you teach a man how to fish, he will eat forever. But if you just give them a fish, he won't.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: It's the same thing that is giving people stuff. They are not educating them. They are not giving them jobs. They are not doing anything.

Channon: I know in some cases not everybody is there by choice, but there's a choice to work to get out of it, right? Some of these people pride themselves on living how they live. You know, oh, this is my home. It's where I belong. You know and if somebody lifts themselves out of poverty, all of a sudden, they're a terrible person for making themselves better.

Will Johnson: Especially if you're black and you get out of the ghetto, the projects. You are trying to be white. It's so crazy.

Channon: They pride themselves on living in the hood. Their mentality is not to go beyond where they are at, not all of them. I'm not saying that everyone wants to be where they are at, but I'm just saying, listen, to say you are going to give somebody money does not take care of the poverty.

Will Johnson: And guess with the black people is doing? Oh, I'm about to get paid. I'm about to get paid ...

Channon: I am getting that new C.D.

Will Johnson: I'm going to the liquor store.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I'm going to the liquor store.

Channon: They don't need to riot.

Will Johnson: I'm going to get some rims. Some 22-inch rims on my Cadillac.

Channon: Yeah. These riots are gone. I can't go in there and steal it. They got to give me the money so I can get it.

Will Johnson: No more looting, but they are going to pay me, so I don't have to loot.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You know What? That's been a reoccurring theme in the black community, and it constantly happens. But let's get to back the border here—the state of Texas. Governor Abbott called in the National Guard to go to the border because apparently the Federal Government at the Federal level they are not doing their job of protecting the American people.

In the past four months, the past four months alone, there have been over 300,000 arrests. You heard that number correctly. The past three months have been over 300,000 arrests on our southern border. It's due to what's in the White House right now. With all of these people trying to come because they're being told to come. They've been told to come.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Most of those people, the great majority probably in the high 90%, are all adults, not children. Because, you know, the media, the mainstream media, they'll pick out a few kids and take pictures and videos. They say, oh, look at the children. The children, you know, because they're tugging on the hearts of people saying, look at the children. Basically, saying just open up the floodgates and just let everyone in because of the children.

Channon: So, today I had lunch with a friend of mine. Her husband just retired as a police officer here in Texas. He pretty much quit because of the politics of police here in Austin, Texas. He was part of the bomb squad, so they're very active and know exactly the problems at the border and in cities, including Austin, from this sudden surge of people coming into America. He said one thing this past weekend alone; there were 500 deaths for, what is that? There's something under cars that they steal all the time.

Will Johnson: Under cars?

Channon: It's not transmission. It's some ...

Will Johnson: Under cars?

Channon: Yeah. They lift up cars. They take it out, they steal it, and supposedly, whatever it is. I can't remember it.

Will Johnson: Who steals it?

Channon: There are just people in general who are just stealing.

Will Johnson: I mean, people steal everything. Are you talking about rims? Because those are under cars.

Channon: No, it's something ...

Will Johnson: Carburetor ...

Channon: No, it's something underneath the car that they ...

Will Johnson: Catalytic converter ...

Channon: It's a converter, I think. Not catalytic. A converter, whatever it is.

Will Johnson: It's what it's called, the catalytic converter. That's one thing that's outside of the vehicle.

Channon: It's made with a certain metal that's precious or something. So, then I guess 500 of them were stolen just in Austin this weekend, which is like out of control there. That's on top of there being more robberies. People are getting held up by gunpoint for their possessions.

Will Johnson: We're being invaded.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: The United States of America is being invaded.

Channon: Right.

Channon: So, they are at this point where the police are like, man, we need help, right. I mean, we can't possibly answer all these calls. We can't possibly, because if you have 500 of those in one night in Austin, can you imagine the other calls that are happening as well? Come on, people. You know, in one city, there are not 500 police officers on duty.

There's not. So, crime is just spiking in the city, and he was saying at the border, one of the biggest problems is children are coming. Apparently, the cartel in Mexico literally goes to houses and tells these people that we're taking your kid across the border. Because we need a kid to help these people get across the border.

Will Johnson: That is true. But in some cases, these parents are actually selling their children for money.

Channon: There's that too. There's selling as well because they get money.

Will Johnson: It is so disgusting that you would sell your own child like this for 30 pieces of silver.

Channon:  Right. I don't know.

Will Johnson: I'm just giving an example here. You are selling your child.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I'm making a point here. You’re selling out your child for nothing, for something that's going to be gone within a week or two.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Or whatever it is, you spend it on, blow it on, drugs, or whatever. You get to live with yourself after that.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Some of these people don't even have any issues with it. We are being invaded in the United States of America, and you have these politicians in the White House, in the government, the U.S. Government that are helping it happen.

Channon: Yeah, Psaki, when she was in her conference, there were two issues that they brought up with her. One that these people are not being tested for COVID. She said that was a lie, and then the other one was that children were being held in the same cages that they said Trump was holding kids in, which we know they are not cages.

It's a holding facility, but of course, it's a trigger for a Democrat base to go; oh, they are not cages. Well, let me put that trigger out there for people. Same cages, now Biden has 3,200 kids right now and growing in these holding facilities, or what you would have called cages under Trump. Democrats got really upset when there's 2,600 under President Trump.

President Trump took it very seriously that there were that many kids, and he almost got it down to zero. So, under Biden now, that escalated to 3,200 and growing. The kids are only supposed to be held for no more than 72 hours, and then they are supposed to be released to somebody, right.

Some sponsor, family, or whatever they don't even have enough people working the border to process those kids to get them to other places. So, it's just growing. Then as far as COVID goes, there are people that have come out that are in the centers where people are held.

They say, listen, we are testing them. About 25% are COVID positive. We can only hold them for 24 hours. Then we are releasing them out into the population. They're not holding these people until they're tested negative. They're not doing any of that. They're literally saying, okay you tested positive, go ahead and quarantine if you can, wherever you go, bye.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: That's what they're doing.

Will Johnson: This is disturbing. We're being invaded.

Channon: Psaki said that there's no problem.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: That it's exaggerated. Biden's own Department of Homeland Security is saying, oh, my gosh, we need volunteers.

Will Johnson: He is calling for volunteers to help out.

Channon: Right. At the border, and she is sitting there going, oh, there's no problem, it's okay.

Will Johnson: You know what? Just imagine if the militia shows up to help out because they're asking for volunteers. You would have all of these groups like the ACLU and NAACP. All of them jumping up there trying to say, oh, you're racist for showing up. Racist militia groups are showing up trying to protect the border, protect American families.

They don't care about us. These people literally do not care about us, and what is the end result of all of this? What do you think is going to happen? America is just going to decline unless we get good men and women, and I've been screaming this, day in and day out, unless you get good men and women in law enforcement, in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Homeland Security.

To step up and go after these people that have violated the U.S. Constitution. All of them took an oath against foreign and domestic. But not a single one of them, from what I can tell, have stood up and recognized the oath that they've taken. Because as of today, there are tyrants that are literally destroying America. You know, it's not something that's like, we're sitting here talking about this is coming in the future. No, this is happening right now.

Channon: Yeah. There's actually a lawsuit of like 11 different states against Biden's policy to catch and release these illegal immigrants. If you catch an illegal immigrant, and they've committed a crime in most cases unless it's extreme, you have to let them go. In fact, the A.G. from Arizona says, “This has to be the dumbest thing of all time.” He said, “Biden's immigration policies are preventing the deportation of over one million convicted people.” That means they've gone to court. They've been convicted. They're guilty, illegal aliens here in America. They can't deport them, and guess who's footing the bill for these people?

And the Democrats are saying that when these people come to America, they don't have to prove that they can support themselves because that's discrimination. You can't say, oh, these people have to be able to prove that. That's wealth discrimination. Well, you know what?

When my great grandparents came, I have two great grandparents that came from Italy and Yugoslavia. They had to prove that they could support themselves. They came through Ellis Island. They had to prove that they could support themselves. In some cases, husbands came without their wives until they could settle.

They could get a job that could get enough money to bring them over. That's responsible immigration. That's responsible, right? We don't have money, people. You're just saying our businesses are suffering. Our people are suffering. There are not enough jobs. There are 17 million people unemployed. Yet you're going to bring more unemployed people by the millions into our country with COVID, and there's no problem here?

Will Johnson: No, there's no problem.

Channon: Yet everybody other than Biden and his Press Secretary says, wait a minute, there is a crisis happening here.

Will Johnson: There's a crisis. It's 100%, and for anyone to not even recognize, it's so, so bizarre. It's almost surreal. It is surreal that this is actually happening like this.

Channon: Yeah, less than 100 days in office,

Will Johnson: Less than 100 days.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I'm still saying it. You know, probably within 100 days. It would not surprise me that it becomes Madam President. I mean, and then, oh, man, can you imagine the first executive order? Oh, and the way that she already demonstrated how she doesn't like white people, even though she's married to one.

Then how Christians in the nation are going to be persecuted under this Madam President. She is Hillary Rodham Clinton 2.0. Except she's worse. If you can imagine, can you imagine someone being worse than Hillary Clinton? I mean, if you can't, look any further than Kamala Harris. I mean, seriously.

Channon: Yeah. She's definitely right up there with Hillary Clinton.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Oh, yes, she's above Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, above.

Channon: Well, she has more energy, more arrogance, and she wants to prove herself.

Will Johnson: She is more sinister if you ask me.

Channon: More sinister, that’s a very good word.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she's more sinister, and you're right. She has something to prove to the world that I am a woman, and I can do this. If you don't like it, I'm going to fix you. I'm telling you; Madam President is about to fix us for real. I think once it becomes Madam President, that's when we're going to see the full-on Venezuela takedown of the United States of America.

The same thing happened in Venezuela. The same thing is going to happen here because look what they're already doing. They're demonizing white people, saying that white people are domestic terrorists. They're demonizing white people because they're Christians.

The majority of the people in this nation are Christians, and they're white. They're demonizing them. We even have an article on our website where it talked about how they want children in California to give an example; to start learning these Aztec deity chants. So, they can start worshiping these deities, these false gods that led to human sacrifice and cannibalism.

They're actually pushing that onto the children, wanting to push that onto the children. To get them to learn that, but when it comes to anything like Christianity, you can't do that. They banned Christianity prayers in schools pretty much in the entire nation. But they're about to bring this in?

You know, when that happens in California, it's going to spread to other states because when you get a mental illness like I like to call it, mental virus-like liberalism. Once it takes hold someplace, it spreads because a lot of people leave Commie-fornia and move to other states to spread this nonsense.

Channon: Yeah, they sure do. Texas is a good example, and it's interesting. There are quite a few states like Arizona that used to be solid red. Texas used to be pretty solid red. But we're along the border now. We're getting this influx of, let me tell you what, they are Democrat voters, right. If Biden let you in, and Trump didn't. Who are you going to vote for? You will keep voting for the Democrats. They let me in the door.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they let me in the door. They let me in, and they gave me money.

Channon: And they gave me money. I don't have to be rich. I don't have to show that I can support myself.

Will Johnson: O-Biden gave me money. O-Biden gave me money. I vote for O-Biden because he gave me money. Then once they push O-Biden out of the way, guess who's there? Madam President. So, I would love to know how many people out there think that O-Biden is going to be out, and it’s going to be a Madam President, within the next six months. I would love to know, seriously. I've thought about starting a poll. You know, doing a poll, maybe, you know how to do it.

Channon: Do a poll?

Will Johnson: Well, yeah. You know how they do it at the horse races and stuff like that, bids, or whatever. No, I don't gamble. I don't even know how it works. I thought we could do a pot, you know, do a pot. Pick the day that she can put her hand on whatever the book is that she put it on. I mean, it's hard to believe; I would question if it's a Bible.

But the day they implement the 25th Amendment, and then she just takes control. Because that day is coming quickly, it's right around the corner, and people are not paying attention. They are completely naive. They do not see it taking place right now. This is weird times.

Channon: It's very strange.

Will Johnson: It's very strange times in America, strange times. It is surreal like I said. So, but anyway, hey, I want to thank everybody for joining us this special Thursday and talking about the possible Madam President. I say possible, but I think it's actually going to happen.

But anyway, I want to thank everyone for being with us and do me a favor. Do not forget. Send me a text to 88202, and just type my name, W-I-L-L. It's that simple, 88202, send a text and type Will. I want to thank everyone again for being with us. We will see you next Thursday. Take care.

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