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Dems Say “Nothing is Off the Table”


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. This is Will Johnson with Let's Talk about It. Riding shotgun with me is my producer, Channon. What's going on, Channon? Did you see the debate last night?

Channon: Yes, I saw it. Me, along with 15 million other people, saw the debate last night.

Will Johnson: It was very, very good. I think Mike Pence rose to the occasion. Sorry, Vice President Mike Pence rose to the occasion, and Kamala Harris didn't know how to react to him during the debate. Now, she got a little upset a couple of times during the debate. For me, it was like why is she getting so upset?

Mike Pence was calling her out on policies that she went endorsed in the past. So why would she get upset? She should be able to talk to him about these policies. At the same time, Vice President Mike Pence is a stand-up guy. He's a gentleman. He even congratulated her for being on the stage, making history. It was pretty awesome.

Channon: Yeah, it's interesting. Chris Wallace actually came out today and said that Kamala Harris appeared to be one step away from being presidential. I think it was the opposite. I think Pence actually displays more characteristics of being presidential than Kamala Harris did, but that is the difference between the two parties. Kamala Harris, really, unfortunately, she lied so much, and a lot of the facts checks, if you will, that came out today, like fracking were missed.

Will Johnson: Because the only fact checks are going to be fact checked are against Mike Pence. They're not going to fact check anything against Kamala Harris. She constantly lied, constantly lied. I mean, this is very interesting. Just so you know, I'm not telling anyone not to vote for Kamala Harris, but if you actually want to do the fact-checking, some of the stuff she was saying was blatantly not true.

Channon: Well, it was very interesting. She really does boast up Biden, doesn't she? It wasn't too long ago where she was pounding Biden, right? She was saying that she believed the sexual misconduct allegations against him were true. How come she is not talking about those things?

She accused Joe Biden of coddling the reputation of segregationists if you remember that. I mean, this woman has done a complete 360 talking about how great he is now How he's going to usher in a Build Back Better economy, and a better America. I don't see it. Do you see it?

Will Johnson: I don't see it either. The whole Build Back better if you go out and do a simple Google search of 'Build Back Better.' If Google hasn't removed it, you will find that Build Back Better is an economic globalist system movement. They want to remove all of the U.S. currency, to my understanding. Have just one currency throughout the world and do a total reset. They want everything to go back. To start over so they can Build Back Better. And, you know, socialism comes into play, too, right?

I don't think socialism in America would do well at all. We don't need socialism because right now, the United States of America is the greatest country known to man. So why would you tear it down and try to build something else that's not going to work? They're trying to go with socialism because they think they can do it better.

Channon: Well, what about the debate stood out the most to you? Like, what was that like, “Oh, I love that moment”, from the debate?

Will Johnson: The best part for me from the debate, I have to say, was when Mike Pence hit Kamala Harris on her policies in the past, and she said, "I will not be lectured to." See all he did was talk about what she's done in the past, which was factual. He was putting information out there about her, and she didn't want to hear it. She said, "I will not be lectured to." Like, don't tell me what I did wrong. Basically, that is what she is saying.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what a debate is all about? To tell everyone, to show everybody where your opponent has made mistakes. Where your opponent didn't correct themselves. Where your opponent should have improved but never did? Isn't that what a debate is about, or am I getting it all wrong?

Channon: Well, I felt there were a couple of things that really stood out for me. One was how she was saying, "We are going to eliminate Trump's tax plan." Right? "We're going to eliminate his tax breaks." But then, on the other hand, she said, "We're not going to increase taxes for anyone," what was it, "below 400,000?"

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: Right? But then Pence said, "Well, if you're eliminating our tax plan, then that means you are going to tax the people." She was kind of taken aback, but it's because she wasn't aware. It's like she's not aware of what they're doing and what they're not doing.

Just like the Green Deal. I don't know why but they want to separate themselves from AOC's Green Deal for some reason. I guess because they don't want to seem extremely liberal. They know that there was a lot of bad press about the Green Deal. One, it costs too much. Right?

Apparently, it was going to lose a lot of jobs, but then even the lady that was running the debate pointed out that when she went to Biden's website, the Green Deal, or the what was it, the Climate Change Policy that they had was almost aligned with the Green Deal. It wasn't any different, really.

Will Johnson: It was tit for tat. They just, put a comma here, changed one sentence there, and move things around to make it look like it was different. They tried to deceive people and have people believe that their policy for the Green New Deal is not the same thing.

It is exactly the same thing. Kamala Harris championed it. Biden said that he has his own plan, and all he did was the same thing Obama did with Mitt Romney. The Obama administration took Mitt Romney care, re-worded it, changed it slightly, and called it Obamacare.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: That's the same thing. So, it's the same thing now with the Green New Deal with Biden. Because Biden said, "I have my own plan." We know good well, I'm sorry, everybody. We know good well Biden is in no position to write any kind of policies. They're writing these policies for him.

I'm pretty sure Biden probably hasn't even looked at his website since it's been up. I mean, seriously, he probably doesn't even know what's on there. Naturally, he has to come out and say that his deal is not the same as the Green New Deal, but when you go to his website and look at the Green New Deal.

I'm sorry. When you go look at his deal, it is the Green New Deal. I mean, they're the same. There's nothing different about it. You know, another thing that stood out to me last night. It was such a beautiful statement, and someone created a meme on it.

For the life of me, I can't find the meme right now, but I'm going paraphrase here. Mike Pence said when Kamala Harris was trying to jab at Mike Pence, and Mike Pence, would rightfully jab back. He said, "Look, these are your opinions. It doesn't mean they are factual." Because she kept saying, "Well, this is how it is.

This is how it is." He basically said, "No, that's just your opinion and not actual facts." You can see the expression on her face, how she came unglued, and she was just getting angrier and angrier. I mean, if I didn't know any better, I would swear she was turning green.

Channon: One thing I wish that they would have addressed a little bit more, is the police and their support for the police department. Because, you know, Kamala Harris has been all for defunding the police.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: I feel like this should have been hit pretty hard because she's going to influence Joe Biden. Quite frankly, I mean, let's be honest, is Joe Biden going to make it four years? He's definitely not going to make it eight years.

Will Johnson: I don't even think they expect Joe Biden to make it to two years into the Presidency. I mean, realistically. I don't think personally, think he's going to make it, at all, but we'll see what the people do. We'll see how the people vote. The correct quote on that is, "You're entitled to your opinion, but you're not entitled to your facts." That’s what it was.

Channon: It's not fact.

Will Johnson: This was a beautiful statement. It’s not facts.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: They make up their facts.

Channon: They do.

Will Johnson: They're not entitled to it. So, they believe that they can say anything, and it could be just completely out there, and because they have it in their mind, it's factual.

Channon: Well, I am so sick and tired of them equating this poor economy to Trump instead of the virus. Every time they say Trump is responsible for the worst economy since the virus, I just can't even. I'm there going, it's because of the virus.

Democrat ran cities and states are among the number one places where they completely shut down their economy. I mean, we know why they did that, right? I mean, so they have the opportunity to say what she said that it's the worst economy.

Will Johnson: Well, you know, I think a lot of this was put into place by their policies. A part of the plandemic. A lot of this was put in place because they needed this to happen in our country.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They needed this to happen in the country. If this weren’t happening in the country, what do you think they would be saying right now? What would be the headlines? What will be the story if the plandemic never took place?

Channon: You know, what should be the headline right now?

Will Johnson: What should that be?

Channon: Shouldn't it be the DNI declassifying the records at the CIA. The DNI declassified Brennan’s notes saying there’s CIA memo on Hillary Clinton saying she was trying to stir up a scandal between Trump and Russia?

Will Johnson: You know what?

Channon: I mean, that should be all over the news, right?

Will Johnson: You know what? That should be the number one headline, but you know what? The liberals, the Democrats, they avoid putting actual information out there for people to listen to. You have to ask yourself, why are they doing this? Why aren't they talking about this?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: This is the stuff that they were doing. This isn’t something that someone is making up. It's not even an opinion.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: They were doing this.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: They were doing this. They did this during the 2016 campaign to discredit then-candidate Trump to deflect from Hillary Clinton's emails.

Channon: Yes. If everybody hasn't heard because, like Will, I just pointed out, it's not in the news anywhere. They released documents, the director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, on Tuesday.

A declassified document that revealed the former CIA director, John Brennan, briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton's purported plan to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as a means of distracting the public from her use of her private email server ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Is that not crazy?

Will Johnson: It is a hundred percent crazy. The thing is a lot of people would never, ever hear about this.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Because of the whole COVID is taking its place. People never hear about it. We have the election that is taking place and, people are wondering who they're going to vote for. There are still people; amazingly, there are still some people that are just undecided.

Some people have made the decision for Biden. Some made the decision for Trump. That's the way, really, it should be. People should be able to make their own decision about who they want and that's the way it should be. But this, what's happening here with this information coming out, they would never, ever talk about this information.

Channon: Yeah, that's the problem. The problem is that both sides of the story are not getting out, right. They only put a certain narrative, a certain agenda out there. Unfortunately, the voters are not getting the whole story. We saw that clip from Jim Jordan. Let's just listen to what Jim Jordan said on Fox News.

Jim Jordan: "As is so often the case, the Democrats accuse us of what they're doing. It turns out, based on Mr. Radcliffe's uncovering of this information and presenting it to us, it turns out it was the Clinton campaign working with the Russians to create this fake hoax. This idea that it was actually the Trump campaign who was working with the Russians to influence elections, it was just the opposite. So, as you said, we've lived through this now.

This thing started four years ago, more than four years ago, July 2016, all built on a false premise. No predicate for starting this investigation in the first place. Thank goodness Rick Grenell released the information he did, the transcripts. All these people saying now that they have to testify under oath that there was nothing there. There never was any collusion. No evidence of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

There never was, but what there is evidence of now that John Ratliff's released this information is that the Russians were working with the Clinton campaign. It just goes to show the only thing we had wrong about all this, and I've said this many times. The only thing we had wrong, Maria, is that it was worse than we thought."

Will Johnson: Very good. He had to say it, and he laid it all out there, and he did not like it. It's a lot worse than we thought.

Channon: Yeah. They literally said in the notes, and you can find the article on Fox News about this. They literally said Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration's purpose was to vilify President Trump, and guess what? So many people bought it. So many people bought it.

Will Johnson: They're still buying it.

Channon: The sad thing is we still have Congressman out there like shifty Schiff who said that not too long ago, I heard him out on the news saying, “Trump colluded with Russia”. This man knows 100 percent that that is not the truth. One hundred percent, he knows, it is not the truth, but he depends on the ignorance of the voters to buy what he's saying.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I mean, seriously. We don't know how bad this really is. The Clintons, the Obamas, the Comey’s, the Adams, Nancy Pelosi, they are all in on this, in my opinion. Loretta Lynch, they're all in on this.

Because what they did during the 2016 campaign to make it look like President Trump was, at the time candidate Trump, was working with Russia. Now what's coming out because of the documents released is that it was actually Clinton and Obama knew about it. Like you said earlier, this should be the number one headline.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: The number one headline across the country, if not the world. You're talking about corruption.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: This is corruption to the to the highest level ever.

Channon: Let's be clear. We're not saying that Russia didn't try to interfere. Because we know that Russia, China, all these countries, including people, brace yourself, America does it as well. Obama tried to, or actually, Obama spent American money, what was it two hundred fifty million dollars?

Will Johnson: It was it was a large amount. I can't remember the exact amount. Yes, he put taxpayer dollars into Israel to try to influence the election in Israel.

Channon: So, we're not saying that that did not happen, but the fact is that they keep saying that Trump colluded with Russia, which is a pure lie.

Will Johnson: Yes, it is a pure lie.

Channon: It's to distract from her lie, right?

Will Johnson: See, that's the amazing thing. They did this whole scheme so that they would stop talking about her emails. But do you know what it was? Now that we got all this information coming out, we see why Comey did what he did.

Let me remind everyone out there that doesn't remember. Remember Comey first came out and said that, “There's nothing here.” Remember? "There's nothing here, nothing to see. No, reasonable prosecutor will even go after this." Then what? I think it was like a week or two weeks later, it really doesn't matter, but then he came back and said, "Oh, wait a minute, based on new evidence, we're reopening the case." Just to shut it back down again.

See, they thought they could get the information to push out against President Trump and Russia, but that never worked out. It never panned out. So, what they did, they let it roll over to the whole impeachment sham. This is the first time in history, a president was ever, I mean, ever impeached over fraudulent information, hearsay information, and that's where we are today.

Channon: Well, you know, what's disgusting to me? Mueller did this whole investigation. How many people did he interview? How much money did he spend? He couldn't uncover all this stuff? He couldn't produce this evidence? Are you kidding me?

Will Johnson: So, we have a question from a listener right now.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: The question is, "Is why do Biden and Harris expect people to vote for them when they keep saying we have a plan, but they never explain their plan." It's the same thing. They get the question Mike Pence asked it last night. "Why don't you tell us, are you going to stack the courts? Who are you going to pick for the Supreme Court position?" They refused to say it.

Why do they refuse to say it? It's obvious, because they have a socialist one world order agenda and the majority of the people are completely deceived to all of it if they hear that they're going to come out with this whole globalist system and there not for it. They're going to say, wait a minute, this isn't supposed to be here?

Channon: Exactly. That is, it, Listener. I thank you for the question, but that is it. If we knew what there to plan was, we wouldn't vote for them. Guess what, the sad thing is, people should pay attention. If they can't tell you what their plan is. What are they hiding? All they do is deflect.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Right, and they say well Trump has done this, and Trump hasn't done this. Hate Trump, hate Trump. But they're not telling you what their plan is. They're not telling you who their justice nominees would be, and you know why?

Because you wouldn't want them. Let me tell you what. Biden, where is he? He and Kamala Harris are somewhere today. I'm sorry, they were at some airport hangar, right, and had some questions. Once again, it came up that Kamala Harris could not tell or refused to answer who their nominees would be.

Will Johnson: Well, they don't want to let you know.

Channon: She said, "Well, the conversation would be about that." If the conversation is about that, then they fear you don't want their nominee.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what Joe Biden said, and they've been practicing this. Joe Biden said, "If I were to announce who we would select, that means that the headlines, all of you guys," talking about the press, "would be talking about it. All of you would be talking about it, and you would not be talking about what is happening right now." As if people can't walk and chew gum at the same time. That's what Joe Biden is saying. That's what they're saying. Like they can't tell more than one story at a time.

Channon: But here's the thing, we're supposed to be voting for these people based on what they say they would do and who they would pick. Right? That's a whole part of this campaign, and that's what the election is about. You tell us. If the American people are begging for these nominees, for these candidates to tell us who their nominees would be, they need to answer. If they're not answering, that means a hundred percent they're hiding something.

Will Johnson: Oh, of course, they're hiding something. But you know what? That's what the Democrats do. Never before have you had a presidential candidate running for office, and they never would tell people who they would put on the Supreme Court. Never, ever.

They're questioning, why are you doing this now? They are deflecting because every single person right now, we are in a time in history where the Americas, North America, South America, and even the world, everywhere, can come into a one-world system. That's what the whole Build Back Better is all about the new economic world order.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: That's what it is coming down to.

Channon: If you look up 'Build Back Better,' you will see it will lead you to a world economic institution I think it is. It's all about making a one world bank. They’d have one world money, and a one-world system. I guess, one-world new order or whatever you want to call it. The sad thing is, I don't know what people think when they say Build Back Better. Like what does that statement mean?

Will Johnson: I mean, let's just say we just limit it to America, the Build Back Better. In order to build something back, better.

Channon: They had to tear it down.

Will Johnson: You have to tear it down. I guess they're starting in Portland, Seattle, L.A., New York, San Francisco because they're tearing these Democrat cities and states down. They are literally destroying the workforce. They're destroying the cost of living.

They're destroying people's well-being. We see it. This is their policy. There is no secret. President Trump has called him out on it multiple times, and they can't deny it because all of these places where people are having such hardship, the majority of the places that have an extremely bad hardship, are Democrat ran states and cities.

Channon: Yeah, California is still shut down.

Will Johnson: Yes, California is still shut down.

Channon: They still can't go into a restaurant and eat.

Will Johnson: Yeah. You still can't go into a restaurant. There are still some restaurants that are completely shut down. But if you're Nancy Pelosi, you can make a special appointment at a hair salon.

Channon: Well, she can't go to her hair salon anymore.

Will Johnson: It is all a setup. It was a 100 percent setup. So, let me change this up a little bit because I want to talk about it. This is one of the topics that I've talked about for years. That is how you have the Democrats, I guess, is like an underlying policy that they have, that they don't tell people, but it is there. So, you have the Democrats constantly bringing up race.

They play the race card constantly. The first debate with President Trump, before I get going to the President, they are looking to possibly doing the next debate virtually. I think that is a bad idea. Who's to say President Trump won't have an earpiece? Do you see how I did that? We know Joe Biden would have an earpiece, or they would be feeding Joe Biden information.

Channon: I think President Trump refused to do it.

Will Johnson: At first, they were kind of talking about it. But then they said, to my understanding, that if you actually have someone there to verify that he doesn't have an earpiece, and that they're not feeding him the answers to the questions then they could do it.

Channon: Oh, please. Yeah, we're going to go by your honesty. Right, we're going to really believe that everybody in that room with Biden is going, to be honest.

Will Johnson: Yeah, well.

Channon: I guess if somebody from the Trump campaign is where Biden is and somebody from the Biden campaign is where Trump is, that would work.

Will Johnson: Right. Actually, you know what? I didn't even realize this; this is another question from a listener. "What do you think of President Trump saying, ‘No’, to the Zoom debate next week?" We just already rolled in into it. Let's talk a little bit about that, and then we’ll get into how the Democrats push all the racism.

President Trump, I said, I think from my understanding, the campaign was talking about possibly looking at doing the Zoom meeting. Possibly doing it. If they can have a third-party representative there. Just there to verify that Joe Biden is not wearing an earpiece. That Joe Biden is not being fed the answers to the questions. Seriously, it needs to be that way. We need to know; can he hold his own.

Channon: Well, unfortunately, you know what's going to happen or what is happening.

Will Johnson: What's going to happen?

Channon: The liberal news media is out there saying, "Oh, Trump's afraid of Biden. That's what it is. He's going to cancel all of this because, you know, he's afraid of Biden.”

Will Johnson: They're already saying it.

Channon: Yeah, I don't think Trump's afraid of Biden. I think Trump does good hands-on, one on one, at the moment. Just like the Trump rallies. I mean, that man doesn't write a speech. He just goes out there, and he talks for an hour and a half.

Will Johnson: Well, he does have a speech because I've been to some of his rallies, and, you know, he'll have the speech up there.

Channon: That's the point.

Will Johnson: I mean, you only have to have it up there for bullet points. He constantly and consistently veers off of his speech and talks to the people. Then he'll go back to it. That's why everyone loves when he's talking because they're waiting for him to just hammer, hammer, hammer and then go back.

Channon: But I think hands down when it comes down to it, I think he would do it if it's the only option. I really do. I mean. I'm not inhuman. I understand that Biden would be a little apprehensive because Trump literally has had COVID. It came out that Trump said that he was very sick when he went to the hospital, he was not feeling good.

So, I understand that Biden, all those people would be very, very nervous about being in that room with Trump right now because you don't know how long this can last. You don't know how long. Do you know what I'm saying? I mean, just taking out the whole I don't like, this person or that person. You can kind of understand how somebody would be uncomfortable with that at this point because it's next week.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Right? I mean, it's next week. So, I think Trump should do the Zoom. I'll be honest with you.

Will Johnson: I don't think so. You know, personally, no, I don't think so. Unless, as I said, the only way they can do the Zoom is to have someone there to make sure that he's not being fed the questions. I mean, how do we know? For all we know, Donna Brazile could be there feeding him questions.

Channon: Well, I mean.

Will Johnson: Come on.

Channon: You know, she got the questions before the debate even happened. So, that can happen at any point in time, right? You know, honestly, as President, you have to handle any situation. So, if somebody is handed the questions, you should know how to handle that question yourself. You have to be prepared for it yourself. So, whatever happens, Trump has to be prepared.

Will Johnson: I think they are just riding Biden along.

Channon: Of course, they're helping him. Wallace was a fiasco, and Trump definitely was against Wallace and Biden. It was disappointing.

Will Johnson: I mean, so why do you say allow them to have the Zoom debate? I mean, do you agree that someone needs to be there to make sure that they're doing the right thing?

Channon: Yes, well, as I said, I think somebody should be with Trump from the Biden campaign, and somebody from the Trump campaign should be with Biden. They should; they could be in the same building, two rooms apart. That's fine with me. Everybody can make sure of everything.

Will Johnson: Well, who's going to be in there with Biden and the camera? See, they don't want anyone from the Trump campaign with him because they'd say, "How do we know you're not infected?"

Channon: So, what is your option? If Trump still tests positive.

Will Johnson: Do the same thing they did with Mike Pence.

Channon: Well.

Will Johnson: Wait a minute, hold on. If they really think it is that bad. If they think it's that bad, put them on the same stage, go ahead and build an enclosed thing, because President Trump was diagnosed positive with it. If they're really that concerned, go ahead, and bring them out there. Let him come out in a hazmat suit for all I care.

Channon: He won't, but Trump won't.

Will Johnson: I know Trump won't.

Channon: Come on now, you know he’s not going to be doing that.

Will Johnson: No, let Joe Biden sit behind the glass. I mean, seriously. The American people need to know that our leader can stand up to whatever it is that will happen.

Channon: Trump will come into contact with somebody walking in or walking out. I mean, you have to understand that somebody will be around, and they'll blame it on Trump.

Will Johnson: Just wear a mask. We hear that all the time.

Channon: I know.

Will Johnson: Just wear a mask. If you wear a mask, then you're safe.

Channon: Well.

Will Johnson: Maybe that's what needs to happen. Maybe President Trump can go sit down at a table just like Pence did, but this time maybe President Trump has to wear a mask. All I'm saying is wait a minute, they're all pushing this thing right now.

You have to wash your hands, and you have to wear masks. So long as you wash your hands and wear a mask, you're okay. Exactly when did President Trump get diagnosed with this? Was this last Friday?

Channon: Well, that's the problem, too. They're not saying.

Will Johnson: When did they break the news with it? Was it last Friday?

Channon: Was it last Friday?

Will Johnson: I think it was it last Friday or earlier this week? I can't remember exactly.

Channon: It was in the last week or so.

Will Johnson: I think it was the beginning of this week.

Channon: But they're not releasing exactly when.

Will Johnson: I think it was the beginning of this week, I called it. I commented to you saying that, “You know what, by this weekend, if President Trump is not doing videos and he's not speaking, not tweeting or whatever, then we should probably be a little bit more concerned”. But President Trump is still doing the tweets.

Channon: Well, let me ask you this because what one of the concerns is that they were not releasing when he was actually first tested positive. Trump’s campaign was not releasing that. So, if the option is between Zoom or no debate at all, what would you pick?

Will Johnson: Someone needs to be in the room with them. I'm serious.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: Someone has to be in the room with Joe Biden because I'm serious Joe Biden cannot hold his own, and the American people need to see that take place. But let's just go on to President Trump when he was in the first debate, and they asked a question about white supremacy.

Chris Wallace brought up white supremacy during the 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton. During that time, President Trump denounced white supremacy. This last debate where you hear many of those in the media refuse to acknowledge that the President, when Chris Wallace asked President Trump, "Will you denounce white supremacy"?

President Trump's words were exactly, "Sure, yeah, okay." And then because they kept drilling on it, President Trump said, "Give me a name. Who do you want me to denounce? Who do you want?" That's when Joe Biden brought up the Proud Boys, and then Chris Wallace ran with it. So, when I saw that, the first thing that was going through my head was did Chris Wallace and Joe Biden actually work together to make this action, this interaction, take place?

Because it was really convenient. Joe Biden couldn't wait to bring up the Proud Boys. For those of you that are listening, the Proud Boys are not white supremacists. You even have BLM members out there saying that the Proud Boys are not supremacists. So why do they keep bringing up white supremacy every four years?

Channon: Well, CNN actually stopped talking about it, too, because the Proud Boys are suing them.

Will Johnson: I heard that as well. The Proud Boys are suing CNN, and now they don't even say that. You notice Kamala Harris alluded to it in the debate last night, but she didn't say Proud Boys. She didn't say Proud Boys, but they're alluding to it.

To give another example, have you heard about what's her name, Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan governor? Did you hear what she did? What she just did today? She did a press conference saying that the white supremacist militia group wanted to kidnap her and possibly kill her. Did you hear about this?

Channon: Yeah, the breaking news is the FBI did an investigation, and they found that 13 people who have since been arrested plotted to kidnap her, and I don't know what. Were they going to do something to her?

Will Johnson: It's kind of interesting. I think people should question why is this taking place?

Channon: I've never heard of the Wolverine Watchmen, and that's part of the group that plotted this. They're saying it's a militia group.

Will Johnson: Well, everyone should be asking the question with 25 days out until the election. They're all pointing and saying that this is Trump supporters that are doing this, and it's false.

Right onto the FBI's heels with Comey not looking good after the Comey just testified in front of Congress. With all the information that came out about the Russian collusion, delusion. Comey appeared to have been lying to the people about a lot of it. He grew amnesia too. I don't know if you saw any of it. He had amnesia.

Channon: He said, "He wasn't aware of it."

Will Johnson: Or I can't recall. His amnesia just kicked in like no tomorrow.

Channon: Yeah, I think it was just sort of like, you really didn't know a lot of what was going on at the FBI while you were running it.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: He kept saying, "I didn't know. I didn't know. I wasn't aware. Nobody told me that."

Will Johnson: Yes, but my point is now all of a sudden, the FBI is doing this investigation about this militia group in Michigan 25 days before the election and making it look like white supremacists. That's what they're pointing to. They're pointing at all the white supremacists. Just because you're in the militia, it doesn't make you a white supremacist. But let's listen to what she had to say today. This is Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer: "Just last week, the President of the United States stood before the American people and refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups like these two Michigan militia groups. Stand back and stand by, he told them. Stand back and stand by.

Hate groups heard the President's words not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry. As a call to action. When our leaders speak, their words matter. They carry weight. When our leaders meet with, encourage, or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions, and they are complicit. When they stoke and contribute to hate speech, they are complicit."

Channon: Oh, my gosh.

Will Johnson: This is the insanity of the Left. This is so crazy. So, she's saying that every white supremacist group out there, President Trump told them to stand by.


Channon: Well, first of all, they're talking about the Proud Boys.

Will Johnson: I know because Joe Biden brought up Proud Boys, but they're lumping every militia group as a white supremacist group. And like I said before, just because you're in a militia group does not make you racist. I'm a black male.

I've had the Proud Boys ask me to join. I didn't join. This was a couple of years ago. There was a couple of people I'd had some disagreement with, and I'm like, no, because I didn't want to go along, and you have to do certain things.

Channon: It's a fraternity.

Will Johnson: It's like being in college again.

Channon: It's a fraternity, they call it a fraternity.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it reminded me of being in college. I had my fun and all that, but I don't want to do that anymore. So, we need to move on from that. So, this is very interesting.

Channon: Here's the thing. They're trying to change the narrative. What has it been since March that's been happening? You've had Antifa, you've had BLM, you've had the black block, you've had all of these Leftist extremist groups out in the streets causing chaos.

Did any of these people, including Miss Whitmer over there, stop the people in her city from rioting? From tearing down businesses, from shooting at police officers? I mean, it's crazy. They've locked police officers in their station and chained the doors. They found that there was gas, and they were probably planning on setting the station on fire with the police officers in it.

You've had people killed in the streets, and none of these Democrats came out and spoke out against it. Never stopped it in their own cities. They have so much hate for Trump. They couldn't even ask him for help. They let the citizens of their cities live in terror. They let the citizens and the business owners of cities, lose their businesses and their livelihood. They had police officers killed, literally shot at.

I mean, it's crazy, and they're sitting there talking about President Trump. They're taking our focus off of the Leftist groups that have caused this chaos for months and months and months and are deflecting it to President Trump and white supremacists who we know have not been out there active like these other groups have been. But you know what? People are so naive. They buy into it. I mean, it's crazy.

Will Johnson: Yeah. So, we have some more questions here. Let me read the first one here. "Both Kamala Harris' parents were born subjects of the British Empire in India and Jamaica during the reign of King James VI.

Regardless of the fact that she's a descendant of a white slave owner, which is absolutely true, and she won't ever apologize for it either, as far as relevance to black America, she is 100 percent a foreigner because Jamaica is a completely different country. Why should any black American, the Democrats, most importantly consistently care half a dog stuff if she is the first woman of color'?

Channon: Well, she was born in America to clarify that. Just so everybody knows she was actually born on American soil.

Will Johnson: Right, and, you know, many people are saying because she wasn't born in America, or because her parents were not born in America, that she should not be up to be President. But when it comes down to it, and many people have tried to say, "Well, her parents." She's a natural-born citizen.

Channon: Yes, she is.

Will Johnson: Because she was naturally born here.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: But you know what if you want to talk about the whole racism thing.

Channon: She's not African American.

Will Johnson: She's not black. Right, but she is from slave masters. She, her family-owned slaves, but they sweep that under the rug.

Channon: Well, some black people did own slaves, by the way.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, can you imagine if President Trump had a record of that in his past ancestors?

Channon: That he was the descendant of a slave owner?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. It would be, “Oh, is he going to apologize for it”? Like he did it. But see it’s the total hypocrites. That is what they are, total hypocrites.

Channon: Yeah. So that's a good point. What was the end of that question?

Will Johnson: “Should black people care half a dog feces if she is the first woman of color”? No, I don't think anyone should care. It really shouldn't matter about your complexion.

Channon: I mean, that's true.

Will Johnson: But the Democrats always introduce complexion into all of it. They do that to divide us.

Channon: Well, President Obama was half white and they said he was the first Black President.

Will Johnson: The Democrats even during Nazi Germany said that.

Channon: Yeah, they said one drop.

Will Johnson: If you have one drop of black blood, then your just black nothing else matters. Even the Nazi's think that is taking a little bit far.

Channon: Yeah, this is America it doesn't matter what color you are, but who keeps playing on racism? Who keeps playing on, exterior colors? It's crazy. The Democrat Party they are divisive in their own words. Vote for me because I'm a woman. Vote for me because I'm black. What are your policies? I think all the American people want to know.

Will Johnson: I'm glad you brought that up. So, before the debate last night between Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, the liberal media said, "Kamala Harris has the upper hand because she's a woman and she's a woman of color."

Channon: How does that give her the upper hand?

Will Johnson: Because, you know, because she, that's what they were saying. I don't know why.

Channon: It's unexplainable.

Will Johnson: First, I'm going to say, "Who cares? Why does that even matter? Why should that even matter? Why does anyone even have to even discuss that? Why is that not even a topic”?

Channon: It just shows if we're moving forward in this world, if we're voting on someone because of color or gender, then that's racist in itself.

Will Johnson: It is. So, here's the second question. "The argument against President Trump's handling of the virus, according to Bob Woodward and nobody else, apparently, is that he knew about how dangerous it was before March and did not order a complete Chinese communist Marxist prison. A Berlin Wall lockdown across the entire country. If he if he'd been dumb enough to do that, do you think that the Democrats would accuse him of having destroyed the economy, even though, it was the lockdown that they wanted him to impose"?

It was the Democrats. They wanted President Trump to impose lockdown. They were the ones pushing for the lockdown. They kept saying, shut it down. It's so bad. They kept pushing. They were pushing it out on the airwaves.

They pushed it all everywhere. They were getting the CDC to go along with it. The CDC said it was bad. The CDC said it was bad because of what was happening in China, and then the Democrats were saying, "Shut it all down." President Trump actually said, “Okay, you know what we're going to call a national emergency”, and then a lot of things did get shut down.

Channon: Well, even Biden said that Trump shouldn't have shut it down. He criticized Trump.

Will Johnson: He sure did.

Channon: He absolutely criticized.

Will Johnson: But it was the Democrats that were screaming for it.

Channon: Well, they can't. You know what? If Trump says black, they're going to say blue. I mean, if he says red, they're going to say pink. I mean, it doesn't matter. They're going to be opposite of him, and he's the worst President for picking the other side.

Will Johnson: Then after that, after he shut it down, then they're blaming all the job loss on him in all of the Democrat ran states and cities. They want to keep everything shut down, so they can blame Trump, and so people can't go back to work. So, they can blame it all on President Trump. Who is not understanding that? Who's not realizing that?

Channon: Well, and he attempted to bring up the point, too, that China wasn't being, actually Biden talked about this last night too, China wasn't upfront about the virus. They weren't even letting the U.S. in to see what was happening. They didn't even let them in the labs. They didn't let them have access to what they were seeing and what was happening, even though we asked for it. So, they were hiding this from the very beginning.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: You know.

Will Johnson: Well, some believe that when Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats went to China before it all took place, there might be something there. But we will never know. I guess maybe one day we'll know. But as of now, we don't know.

Channon: We don't see conspiracy theories but guess what? Look what happened with Hillary and the Russian collusion.

Will Johnson: Very good point.

Channon: It was a conspiracy that came through.

Will Johnson: Very good point. So, we can take phone calls here, if anyone wants to call in. We've been getting a few questions. We have about ten minutes left if anyone wants to call in. The number is 516-595-8069, press 1. Okay. The number again is 516-595-8069. So, we have about ten minutes if you want to call in. Let me do this while we're waiting to see if someone wants to call us.

Channon: What did Nancy Pelosi say they were going to discuss tomorrow? Do you want to talk about that?

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, Nancy Pelosi. You know what? I called this out, and I was telling my producer the other day. I said, "Look, I can see it coming." And actually, I talked about this on my nightly broadcast. When President Trump went to the hospital I said, “They are going to call, are you ready for it; are you ready for it, the 25th Amendment”. You just looked at me and said, "They can't call the 25th Amendment. He's not disabled. He can still talk. He can still think. He can still walk”.

Channon: Yeah. According to the 25th Amendment, it is really only for if the presidential seat will become vacant in the event of his death, unless he was removed, he gives his resignation, or if he's incapacitated. He is none of those things.

Will Johnson: But what did I tell you? What did I tell you? I called it out! I said that they were going to pull, they were going to try to do the 25th Amendment and that’s what Nancy Pelosi said today. I don't have that audio clip. I wish I did right now.

Channon: It's on Fox News.

Will Johnson: Yeah, Nancy Pelosi today said, "They are looking into invoking the 25th Amendment".

Channon: I'm like, “What are you talking about”? I mean, it's like, do they even know the Constitution? I mean, do they even know?

Will Johnson: No. I mean, seriously, you know what? They took parts of it, and they say, "Okay, let's see if we can make this work and get the American people to go along with it." Do you know what this is? This shows that they're extremely desperate.

Channon: Oh, they are desperate, definitely.

Will Johnson: So desperate I mean they've thrown everything that's on the books. They've even thrown kitchen plates, pots, and pans at this man, and now the 25th Amendment! I called it. I told you. The only reason why I say it is because I constantly see the writing on the wall. I was right. I was 100 percent right.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: Mark that one down for me.

Channon: Will was right, everybody, he wants you to know.

Will Johnson: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Channon: Just to clarify again, the 25th Amendment in simple terms is if the President dies, which has not happened. Resigns, which has not happened. Has been removed, they wish. Or if he has become incapacitated or has a disability, all of which have not happened.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Thank God, and we hope it doesn't happen.

Will Johnson: You know, it's not going to happen, seriously. You know what? We don't know who's going to win this election. But I would just say, exercise your right as a citizen to go out and vote. Whoever it is that you're going to vote for, exercise it because this is something that we all are privy to. I think this is something we all should do.

Channon: Absolutely, we should.

Will Johnson: I mean, no matter who. You know what? That's the beauty of America. We get to go vote for whoever you want to vote for. You get to choose. Yes, it is your choice. People have their opinions, and people say one thing, and some say another, but it's entirely up to the individual at the end of the day.

Channon: And don't be mean to anybody that doesn't think like you.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's the thing. But let me play something else for you because this is all about the whole white supremacist and being racist thing. Michelle Obama had to come out and say something about President Trump. They're pushing this whole President Trump is racist to the next level. I mean, it's very extreme. It's very extreme. So, let me play some of this for you.

Michelle Obama: "They're stoking fears about black and brown Americans. Lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs. Whipping up violence and intimidation, and they're pinning it all on what's been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity. It's true. Research backs it up. Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations has had any violence at all."

Will Johnson: Okay, so I guess she completely missed out about Antifa, BLM out in the streets, destroying everything. I guess she completely just overlooked all that, or maybe they were hiding that from her so that she doesn't actually know when she came out and said it. Personally, I think she does know.

Channon: You know what, it's sad because if it was just one or two bad instances, okay. But you know what, you drive to downtown Indianapolis and see the destroyed businesses boarded up. You go to Minneapolis and you see businesses destroyed downtown, destroyed, and boarded up. You go to Wisconsin, the same thing. You go to Chicago, the same thing. You go to downtown L.A., the same thing. You go to Portland, Oregon, the same thing.

Will Johnson: Look at Oakland, look at San Francisco. Look at L.A.

Channon: Right. There have been large number of rioters, of domestic terrorism.

Will Johnson: Yeah, well, you know, and now they're trying to push it all to the militia groups.

Channon: Let's just talk about the police officers that have been shot.

Will Johnson: So, here's another question that we have from someone. "If President Trump wins in a landslide, do you think the Left will back off and just wait two or four more years, or will they go and scorch earth anyway since they have already gone so far"? Personally, I think we're going to see two things. If President Trump wins, we're going to see an increase in the violence that we already see in the streets. We're going to see that.

It's going to just increase tenfold nationwide. This is only because of what we've seen already, not me making up something. It's just based on what we've seen already. It's going to increase. If Biden wins, we're going to see, I think, we'll see Antifa and BLM. I don't think they're going to stop with it.

I think they're going to feel empowered, more empowered than they do now to go out and attack white people. To go out and attack the Trump supporters that were there. Because they have to, they have to work to make sure that they can get rid of all the voters for the next four years. But just based on looking at the numbers and based on 2016, it's very interesting to see who's going to win this. Right?

Who's going to win? That comes up to the people. That's up to the people who is going to win. I have my personal belief, but I'll keep it to myself, but it's up to the American people. That's what this is about. We're not a democracy where we're a constitutional republic. Just to be clear. Just to be clear for anyone out there.

Michelle Obama: "So what the President is doing is once again patently false. It's morally wrong, and yes, it is racist".

Will Johnson: That's Michelle Obama. Everything President Trump does to them is racist. Mind you, President Trump did prison reform, mind you President Trump gave 25 billion to the black universities and colleges, and mind you, President Trump has had black people in the White House multiple times where Obama didn't.

Channon: Well, let me ask you something. You went to several of these places that the rioters destroyed. What kind of signs did you see? Did you see any racist remarks anywhere?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: You didn't see kill white people?

Will Johnson: No. No.

Channon: You didn't see that?

Will Johnson: No, where?

Channon: In these cities that were destroyed.

Will Johnson: Oh, in the cities were destroyed? I'm sorry, I was thinking about the event we just went to.

Channon: I'm talking about what did you see? Because she's saying that it's not racist.

Will Johnson: They had stuff on the street, the pavement. Now mind this, they're cleaning the spray paint off of the buildings and stuff like that. They were removing all of the spray paint, but they would leave particular ones up, like BLM. They would leave that up. There this one particular spray paint on the sidewalk that said, "Kill white people." They are blocking over it with buckets, and they refused to clean it?

Channon: How come they're not speaking out against that? Have you heard one Democrat speak out against those racist remarks that are all over these cities?

Will Johnson: No, no, it's crazy. You don't.

Channon: They're such hypocrites.

Will Johnson: They are a bunch of hypocrites. So, hey, we're going to be doing this every Thursday, everybody, 5:00 p.m. Eastern, 4:00 p.m. Central. Please, please tune in. Share this with everybody, you know. Do me a favor. You got the link, text the link. I've actually even put it on my Facebook page. Text the link to everybody. Just don't hit the share but copy and paste the link. Every Thursday, 5 p.m. Eastern we’ll be here talking about the events that are going on.

Also, can you please text Will to 88202. Again, text Will to 88202, and you'll get the notifications. That's how you get notifications about being here, and also, you get other free information. I want to thank everyone for being with us on this beautiful Thursday. This beautiful Thursday, and how many days are left? Twenty-five days. Just twenty-five days.

Channon: I get nervous.

Will Johnson: You know, a lot of people get nervous.

Channon: That day, I don't know if I’ll be able to asleep.

Will Johnson: I guess that will be like, you know, a kid again on Christmas. I'm going to encourage everyone every Thursday, make sure you tune in. We'll be here, and I will also be on my broadcast tonight, 9:00 p.m. Central.

Channon: At Uniteamericafirst.com.

Will Johnson: Yep, at Uniteamericafirst.com. Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much for being with us. We have about 30 more seconds here. We're about to wrap it up. So, let me just say this one more time. Text Will at 88202, that's 88202. Write that down. I know you're listening, 88202. Go ahead and put it in your phone and text Will to that number.

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Will Johnson: Uniteamericafirst.com. Good night, everybody.

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