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Dems Afraid Of The “Return Of Trump 2024”


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Joining me today is our favorite Brit and ATP Truth Ambassador Katie Hopkins, who has come all the way from the UK to Washington, D.C. on the inaugural week.

Before we get started, I want to remind ATP fans out there, if you haven't subscribed to our free text message alert system, please do. Take your cell phone out, text the word TRUTH and send it to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribed for free. You'll see all of our shows right on your cell phone. Katie, welcome.

Katie Hopkins: Hey, you know what, Barry? I decided to do this now. I've decided I'm going to do exactly what you say because that's what we ask people to do.

I'm going to get my phone, and we're going to ask people to do the same thing, right? So now I go to my text messages, and I type in 88202, right?

Barry Nussbaum: Right, and then in the message box below, just put the word TRUTH.

Katie Hopkins: And then I hit send, T-R-U-T-H. I nearly spelled truth wrong, Barry, and then I hit send?

Barry Nussbaum: Yes.

Katie Hopkins: In America, I am not charged for this?

Barry Nussbaum: It's all free, it's instantaneous, and you are now signed up.

Katie Hopkins: Okay.

Barry Nussbaum: You get to see.

Katie Hopkins: There's no need for that. But I just thought we should do it in real-time. Okay, yes. Over to you, Barry. I'm here in D.C., being your eyes and ears on the ground.

Barry Nussbaum: So, Trump leaves office this week. But the impeachment in the Senate, the trial is going to start after he is gone. Now a lot of legal experts have weighed in and said the purpose of impeachment is to remove from office an elected official or appointed official who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

What the heck is going on if it is so important that Trump is out of office and yet they still want to impeach him? To remove him from office after he's out of office, what's the purpose?

Katie Hopkins: I wish, I wish, I wish I could just summon up the founding fathers, and I say this as a respectful foreigner and outsider. I know I'm just a Brit, but wouldn't it be a glorious thing if we could summon up the founding fathers and have them walk up the steps of the Capitol building.

Go in there and look those people in the face and say, "What the heck do you think you're doing to the Constitution that we crafted so carefully? That has endured the years." Because it's sickening to see what is happening now, this impeachment process has just become this weird sort of, I don't know, sort of a demonstration of loyalty to Biden.

It's vulgar. It's as if to say in order to secure my political future, I will prostrate myself at the altar of Biden, and I will self, flagellate, and remove any evidence of Trump. That is never, surely Barry, you're the expert, but surely that is not what impeachment was about.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, no. I mean, the impeachment clauses, and there are several of them in the Constitution, are very clear. It is to remove somebody. There has never in American history been an impeachment trial of a candidate who left office, is out of office, cannot be removed because they're already gone.

It's like digging up the dead guy so you can shoot him. The only thing I can think of is that the Democrat Party is so afraid of the possibility of Trump's return in four years that they want to stamp out his possible future run today. Is there a possibility in your mind that Trump could run again in four years?

Katie Hopkins: Of course. I mean, part of you is like at a personal level imagine him having the sort of stamina, will, own volition to go through this torment again. Like, walk yourself through fire. But then, of course, Trump is not readily and easily beaten, and so it's perfectly possible.

Now whether the party is Republican, and 75 million Americans would want that, or whether they will go with someone else next time. But it is almost- isn't it, like they're so desperate to take this to the very end. I always say those that wish to silence us, Barry, don't stop until we're swinging from a tree.

This is a sort of example of that, isn't it? There's no point where they want to just stop and heal. They've got to keep going until they get blood. Even when they've got blood, they want flesh to go with it. It's like they just don't stop.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I'm taking some sort of delicious pleasure in what your new friend, Marjorie Taylor Green is talking about. I mean, this I'm tickled pink about this. I wouldn't have been but with the recent history of the Congress, this new congresswoman from Georgia promises she's going to impeach at least try with articles of impeachment introduced on the floor of the new House against Joe Biden. What can you tell us about your friend Marjorie?

Katie Hopkins: A) I love her. My love for her is complete. B) I have a secret plan that I want to take ATP’s lovely viewers, audience and all your supporters, and I want to take them to live with Marjorie. So, I'm talking to Marjorie's Communication Director.

I want to do ‘Living with Marjorie Taylor Green for ATP’. I want us to become part of Marjorie's life because I love her. She's like this little dynamo thing that every time they annoy her, every time they try and crush her, which is every day she comes back with something else, and she comes out fighting.

In her background is this kind of physical training. She was into CrossFit. I think she was one of the top in the world for CrossFit. In her call, you can feel it. There's a steel core to that woman, and she's used to pushing herself to fight harder, to be tougher.

She is trained and schooled herself well for this fight. She is one of us. She's one to watch, and soon, I hope that we can get to Georgia and spend more time with her.

Barry Nussbaum: I would love that. The more I read about her, she has a great story and, like you said, has a steel constitution. Because let me tell you something, I see something I never thought I would see in a "free" America, and I put free in quotes.

Social media is uniting one hundred percent behind not only a ban on President Trump even after he's out of office, but his supporters and all GOP who support him, which includes Marjorie Taylor Green.

What will this kind of, well, I guess you'd call it tech aristocracy, almost fascism lead to? Is there going to be a backlash, or is capitalism going to bring us new sites that we're going to move to that really are free speech sites?

Katie Hopkins: I think so. I think in some ways, and maybe I'm saying this selfishly because, in the UK, we hit the darkness a little time before you, and I was booted off when Trump started tweeting me. But I do believe this push toward watching the share price fall so drastically for Twitter is just uplifting.

I say to anybody who's frustrated, do check the share price of Twitter every morning because it will boost your spirits. We heard from Parler, the CEO, John, who I speak to regularly. He looks like he's going to get Parler back up by the end of January.

I'm trying to encourage him to have a relaunch party in Vegas, which, of course, I'm inviting myself to. Of course, Gab, for now, is a sort of holding ground and is doing well. So, it's a delight, I think. I think it will help us regroup. I think it will help people focus their attention on places they want to be.

Twitter has, after all, been a sewer for a very long time. I think it's time that the sewer was left to run its filth down the road alone. It's time for us to walk away.

Barry Nussbaum: Doesn't it disgust you as someone who believes in freedom? As an example, on Twitter, there are thousands of people puking out hate. Nazis, anti-Semites, and Arabists that want the Quran as the worldwide governance document.

Their Twitter feeds are fine. The Grand Ayatollah, who preaches death every day, is on Twitter every day, every day, but not the American president. Not well, a growing number of US Congresswomen and men in both the House and the Senate and not Katie Hopkins. I mean, come on, that's despicable to me.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, it is, and I think, you know, I think it demonstrates the sort of place that, you know, I think more and more of us are asking, do we even want to be part of that? Do we want to be near that? It's not good for any of us.

With lockdown and people not being able to live their lives normally, I don't think it's healthy for any of us. I do think actually we were the age group that was using Twitter. When I look at younger people, they're nowhere near it.

They couldn't give a stuff about Twitter. My 17-year-old, they don't go anywhere near that. It's seen as some hokey old site for strange old people. So, you have to remember its lifespan is limited. It's not going to be around forever.

Its share price is falling off a cliff, and I hope they are punished hard by people leaving them and them losing their share price. I'm hoping it will collapse completely.

Barry Nussbaum: It very well could happen, and it might happen quicker than well, even you are projecting. Thanks, Katie, for coming on today, and thank you out there in ATP land. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't.

Follow Katie's instructions; it's very simple on your cell phone. If you don't want to do it on your cell, go to our website Americantruthptoject.org. Sign up there. You're going to get a couple of chapters of my new book Because You Asked for Free, just as a thank you for signing up.

For Katie and me, Barry Nussbaum, thanks for joining us today on ATP Report.

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