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Democrats Are Changing America And It Isn’t Even January 20th Yet


Will Johnson: Hello, hello, hello, thank you for joining us. My name is Will Johnson. Riding with me in the studio is Channon, my local producer. Then I want to say thank you to Anni, the main producer on the other end. This is Thursday, January 14th, 2021. Can you imagine that Channon, the year 2020 is gone, and what a year it was.

Channon: Yep. I am not sure looking forward to 2021. It did not start so great.

Will Johnson: No, it's not actually; it is already going downhill. It started early on January 6th, and things started going downhill. If you ask me, it was a total setup. What took place the Democrats used it to their advantage to try to make President Trump and Trump supporters, real Americans, in my opinion, looked bad.

As a result, they end up impeaching the president. But before we get into all of this, the juicy stuff, the meat of this broadcast, Channon, what is that phone number. If someone wants to give us a call and talk to us about what we are currently talking about.

Channon: If you want to give Will and me a call, call us at 516-595-8069. Press one to come live with us. Once again, 516-595-8069 and press one.

Will Johnson: Also, to get any kind of notifications or information about the American Truth Project, please get out your mobile device and send a text to 88202. In the body of the text, just put in my name, Will.

Once you do that, you will get information that you will get nowhere else. Alright, So Channon, there is a report that just came out that this event, or what they call a riot, took place at the Capitol on January 6th in Washington, D.C. They are now saying this was coordinated. It was planned.

Channon: Yeah, it is disgusting. Yesterday, for the second time, President Trump was impeached. This is the first time in history that a president has ever been impeached for a second time in the House.

What is unusual about this impeachment is, before you have a case to make for impeachment, there are hearings and investigations. There is this whole thing that happens. But they rushed it through, and unfortunately, 10 Republicans joined and impeached President Trump.

They did not need the Republicans to do it. The Democrats have the majority, but it is disgusting that 10 Republicans sided with them. So now today, guess what? Breaking news on CNN, they have evidence, the FBI has evidence that the attack on the U.S. Capitol was not just a protest.

The impeachment was based on Trump's incited violence. It was a protest that spiraled out of control. CNN is now reporting that that is not what happened. It was a planned event. They are saying he is being impeached solely on the idea that when he was at the rally, which you attended, he incited violence and told people to attack the Capitol.

You know that is not what happened. You can tell your story here in a second. That is what they impeached him on. Now we find out the next day that is not even what happened. That is disgusting.

Will Johnson: So, without an investigation, without looking at any evidence, they just based it on their feelings. They impeach President Trump for the second time. For the first time in history, a President has been impeached twice.

This second impeachment, as well as the first impeachment, was because they can't stand the man. They hate the man. They want to get rid of him no matter what, and it is only days out. Today is the 14th; it is supposed to be the 20th.

If they were not afraid of President Trump, why do they not leave them alone? Just let it be done? It appears that President Trump is acknowledging that it is a Biden administration. There it is, a Biden win. President Trump is going along with it, even though President Trump knows, just like the rest of the country, that it was fraudulent.

What they did was completely wrong. Now they impeach the man because they simply had the votes in the House. Not because of any evidence, simply because they had the votes. Let's just take a vote on it. How do you feel?

I feel like we should impeach him. He incited violence, but now they are saying that it was planned? I am wondering, who planned it? If you want to talk about anyone planning it, it was clear to me that it was Antifa and BLM that were planning to attack the Capitol on January 6th, not Trump supporters.

Trump supporters were stopping people from tearing up stuff. There is a video of Trump supporters picking up the trash that was kicked over inside. Why do people pick up the trash if they are in there to tear up stuff? It is not Trump supporters.  It is these leftists, these tyrants on the left that went into the capital and took advantage of the situation just to make Trump supporters look bad.

Channon: Yeah, in the article, they are not revealing who it is. They are not going to say that it was Antica.

Will Johnson: So, in the article, they are not revealing who it is. But if it were Trump supporters, what they call neo-Nazis, KKK members, and white supremacists, they would put that in there. They would say Trump supporters.

Channon: Let me take you back. They do not say who did it. In the same article, they talk about counterterrorism strategies for arrests. They did mention they arrested the Proud Boys leader, which you already knew, Henry Enrique Tarrio.

Will Johnson: They arrested him before that.

Channon: Yes, they arrested him before this happened.

Will Johnson: The arrest had nothing to do with him, but they will somehow try to link it.

Channon: Of course, they will try to link it somehow. They are saying that there was some coordination. Apparently, earlier in the day, some of the people who ended up inside the capital or storming the Capitol had taken pictures earlier with some of the legislators.

I guess they may have caught him in the hallway and took pictures with them. They are not saying that the Congresspeople are involved, but they say these people were in there before the attack. They are wondering if that was part of the strategy.

They are saying that some people had left the Trump rally early. I do not know. They are looking at thousands of hours of footage from different people. Some people left the rally early. I am not sure if they are linking that to part of the attack because even you said, before you got there, there was already an attack happening.

Will Johnson: There was not an attack. I talked to multiple people that were there before President Trump even finished his speech. Throughout the day, people were going in and out of the building, to my understanding.

That is what I am saying. People were going in and out. But when I got there, they said it was chaos. All the flashbangs were going off, pepper spray, and the other irritants they were putting in the air. Then they were saying all of a sudden there was a siege onto the capital because of Congress.

Congress, the representatives in the House, and the Senate think of themselves as kings and queens. They need more protection than the American people. All of the laws that they apply to us do not apply to them. That is exactly how they are acting here.

I am not and will never condone violence, which took place at the Capitol with these tyrants. I am talking about Antifa and BLM. It is clear to me that they were the ones that were doing destruction.

When they did all of this, Trump supporters are upset because of the crimes, the blatant corruption in our faces. People are upset. So, I understand why they went in, but Trump supporters did not go in there to tear up the building.

Channon: I do not know.

Will Johnson: I will stick to that Trump supporters were not there to tear to build it. I am sticking to the point that the Trump supporters want to make their presence known that we are not going to stand idly by while they commit corruption. That is all we are saying. Let me put it this way. They are only saying that because what happened on January 6th, 2021, is so bad.

Channon:  It was bad because people were killed.

Will Johnson: Not a single time did they go into the point of the past four years, where Americans were being terrorized day in and day out for simply wearing a hat. Then police officers sitting in their vehicles, being assassinated by Antifa and BLM. But all of a sudden it is, we have a major issue in the country.

Channon: That is the sad part. For four years, you have had Maxine Waters and several others in Congress; in fact, they mentioned on the floor yesterday while presenting the impeachment.

Other house members on the Democrat side have encouraged protests, which have been violent and have taken 47 lives over the past four years. We can't dismiss that. That is part of the problem.

There was an article that was saying how you can't just blame what happened in the capital or what happened that day. Over four years, Democrats have allowed for riots, have allowed for protest, and have dismissed the bad things that happened.

They have allowed it. They almost made it a part of the culture of, Oh, it's OK, this is what happens. Perhaps the capital riots are on their shoulders. They let it get to this point. They have allowed it for so long.

They condoned it and have not condemned it. It came to a boiling point. I do not excuse Trump's supporters. We know some that went in, and unfortunately, I do not think in their mind thought they were doing something wrong. It may have gotten the best of them.

Will Johnson: Putting your feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk, seriously. That is a problem. I thought, oh, my goodness, I can't believe they did that, putting your feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk.

But give him the death penalty; I bet Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these tyrants would love to do that to Trump supporters.

Channon: My problem is we can't be hypocritical. We can't say they are not holding Antifa accountable, yet we do not hold Trump supporters accountable. I think some let the moment got the better of them.

Unfortunately, it did, but I think we should take responsibility as well. Some people did something they should not have done. We disagree with it. That is what we should be doing. We should be saying that was not right, that you did that.

I do not care if Antifa started it or BLM started it. We also know some Trump supporters got caught up in the moment. They were all wrong. It does not matter who it was; you were wrong. You have been to the House. You know, you cannot just walk into the halls of Congress while they are in session.

There are certain protocols you have to go through. People, of course, did not go through those protocols. They were trying to storm in. It was just a bad thing that happened. But here is the thing. They are putting it all on Trump's shoulders. As if he incited violence. There is not one single bit of evidence to prove that Trump incited violence.

Will Johnson: It was just the opposite.

Channon: In fact, it is just the opposite. He said to be peaceful. The Democrats have always been saying peaceful protests are OK. We encourage peaceful protest. Trump just said what they say all the time. Peaceful protests are OK. The bad thing here is that once BLM and Antifa got out of control, they were never condemned by the left.

Should they not be impeached? Maxine Waters for saying what she said, or people that encouraged these protests, should they not be impeached as well. Trump did the opposite.

He condemned the violence and said that it should not happen. So once again, it is so funny how this world is turned upside down. Is it not turned upside down? It is not January 20th yet.

Will Johnson: It is 100% turned upside down. These people are going full steam ahead with communism. That is what we see here—first bringing in socialism, which automatically leads to communism.

The main reason why they are bringing socialism in, do you know what that reason is? Because President Trump said that this country, the United States of America, would never, ever be socialist. The Democrats say, oh, really? We will see about that.

Channon: You do not that was their plan in the first place?

Will Johnson: Of course, but when President Trump said that it was never going to be a socialist country. That is their main goal right now. They are presenting the same tactic that Venezuela went through to change the outcome of this election.

It was completely fraudulent, blatantly. They are not even hiding it. Who is going to do anything to stop them? The law enforcement in the country, and the nation, is not stopping them. Let me ask you this. When there is reasonable doubt of a crime, what do you do? You investigate, right?

Channon: Well, if there is reasonable doubt, somebody has to be dismissed of the charges.

Will Johnson:  Yes, there is reasonable doubt, but they do not want to investigate.

Channon: Yeah, that is the problem. There is evidence that something happened, and they do not want to investigate. It is crazy. Our court system and our state legislators have failed us. State legislators have an opportunity to pick how elections are done.

They pick the Secretary of State, and they work on how they run the election. They let us down. I know everybody is discouraged right now, and we all sit there, we say, it is all over with, there is nothing we can do, but we still can do something.

If we sit back and take a breath, there is something we can do. We can get involved. You have to get involved in your local government, whether you like it or not, to make a change. Republicans, the GOP, many people were failed by the GOP. You did in California. The GOP failed the people of California.

Will Johnson: I had representatives in California that are part of the GOP send me messages telling me that I need to stop. I am thinking to myself, what? When are you going to start? That is the craziest thing I ever heard.

Yet, GOP members in California say, Will Johnson, you need to stop doing what you are doing because you are making us look bad. What? You are not doing anything. You are weak in the knee, need a backbone, and they are spineless.

You do not need my help to look bad. If anything, you should be following suit. You should be standing up. You should be speaking up. These idiots in the GOP refuse to stand up to these Democrats. What happened on January 6th is a prime example of what I talk about when these Republicans do not have a backbone.

They bend over to these Democrats. They bend over to the Democrats constantly. I do not get it. I do not understand. We know what the Democrats are all about; we know that the Democrats have policies they wanted to bring into this country.

What they have tried to implement in the past is not good for the nation. It is just the opposite. More taxes are not the answer. Teaching little children not to be too way they were born is not the answer. Opening the floodgates on the border is not the answer. Joining us with the CCP is not the answer.

Going back to the Paris climate agreement is not the answer. Climate change is not the answer. Ushering in the one world order and going along with this new world order system is not the answer. All of these things are what the Democrats are trying to push on to the American people.

Seriously, the GOP knows this, but they do not say a word. They bow down to them and say, whatever you want, just leave me alone. Do not attack me. The Republicans know that not only would they be verbally attacked, they will be lied about, and they will also be physically attacked. Yet, nothing will be done about it.

Channon: Here is the problem. It is not just the GOP. It is Americans in general. How many conservatives are Republicans, libertarians, or whatever you want to label yourself? They are on the opposite side of the left. We have just taken what they have done.

We have been afraid to speak up. We have been afraid to get in their face.  It is part of our right as an American to say, listen I disagree with that, I do not want that for my country. We are constantly saying that the left is all up in their feelings, but we are, too. We do not want to deal with drama or upset anybody.

Because of that, we are where we are. We have to start speaking up. We have to do it locally. We need to stop looking to our federal government to do these things.

A lot of things that failed in the past four years have been in our state and local government. That is how the left infiltrated our country through the local level of government. Then they moved up.

Will Johnson: I was going to add how they interjected themselves. Just talking about the legislators and each one of these states, they by-passed them. In this last election, they literally by-pass them.

Channon: They cheated. But the legislatures had an opportunity to do something about it.

Will Johnson: They did do something about it. They disregarded them. As I said, they by-passed them. I will give you an example. They are legislating, right now talking about getting rid of the Electoral College. Why are they doing that?

To my understanding, at the Electoral College, each state has to agree to do that. They have to get enough states to do it. But in the states where they can't get it done, they will by-pass the local legislature.

Channon: Right. You are correct.

Will Johnson: That is exactly my point.

Channon: They are trying to come up with legislation to get rid of the Electoral College. Once again, if we sit here, we are quiet about it, and we let this legislation go through.

Then we are part of the problem. We have to put pressure on the states. We have to put pressure on the legislator in our states. To make sure that the election in their states is run fairly.

Will Johnson: We can say this all day. We wanted this last election to be fair. If you listen to the left, they said it was. You noticed this election; there was no Russian collusion, there was no Russian involvement.

There was no external involvement. There say there is nothing there. There has been evidence. Over a thousand affidavits, yet they still say there was nothing there. There is actual tangible proof. They still say there was nothing there.

There was a lady here in Texas that was just arrested. The mainstream media are not talking about it. She was arrested for voter fraud. She was going out buying votes, and she was bragging about it. She said, if I get caught, I will to probably go to jail. Now, she is just one.

Anyone out there thinking she was the only one then you have been living under a rock. I would not be surprised if thousands of people throughout the nation were doing the same thing for Joe Biden. There is no way that Joe Biden won this. I could care less what anyone says.

Channon: At least 75 million people agree with you.

Will Johnson: Just because you steal something or you cheat does not make you a winner.

Channon: Absolutely not. Let me tell you what. There is a reason why the Democrats are fearful that something might break out in Washington, D.C. because they know that this was not an election that was won fairly. It was stolen.

You become paranoid when you know that you have done the wrong thing. There is a reason why they wanted Trump out. There is a reason why they do not want him to run for re-election. There is a reason why these people are so paranoid and act the way they do.

It is because they have something to hide. They are doing something wrong. If you do things on the up and up, you will not behave like that. It is crazy. Once again, people are discouraged, including Will, but you have to get involved in local government and legislature.

Put pressure on your legislators, make sure your voices are heard. I know it will be difficult right now, especially during COVID, with these people doing zoom meetings. It is ridiculous.

Will Johnson: Did you say Will is discouraged.

Channon: We all are.  You fought so hard for so many years.

Will Johnson: You know what? I truly believe President Trump won in a landslide; with the cheating, he won. They are like; we do not care he won. This is what we want, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are just going to take it.

This is it right here, and if you say anything against them, they will demonize you. For those of you listening, I was at the Capitol. I got there after they supposedly stormed the Capitol. I got there after the fact. I was there, recorded it, and documented it.

I was lost during that time outside, just talking to people and observing everything. They are demonizing anyone, not just those who went to the Capitol during that time, but they demonized anyone who showed up in D.C. supporting President Trump.

Those of you who think just because you did not set foot on the Capitol grounds that day, you are not exempt. I talked to a gentleman earlier today, I am not going to say the state, but he was telling me that the legislator in his state is removing assignments from that legislator.

They are steadily pushing him out simply because he was at the event that day on January 6th. Not because he went anywhere in the capital, the point that he was in Washington, D.C., showing his support for President Trump.

They are doing this to our legislators throughout the nation. I would not be surprised if it is not a state that they want to change the Electoral College. I do not think they care to go to the states. They are just going to change it and tell the states.

This is it; you are going to have to comply. What they will do is if the states do not comply, they will do the same thing that Obama did when he was in office. I think it was North Carolina. North Carolina refused to put in gender-neutral bathrooms.

So, if I remember correctly, Obama cut off federal funds to that state. If these states do not comply with these tyrants, they will cut off federal funding. These states need the funding, so guess what they are going to do? They are going to comply.

Channon: It is strange how much things have changed in America since January 6th. Conservatives have been completely discriminated against at the approval of our Democrat Party. We now have Biden saying that he is going to go after the NRA.

We now have legislation saying that they want to get rid of the Electoral College. It is crazy how fast things change. You know, now Kim Jong-un is coming out saying, guess what, the USA, now Trump is gone, you are back on our hit list.

Will Johnson: Yeah. He is basically saying; you should have kept Trump because Trump kept everything kosher, kept everything nice. You know what? Let me tell you how these tyrants are. These tyrants will make it where people who were just at the event on January 6th can't even get on an airplane. It is not even January 20th yet.

They do not want people to get on an airplane. It is like communist China with its social score. If you do not comply, and we do not like your social score, we will not allow you to get on airplanes, public transportation, go to the movie theater, etc. That is what's happening here.

Channon: Unfortunately, the Democrats have this authoritarian, tyrannical thinking. They are saying, if you do not think like us, we are going to stop you from working, from traveling, and from getting paid.

We will make sure you are kicked off of every platform, email service, and website service. You do not do that because you think that you are doing something right. You do that for control. The very thing that the Democrat Party says they are against is what they are pushing. They are tyrannical, authoritarian, and communistic.

All these things where they are saying, this is the way we want it. Nancy Pelosi is putting a fine out if you do not go through the metal detectors in Congress. The first time you do not go through them, they are going to charge you $5,000.

That is what authoritarian government does. They say you do as we say, or we are going to punish you. That is what the Democrat Party does. They will fine you if you do not wear a mask over your nose and your mouth.

Come on; they keep passing laws saying if you do not do what we say, you are in trouble. Now, you and I, especially you, have been upset that Trump did not do something about Section 230 before he left office.

Will Johnson:  I wanted him to do something about Section 230 three years ago.

Channon: You and a lot of people. There have been world leaders coming out condemning these platforms for eliminating Trump, who is still President until January 20th. Rep, Cawthorn is co-sponsoring a bill in Congress.

This is, of course, a Republican to amend section 230. I like this amendment, and I hope it takes hold. It says I am co-sponsoring a bill to amend Section 230 to demand First Amendment protections be applied to the big tech platforms.

That is what he is calling for; he says the bill's introduction states that the provider is dominant in its market. We are talking about, you know, Twitter or Facebook. They are all dominant. They have a monopoly.

If they make content moderation decisions pursuant to policies or practices that are not reasonably consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution, their immunity will be eliminated. We think about that bill Will.

Will Johnson: I was a little too late, in my opinion. It should have been here three years ago. It should have been here six years ago. It should have happened under the Obama administration.

But it did not happen then because the Democrats were happy with the way things were going. They thought they would be able to use social media the way Obama did to usher in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But when they saw that it did not happen, and people like Candice Owens, Brandon Tatum, Jamesy T. Harris, Jamal J, and myself, people from all walks of life went to social media and started expressing what they saw in the government, what they were seeing, what the Democrats were doing.

They had to do everything they can to reverse it. That is why it should have happened six years ago because they used it to their advantage. Yes, in my opinion, they are publishers. They are not supposed to be deciding who they can and can't remove.

Talk about censorship. Did you know that Russia was observing what Twitter did and the tyranny's social tech giants? They are saying this is equivalent to a cyber nuclear bomb. They straight up silenced the president of the free world. He was a sitting president, and they silenced him.

Channon: It is scary. I am sure every world leader is looking at that saying; that could have happened to me.  Democrats here in America should be looking at that as well, thinking, hey, that could happen to me. Why would I support that?

But some of these people are so brainwashed and gaslighted by the Democrat Party. They think that what they see here is real. It's crazy. Listen, if you guys want to call in and talk to Will, we have about 25 minutes left. Give him a call at 515-595-8069, press one to come on with Will.

Will Johnson: I would like to hear other people's opinions about all of this. This is personal to me because someone sent me a message, I have to verify this, but this message said that people who were at the Capitol, the FBI is contacting them and asking them to turn themselves in.

I think I was at the Capitol. You can see my entire feed when I was there. I did not go in. There were too many people. I did not attempt to go in, but I did go up on the north side's steps. But I did not attempt to go in. I was there to document it.

I have been there many times on the Capitol grounds. It was never an issue before. The reason why this is the issue now is that they are calling Trump supporters all domestic terrorists. I saw a report just the other day. This was the actual report.

It was a news report. But this lady was reporting on what happened at the Capitol. She said that the riot in the Capitol was terrible, and it happened by these domestic terrorists.

I would love to ask her the question; is she referring to Antifa and BLM? They have terrorized the American people for the past four years. Or is she referring to Trump supporters who are just upset?

And rightfully so, when the corruption is at the highest level like this, shouldn't people be upset? Why are Democrats not upset? Think about that. You Democrats should be highly upset because if it was the other way around, you were screaming that it was Russia, which we all know was a lie.

Yet they still went through the investigation because you were screaming it.  It was a total lie, but you were screaming it. Here there is actual proof. We are screaming it, and you are saying there is nothing there. Just ignore it.

Channon: Listen, Will, we have our producer Anni. She wants to come on and ask some questions. Anni, are you there?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, Hi guys.

Will Johnson: Hey, Anni.

Anni Cyrus: Here is the first question I have. I am sure you have heard, and I am sure you have seen it. I watched a live feed when AOC made the following statement; red states are not conservative. They are oppressed by Trump.

The only way for the country to heal is for the blue states to liberate the red states and save them from, you know, I would say slavery, or themselves, but she used a different term. You both have lived in the blue-states vs. the red-states. What is your take on what AOC said?

Will Johnson: AOC wants to implement socialism in the entire country. They believe that socialism is the answer, and they believe that they can implement socialism better than they did in Venezuela.

They think they can get it right this time. They are nothing but Marxists that want to tear down the country. When I was living in a red state, you did not have all of the poverty, the job loss, or the homelessness. Move to California.

There were homeless throughout L.A., Oakland, and San Francisco. They are defecating on the streets when I left California and moved to Austin. Guess what? Austin, Texas, of all places, is being run by totally tolerant liberals. There is homelessness throughout the city.

Channon: I think we have proven the opposite of what AOC said. When you say the blue states need to save red states, blue states can't even save themselves. They have a huge population of homeless, drug problems, and education is in the dumps.

You have seen a lot of rioting and police problems. Most of them have been in Democrat-run states and cities. So, how are blue states going to save a red state when they have not been able to fix their problems? If anything, they have perpetuated these problems making the states even worse than before.

The problem is they like victims. They like victims, creating victims, they like creating people that depend on the government. Like, Will said, that is what they want. They want a socialist type of government.

They want us to depend on them. There is no way a blue state can help a red state. I can't wrap my head around it. Will says, Unite America.

You can't take care of anyone unless you can take care of yourselves first—the same thing with the blue state. You can't possibly save another state when you have even saved yourself. We have people fleeing by the hundreds of thousands from New York and California.

In fact, I just read an article here in Austin that said the market here in Austin is blowing up. Houses are not on the market for more than seven days. They have multiple offers. One House in Austin had 96 offers. It sounds like the people are running away from the blue states to the red states, and they need to wake up as to why.

Anni Cyrus: I completely agree. I am glad you brought up United America First. Will, I hope I am not putting you on the spot. But would you consider, if you had the backing, the backup, and the financial means, would you consider running for Congress, specifically in 2022?

Will Johnson: Probably not.

Anni Cyrus: Can you give me your reason.

Will Johnson: The reason why I do not think I would run is that I can't run as a Republican. The Republican Party, the GOP is done. That is why you had Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of these tyrants in the Republican Party, the GOP turn on President Trump.

After he campaigned for them, help them raise millions of dollars, and then they all stabbed him in the back. The Republican Party is done. The second reason is that the state that I am living in, the city I am living in, is extreme when it comes to liberalism. My neighbor across the street has a BLM sign in their yard, and they are white.

Channon: That is no reason not to run. That would be a reason to run.

Will Johnson: Those are my reasons not to run. As soon as they find out who I am, they will not vote for me. When they see that I am pro-American, I support President Trump, and I do not go for all this sinister stuff that they are all about; I can't get on the fence and say, I will go along with some of this sinister stuff, but not this other stuff. I can't do that.

Now, if someone came to me with backing, and there was a possibility. I would have to think about it. But I always told myself that I do not know that I would run for political office. Things can change. I do not know. I am frustrated that the country's in the predicament that it is in currently.

Anni Cyrus: That was the reason I asked you. I was asked the same question, will I run? I said I would consider it, but I guarantee you I will not win. There is no way they will let an ex-Muslim ever win because I would end their pro-sharia they are trying to implement.

Channon: They let Omar win.

Anni Cyrus: Well, she is a Muslim. I am an ex-Muslim.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but Ilhan Omar, it is not an ex-Muslim.

Anni Cyrus: If I were a practicing Muslim, they would get behind me like there is no tomorrow, but I'm not. I am an ex-Muslim who exposes someone like Ilhan.

However, the reason I asked Will that is, I normally feel like I have an answer for almost every problem, but today I don't. If we can’t, run and win, what is there left for us to do? As you said, I do not care who is running. I will not trust Republicans either. I am done trusting them.

Channon: You know what is interesting? We just had six very strong Republican women run and win in Congress. They won more seats than they thought that they were going to win.

So, I don't know. I just looked up our representatives where we live, and most of them are Republican. So, I think there are a lot of people in the closet, at least where we live.

Anni Cyrus: If you look at those who won, none of them are career politicians. That is why I asked Will. It feels like the younger generation, with no background of making millions out of politics, people tend to vote for you.

They might steal that election, too. I am not saying we will win, and we will make all the changes. I am saying, for someone like Will, I can see the possibility of him easily winning. Based on his background and his activities.

A lot of patriots will vote for you, Will, because they have watched you not jump ship, you did not change your narrative, no matter how badly you were attacked, you stood by your values. People have seen that for four years. They are not going to forget.

Will Johnson: Now, are you trying to convince me, Anni?

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely! I will say this on air. If you ever decide, I will be more than happy to get behind you in any shape or form you see fit. That is how sure I am that you can make a difference.

Channon: Didn't you tell us that we did a rally in California, and you said it was your first rally you ever spoke at?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, ma'am. Will Johnson's rally in Sacramento give me a microphone, and it was the opening of my career as a public figure, a Muslim hater, bigoted, Islamophobic, as some call it.

Will Johnson:  I saw you as someone that loves freedom. You are a strong woman, you love who you are, and you are not going to let anyone, especially these leftist tyrants, tell you who you should be and how you should think.

That is part of the problem with the left. They hate people like you, Channon, and myself. They hate people who think for themselves and do not get in line with their way of thinking.

Anni Cyrus: Ditto, I see the same in you. That is my point. Maybe it is time for people like you and me to run. Not because we are sure we will win, but because we are going to show them that they will not scare us away.

We will not go to our corner and wait for someone else to do it. We do not have someone else, Will. I do not mean to sound depressing or a Debbie downer on your radio. But there are not many of us left.

Those of us who are left need to take a strong stand, which is, showing them that we are willing to take the fight to their ground. Which at the end of the day, it is our country. They just invaded it.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I think if we can get rid of these machines that have these issues.

Channon: Not all states have those machines. Not all have those issues. But they definitely knew where Trump was going to win, so they put it in those swing states on purpose. I agree with you, Anni.

Will is so anti-representatives right now. I do not think anyone can convince him at this moment to run. I think he is going to have to catch his breath and catch his footing. He is not alone. So many people right now feel discouraged.

We were at a rally in Austin, Texas, this past Saturday. Allen West is the chairman of the GOP here in Texas. There were people in the rally that were just starting to get loud. They were discouraged by our representatives for turning on Trump and for not representing the people.

They were yelling, and let me tell you what. Allen West got on that mic and gave people a piece of his mind. It is true that people are like, where do we go now? Where we go from here? What is the point?

Will Johnson: Allen West's thing is telling people, hey, you need to call your legislators, to call your representatives. The problem that I have with that is that the definition of insanity. We keep doing the same thing, thinking that we are going to get different results.

That is exactly what is happening here. On top of that, these representatives, and even the Republican representatives, are using the plan-demic. Then that way, they do not have to have town halls to be confronted by anybody.

They jump into a zoom. Guess what happens there? They just mute you if you say something that they do not like. To push, do not put me in a bad light. Mute that person. That is what is happening. They are silencing people at an all-time level, starting with President Trump. Through the chat tyranny.

Channon: I think the insanity is that we have not spoken up. A lot of people have just depended on their representatives. I think we have been too idle and too quiet. So, what is the definition of insanity that we are talking about here?

I think the definition of insanity is we have not been involved. We have not been engaged. We have been afraid to challenge. I think we are too afraid to challenge a Democrat. The people in Congress want to make the people on the left happy.

I do not want to hurt your feelings. Oh, let's work together. McConnell is bending over. I do not know if it is because he knows Trump is on his way out, and he is afraid of what will happen to him because the backbone of the GOP is leaving the White House at this point. I do not know. I think the difference Anni, we have not been active enough.

Anni Cyrus: Channon, I agree with part of what you said. If we call them Republicans in Congress who are not standing up to Democrats, the other part is the fact that they are so afraid of confrontation. They do not want to walk in there in an awkward situation.

Again, that goes back to where I say the biggest problem is, they created what was needed to take over the country. Which is, take away our faith in our government. The only way to restore that faith is to have fresh faces who have kept their promises on a different life level to go in and clean house.

Channon: Yes, I agree, fresh faces, and I believe in term limits.

Anni Cyrus: Fresh faces that will stand by the Constitution, agreed.

Channon: Right, that know our Constitution. Because I do not think some of these Democrats or Republicans know the Constitution. Some of their actions are very contrary to our Constitution.

For example, like Will said, trying to get rid of the Electoral College from a federal level. That is ridiculous. Look at the impeachment. That is a farce too. It was unprecedented how they pushed it through yesterday. You are right.

Anni Cyrus: But the question is, did anyone stand up to them?

Channon: Well, I saw Marjorie stand up to them.

Will Johnson: I know this for a fact. If I run, they are going to hate to see me coming.

Anni Cyrus: Good.

Will Johnson: I am not going to be politically correct with them. If they are doing this demonic stuff, I am going to call them out on it. This is wrong. You have got to stop doing this. This stuff that they are doing is wrong, and they are not going to like it.

Anni Cyrus: Will, within our Constitution, one of my sayings that most people like, I will remind you, because I know you already know it. Within our Constitution, you have the right to be offensive, and I have the right to be offended. Let's put that out there again.

Channon: Absolutely.

Anni Cyrus: Let's stop the P.C. culture.

Will Johnson: I agree with you. But you know what? Come January 21st, and I am willing to bet that they will try to revise the U.S. Constitution. I am putting this out there right now for anyone, and I am telling you that it will make it that much more difficult.

Right now, if you speak out against the government, they will go after people who are speaking out against the government. A lot of people do not understand that. I am telling you, that is the direction that we are headed.

They have the House, the Senate, and they have the Presidency. They are going to stack the court. They are going to turn D.C. into a state, two more senators. Puerto Rico, two more senators. They are forever going to be in power.

Channon: Well, I disagree. I think something's going to happen in our country at some point. Will is gloom and doom. It's all over. I do not think it is gloom and doom, and it's all over.

Will Johnson: I am going to say this. I agree with you that something is going to happen. But just like this last election, President Trump won in a landslide. Still, something happened.

Channon: I think there is a lesson to be learned. Quite honestly, Americans depended on Trump to do something. They still depend on Trump to do something in his final days. I do not think he is going to. I think Biden will be inaugurated on the 20th.

They are showing pictures of them moving out of the White House right now. So, I do not know what is next for Trump. I do not think he is going to disengage. I think he is going to come up with something. It will be something we are not expecting. But here is the thing.

American people, we have to stand up for ourselves. We can't depend on President Trump to do it for us anymore. We have to get active in our state. We have to take action.

If you do not take action now if you are not encouraged right now, you look around, you see what is happening, and do not feel something inside of you to get involved. Then you are pretty much surrendering to the socialist government that wants to take over.

Will Johnson: So, you are telling me I need to get involved in politics.

Channon: Yeah, Will, you need to run for Congress.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, you do. Go, Will Johnson. Here is another thing, remember this. There is a window of opportunity for us. Remember, mark my words; the Democratic Party is about to split. We have the socialist Democrats, and we have the Democrat Democrats.

They are soon to be split after the inauguration. That is our window of opportunity to jump in and take advantage of their chaos. They are going to fight each other. This is the day they are going to fight each other. This is when they are going to get rid of Biden and put Kamala in there. That is 2022; that is when we have to go in.

Channon: Yeah, 2022 is going to be another good election year. I think that they will lose either Congress or the Senate. I do. It will be because they are going to eat each other.

They are going to turn on each other. There is so much chaos in the Democrat Party, not just the Republican Party. It is even more chaotic, I think, in the Democrat Party. And guess what? The Democrat Party needs to pay up.

They have made all kinds of huge promises. Free college, free this, and free that. If they do not start paying up, if they do not pay back black lives matter, paying the piper, they will pay for it.

Anni Cyrus: I promise you; the split will be in Congress. That is why I said run for Congress because you have the squad, then you will have to Democrats. That is when the division is going to start.

Already AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are talking about this split. They are already talking about getting rid of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's in Congress.

Channon: They disagree with them. Yeah, they have a huge disagreement. I hate them too.

Anni Cyrus: So, they split in 2022. Remember, it is the divide and conquer. They are going to divide themselves. All we need to do is conquer that Congress.

Channon: There you go. Look at Anni. She is a woman with a plan.

Anni Cyrus: I will campaign for you, Will.

Will Johnson: We will see, we will see. I will be honest with you. I do not even know where to start with all of that.

Anni Cyrus: With the way the country is going.

Will Johnson: I will not say no, but I do not know where to start. So, maybe I will look at some information on it.

Anni Cyrus: Will, the sad part is, the way our country is going, you do not need to start anywhere, you just need to jump in front of a camera and make promises.

From there, other people will carry on your campaign, especially Democrats. You do realize Democrats are going to promote the heck out of you.

Will Johnson: Yeah, because they will hate me.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, advertising is advertising exactly. They are going to come out and call you out on being a patriot. Patriots are going to hear your message, and they are going to get behind you.

Channon: Will I think we need to start wrapping it up, don't we Will.

Will Johnson: Yeah, so I will think about it. I most definitely will think about it, Anni. I have received a lot of emails about it as well. So, I will consider it. I have to think about it, and I have to pray on it. But in the meantime, if people want to get some information about what we are doing here, they can send a text to 88202 and type my name in. You will get information from the American Truth Project. That is one place everyone can go to get beautiful information. So, Anni, thank you for coming on with us this evening and talking with us. Thank you to everyone that was listening.  Please, again, 88202 and type in Will.

Channon: Get involved, people.

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