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Czech FM Blames HAMAS For Gaza Violence


Breaking from the standard “Blame Israel” narrative that permeates the European Union, Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický released a lengthy statement placing blame on HAMAS, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, for the violence along the border with Israel.  Stropnický noted the repeated attempts to breach Israel’s border fence, the burning of Israeli farms via “fire kites” and Molotov cocktail attacks on IDF forces.  The diplomat also referenced the Kerem Shalom border crossing facility, where goods pass from Israel into Gaza after inspection, but was temporarily unusable after repeated arson attacks from the “demonstrators”, which only hurts the residents of Gaza.  Unfortunately FM Stropnický’s ability to see and state the truth is not prevalent among his peers in the EU, and in direct contrast to EU FM Frederica Mogherini.

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/czech-fm-hamas-alone-responsible-for-deadly-gaza-violence/



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  1. valmaijune smith May 24, 2018

    At last someone who could discern truth and had the integrity of character to speak it out

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