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Covid-19 Death Rates Greatly Exaggerated By CDC!


Kent Emmons: The CDC predicted four hundred eighty thousand deaths from smoking this year compared to COVID-19, which will be one quarter or less of that. You're talking about one quarter or less of deaths that have that stamped on their death certificate. Even folks in the CDC are now saying that over 90 percent of people who "Died of COVID" had very deep and serious underlying conditions. So really, that's many, many times that.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, that's what I was talking about. If Dr. Birx is saying, the CDC is exaggerating the numbers. I mean, she came out and said, this is the quote I've got to read it to you. Dr. Burke said, "There's nothing from the CDC that I can trust." "In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID-19 cannot be made but is suspected, the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty. It's acceptable to report COVID-19 on the death certificate as probable or presumed." That's from the CDC. That's what Birx is mad about. In other words, hospitals get paid more for COVID deaths than regular deaths. Emergency responders, doctors, and so on are getting grants because it's hazard pay. But the problem is it encourages them to create false causes of death, which is why one of the leading experts in the country is saying, I don't even trust the CDC anymore because they're allowing COVID-19 as a death cause where it may not be. Look, if you've got COVID-19, Kent, and God forbid you to get hit by a car, you can't put COVID-19 on the death certificate. But they're doing it.

Kent Emmons: And, of course, you know, they're making a fortune doing it. Unbelievable stuff. Well, we know where Dr. Birx sits and all this stuff. At least he's copping to twenty-five percent of the erroneous numbers coming out of there.

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