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Congresswoman Bush Promotes $250K Scam


Hello and welcome to ATP's really dumb things, they said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

One of the most racist members of Congress is squad member Cori Bush of Missouri. She was just busted for participating in a huge scam on the American people and convincing CNN to give credence to her story, which was made up. Both of them were just blasted for pushing a news story that raised $230K for a fake single mom of three facing homelessness over the eviction moratorium.

Here are the facts: CNN ran a story about a single mom of three children. Her name is Dasha Kelly, 32, of Vegas, and she was featured in a segment about her struggle to pay her rent amid the end of the eviction moratorium.

Then, instead of investigating this woman's claims, CNN even brought Kelly back for a second visit with her children for a follow-up interview with far-left Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush. With the help of Congresswoman Bush, Kelly is busy raising funds to cover her rent through a Go Fund Me page that has raised over $230K.

Oops! Here's the dumb part. Another woman named Shadia Halo has since come forward as a girl's rightful mother and has prompted CNN to release a correction. It turns out that Dasha Kelly is just the babysitter for the kids and made everything up, and she's keeping the near quarter of a million dollars she fraudulently raised with squad member and racist Miss Bush and her coconspirators over at CNN.

Can these wildly racist people do anything wrong that brings condemnation from America?

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