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Congressmen Call For Immediate Freeze Of PA Funding


The recently passed Taylor Force Act calls for the US to stop financial aid to the Palestinian Authority if it does not stop the practice of paying terrorists or their families for their heinous acts.  PA president Mahmoud Abbas is on record stating that they will continue the “pay for slay” policy, and regard it as a “national obligation”.  Two members of the US House of Representatives are calling for the State Department to divulge the amount of US taxpayer money that was allocated for the terror funding program and an immediate freeze of all US funding to the PA.  Additionally, the congressmen are demanding the PA permanently cease the program as a precondition for peace talks with Israel.  US taxpayers should not be paying for the slaughter of Israeli citizens, will Congress agree, and enforce the Taylor Force Act?

Read Article at The Washington Free Beacon: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/congressmen-call-disclosure-u-s-aid-given-palestinian-terrorists/



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