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Confronting the Dems’ Election Steal


Jamie Glazov: Good evening. Welcome to the Glazov Gang. Tonight, confronting the steal. With us this evening and back by popular demand, Barry Nussbaum, the founder of the American Truth Project, Barry an honor and a pleasure to have you back.

Barry Nussbaum: I wish it was on a happier note, but being with you is always a good thing, Jamie.

Jamie Glazov: All right. I like the sound of that. I guess I could say I'm kind of sad at the moment, but there is a glimmer of hope in terms of the election. The Left is stealing it, Barry. Why don't you introduce this terrible development to our audience. I'm sure they know about it, but just give them your thoughts on what's happening.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's start off with a Russian saying that came from Stalin that I'm sure you know because I can't believe I'm going to quote Stalin tonight. But it's true. Stalin said, "It doesn't matter who votes for you; it only matters who counts those votes." We, in the most perfect Democratic Republic on the face of the earth, are living Stalin's words. We're living them in state after state across America tonight, Jamie, which is why people who value the beauty of what was invented in the 18th century, i.e., the American experiment, are so disgruntled and, like you said, upset tonight. It doesn't matter who voted for who. It matters who counts those votes tonight.

Jamie Glazov: Absolutely, and before we get to that, just since you mentioned Stalin Barry, two things. Just with me, the son of Russian dissidents from the Soviet Union. With the thought of Biden and Kamala taking power, you can feel this kind of dark cloud coming over America. You can feel the dark cloud coming, and there's the hint and the scent of Stalin there of Lenin, and it's coming. It's very, very haunting and frightening. I'll just say I was in a certain environment earlier this evening where CNN was on. It's very painful to watch, and while I was watching it, I was thinking of the Stalinist propaganda films. I mean, while Trump was speaking, Trump was giving his talk, and he's giving evidence of voter fraud, and underneath they have the words coming across the screen, and it says, with no evidence, Trump is saying there's voter fraud. What do you make of it? There is something very Stalinist in the air, right?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, yeah. It's Stalinist, and it's also, and I hate to say it, but it's the Joseph Goebbels School of Propaganda. You tell a big lie, you tell it often enough, and the people believe it as truth because you've repeated it so much. Goebbels had another line, which I think really applies. Joseph Goebbel is Hitler's minister of propaganda, and Goebbels said, "If you give me the control of the media, I will make the people into sheep." That is what has happened to America. When you have all sources of public information that are reaching 98 percent or 90 percent of the population, every major newspaper, radio network, and all broadcast networks on and off of cable, all telling the same story that the orange guy with the bad hair in the White House is a liar, and a propagandist. And he's imagining facts out of the air. Everywhere you turn, as you said, Jamie, you went somewhere tonight, and CNN was fact-checking him in real-time. If you're an average person, you've got a job, you're busy, you're trying to raise your family, and you watch CNN because, well, they used to be called America's source for news and they're talking like that. Well, a certain amount of that seeps into your psyche, and it becomes truth for you because you hear it daily, Jamie, all the time.

Jamie Glazov: Well, I'm at the stage now, I must say, due to my life and what I do, I've monitored and watched the Left all my life. But I'm at the point now where I'd rather be subjected to medieval torture than watch Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon for more than 60 seconds. Barry, let's just start at the beginning for a minute. And you might not agree with my viewpoint on this, but just take it for maybe some of the things you might agree with. Look, I think that this whole thing was choreographed. There's a deep state. There's the new world order, evil powers. Look, I think they launched this COVID thing. Then they had the solution to it, which was the lockdowns. Then, of course, since it's so unsafe to be outside, you have the mail-in ballots. Trump is in the way of this global network that these evil powers are trying to set up. They've got to get rid of Trump. So the mail-in ballot, they orchestrated this whole thing. I really believe it's connected to the COVID lockdowns, et cetera. So this was all planned, in my opinion. But the bottom line is these mail-in ballots are a problem, and in the middle of the night, there's just hundreds of thousands of them pouring in for Biden. How can you have hundreds of thousands of ballots pouring in, and not one is for Trump? Just take it away with whatever you want to say to what I said.

Barry Nussbaum: I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes and listened 14, 18 hours a day, all day long to what's going on, Jamie. When we went to bed Tuesday night, I stayed up late, and Trump was ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. He'd just won Ohio. He'd just won Florida. Nevada was looking great, and he was big up in Arizona. By the time I woke up, I remember thinking, I can't wait to check the news at 5:00 a.m. it's going to be over. Every single state I just listed for you had ballots delivered overnight in the hundreds of thousands Jamie after the balloting places had been closed down. The ballot collection sites had been closed for the night. The bi-partisan Republican and Democrat observers had been sent home because the places were locked uptight. Trucks were coming all night long with ballots that by the time they opened Wednesday morning, all the numbers were profoundly different. How in the world could what you just said be possible? If the ballots were splitting, say, 55 Trump, 45 Biden. But during the night, hundreds of thousands of ballots were delivered and counted almost unanimously for Biden. Statistically and mathematically, it's not possible. In fact, it's impossible. Yet that is what we woke up to Wednesday night. It is the greatest theft of an election, and we're watching it live 24/7, Jamie.

Jamie Glazov: Right, thank you, Barry. There's a ballot count watcher that has described at least 130,000 thousand ballots, all for Biden arriving in three vehicles in Detroit in the dead of night. I mean, Barry, in terms of how the news handled this, even Fox News in some ways disappointing, how they call Arizona right away for Biden. But some other states which were even doing better for Trump, they don't call for Trump. Something's going on with the news. Then we've got social media. We've got Twitter, even censoring Trump's tweets. Look, we've got the voter fraud. We've got the news. We've got social media. It seems like almost everyone is in the pockets of the deep state.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, there's no question about it. There's no question about it. Look, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey went before the Senate and lied on national television to the Senate committee when he said he'd unlock the New York Post account so they can have the story out. He lied. The New York Post story on Hunter Biden, remember that story from last week, Jamie? It's gone already. He lied. These people are in bed with the deep state. They know the Republicans would come for them and break up their horrible monopolies and their exemptions from certain FCC regulations. They want things the way they are, and not fair and balanced. I'm not stealing the Fox News slogan because, quite frankly, I have concerns about Fox News. You mentioned the Arizona call, Jamie. Arizona was called by Fox News when everybody else said, no, don't call it yet. It comes out that the guy running the Fox News election update desk, the guy who makes the calls, is a registered Democrat who gave thousands to Joe Biden to be elected President. He's very smug when he comes on the air to say what he did was right. Well, there's a contrary story to his early call, and there's an analytic firm in Pheonix that says there are enough ballots still outstanding right now in Arizona that have not been counted, that if they're counted accurately, Trump will win by over ten thousand votes. But, Jamie, they stopped posting results, just like Nevada. Why?

Jamie Glazov: So Barry, all this stuff you're mentioning, we've got the GOP observers getting kicked out of ballot counting stations, which is illegal. In one particular place, the poll workers were even clapping when it happened. There are all these laws being violated. The Trump administration and the Trump campaigners are now doing some lawsuits, and some things will go to the courts. Is this going to be a lot of noise, or is there a hope that something can be done about this?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I have two answers, and the first one is not going to be good news.

Jamie Glazov: okay.

Barry Nussbaum: If ballots are being delivered in the dead of night, Jamie, and by the way, that's true in a dozen places, and there are witnesses to all of it, those ballots are dumped into the big receptacles. They look like dumpsters filled with ballots that are then sorted. And if they were illegally obtained or might be completely fraudulent and if you went to court, Jamie, like the Trump campaign has done in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, and they're going in Arizona, and you demand a recount. Let's say the courts say there's enough evidence to justify a recount. How the heck is the outcome going to change, Jamie? If you've got legitimate vote counters, let's say they're all National Guards troops, right, and they're all supervised, they're all being videotaped, and there's a Republican and a Democrat observer, how the heck are they going to discern which is the legitimate ballot and the illegitimate ballot?

Jamie Glazov: Okay, so Barry, that's what I want to ask too. Okay, so let's say just a law-abiding person comes in and votes. Then there are these hundreds of thousands of fake votes coming in from dead people or invisible people. When somebody looks at that one and somebody looks at that one, is there a way to investigate and audit and find out that this one's bad or you can't do that?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, if there are a certain number of exceptions, and I don't want to be unclear about it. If the guy that voted is dead and they can verify that, that ballot gets tossed. Okay? This isn't Chicago in the 1960s when Richard Daley, who was the infamous Mayor of Chicago and ran the Democrat Party, had half the cemeteries in Cook County voting for Jack Kennedy, which is probably why Kennedy won the 1960 election over Richard Nixon because the cemeteries voted unanimously for Jack Kennedy. That's easy to figure out with modern computers. They didn't have the computers in 1960, and they couldn't figure it out until much later. The problem is more specific to how were the ballots obtained? Do they connect to a real person? Did that person already vote in two other states, right? Like, for example, in Nevada, they have a law Nevada that says if you've been out of the state for more than 30 days, you're no longer allowed to vote. They've already found six thousand ballots that they're requesting the state Attorney General to disqualify. That will get Trump within a handful of ballots to be tied with Joe Biden. That's an example of what you can prove.

Jamie Glazov: So there are ballots that they can audit, look into, and they can be disqualified, but not all?

Barry Nussbaum: Right, and my problem is, how do you figure out of the hundreds of thousands of ballots that showed up during the night, Jamie, that might be connected to a real person, but were fraudulently obtained, for example, ballot harvesting. There's a video on the internet right now of a ballot counting station where Democrats are voting the ballots at the table where they're supposedly counting ballots, but they're writing in Joe Biden and circling that name because they got a hold of a bunch of blank ballots. If those ballots are audited later, there's no way to know whether the person voted at the table in downtown Philadelphia or at home in his house. That's the problem. That's why.

Jamie Glazov: You know, I love how they're just going to have this contact tracing for who has COVID, but somehow we just can't get an I.D. where one person just votes one time. I don't know. So, Barry, you have made up a report titled Barry Nussbaum solution to this mess. Tell us about it.

Barry Nussbaum: I do, and it's going to sound Absurd for a second, so please, Dr. Glazov, be a little patient.

Jamie Glazov: I'm going to keep an open mind.

Barry Nussbaum: All right, so here's our problem. There are multitudes of ballots in a number of states which we've just discussed that are probably fraudulently obtained but look kosher. And the problem is that if you get a recount, but the recount can't discern between the ballot that was sent in by Mr. and Mrs. Glasov and the one that was collected by fraudulent Democratic operative along with another hundred thousand over the last three weeks, and it goes to a recount they all look the same because they're all legitimate ballots. Just a great number of them were obtained under fraudulent pretenses in violation of state and federal law. So a recount more or less, Jamie, we'll give you the same result as you had the first time. So what can you do?

Jamie Glazov: Are you saying what can we do in the future, or is there something we can do right now in terms of what's happening with Trump and Biden?

Barry Nussbaum: This is my advice to Trump today.

Jamie Glazov: Okay, okay.

Barry Nussbaum: There are hundreds, and I mean that literally, hundreds of GOP engaged attorneys checking ballots, checking procedures, filing disputes, and lawsuits in many states and jurisdictions. We all know about that. The problem is if you go to a court, whether it's a lower court, an appeals court, or, eventually, the Supreme Court. If the courts hold that, there's a reasonable belief based on the evidence they've seen that there's fraud involved that will create an outcome contrary to the will of the people, the court will be asked to decide what the remedy is. The word "remedy" is the key here. Go back to 2000. In Florida, the last state to be decided, they had gone to this system of chads, the little things you punched out on the punch cards, and there were thousands and thousands of them in various states of unreadable by the ballot-counting machines. So the Supreme Court had to give an instruction back to Florida, I believe it was Broward County at the time to figure out how to count those ballots, and they wrote an instruction. If you remember the guy holding up the ballot, you know, is this Chad hanging? Is this Chad punched out? Then there was the question: well, it looked like the dimple was pushed, but the chad didn't pop out. Then they had to decide what was the intent of the voter. And ballot by ballot by ballot, they inspected them, one Republican, one Democrat, one Umpire. They had a remedy. The problem now, Jamie, is all the ballots look kosher, even though they might have been obtained fraudulently. Therefore, if the court were to hold that something must be done, the remedy is not and should never be requested to be a recount because the recount, with the exception of finding ballots from, say, dead people, people that didn't sign their ballot or people where the signature didn't match. Right? All of which overrules state laws in various cases, there may not be enough to change the outcome. I have something that will change the outcome, and that is a revote. A revote in any jurisdiction where a court was to find the fraud is so overwhelming that only a new election in that jurisdiction will give the result that the people are requesting. Now, I talked about this earlier today in a group, and the first question was that it'd cost too much. Let me tell you something. The cost to preserve the faith and belief in the American democratic process outweighs no matter what the cost would be. Look, the American Government has spent trillions, not billions, in bailouts over the last several months. Trillions. Nobody made the argument that it was too much money. They only make the argument when the cost of a project seems excessive only because they don't like the project, i.e., Trump's border wall. The Democrats went to the mat kicking and screaming and suing to block a five billion dollar request. Even though they spent something like four hundred times that amount of money without a blink of an eye for the bailouts, so whatever these new elections would cost, it would be in the millions, not the billions. When we were done, say in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Arizona, and in Nevada, the people would have a right to say, "Hey, you know what? The National Guard is counting the ballots." None of this B.S., like you, talked about a few minutes ago, where the GOP observers were kicked out, locked out, and the windows were covered in cardboard or newspaper. There are half a dozen occasions where that's happened.

Jamie Glazov: Yeah, and it's surreal.

Barry Nussbaum: They've bragged about it. You, you Republican, get out, and the Democrats stood up and cheered as the GOP was escorted out. My solution will solve that.

Jamie Glazov: Thank you, Barry. Your solution sounds great, but is there any realism there that this could be made to happen?

Barry Nussbaum: Constitutionally, I believe so, and here's why.

Jamie Glazov: Okay.

Barry Nussbaum: The Constitution lays out the rules for the national referendum for the Presidency of the United States. It's very clear and if any Trump lawyers are watching Glazov Gang tonight, listen. I don't think the court would have a big problem if they heard how many ballots showed up in Detroit, Michigan, in the middle of the night with no tracers on them. Supposedly the number I've heard is 400,000 while the polling places had already closed. The ballot counting place, the center was closed, the staff was gone. And they were dumped in with all the other ballots. A recount will just recount the bad ballots with the good ballots. They're all mixed up. How do you find the bad penny if it's mixed in with the good pennies?

Jamie Glazov: Right.

Barry Nussbaum: You can't. You'll just count the same number of pennies if you count them 24 times.

Jamie Glazov: Right.

Barry Nussbaum: Do a limited version of re-election, and we can have it ready to go in two weeks. It's all computerized, and the only people that would not have to go to the polls are people that have a genuine need to stay home, i.e., the infirm, the elderly, or couldn't transport themselves, and it would be a very, very limited number of ballots mailed in. It could be done, Jamie, if they had all the networks to educate the people quickly enough. We could have this done in December.

Jamie Glazov: Right. Well, let's get this Glazov Gang episode off to the President as fast as we can. Barry, I hope that your ideas will be heard and implemented. Barry, very quickly here. There's a little bit of good news in the Senate and in the House. Am I correct?

Barry Nussbaum: Yes, extraordinarily good news. Keep in mind one of the things that constitutionalists were very distressed about, Jamie, and I'm sure you're one of them, I guarantee I am, was the idea that if the Democrats hold the House, which they did, win the Senate, they didn't and the White House, we don't know. But if they controlled all three branches of Government. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made no secret they would pack the court, and they would be able to do it in weeks. They would enact legislation canceling the filibuster, they would lower the requirement for a majority vote, and the court would be expanded to whatever they wanted. So the nine members of the court today might be 15, 19, whatever the hell they wanted, and then they would rewrite history. That would be a destruction of the American way of life because the jurisprudence of the independent third arm of our supposed balance of power would be eliminated. The GOP looks like they're going to hold the Senate. And the Senate will prevent what I talked about from happening. Because no matter what gets passed in the House, the Senate will veto it along party lines, and there will be no court-packing. In other words, it looks like if everything goes the way it looks tonight, the GOP will lose one seat in the Senate. That's it. The next term will be 52 Republicans and 48 total on the Democrat side. That's forty-six Democrats and two independents that caucus with the Democrats because they're actually to the Left of the Democrat Party. There won't be enough votes to pull off what I just talked about. In addition, the blue wave that was supposedly going to capture the Senate and add big numbers in the House of Representatives went the other way. There's a net gain of GOP representatives in the House. Nobody knows yet how many. I think it's five as of tonight. It could add up as many as ten. That's a big deal. There were no coattails for Joseph Biden. My guess is it's because Joe Biden didn't win. He is winning because of voter fraud. If the election had been really transparent, you would have seen Donald Trump re-elected. You would have seen the Senate hold, and there might have been something very close in the House to parody.

Jamie Glazov: Thank you, Barry. Now, I've been so disoriented in terms of when I was watching Trump's rallies, and there are just tens and tens of thousands of supporters. Then you look at Biden, who gets about three or four people sitting in these weird circles of social distancing, and then somehow it's even close and all of these states. I was so disoriented with that that I'm not even sure I believe my eyes in terms of what I've heard, and I'm reading. Am I correct that the superheroes of our time, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez, have been re-elected?

Barry Nussbaum: I'm choked up. It's so upsetting. They won by overwhelming numbers. And the other member of the squad, Pressley, is back as well, and they now have a new friend. So the squad actually was re-elected. There's a new gal that is joining them that ran on the principle of BDS, let's screw Israel, and let's save Islam for the world, and that is really discouraging. Because instead of there being an accounting for what these women did, they grew. This new gal, Cori Bush, is a Democrat. She talks about her support for the BDS movement. She's out of St. Louis. She's one of the news sisters in this squad of insanity. This left-wing, I hate America, let's tear it all down to the ground, and let's redo it. Now, they have a new ally.

Jamie Glazov: Right and Barry, we have to be realistic in terms of the state of mind of so many Americans. I mean, imagine the state of mind you would have to be in to go vote for Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez, and this is a lot of Americans today. The Left has been so successful in its indoctrination and brainwashing. But look, if this nightmare occurs, obviously they're going to get rid of Biden very quickly. Kamala becomes President, and then her advisers are Tlaib, Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez. This is frankly, a nightmare, correct?

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn't make it in words strong enough to tell you how distressing it is not only for present American policy or our standing in the world. These are people who believe, and I mean what I'm about to say, that America sucks. The American heroes that we've learned about that founded the country, and that led the country, that made the country great are part of that oppressive white privilege that must be torn down and eradicated. These are evil women, and I don't say it because they're women. They just happen to be women.

Jamie Glazov: Well, you don't say because they're women, because there are also great women like Anni Cyrus, right?

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. It has nothing to do with sexism. They just happen to be holding a perverted view of the lack of value of the American democracy that we hold so dear, and they want to tear it down. They don't make a secret about it.

Jamie Glazov: Absolutely, and look, they want to tear it down. The deep state forces want to tear it down. The Left wants to tear it down. All of them are conflated. There was one man that was holding that flood and protecting Americans, and it looks like, God forbid, they might succeed in removing Trump illegally, and with all of this fraud, we hope that's not the case. But during this nerve-wracking moment under a minute, Barry, what are your final words of wisdom for our audience?

Barry Nussbaum: I'll tell you, Jamie, my heart goes out to the President. When I watched his press conference when he explained the voter fraud that was going on, my heart went out to the man. He looked so tired. He's under so much stress. He's fighting a war almost by himself with no support from inside the Government. What I mean by that is, with the exception of a few warriors in the House and a few warriors in the Senate, the vast majority of the people that are attacking him in the media are relentless and ferocious. This man has held back the absolutely evil anti-American sentiment that wants Joe Biden because they can control Joe Biden. That's why he's where he is today. If Trump, in my opinion, had a valid ballot-counting mechanism, it would be over. It would have been over election night, Jamie. So it's not over yet. I advise all of your viewers to pray. Have faith. It ain't done yet.

Jamie Glazov: Okay, Barry Nussbaum, thank you so much for joining the Glazov Gang this evening and for all of your wisdom, your truth-telling, your nobility, and your courage. We've got a lot of new viewers, probably at the moment. They're very inspired by you. Tell them where they can find you and support you.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks so much, Jamie, and I appreciate it. Anybody that is not getting our daily updates, please take out your cell phones and text the word TRUTH and send it to 88202. You'll automatically be subscribed absolutely free. You'll get all of our shows like this one with the great Jamie Glazov.

Jamie Glazov: You know, I love ending a show on that note. I love it. Barry Nussbaum, thank you for being on the Glazov Gang, and we hope we'll see you soon.

Barry Nussbaum: Definitely.

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