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Conan O’Brien Visits Israeli Hospital Says The Doctors Deserve Nobel Prize!


After meeting patients and physicians at Ziv hospital in  northern Israel, Conan said the Israeli doctors caring for Syrian civil war victims “deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.”

American comedian and  television host Conan O’Brien just finished up an extensive trip to Israel.  

In addition to visiting many of the famous sites, he also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The trip did become emotional and dramatic at times. One of those moments occurred when he visited Ziv Medical Center in northern Israel, where Israeli doctors have been providing medical care to Syrian casualties of war and refugees. After meeting with patients and physicians at the hospital, O’Brien said the Israeli doctors “deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Ziv, has been providing medical care to thousands of Syrians at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.

Source: United with Israel


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