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Communist China is Behind the American Coup


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have a very special lady back with us today. A friend of American Truth Project and one of the smartest people you'll ever listen to, Clare Lopez.

Clare is formerly with the Central Intelligence Agency, has served the United States government both overseas and domestically for many years. She has some amazing insights into what's going on today in America. Welcome back, Clare.

Clare Lopez: Thanks, Barry. Always glad to come back on the air with you.

Barry Nussbaum: Remind me at the end of our segment today to remind people where to come to find you, but in the meantime, let's get started. So, we are amid a post-election. I guess you'd call it a semi-riot. The right says the election was stolen.

The left says, let's just move on and make Biden the president and don't look over there because that really wasn't voter fraud, manipulation, or illegalities in dozens of states. Some people call it an American coup. Did America just experience a coup of sorts?

Clare Lopez: Well, I Barry very often tend to take a step back a little bit and look at things from a broader perspective. In that sense, I would say, yes, absolutely. America is at a very critical turning point. This is an attempted coup d’état by the communist enemies of our republic.

They are aiming not just at Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or even our electoral system, but at our Constitution itself. The system of our constitutional republic. They think now with the chaos of this year, the China virus. Then the electoral chaos that the communist, Marxist, Leninist, Maoist enemies of this country have a chance to succeed and topple our republic and our Constitution.

Barry Nussbaum: All right. So, to be very clear. There is contrary to what the mainstream media says. There is not an absence of any proof. There is a dump truck full of proof of shenanigans that went on in all the swing states and probably others as well.

At least in a primary sense, I'm referring mostly to Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. Based on your research Clare, is it your theory that communist China is behind the shenanigans, the recasting of ballots, the miscounting, the Dominion software, and so on?

Clare Lopez: I would say that the Communist Party of China is behind a great deal of it, but more importantly, behind the overall movement of the coup d’état attempt. Yes. Good thing that these states like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan held the legislative hearings that they did.

Where all of these witnesses, ordinary, everyday Americans, are putting their credibility, and their names to sworn affidavits of the things they witnessed in this election. Those are evidence. Those are things that are legal evidence in a court of law showing massive fraud and cheating.

But every day that goes by, we hear more. For example, most recently, Dominion voting systems itself may have a financial connection to the Chinese Communist Party.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I heard the same thing. Maybe through several different investment funds it is the largest owner through offshore companies where it is very hard to see where the money came from, but that allegation is now catching up and getting some steam. So, it is not just the last few months, Clare your theory is it's been going on since the 60s at least.

Clare Lopez: Yes, it has. Obviously, I mean, if we really want to go back, we go to the 1800s, Hegel and Marx, the Communist Manifesto. Come on up to 1917 and the Russian Revolution. From that point onwards, the concerted effort by the forces of communism and Marxism, Leninism, later Maoism to export that revolution worldwide.

They have taken direct aim at the United States. Why the United States? Well, because, as Ronald Reagan has said, "We are the last, best hope for mankind on Earth. The place where opportunity, individual liberty, the rule of law before the Constitution gives everybody the chance to succeed."

So that cannot be part of a global globalist strategy plan for the establishment imposition of a communist, tyrannical central government authority. They have to take us down, and the efforts have been going on. Yes, since the twentieth century.

Barry Nussbaum: So, what changed in this election that made the door open enough for them to get in?

Clare Lopez: Well, I think as we have seen earlier, chaos and turmoil inside of countries, Germany, the interwar period of the 20th century. Come on up to the 1960s, and we can talk some more about that period here in the United States.

Of course, now with the deliberate release and spread of what Epoch Times calls the CCP virus. The coronavirus, which definitely came out of China, very likely came out of Chinese biological weapons laboratories, perhaps plural. That chaos and then the ensuing grabs for power across the United States by tyrannical mayors, governors, and local officials that have devastated our economy and set the middle class totally back on its heels.

That kind of turmoil offers historically and again now this kind of an opportunity for revolutionary communist forces to make an attempted coup d’état, which is what they're doing.

Barry Nussbaum: So, we have got these governors. It is a lengthy list of this cockamamie stuff that they're pronouncing every day, all illegal. All are executive orders on a state-by-state basis. Slowly but surely, the courts are finding against them. Gavin Newsom shuts down the state of California. You can't go out to dinner.

What does he do? He goes out to a five-hundred-dollar plate dinner. Wisconsin, the same thing. Minnesota, the same thing. Michigan, New York, and so on. Are these governors’ dupes? Do they not know any better, or are they part of the conspiracy as you see things?

Clare Lopez: I think a good number of them are part of the conspiracy. A good number of them, like Gavin Newsom, like Cuomo in New York, de Blasio in New York City, and others are bona fide Marxists. I mean, that is their training.

That is their ideological bent. Others are dupes. Yes, useful fools, but they have the tyrannical impulse that is integral to Marxism, Leninism, and communism. That is the tyrannical grab you're seeing. My hope really is watching the response of the American people after all of these months. We tried to be good patriots.

Tried to follow what we thought would help to curb the spread of this virus. After all these months, people see that that tumult, that chaos is just giving an opportunity to these petty tyrants. By the way, Gavin Newsom is being subjected to a recall effort that's gathering steam from what I read.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. So is Whitman in Michigan. Absolutely.

Clare Lopez: Also, there and in other places, owners of small businesses like restaurant owners, for example, in New York, also in Pennsylvania, I hear they are simply fed up. They've had it up to here, and they are going to open—hundreds of them. Never mind shut down orders.

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. Clare, where can people find you and follow you?

Clare Lopez: Well, unfortunately, I still do not have a website. So, I post my writing and videos like this one certainly at American Youth Project. Also, the United West and Sharia Crimestoppers.

I'm also a founding member, and I post at the Citizen's Commission on National Security. I have a blog site at Newsmax where I'll shortly have another new post out on Turkey. Then finally, I am on social media at Clare M Lopez, on Twitter, on Parlay, and my name also Clare M Lopez on Facebook.

Barry Nussbaum: And sometimes you sleep, correct?

Clare Lopez: Once in a while.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for joining us today. Clare, I really appreciate it. Thank you out there for joining us on ATP Report. Please subscribe on your cell phone to our text message alert system by texting the word TRUTH to 88202.

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