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Colorado Shooter Is an Islamic Jihadi


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show, except the wonderful, delightful Katie Hopkins is in America in Colorado. Welcome to America, Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you so much. And that's exactly what the board official said when he let me in. He said welcome home. And I ended up in tears by the baggage carousel because I'm always overwhelmed when I get back to the land of the free.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, in the land of the free, I understand you're in Colorado today, and you have some news having visited a vigil for the people that were slaughtered by this Syrian maniac the other week,

Katie Hopkins: I went to the vigil for the shooting at the King Souper. That's the name of the supermarket where the shooting happened. And I can tell you, Barry, there was an atmosphere there that was just incredibly odd. I've been to a lot of vigils.

It wasn't like that at all as you walked in. I mean, the thousands of people were turning out or talking about their vaccination. A guy was offering double masks. So, if you had one mask on, you had to have another. And then there was a desk where they were handing out literature. I'm just going to hold it up to the camera.

Gun reform is now telling me that in a couple of day's-time, it was March 28th, where to meet for the next gun rally, disarm Page Six more of the gun stuff. So basically, making a vigil absolutely a protest about guns and then down outside walk down to the King Sooper where they have a fence and the flowers have been put.

The flowers have been overtaken by anti-NRA and quite disgustingly worded posters. So, the atmosphere that Barry it is very hostile and, I would say, not respectful at all.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk specifically about what you just mentioned. I'm disgusted by that news, especially in light of what I'm going to tell you. The shooter who slaughtered these people, Ahmed Alessa, is a Syrian refugee who came to the United States, but he didn't leave his jihadi background behind him.

And that's what really bothers me. In the beginning, after the shooting, everybody, including relatives of those in the White House, were saying that this was just another white supremacist slaughtering people, and then it became an anti-gun thing.

And what everybody ignored, Katie Hopkins, is the fact that this guy, Ahmed, had social media posts all about his jihadi background, leanings and prejudices, and support for all things radical Islam. Why does anybody refuse to talk about that?

And why is it now gun control? When you mention the NRA in American history, there has never ever been a mass shooting. Ever buy an NRA member.

Katie Hopkins: It is kind of unfathomable, you know, when this lady was because I was pretending to be one of them, obviously I do respect the fact that people lost their lives. I would be at the vigil wanting the very best for everybody.

But when this lady was pushing this into my hands, which is a sticker for disarming hate, you know, every bit of me wants to say, “Well, how about we disarm jihadis? How about we disarm Islamists?

How about we don't have people who have a track record of hating white America, have weapons because they're jihadis, and they're out to kill us?” You know, this stuff is that these people are kind of poison because they're encouraging the people that hate us.

Barry Nussbaum: Katie, spot on with your analysis. Why aren't we talking about the fact that this guy targeted that supermarket, among other reasons, because it had massive amounts of Jewish clientele, and the store was packed with Passover food and specialties for the Passover holiday.

And there were posts about it and all that's been whitewashed away. And now it's about gun control. Guys like this will take any ability they can to kill those that oppose their radical ideology in Israel. If they can't get a gun, they bring a knife or a bomb or a boulder or something. And the same thing here, it's not guns now. It's a radical ideology that we should be putting up bumper stickers about.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely. And in the same in the UK, it's not about then guns because we can't have them. So, they use knives, they use acid, they use whatever they can get their hands on. These are just people that hate us, and I meant to tell you Barry, as well.

Right now, in the UK, the Muslim masses have taken over a British school. They are blockading the gates, and they won't allow children in because a religious studies teacher used a cartoon drawing of the Prophet Mohammed in order to educate the kids.

And he has been threatened with death, and he's currently in hiding and under police protection with his family. And you'll know in your viewers, our lovely ATP family, will know that a French teacher was just beheaded for the very same crime.

And of course, right here in the back in the UK, again, the Muslim mob is being seen as in the right. The school is apologizing, and that teacher will never have a life again. We always pander to the Muslim mob and I don't know why.

Barry Nussbaum: While speaking about family, I don't know if you know anything about this, but this is really bizarre. Three members of Ahmed's family are now in custody. Meaning they had something to do with this slaughter, and it's not on any news site.

There appears to be some sort of conspiracy that took place, meaning, two or more people are planning the crime that took place. But that's not in the news what do you make of that?

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely, Barry, and we see it every time, don't we? Whether it's the jihadi brides going off to Syria or the Manchester Arena bomber, the family is involved, and the media are complicit in the silence. It's just not good enough.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, speaking of media, answer me this one because this is dumbfounding to me. There are prominent Islam supporters in the US Congress and several very prominent Islam organizations supporting the movement of Mohammed here in America. I'm referring to Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and others.

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the most prominent Islamic organization in America, where their condemnations of the shooting and the shooter, why aren't they out leading demonstrations?

They consistently, repeatedly will release statements that claim that everyone is out to kill Muslims. But when an avowed Islamist like this fellow kills white Americans in a Jewish-leaning supermarket, they are silent as church mice.

Katie Hopkins: That it's so frustrating. And it's every single time, every least when it's let's just say it was a white gentleman who was from the right. We're all told we should apologize. You know, you can't get the commentary out. And Fox and others, we're so sorry. No one thinks this is good.

This is terrible. Nothing is demanded of the other side to do the same thing. They always get given free rein. No one challenges them on it. But this evil is perpetrated by those very people now sitting in the halls of power here in America. And it's not only distressing. It's just it feels endless.

It feels like they always will get away with it. And of course, every time we get the mental illness excuse for these shooters, every time, it's nothing to do with Islam. It's always mental illness.

When was the last time the side effect of psychosis was gunning down Jewish people in a supermarket? That's not a side effect of psychosis that I know of.

Barry Nussbaum: Look, every mass murderer has a screw loose. So as a general rule, I think we can all conclude. Katie Hopkins, if you mass murder people in a supermarket, you're mentally ill. Having said that, not all mentally ill people pick up a gun and start slaughtering people.

There has to be some underlying cause. There has to be motivation. And if we don't talk about the motivation, in my opinion, and I think it serves as well, we will suffer the consequences by ignoring the obvious.

Katie Hopkins: I think a Barry probably my view is stronger than yours as well, which is that I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it. There are decent people who want to come to America. I'd be one of them. I want to work hard. I want to pay taxes.

I want to contribute. When I see people coming in abusing America, it makes me sick. I just want them to be gone from your country. I want your country to be left alone, to be as great as it is. It makes me, you know, it makes me rage in return.

Barry Nussbaum: And as well, you should be rageful because this is insanity. And the more we permitted it to happen, the more we literally encourage it to happen as if it's not happening.

And I think that is a tacit agreement that there are certain things we can't talk about, no matter how bad they are. And this is one of them. If we can't spot, name, identify, and isolate our enemies, aren't we doomed to be defeated eventually?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely. And I think what you'll see next then I think we've seen it already. We see it in the UK is there's this mobilization of almost fake penance for this kind of thing.

So, if it was an Islamist next time, sometimes there's a little mob of people dressed in T-shirts provided by someone saying we as the Muslim community, we're very sorry for the loss.

And it's a bit like they by 26 letters in someone's staging, sort of a bit of is very sorry for this. It's not real. It's not meant, you know, this is part of the takeover of America, and it's actively encouraged by many of those who are Islamists of their own accord.

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly right. Katie Hopkins, thanks for coming on today. And for all those of you out there in ATP land that haven't yet subscribe to our free text message alert system, please whip out your cell phone right now in the message box.

Type the word TRUTH and text it to 88202. You'll be signed up in about three seconds for our completely free content to be sent to you every couple of days. You'll get me. You'll get Katie and all of our contributors on your cell phone absolutely free. For Katie Hopkins. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report.

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