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“Coexist” Doesn’t Work If They Want to Kill You!


Kenn: There is a restaurant in San Mateo California. The owner of the restaurant let it be known (I guess he went to social media) that if you want to wear a MAGA cap in his restaurant you can expect not to be served.

It’s similar to Jim Crow laws only instead of banning people because of the way they look, they are banned because of the way they think.

Blue people are in, red people are out. No MAGA caps whatsoever.

Alright Barry, before you run away with this, I want to ask you. Have you ever noticed (that when) you see these ‘coexist’ bumper stickers (they) always on white people’s cars?

Barry: It is the progressive statement. Believe me, the ignorance of that bumper sticker astounds me. You’ve got the symbol of Judaism, you’ve got this symbol of Christianity and you got the symbol of Islam altogether. Can’t we just coexist?

Well, two out of three of those religions believe in coexistence. The third believes in domination, subjugation, slavery, and elimination of the other two (religions).

If they are dumb enough to put that bumper sticker on, (they) ought to take out the Old Testament and read it. Take out the New Testament and read it. Then, take out the Koran and read it and see if they still want to put that bumper sticker on their car.

Kenn: So you can coexist with Muslims but you cannot coexist with Trump backers? What do you think of this Anti-Trump restaurant?

Barry: I actually have two thoughts on it. On the one hand, I don’t like being forced to support things you don’t believe in. In other words, if you’re in business and you don’t believe in gay marriage but are forced to do things to support gay marriage (as an example). Or if you really hate Trump and his policies but you have to allow a group of Trump supporters to rent your restaurant.

I kind of get the idea that, in commerce, you ought to be able to do (business with whomever you want to). But there’s a really fine line between (choice) and discrimination. Where do you draw the line? Is it (with) the Trump cap on a white guy? Is it a Trump cap on a black guy? Is it a Trump cap on a brown guy? Who do you get to keep out and why? That’s a really tough decision.

Nobody is making so much money (in business) that they can make a proclamation that half of the people out there don’t come to my place of business. They don’t get to buy my food. They don’t buy my booze. They don’t buy my clothes. Unless you make so much money that you can cut your business in half and still be successful.

I think it’s stupid from a commercial entrepreneurial point of view. Some months ago, a restaurant in Virginia went after the guy in the MAGA hat. That restaurant is already out of business. They lost half their clientele the first day they put the sign out.

I predict the same thing will be happening here in a couple of weeks. All the progressives will say all this is a Trump free zone. But they are not going to be eating dinner out four nights a week. He just cut off half of his business and that’s a poor business model. I would be shocked if his business survives.


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