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Coca-Cola’s New Woke Policy


Hello, and welcome to American Truth Projects, Really Dumb Things They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

As you know from watching previous updates, Coca-Cola, besides being the world's largest soft drink distributor with a zillion brands, is also the home of some of the newest and dumbest woke policies ever.

You may remember from a week ago that Coke's general counsel, Bradley Gayton, had come up with a new company policy that at least 30% of all billed attorney time would come from diverse attorneys. Half of those would be solely dedicated to black lawyers.

The backlash was huge and worldwide. So, Bradley is now out as counsel, but don't worry about him. He's now the CEO's personal consultant and getting paid $12 million in annual salary, so he can keep coming up with really dumb policies.

Meanwhile, Coke boycotts are breaking out across the country. Sales are down, and the new diversity person says that Coke will not be racially balanced until, get this, 2391.

Maybe Coke should focus on treating everyone equally without looking at their skin color, their sex, or other discriminatory policies and worry about the bottom line instead of creating more really dumb policies for Coke.

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