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The True State of America

The True State of America

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us this wonderful Thursday, October 21st, 2021.

Channon: Yep, we are less than three months away from the end of this year. Can you believe it? We've had almost one year with Biden, and what devastation he's caused here in America.

Will Johnson: O'Biden.

Channon: O'Biden, I'm sorry. Yeah, that's what Will calls him, O'Biden.

Will Johnson: Do me a favor, if you would. Make a note of this. Send me a text at 88202. Just type my name in W-I-L-L. Really, it's that simple. Type my name in W-I-L-L.

Channon: And when you do that, you get some great information from American Truth Project. Information that you don't always get through the regular media outlets.

Will Johnson: That's definitely true.

Channon: Absolutely right.

Will Johnson: The regular media outlets don't want you to know the truth. They're constantly lying to all of us. They would like us to believe that everything is okay, everything is normal, and everything is the way it's supposed to be, but it's not.

These people are looking to destroy the country, and they're all going along with it, but with that said. There are a few nowhere lately that I've noticed, started asking questions. Why? Because I think it's starting to affect them at the same time.

Channon: Right. I mean, this agenda by the O'Biden administration, it's so destructive that it's impacting almost every single, well, I don't want to say almost every life. It is affecting every single person in America, and quite honestly, even people abroad. I mean, look, what happened in Afghanistan?

I mean, it's crazy, and look what's happening at our border, southern border—also affecting Mexico. It's crazy, Will. You know, we sit here today. We titled this broadcast the State of America because every single week we come on here, and every single week we go, oh my gosh, this is crazy. Oh my gosh, this is crazy, but I almost feel like it's our state of being now.

Will Johnson: No, I get it. I completely get it because I'm constantly saying, and a lot of people as well are saying that it's going to get worse, it's going to get worse. Some people go, well, maybe we should stop saying it's going to get worse. Really? I mean, you know, we've done that in the past, and look what they have gotten.

Channon: And you know, it's interesting you brought that up because last night Will had a Wednesday show with three other guys. People in the feed, not people. There's like one person that kept putting in there, hey, why don't you guys say something positive. I'm sitting here going, well, first of all, they always open up with a prayer, which is very, very positive.

They always say they believe in God, and he's in control, which is very positive, but let's be honest. What's happening in America and around the world is not positive, and we have to acknowledge it. We have to talk about it, and hopefully, we plan, they get up, and they do something about it.

Will Johnson: Exactly right, I mean, that's the ideal plan, right? That's the idea to talk about this crazy stuff, and for people to be like, wait, do I need to do something right? We all need to do something. We all need to stand up. You know, I saw a video today where G.E., a whole bunch of General Electric engineers, and it was hundreds of them.

One report I saw said 750 of them all walked off the job because they didn't want to be forced to drink the Kool-Aid. They don't want to drink the Kool-Aid. So, they walked off the job. What do you think is going to happen to our infrastructure?

It made me think of something else. What happens to these people working in the industry for controlling the electrical grid, controlling our sewer system, controlling, you know, picking up the trash when you put it out on the curb?

Channon: You know what? It's so true because a lot of people don't think of the consequences of what is happening. So, when you put out these mandates, and you're basically telling people to do something they don't want to do, they don't feel comfortable with, and you're forcing it upon them.

There's a reaction to that, and it's so funny because the Biden administration seems to go like, well, this is just a part of the pandemic. You know, things like this are going to happen, and I'm sitting there going, no. This stuff doesn't have to happen.

Will Johnson: No, it doesn't.

Channon: You're making it happen with your mandates. How do you say you don't actually address problems?

Will Johnson: They want the crisis but see, that's just it. The reason why they don't address the problem is that they want the crisis. It's like they thrive on it. Like, yes, we got another crisis, and then what's crazy is how they just ignore the crisis they created unless it goes along with their agenda.

Channon: It's interesting you said that because today it came out about the hypersonic missile launch in China. Everybody in America was sitting here hearing about this going: What? That's pretty crazy. I would not think that China would be at that level.

We also hear that through the southern border, there are 90 plus thousand people headed to America right now. They're not hiding it. It's out there. They're saying they're coming. What do we have our State Department doing? Well, the other day, you want to know what their priority was?

Will Johnson: What's that?

Channon: International Pronouns Day?

Will Johnson: What?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: International Pronouns Day?

Channon: Yep. You can go to Twitter and say @StateDepartment, and you will see where they are celebrating International Pronouns Day. Are they saying anything about the border? No. Are they saying anything about the hypersonic missile?

Will Johnson: What does International Pronouns Day have to do with anything?

Channon: Well, it says today ...

Will Johnson: How is that even a thing?

Channon: It says, "today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles. Read more @ShareAmerica." And on then there's a list, one, two, three, four, five, six, different people. Mind you, none of them are white. They're either Indian, black, or Middle Eastern, and one says, she, her.

Another one says he, him. Another one says, they, them. Another one says, he, him. Another one says they, them. Another one says, she, her. I'm like, What the heck? So, this is the thing. They constantly ignore addressing the American people. That's my problem.

They are not addressing the American people on what is happening in America and what our plan is. They said they were going to be more transparent than any administration before them. They have been the least transparent, the least proactive, and actually, even the least reactive.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Hey, listen, we have a caller on the phone.

Will Johnson: We have a call already?

Channon: Yep, it's our weekly caller, Roger from California.

Will Johnson: Roger. Hey, Roger. Thank you so much for the call.

Roger: What's going on? What's going on, guys? Hey, Will.

Channon: Hold on, Roger, I can't hear you. Hold on.

Will Johnson: Do we have Roger?

Roger: Yeah. Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Go ahead, Roger.

Channon: Yep, I can hear you now. Will can hear you.

Roger: Okay, perfect. Yeah, Will, I was caught off guard this week. I saw you having Marjorie Taylor on your show, and I was like, wow, Will you're picking it up? You're getting the good one.

Channon: Actually, Will and Marjorie Taylor Greene are friends. They were friends before she even became a congresswoman.

Roger: That's cool.

Will Johnson: Yeah. So, when they put all these lies out about Marjorie Taylor Greene. I know firsthand that their lies, but for some reason, you get a lot of people, which is amazing to me. Not you, of course, but there's a lot of people that say they're on the right, but they believe everything that the left is saying about it. It's really bizarre.

Channon: Marjorie Taylor Greene is a great person. She always teases Will.

Will Johnson: Yeah, we hit it off pretty good, but anyways, what you got for us, Roger?

Channon: Hello.

Will Johnson: Go ahead. You there, Roger?

Roger: Yeah. Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Yeah, yeah.  Go ahead, go.

Channon: Yes, now we can.

Roger: I was following some individual on Facebook covering the National Guard presence in some parts of Texas, creating tension and everything else.

Will Johnson: Okay. You're fading in and out a lot. I don't know if that's on our end or what, but I think you're saying that someone was covering the National Guard presence on the border of Texas, and I know one person that's doing that is Anthony Aguero. So, I don't know if he's the one that you're referring to. He talked to a whole of guys that started doing the militia.

Channon: It's something junior, he said.

Will Johnson: Something junior?

Roger: He works, or I forgot. I think you hit the bullseye with that name. It could be him. He's covering this stuff daily, you know.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he covers it daily.

Roger: I mean, is this something else, like, who's monitoring all this. I'm just amazed that we're prepping for this. You know, we got other issues domestically here that we can allow for a free ...

Will Johnson: Yeah, Roger. Hey, I'm not sure what's going on, but for some reason, we keep losing you.

Roger: Without the mandate ...

Will Johnson: We keep losing you, Roger. So hey, Roger, I really would like for you to try a different phone or something. Go to a different area and call me back.

Channon: You keep breaking up.

Will Johnson: Yeah, for some reason. I want to hear what you have to say. It keeps coming in and just fading out. So, I really apologize for that. I'm not sure why that was happening.

Channon: Yeah, but you know what? Hey, listen, it is important for us to pay attention to what is happening on the border—talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Didn't she retweet something from Oscar Blue?

Will Johnson: I'm not sure. Did you see something?

Channon: Yeah, he was covering the border, and Marjorie Greene retweeted something. It was something about he's saying people are helping these people come to America.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he even mentioned how the U.N. is in Mexico, and they're directing people to the border of the United States of America. He has actual proof of them doing this. Documentation, video of them doing this, and he's confronting these people. I'm constantly telling him, I said, Blue, you've got to be careful because these people, they mean business.

I wouldn't be surprised if they try to disappear him, and I said, you've got to be extremely careful because he's in the thick of it. Exposing these people, they would get highly upset because this is world domination. This is a world takeover.

Channon: Today, I believe it was today. Surprisingly, O'Biden is reimplementing the Remain in Mexico policy.

Will Johnson: Is he, or is he being forced to do it? Because the Democrats don't want anything that President Trump put in place to be in place.

Channon: Well, I think they're so overwhelmed. I don't think they have a choice. When you say is he doing it by choice. I think the choice is they're so overwhelmed they can't even handle the amount of people coming across the border.

In fact, they're saying that they're coming across, once again, in new record numbers than when Biden first got into office. I mean, this is crazy. Our system cannot handle the amount of people coming to America. That causes a huge problem.

Will Johnson: Well, that's where the whole Build Back Better comes in. You have to bring a situation crisis that will collapse the U.S. economy. Then you can build back better.

Channon: But listen, we're at a breaking point now that still works for him, the build back better.

Will Johnson: But see, a lot of people still don't get it. The build back better is not building back anything better. The whole build back better is to tear down the world economy, and it's working to a tee for them.

Channon: What I'm saying is, it's already so bad that the repercussions of all the people here now are for years and years to come. We're talking about decades.

Will Johnson: That's the point.

Channon: That's what I was saying.

Will Johnson: That's the point. They want to; they have to tear it all down.

Channon: So, you say, why would he be forced? They've already got what they wanted. We are already in a crisis.

Will Johnson: Well, they want to make sure there's no recovery option.

Channon: They want a recovery.

Will Johnson: No, no, not yet. They have to have a total collapse.

Channon: It's going to.

Will Johnson: When Biden first started running around with the whole build back better as his model, as his campaign slogan, I Googled it. It was given to him by this world organization that wants to tear down the world economy.

They've already done it in Venezuela, and that was years ago they started. They've just recently done it in Cuba, and you see what happened in Cuba. Cuba is still going down. Cuba is still having issues. No one is talking about Cuba.

What's happening in America; we used to be the number one exporter of natural gas resources. We were energy independent, and now we're not. We're looking to OPEC. At the same time, we have issues on the coast where they're not bringing the product in like it should be. They're trying to say now they have it under control. It should have never gotten to that position in the first place.

Channon: It's not under control.

Will Johnson: I've even heard reports of people in the U.K. talking about they have freighters off the coast that are not getting unloaded as well.

Channon: They didn't admit they had it under control.

Will Johnson: Psaki did. She mentioned that they're getting it under control, that they have it under control. That's why Biden said; we're going to start doing it 24/7, you know, 24 hours a day, moving all the equipment. Then one of the foremen there at the port said, “What is he talking about? We've always been doing it 24 hours a day.”

Channon: Unfortunately, Wal-Mart trucks, FedEx trucks, UPS trucks, and all of them were not moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that's also because of the mandates that are happening. It's just crazy.

Will Johnson: I've had a lot of people call in and say, well, the reason why they're not moving the product is that they don't have the truck drivers to do it. That's not true either, because there have been multiple videos of truck drivers saying, showing ...

Channon: Lined up, yes.

Will Johnson: Yeah, at the port, and they're sitting there waiting. They say I don't know why they're not loading this. There are multiple videos out there with truck drivers showing that. I'm not saying that's not the only reason, you know, because I'm pretty sure the mandate is playing a part in it, but maybe the mandate is affecting the people loading the trucks with the containers.

Maybe that's kicking in, but regardless of what's happening. We see a crisis that has been created by the O'Biden administration, the socialist-communist Demon-crats across this nation, and even the world. They're all acting like it's not even happening. I can't tell you.

Countless people send me messages saying it's not happening. It's not true. There aren't freighters out there with all this freight just sitting out in the ocean. Then you get the liberal media news to start showing it, and then they go silent. Oh, but then they make up excuses.

Channon: You know, it's interesting to me, just this past week; I wish I had kept the article. I don't have it in front of me right now but listen, this past week, O'Biden said that, oh, they're going to start building the wall. He said that a couple of weeks ago, they were going to restart the "Remain in Mexico," which they are doing this week, but then the people in charge of the money for the wall took the funding away from building the wall.

I'm like, you know what? There's such confusion in this administration. The left-hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, or they don't agree with what the right hand is doing, so they're doing their own thing. There's a huge power struggle, which you can visibly see between the extreme leftists and the moderates. It's just crazy, and a lot of the chaos we're seeing is among the Democrat Party themselves.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: I mean, what's holding up this infrastructure bill, and I'm thankful for it is partly because the moderate Democrats are saying the infrastructure bill, reconstruction bill is what they're calling it now.

Will Johnson: Just the Green New Deal.

Channon: Right, it needs a lot of work, but when we came on, we were talking about how the liberal or media outlets, their viewership is going down, and CNN has reportedly taken a huge hit. In fact, last week, not a single one of their programs hit a million viewers.

Will Johnson: Not a single one.

Channon: That's crazy.

Will Johnson: Last week.

Channon: You know what? We have an example of why nobody's tuning in to CNN. Will, you want to play it?

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Don Lemon - News Anchor for CNN: I'm not just gonna sit back and expect the news media to do it for me because it's not our job to sell the narrative. It's our job to discuss what you are doing and, yes, part of what's in it. But it's not our job to sell your agenda for you. They are not selling their agenda.

Channon: Peace officer ...

Will Johnson: (laughing) They are not selling their agenda.

Channon: That's all they do is sell the Leftist agenda, 24/7. First, when Trump was in office, all they did was sell the hate Trump agenda.

Will Johnson: Oh, 100%. You know Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: Every day, 24 hours a day.

Will Johnson: Every day.

Channon: Every day.

Will Johnson: 24/7.

Channon: Talk about it's not our job to sell your agenda.

Will Johnson: Every single minute, Russia, Russia, Russia, hate Trump, hate Trump, and now they got what they wanted, and it's really questionable how they got there or how we got here, where we are.

They are still not happy, and now they're upset because the Democrats are pushing out an agenda, and the Democrats want the media to fluff it up. That's what it all comes down to, they want the media to fluff up their agenda so everyone will get on board, and the Democrats are upset with the liberal media for not fluffing it up enough, but they've been fluffing it. It is just that people are not buying the fluff any longer.

Channon: And listen, Don Lemon, he's pushed CRT.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: He's pushed LGBT.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: He's pushed the infrastructure bill.

Will Johnson: Yep, we know him.

Channon: He's pushed the Voting Rights Bill, which I am thankful the filibuster killed yesterday.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: And okay, you can go on.

Don Lemon - News Anchor for CNN: They are not selling their agenda! And the only reason that I am so enthusiastic about this is because our democracy is on the line, and I don't want America to lose its democracy.

Will Johnson: He doesn't want America to lose its democracy? Seriously? Everything that they're doing is against democracy when they're trying to pass their voter rights. The John Lewis bill, the People's Act, to remove the Electoral College and to federalize an election where the federal government controls the election for every state, that's not democracy. That's a total dictatorship. That's what they're calling for, and that's what they want.

Channon: It's communism.

Will Johnson: At the same time, they want to fast-track all the people who came into the country illegally and make it where they can vote. The reason being is because you know they are coaching them. They're saying, remember who brought you here. Remember who's letting you do this, so you vote this way.

Channon: And look at all these mandates they are rolling out on the American people. We didn't vote for that. This isn't a democracy. They're saying you take it or else. That's not democracy, Don Lemon.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Let's listen to the rest of this.

Don Lemon - News Anchor for CNN: I don't want America to be a country of minority rule, and I don't want America to be a place where black and brown people like me, whose ancestors fought and died for the right to vote, are restricted from going to the voting booth.

Will Johnson: Okay, I got to stop it there.

Channon: Okay, that's so irritating.

Will Johnson: I got to stop it there.

Channon: Go on.

Will Johnson: People like me? Really? Seriously? What about all of the white people that bled and even died, so black people could have the right to vote?

Channon: Amen.

Will Johnson: And he doesn't want to acknowledge them because the same party he supports, the same party that wants him, and the rest of them to put out the fluff about their agenda was the same party that didn't want black people to vote.

Channon: It's absolutely ridiculous. They never acknowledged that there were more white people because the population of blacks was so small. There were more white people fighting for those rights for you than there were black people, and guess what? White people can vote just like you, Don Lemon.

Will Johnson: You know, here in the state of Texas because that's what they are really in an uproar about, the state of Texas passed the Voter Integrity, which made it possible for my vote to count as the same as the rich black man, the same as the rich white man, the same as the rich Asian, the same as the rich Hispanic.

Channon: Poor people, too.

Will Johnson: I am poor.

Channon: You were saying rich.

Will Johnson: My vote counts the same as them.

Channon: Oh, okay. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: That's the whole point. My vote counts the same as every single other person in this state, and the Demon-crats don't like that. They want to be able to control the voting system here.

Channon: They sure do.

Will Johnson: Why? Because they can get a shoo-in. They want to make sure, like when Robert Francis O'Rourke, not Beto, when he runs, they can just push him in there. No fighting, no fuss, or anything, and because Texas is the way it is, come to the midterm election. They're upset because they won't be able to control the election here.

Channon: Well, we need Florida to do the same thing because if we could protect Florida and Texas, then hopefully we have a chance, and we know that the GOP is flipping some seats now that was long held by Democrats.

So, we need to keep the momentum going, and one way we do that is by communicating. But listen to the rest of this yahoo.


Don Lemon - News Anchor for CNN: That is the most un-American thing to do. So, I have this platform that I have now, and I'm speaking very passionate about it. Democrats (pounding on the desk) get your butt in gear and get passionate about saving this damn country. You're not doing it. You're weak. You are weak. You are weak. (Pounding on the desk) Thank you, and good night.

Channon: And lastly, his argument is weak. (Pounding on the desk) It is weak. (Pounding on the desk) It is weak.

Will Johnson: Is that how you are doing it? That's how you pound on the desk? (Pounding on the desk) It's weak (pounding on the desk), weak, weak. Get off your butt. Get off your butt. (Pounding on the desk) You're weak. You're weak.

Channon: Get off my T.V. (pounding on the desk)

Will Johnson: Yeah, basically, he's saying that the Democrats are weak because they're not pushing communism strong enough. They wanted it to happen yesterday. They wanted communism across the nation yesterday.

Channon: They hate that we have the filibuster right now. I mean, all yesterday on Twitter, when they couldn't pass the voter I.D. in the House yesterday they were going crazy. Everyone's like, we need to end the filibuster now! We need to end the filibuster now! But listen, the people there understand how important the filibuster is because when the GOP takes office again, and we will. We will be back in power.

Will Johnson: Will we?

Channon: I'm calling it.

Will Johnson: I mean, I'm questioning it.

Channon: Of course, you are.

Will Johnson: The only reason I'm questioning is we know that they have fraudulent reasons why they're going to try to make it too where...

Channon: We're taking little steps, one seat at a time, and that's exactly what the Democrats did. I mean, they did it one seat at a time. I think that Republicans are, in a sense, waking up and saying, I need to do something. Every day people listen; we talk about Marjorie Taylor Greene. She was just a business owner, and she saw stuff that was happening. She's like, listen; I can't stand around and allow this to happen in my country anymore. She won her seat, and several Congresswomen are doing that.

And you know what? I know there's a lot of people that are still discouraged because people aren't in the streets. But to me, I am seeing people. You just talked about what was it G.E.? Today, this week, teachers and students walked out of the California schools.

Will Johnson: Teachers and students?

Channon: Yes, protesting the mandate.

Will Johnson: Really? In the past, when students walked out of the classroom, I remember the first time; this probably happened before that. But I remember the first time it stuck with me was after the 2016 election. These socialist-communist Democrats convinced the students to walk out of the classroom after the election and protest against President Trump.

So, a lot of them walked out just to take advantage of it, but for teachers today to step out because of the mandates they're doing. I would like to say thank you to all of those teachers for trying to protect their students.

Channon: In 2016, it didn't impact these students personally. It is now mandated in California. I'm not sure. I think it's 16 and older are mandated to get the vaccine. So, it's hitting them personally. Some people, high school students, are trying to make a decision. Do I continue my schooling with my friends, playing my sports, and everything? Or do I do homeschool or online schooling?

I mean, this is a huge decision in these children's lives. With everything happening in our school districts with the CRT, certain people playing certain sports, and everything else. I can see the pressures put on our students now because of the agenda the left has been pushing since 2016. I can see how students are being pushed to the brink of having to walk out of the class.

Will Johnson: They are even talking about the suicide rate in some of these schools with the students because of what the Democrats have been doing to the people, to these students. A lot of people are like, my goodness, what is going on?

They're cutting off the air to these students. What happens because these students' brains are still developing, and you want to cut off their oxygen to their brains. What kind of people are we? How sinister can you be?

Channon: There was a report here where we live in Texas, where the local schools have three to four fights between students every single day. One student in the local school, within the past couple of weeks, tried to commit suicide. I mean, the pressure that this administration and the leftists are putting on our children. It angers me.

It absolutely angers me because you are plotting one race against another with CRT. You're telling white kids that they're bad, and you tell black people that they're victims. They probably never felt that way until they went to school, and you taught it to them. Then go through the sexual training that's disgusting and more confusing than ever.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: And then now you're saying you have to take a vaccine that they don't want to take. They see it's very controversial, and they're questioning. They have people in sports and stuff that aren't taking it, coming out and saying, for certain reasons, I don't want to take it. It's crazy and confusing. How do these young children? I'm sorry. They should not have to face these issues right now. They shouldn't.

Will Johnson: It shouldn't be, but you know what? I think personally, and I've said this multiple times in my broadcast. This could very well be the tipping point. See, it's one thing when you're trying to push stuff onto adults, and adults are like, okay. You know what? I will talk to you, and we'll talk about it. But when you start pushing it onto the children. When you start involving children and stuff, parents said, hold on. No, no, no.

Channon: Yeah, mama and papa bear.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. Wait a minute now; we really have a problem. It's one thing you're coming after me, but you're coming after my kids now. Now we have a problem. Personally, I think this could be the tipping point for the people in this country, in this nation, to say, you know what? No, enough is enough! Jim Jordan comes out, and he's doing a testimony today on the hill. You know, the politicians up on the hill, and they're talking about how they're labeling parents as domestic terrorists.

Channon: They want to. Yeah.

Will Johnson: I mean, they are labeling them.

Channon: Well, yeah. I agree with that.

Will Johnson: I mean, they are labeling. Let's just call it what it is, and he's asking the question about how. I have two clips. One is long, I'm not going to play that one, but I'll play the short one to give the gist of it because he says what's happening is a great awakening. He actually says that. So, check it out.

Jim Jordan - U.S. Representative for Ohio's 4th Congressional District: I don't think the good people, I don't think the good people of this great country are going to cower and hide. I think your memo, Mr. Attorney General, was the last straw. I think it was the catalyst for a great awakening that is just getting started—pilots at Southwest Airlines, the Chicago Police Union, parents at school board meetings. Americans are pushing back because American’s value freedom.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Americans value freedom.

Channon: Let me tell you something. There's an article on Fox News that came out. It said, "The White House in Contact with School Board Group for Weeks Before Controversial Patriot Act Letter Emails," the Patriot Act email letters was where they asked the National School Board Union, supposedly asked Biden to label parents that go to unions as a domestic terrorist.

His administration was literally in contact with these people, and they used those emails to create this letter and give it to Biden. They were together. This wasn't like all of a sudden, hey, we're concerned. No. This letter was planned.

Will Johnson: They've been planning it, and the reason being, I've said this before as well. The reason being is because they were seeing how effective these parents were being.

Channon: Absolutely, and they needed to stop it.

Will Johnson: They were like, wow, they're taking control over their kids. We're losing control of their kids. They're gaining control of their kids. This is what the left is saying. Just listen to how I'm saying that. They are taking control of their kids.

We need to take their kids away from them and take control back from the parents. So, what we'll do is call them domestic terrorists, and then if we call them domestic terrorists, we'll get the parents to back off because they don't want to be labeled domestic terrorists.

You're talking about someone's kids. I don't care what you call me at that point. You involve the children of these mothers. Oh, no, they could care less what you say about them. You want to see domestic terrorists do something to these children and watch what happens with the mother, what the mother will do.

You will be concerned. You most definitely will have the women coming out standing up for their children. If you don't stop it then, and the father has to get involved. Oh no, it's truly game on.

Channon: You know, it's fascinating to me because you and I have talked about how fake this administration is. Biden has a fake White House set that he works from now because he has to have a teleprompter. Like it's a whole thing that he has to have to make it look like he's not reading.

It has to look a certain way: The first president to ever do that, the first. Kamala Harris has this little group of kids. It's supposed to be just random kids who have conversations with her where she laughs the whole time. (laughing) We come to find out that a group is a control group of actors and actresses. Give me a break.

Will Johnson: Yeah. You know every time. She laughs. I'm looking around in the video for the broom. (laughing

Channon: And then you come up with things saying, oh, this letter was conjured up over a couple of weeks. They work together, the union and the administration to bring this letter up. Of course, now they're having hearings on it. It's so ridiculous. Everything is so prompted with them. Everything is planned. It's a façade. It's not reality. It's not what's really happening.

It's not random things happening, and they deal with them. I don't know. It's very frustrating, and I'm sitting here going if I was his voter, would this not? I mean, Will do you think this should prompt something in their brains that goes; What the heck are they doing?

Will Johnson: Well, I think some people are. Some people are because they're looking at it and saying, this is not right. Some people will go; if this were the other way, then I would have a problem. I would have a problem with it if it were the other way around, but some people are like, I don't care as long as we don't have orange man bad.

That's all they can think of as long as they don't have President Trump in there. They can have the worst demonic person running the country. It could be the antichrist for all they care, as long as it's not President Trump.

Channon: Isn't it weird? When you and I look back on 2016, I remember everybody crying in the Democrat Party because he won, and of course, you and I were laughing, celebrating, and doing all that stuff. Ever since that moment, they made it their complete mission to destroy America and make it look as bad as possible to usher in another change because they were like, oh, you know, these people want change.

They didn't buy into the whole Barack Obama thing. Barack Obama made some real changes that people didn't like, and they were ready for President Trump, quite honestly.

Will Johnson: Because the change he brought was the change for the worse. Obama was taking the country down extremely fast, and they thought they had it in the bag.

Channon: He was going to globalism. The same thing O'Biden is trying to do.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they thought they had it in the bag with Hillary Clinton. You know, it's odd because the Clintons and the Obamas really can't stand each other. They really can't, especially after the 2016 or not 2016, the 2008 election. They really can't stand each other, but because of who they are, Obama was willing to help push Hillary through because it's the same agenda. It's all the same agenda.

Channon: Yeah, globalism.

Will Johnson: And now they figured out how they did commie-fornia with this past election with gruesome Newsome. They want to do the same thing through the entire nation. You know, put a reason out to where you have to do mail-in ballots. After gruesome Newsom, because I believe he stole it. They stole it for him. They put in a policy where it's just mail-in ballots from here on out for the state of commie-fornia.

Channon: Sure is.

Will Johnson: So, they'll never, ever get another decent governor. It's not going to happen. I don't care if every single person in the state votes for a decent person other than gruesome Newsom. Guess who's going to win. Gruesome Newsom because they're going to fix it. The fix is already in, and people in commie-fornia thinking otherwise, that we got to fight and do better.

That's like, what's the whole thing you keep doing, the same thing over and over expecting different results? That's what's happening in commie-fornia, and they want to do the same thing in the United States. They want us to think that we're fighting, fighting, fighting when they got the fix.

Channon: That's the definition of insanity.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Hey, Will, we have a phone call. We have Judith from Alabama.

Will Johnson: Hey, Judith, thank you so much for the call.

Judith: Hey, you all. How are you doing?

Will Johnson: Good, thank you. What have you got?

Judith: Good. Well, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about your trip to California. That was mind-blowing seeing all that cargo sitting on the water like that, but there were trucks there to pick up the cargo. Right?

Will Johnson: Correct.

Judith: Okay, is it true that they were not allowing independent truckers to pick up the cargo, and it was truckers that were contracted?

Will Johnson: You know, that's a good question, and I don't know the answer to that, but that's a very good question. Why would they allow one group of truckers to be able to pick them up and not others?

Channon: Well, independent truckers are contracted.

Will Johnson: Well, yeah, but if I'm not mistaken, maybe she's talking about some that work for like J.B. Hunt, Walmart, or some of the other ones.

Channon: Yeah, you're talking about the new bill in California, where they have to be actual employees of the trucking line. Now, they can't be contractors or independents.

Judith: But also, I'm wondering if companies that are contracted with the people who are shipping the cargo.

Will Johnson: That's possibly true because I've heard one report that a lot of the product coming to that port is from China. They're saying that China's controlling which product is being unloaded and which one is not being unloaded. That's one of the reports that I've heard.

Channon: That could very well be true.

Judith: Okay. Well, that could turn out to be true then. Another thing I wanted to ask you. Have you heard anything about them pushing for electric trucks? And they want to start building charging stations across the United States?

Channon: Yeah, that's part of the Green New Deal.

Judith: Oh, is it? That's true?

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: Yes, it is 100% true. One of the things the Biden administration wants to do is take all motorized vehicles off the streets of America.

Channon: Including truckers.

Will Johnson: Including truckers, and make them all-electric vehicles. Once they do that, they can control where people go, how long they're there, and who is able to drive or not be able to drive.

Judith: Do you know how much electricity that's getting used? Oh my God.

Will Johnson: And oil. They keep saying that it would eliminate the use of oil. All of these electric vehicles, to my understanding, from the reports. They use more fossil fuel than anything else to create the vehicle.

Channon: Yeah. Tesla uses more fossil fuels to create an electric car than it does to create a normal gasoline-driven car.

Will Johnson: Yeah, so it's all about a control mechanism, and it's about giving the actual filthy beyond belief rich more money when they all say that they're against them. That's why they're coming after our $600.

Judith: What do you mean? Yeah. Explain that to me. I don't get that. So, if anybody has over $600 in the bank, what? Is that true?

Channon: It's a transaction of $600 or more. The government can have access to it. They can report on it or give personal information to the IRS about what that transaction was, who it came from, whenever. So. let's say you have Cash App, and you transfer $650 into your bank account. It will be reported to the IRS that you transfer $650.

Will Johnson: Or imagine if you go to the store and buy a refrigerator that you need, and it costs $601. They're asking that it be reported to the IRS. If someone pays you to do a job or something and gets paid more than $600, they wanted that reported to the IRS.

Channon: It's really funny, though, because one of the congressmen said the other day, he said, you know what? The IRS is not even capable. They do not even have the manpower to handle doing such a thing.

Will Johnson: The capacity.

Channon: I think what it does is it just gives the government the ability to do it if they want to. They want the power.

Will Johnson: On top of that, their main goal because that's not going to be enough data. They're going to say, well, it's not enough data, and they're going to look more into our personal lives.

Judith: Well, the IRS isn't even an American company.

Will Johnson: Well, the IRS was weaponized under the O'Biden administration, I mean Obama, under the Obama administration. The same administration just a different time, but Obama weaponized it against conservative Christians when he was in office.

Judith: I knew who you meant, believe it or not.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. It is the same administration, but yeah, he weaponized it then, and all they're doing now is picking it back up and weaponizing it against the American people. Last time it was just against conservative Christians, and they knew it was against conservative Christians.

Somebody should have gone to jail for that. Someone should have been paying a hefty fine for that, but they swept it under the rug. Now they're doing it again, and they're not going after just conservative Christians any longer.

They're going after every single American. So, you have people out there buying into this nonsense, and it is completely crazy that they are.

Channon: Unfortunately, the IRS is a department of the Department of Treasury here in America. Its jurisdiction is the United States. So, I heard one time, and to be honest with you, I haven't looked into it. They said that there is no law that says we have to pay taxes, but we know a man that fought against paying taxes, and they put him in jail just for not believing his reason for not paying taxes.

So, it's almost like it may not be something in our constitution saying we have to do it, but if you don't do it, they're going to go after you and put you in jail. This is absolutely ridiculous, but it's partly how they fund their agendas. I mean, they fund their agenda through Social Security, through taxes, and that's pretty much it. They need that money. We know how expensive Biden is. He thinks everybody's going to pay all these taxes, and it's going to make his agenda zero dollars.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. So, you got one more thing for us, Judith?

Judith: Yeah, I wanted to ask you the six $600, is that also accumulative spending, or is it just one $600 that you have spent.

Will Johnson: No, I think what they're doing is looking for the year. How many times was there a $600 or more transaction because many people were screaming about it. They're saying now they're thinking about bumping it up to 10,000 because so many people are screaming about it. This is ridiculous.

Channon: You know how many people spend $600.

Will Johnson: A couch, a refrigerator. Some people even buy a bicycle for health reasons, which costs more than $600. So, it's ridiculous.

Judith: It really is.

Channon: But what's alarming about that is, Biden and them, said that they're going after the rich. This shows they're not going after just the rich. They're going after every single person.

Will Johnson: The American people. So, hey, Judy, thank you so much for the call.

Judith: Thank you, guys. Love you guys. Bye.

Channon: Bye-Bye.

Will Johnson: Bye, take care. So, Channon, O'Biden, he did a, it's not a press conference, he's just reading the teleprompter, and he literally said that ...

Channon: (laughing) That's so funny.

Will Johnson: I mean, it's true.

Channon: (laughing)

Will Johnson: It's true.

Channon: That is so funny. (laughing).

Will Johnson: I mean, it's been 86 days since he's done a press conference, and he can't do it because they won't let him do it.

Channon: It's not even a press conference, though, because as soon as he's done, he turns around and walks away.

Will Johnson: He turns his back to the American people, and he runs, he runs, doesn't walk, he runs.

Channon: (laughing)

Will Johnson: He runs away, get away, get away.

Channon: That's funny.

Will Johnson: But he's said that the whole build back better is going to be zero dollars. Then he says because we're going to pay for it. What? What?

Channon: Well, Will I mean if you buy a couch and it gets reported, they get 20% of that $600? (laughing)

Will Johnson: I mean, dude, crazy. Listen to him.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: The whole deal they represent less than one-half of one percent of our economic growth each year. Less than one-half of one percent, and the cost of the Build Back Better Bill, in terms of adding to the deficit, is zero, zero, zero because we're going to pay for it all.

Will Johnson: Because we're going to pay for it all? Who's going to pay for it all?

Channon: We are going to.

Will Johnson: He's not saying because you're going to pay for it all because that's what he should have said. When he says, we, the federal government, who does the federal government get their money from?

Channon: They take it from the American people.

Will Johnson: It's ridiculous. People hear this nonsense, and it's in one ear and out the other because there's nothing in between them.

Channon: The funny thing is, it's a ten-year plan. So, let's say in three years, Biden is not there anymore.

Will Johnson: Three years? Let's go to the end of this year.

Channon: Okay, and somebody just redoes his whole plan. All of a sudden, all that money is now added to the deficit because they don't want to follow his stipulations for paying it off. Come on.

Will Johnson: Or she.

Channon: Or she, it's not guaranteed.

Will Johnson: More likely, it's going to be a she because they are going to remove demented Joe.

Channon: But you know what? I'm glad that the moderates know. I mean, they're like, Listen, we got to lower this because even they know that it's not going to cost zero dollars. They know that nothing in government transfers to the next person.

Things always change. Different things happen. It's not an ironclad, perfect plan, and they know that it just costs too much. We cannot handle the debt that it's going to cause here in America. I'm glad that some, not just Republicans, are standing up against these idiots but also their own party.

Will Johnson: Yeah, their own party, and Manchin being one of them. But, you know, Manchin is still a Democrat, and he still wants to push the Democrat agenda, which is not good for the American people.

The reason why he's standing up against it is he understands doing away with the filibuster would destroy the nation. Seriously, he's a Democrat, but he's still holding onto some rational thoughts here. Let's listen to the rest of Biden here.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: Because we're going to pay for it all, in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. It's not spending money. It's a tax cut for working-class people.

Will Johnson: So, is the whole $600, is it like they're going to spend $600, but it's a tax cut? We're going to make it $3.5 trillion, turn into zero, but it's going to be a tax cut. Where is the 3.5 trillion coming from? Even when I was talking to Marjorie, she said they bumped it up to like 4.2 trillion.

Channon: Oh my gosh, really?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They've bumped it up to 4.2 trillion, and that's when the moderate Democrats got in and said, wait a minute, even the Republicans are like, you know what? Now, you're taking it just to the extreme. This is just too much.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: It's about time, as I said, and I come from a corporate state of the world. Not a joke. More corporations are registered in my state than every other state in the United States combined.

Channon: That's actually incorrect.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: I represented the state of DuPont, as they used to call it.

Channon: That's actually incorrect. I looked it up and Google, says Delaware, not Pennsylvania.

Will Johnson: Delaware.

Channon: Is the number one Incorporated state in America. There are more corporations.

Will Johnson: Delaware and his state are Pennsylvania?

Channon: Yeah. But anyway, what's new.

Will Johnson: No one cares.

Channon: He talks about his stupid bus ride to and from the White House as V.P., even though it's been totally disregarded, and said the story is fake, but he still says it. This dude lives in La La Land. I don't know. Go ahead.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: For 36 years, I'm not anti-business.

Will Johnson: Yes, he is.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: It's about just beginning to pay your fair share.

Will Johnson: That is being anti-business.

Channon: So are mandates knowing that people are going to walk off their job. That's anti-business.

Will Johnson: That is a 100% anti-business saying that you got to pay your fair share. So, basically, what he's saying, Channon, and it's the same thing the rest of these communists will say, is that you work hard. Let's say you start a business, Channon, and you're working hard every day, sweat, blood, tears, even.

Channon: I do cry all the time. Will makes me cry.

Will Johnson: Whatever, you want to get me in trouble? They are going to say, Will you are mean. You are making her cry. What kind of man are you? No, but seriously, you work, you do all this. You work hard and become successful, just for them to come back and penalize you for your success. That's exactly what they want to do. You need to pay your fair share. How about you get the people who want to sit on their butts and do nothing to do their fair share in society? Oh, that's a thought.

Channon: Well, fortunately, it's funny when these politicians come out and talk about paying their fair share when they're in Washington with lobbyists, and their stocks are tied to some of these businesses that they lobby for.

Will Johnson: And they are sitting fat and happy.

Channon: Or they pass legislation that benefits them. Then they get like a whole, huge millions and millions of dollars. What do they say? They say a ton of millionaires are right there sitting in the House in D.C. Yet these people are talking about other people paying their fair share. I'm like, you know what? Who are you?  Isn't it Biden? His taxes are under investigation too.

Will Johnson: But, you know, with him being a so-called sitting leader of the free world, they're going to let it go.

Channon: Remember, nonstop, they talked about Trump.

Will Johnson: Trump taxes and they go, well, we need to look to see if there's anything there. There hasn't been a crime committed, but we need to see "if" there's anything there.

Channon: Yeah, but now Biden, something comes out saying that he didn't pay all his taxes or did something illegal, and now everybody just sweeps that under the rug.

Will Johnson: Even with the money transactions with Hunter, that has his name tied to it. They all just sweep it to the side. Sweep it aside.

Channon: I don't know.

Will Johnson: If it was Trump Jr., Oh my goodness, explosion, World War III. What did he do? Put them all in jail. Put them all in jail.

Channon: You know what makes me angry, though, is you want all these taxes from businesses here in America, but then you make it hard to be a business owner in America.

Will Johnson: But that's the whole point. When Obama was in office, he put all these regulations against businesses operating within the United States of America. President Trump came along, and you remember, Obama said, that the jobs would never come back to America. Do you remember that?

Channon: And they did.

Will Johnson: Obama said that Trump doesn't have a magic wand. The jobs will never come back. Well, guess what? President Trump started waving that wand. Businesses were meeting with President Trump at the White House to say; I'm going to make a pledge to bring X amount of jobs back to the country because Mr. President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, President Sir, you removed the red tape.

You removed these regulations. You made it possible for me to bring my business back to the United States of America, for me to flourish, for our business to flourish, to hire people. There were more jobs available for the American people than people. That's crazy.

Channon: Yeah, true.

Will Johnson: And look at it now. It's just the opposite. People are walking off because of the mandate, and they won't even count those as an unemployment issue.

Channon: Exactly. I was just going to say that. Good point. You know, they sit there, and they say, oh, the unemployment is down. Well, the unemployment is down, you idiot, because you failed to say that everybody was walking ...

Will Johnson: Did you just call them idiots? (laughing)

Channon: Yeah. They failed to report that all the people walking off of these jobs are forced to, fired, are not allowed to file for unemployment. So, there's a whole bunch of people unemployed in America that are unaccounted for. Thank you to the Biden administration.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and like I said, there was one report saying 750 General Electric contract workers.

Channon: Contract workers?

Will Johnson: No, employees. Employees, you know, I think some of them are contractors. I'm pretty sure some of them were contractors but engineers. It doesn't matter; 750 people, one report, walked off the job.

Channon: Yeah, there's a video.

Will Johnson: Walked off the job today because they don't want to drink the Kool-Aid. You know what? I'm going to say this. If you don't want to put something in your body, you should be able to say no to that at the end of the day. It's just like the horrible story on the subway. An illegal black male was raping a girl on the subway.

The people simply pulled out their cell phones and started recording instead of helping the young girl. This was done by the illegal. So, she was raped by this man where he put something in her body that she didn't want in her body, and that's the same thing that they want to do to us.

They want to put something in our body violating our rights. We, as American people, know what our freedoms are. We know what freedoms look like. So, with that said, I want to say we'll be back next Thursday, and God bless everybody. Stay tough. Stay strong, and God bless.


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