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Chaos and Lies Brewing in America


Will Johnson: Welcome, everybody. Will at Uniteamericafirst.com here. Riding with me shotgun is my producer, Channon. What's going on, Channon?

Channon: Hey, what's up? Lots to talk about today.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. A lot to talk about. Let's talk about the insane insanity of the Left.

Channon: The chaos and the lies going on just days before the election.

Will Johnson: Days. What is it, five days now?

Channon: Say, hours. Can we say hours before the election?

Will Johnson: I think we can say hours. I think it's safe enough to say hours because, I mean, it's going to fly by, but you know what? There's still going to be so much that is going to happen between now and then. It's going to be, like man, this will be the longest five days ever.

Channon: Yeah, life in America is not boring.

Will Johnson: Life on the planet.

Channon: Yes. Days until the election. We have four days, 17 hours, 57 minutes, and 50 seconds.

Will Johnson: Fifty, forty-nine, forty-eight.

Channon: I don't like it to the second. I feel pressure.

Will Johnson: Last time we were on here, we talked about that you were feeling anxious, and a lot of other people have been feeling anxious, and people are afraid because of all of the fraudulent stuff that we've seen take place. I'm not afraid. I am concerned, and you called me a liar.

Channon: I called you a liar because you said you weren't feeling nervous or anxious. I don't think there's a single person in America that shouldn't be anxious or nervous right now.

Will Johnson: There's a lot of people who are, I'm sure. I'm sure there's a lot of people that are anxious, but anyway, if someone wants to call us, what would that number be?

Channon: You can call Will at 516-595-8069. Please, people, text WILL, W-I-L-L to 88202 to stay informed. Get texts and notifications of any live goings-on at America Truth Project. They're doing a lot of great stuff.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. That's 88202, 88202.

Channon: Yes, text Will.

Will Johnson: Just put Will in the text. W-I-L-L, put my name in there.

Channon: He's simple, he's easy.

Will Johnson: I'm easy.

Channon: W-I-L-L

Will Johnson: I'm an easy guy. I like to keep things easy. I like to keep everything kosher.

Channon: Sure. Well, you are definitely not a Democrat then.

Will Johnson: No, no, not at all. I can say that I am not a Democrat, and I can say that people should decide what they want to be regardless of what everyone is trying to force them to be. See, that's the beauty of being in America. You get to decide who you want to be. Freely.

Channon: I don't think so.

Will Johnson: But you know what, we're in a different time now to where there's a lot of people saying, "No, you can't be." Because of me being a black male, there's something wrong with me, apparently.

Channon: No, you know what's really wrong with you?

Will Johnson: What's wrong with me?

Channon: You're a conservative.

Will Johnson: I'm a conservative and black. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Yeah, if you're a conservative, I mean, you can't be whatever you want to be. You can't be a conservative. You will be eliminated from social media.

Will Johnson: We will remove you from society.

Channon: You are defamed on Facebook, and yeah.

Will Johnson: You know, it's just amazing. I was on with Anni Cyrus.

Channon: Great lady from American Truth Project.

Will Johnson: She's awesome. I was on her Facebook page with her, and she was doing a live feed. The number was going up. I'm sitting and looking at the number of people watching, and when it got to forty-three, and just got stuck.

Channon: Yeah, I saw that.

Will Johnson: I'm like, this is ridiculous. How did you get stuck at 43?

Channon: Well, let's be honest. It all started yesterday, right? Because last night your live feed, you used to get about 5,000 people a night.

Will Johnson: Easily.

Channon: Right, and then we went down. Facebook started really hitting you. We went down to 1,700. Literally, the lives would just get stopped at 1,000. Like it wouldn't move up, it wouldn't move down. It was just 1,700, that's all you could have. Last night you didn't even get over 900.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and it's because I think it has something to do with Kamala Harris's article going to one of the voter polls in, it was Ohio, right?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson:  Ohio, where come to find out that anyone who's running for political office can go to any voter poll apparently in Ohio and bullhorn the people as they're going in to vote?

Channon: Well, they said you're not supposed to campaign within 100 hundred feet there.

Will Johnson: She was there.

Channon: But.

Will Johnson: I think the one hundred feet was one hundred feet from the door. I mean, not the people.

Channon: Well, obviously, she was telling everybody how important it was to vote. But come on, I mean, it's campaigning, right? Every single stop that they have is about getting the votes.

Will Johnson: She's on the dadgum ticket.

Channon: Yeah, I think it's because she's on the ticket.

Will Johnson: She's on the ticket.

Channon: I know. So, we had an article on Will's Facebook page about it. They hit us saying that because we said that she might be committing a crime.

Will Johnson: It was, maybe committing a crime. Maybe, not saying that she actually did commit a crime, but simply saying she may be. She did commit a crime here. Someone should look into this.

Channon: By campaigning to close.

Will Johnson: But of course, the liberal fact-checkers came to the rescue of Kamala Harris. They came to the rescue.

Channon: She's a Democrat. Leave her alone.

Will Johnson: She's exempt from any criminal activity because she's a Democrat. Just like Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, with China.

Channon: Hey, listen, let's start off with the chaos that's going on here in America. Where is the chaos happening right now? Philadelphia?

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: I mean.

President Trump: China.

Channon: I know pretty much everybody knows what happened. But Will, let's get your take. Police killed another black man.

Will Johnson: You say, black man. I say black thug because that's what he was. Anytime you have.

Channon: Okay, so tell us what your whole feelings are.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously, there is a video and an article on our website where it shows this black male, I'll say black male this time, he was approaching the police officers with a weapon in his hand. This weapon just happened to be a knife.

Now, in the video, you can clearly see the police officers are stepping backward. They're trying to keep distance between him and themselves, but he kept advancing towards the police officers with a knife in his hand.

So, if I'm a police officer and I see them taking it, a person is advancing towards me with a knife in his hand, and I'm saying, "Look, please put the knife down. Please put the knife down," and he is still advancing.

As a police officer, you have no choice but to do your job because not only is your life threatened, but so are people around you. You have to serve and protect.

Channon: Yeah, I actually brought it to you that one of the comments somebody made about the article about the man being shot is they said, "They shot him, and he was ten feet away from the police."

The comment was: They were 10 feet away because the police were backing up. They were trying to put space in between. His name was actually Walter Wallace Jr., the man in Philadelphia. He was advancing to them. They were backing up. They were trying to give space, and this guy was coming towards them.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: So, we don't, and quite honestly, we don't know what happened before this short video clip that we saw. We don't know what happened before they came around the car.

Will Johnson: Actually, it doesn't matter. It's irrelevant.

Channon: You're right. He was coming at them.

Will Johnson: It's irrelevant.

Channon: You know, and 50 Cent's girlfriends. Do you have that clip?

Will Johnson: I do.

Channon: Let's play this clip from 50 Cent's girlfriend.

Will Johnson: His ex-girlfriend.

Channon: His ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a, let's talk about it, she's white. She's a white liberal female.

Will Johnson: She's a white liberal female, and she's upset because of what 50 Cent has done. He's actually got a lot of people to wake up. I'm not saying that this clip, what she's talking about, is related to Philadelphia's incident, but it's all connected.

Channon: Come on, it probably is.

Will Johnson: It's all connected regardless. It is all connected. So, let's just listen to what she has to say about black people.

Channon: Okay, before you play that clip, though. Once again, everybody, if you want to call in and talk to Will, that number is 516-595-8069. You can play that clip, Will.

Will Johnson: Well, cool. Here we go. Also, if you leave a comment in the chat or however you listen to this right now, you can leave a chat comment. If you don't want to call in, you can leave a comment or question. We will get that question, and we will read it live on the air here and give our comments on it. Okay, here goes the clip.

Chelsea Handle (50 Cent ex-girlfriend): My people will run from the police because they don't want to get murdered. They're scared because they've been scared this entire time. For 400 years, they are scared of us, and they're scared of the police. So, you if you take just one issue with you to the ballot box on November 3rd. I really, really beg you.

Channon: She's crying.

Chelsea Handle (50 Cent ex-girlfriend): To think about what it's like to be a person of color in this country.

Channon: She's crying.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously, she wants, okay, here it is. You have a white liberal telling me as a black conservative or just a black person in this country, a person of color that I need to really recognize that when I go because she is a white liberal, she knows what's best for me because black people don't understand anything apparently.

Channon: Well, let's just be clear. Wallace Walter was he running from the police in fear of them?

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: Right. What about that guy that grabbed the police officer's taser in Atlanta? Was he running away from the police?

Will Johnson: Not at all.

Channon: I mean, come on, you know, it plants that seed.

Will Johnson: Well, actually, after he picked up the Taser, he was running away.

Channon: He was trying to get back at him, right.

Will Johnson: After he beat the cops up.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: He got the Taser, and then he's trying to get away because he didn't want to get arrested.

Channon: Yeah, that's true.

Will Johnson: He didn't want to get arrested because he was under the influence of alcohol. But then he did turn around and try to shoot at police officers with the taser. But the police officers did what they're supposed to do, and they did their job.

Channon: Right, but it gives that false idea that, yeah, these people were running from the police. No, in several instances, these people were running towards or attacked the police. They were trying to.

Will Johnson: There was another incident where a male had a gun in his hand, and he was pointing it at the police officer. He wouldn't put the gun down.

He just happened to be a black male, and the police officers did their jobs, and they shot him as well. All of a sudden, again, it has to be really racially related, systematic racism. Oh, my goodness. What are we going to do with all the systematic racism?

Channon: What happened just hours after the shooting? Hours?

Will Johnson: The looting.

Channon: The looting, right.

Will Johnson: The rioting.

Channon: I mean, we got Wal-Mart that's been looted. We got people t that went and shopped for shoes at Footlocker.

Will Johnson: They didn't go shopping. They went and picked up their own. It was like Christmas for everybody.

Channon: Yeah. Christmas.

Will Johnson: Christmas came early.

Channon: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, several stores. I mean, downtown Philly I guess, was just ransacked. Right? Last night they found a van that was full of explosives and suspicious equipment in Logan Circle. I mean, this is crazy, people.

The sad thing is that it is all this is going on, and the police have been told to stand down. They have made some arrests. But for the most part, they kind of got in a fight with a lot of other police officers. We even know the first night some liberal, wasn't it a liberal group, told the looters where the police were with scanners.

Will Johnson: Yes. So, what it was, they got the frequency of a police scanner. There are actually apps that you can listen in. Well, they were telling the liberal organizers. They were telling people where to go and attack these police officers.

Do you know what was really even more mind-blowing? They told them that the police officers got ordered not to arrest the rioters as they are burning down the city. Oh, let them burn it down. Let them burn it down.

They said to the police officers, and if you arrest anyone, you're going to be in trouble for doing your stinking job. This is crazy.

Channon: I mean, do you think, honestly, that looting and attacking police officers and 18 ATMs were actually bombed or were attacked.

Will Johnson: Well, they hit the ATMs because they wanted the money?

Channon: Right, but they bombed 18. They used explosives.

Will Johnson: To get them open.

Channon: On 18 different ATM's in Philadelphia,

Will Johnson: To get them open. Do you know what it reminds me of?

Channon: What does this have to do with justice?

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: I mean, they're causing complete injustice. Chaos.

Will Johnson: It has nothing to do with it. It reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to watch the show called Batman and Robin. The Joker would go out he would get all of these people that are really crazy to do horrible things, just tear up stuff, tear up the city.

The cops pretty much couldn't do anything but sit back and watch it. It's like we're living in La-La land, the Twilight Zone, literally. It's insane what we see here. None of this is about justice. None of this is about, you know, the injustices that are happening to black people.

It's got nothing to do with it. Then you hear them, the leaders in the BLM satanic movement saying that, when people loot, they steal, and stuff like that, it's not actually looting or stealing. This is what they call reparations.

Channon: Oh, give a break.

Will Johnson: The stupidity.

Channon: Reparations don't come via stolen property.

Will Johnson: Well, that's what they're saying.

Channon: They're just trying to justify breaking the law.

Will Johnson: They're trying to justify their actions. That's all that is. When I was on with Anni, I mentioned to her how there's this movement right now and when they're outside in the streets chanting, they're saying, who do we protect, the black criminal? Who do we protect? The black criminal.

Channon: Literally, they are saying that?

Will Johnson: They're literally saying, "Who do we protect? Black criminals." So, criminals can do whatever crime you want. They're saying we're going to protect you when I was in Washington, D.C. the week before last I was in Washington, D.C., and I came across a black female, and she's straight up told me, she said, "If the police officer's gun you down in the street, I would be out here marching for you."

I told her, I said, "Look, if I'm committing a crime that validates the police officer shooting me down in the street, don't march for me." Her eyes just got big. She couldn't believe it. Then she is going to go on and ask, "What is the crime?"

What do you mean what is the crime? If you're doing a crime that validates the cops to shoot you down in the street, then there's a pretty significant reason for you to be shot in the street. How stupid can people be?

Channon: Well, some people think that just because they commit a crime and come at a police officer with a knife, that doesn't give them the right to shoot the person dead. That's literally what's happening in Philadelphia right now. They're literally saying, these black people are saying, "Listen, you don't get to shoot us if we're breaking the law."

Will Johnson: But we can stab you.

Channon: Yeah, we can stab you. Let us have the opportunity. We can come at you with a knife.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: And literally, the mom apparently was yelling at the police, please don't shoot him, because even she knew that he was creating a situation where he might get shot.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I mean, that's the only reason I say don't shoot him because she knew he was creating that situation.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him.

Channon: Yeah, I cannot imagine what that mom went through. God bless her heart. I am sorry that her son created that situation.

Will Johnson: My question is, where was the father at?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Where's the father?

Channon: We don't ever hear those stories. We'll never hear those stories.

Will Johnson: I want to know where the father was at. Was the father, was he around there saying don't shoot him, too? I mean, seriously, because if my son was doing that, walking up to police officers. I would yell at the police officers, "Hold on, I'm I handle this dude." I'm going to get him. Let me get him. If it gets out of hand, then all you can shoot him. I'm going to handle him.

Channon: Here's the thing.

Will Johnson: That's not going to happen, and that's the problem. They have removed the black father from the household, in these projects, in these ghettos. Then, as a result, people, these young thugs, don't know how to act. They don't respect authority. You see this time and time again.

Channon: Yeah. I mean, your son wouldn't actually create the situation.

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: He's very respectful of authority.

Will Johnson: I'm just saying.

Channon: You did a good job.

Will Johnson: Of course. Respect your elders, respect law and order, and you know what?

Channon: Don't put yourself in a situation where the cops might have to be called on you.

Will Johnson: Well, look, remember when I was a lot younger, and I used to deliver pizzas. When I was younger, you know, just to make ends meet, trying to work the jobs. Anyway, I remember multiple times getting pulled over by the police officers.

Guess what? I'm still here today to talk about it because of how I handled myself with the police officers. I wasn't belligerent with them. I wasn't talking bad to them. I said, "Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. What do you need, Mr. And Mrs. Officer?

Here is my driver's license." I'm serious. Even though I felt that they were wrong because there are quite a few times police officers pulled me over when they didn't have a reason to pull me over, I still handled myself respectfully because I wanted to go home.

Channon: Well, they want to go home too. Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I mean, so when you have a knife coming at you, you're thinking of your wife, children, you don't know what's going to happen. We've seen police officers get shot in their car just sitting there writing a report.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: These police officers, when they're, by the way, let me tell you what, in all of these situations that we're talking about, we're talking about Atlanta. We're talking about the gentleman who got shot where he was going to somebody's car.

It looks like he was grabbing something out of the car. Walter Wallace or was the Walter? In all these instances, guess what? The police were called because the person was creating trouble. They were called to the scene. They didn't just happen to roll up and be like, "Oh, there's the guy."

Will Johnson: Here's a random black dude. Let's get them, boys. In their mind, and that's how the liberal media portrays it, too. There's a random black dude. Let's get them.

We're going to be on the news tonight, boys. We're going to have a good time here. You know good, and well, that's not how it happens. It's because someone called the cops on these thugs in the first place.

Channon: So, what do you? What can be done?

Will Johnson: You know what can be done? I hold the liberal media accountable for creating the problems that we see in the country. They should be penalized when they incite violence. Knowing good and well, the police officers did their job.

The liberal media, instead of them coming on there saying, "You know what, he was in the wrong. He shouldn't have been approaching him with the knife."

Anyone that has a sound mind clear thinking can clearly see that he was in the wrong. But see the liberal media. They don't do that. The liberal media pushes it off that police officers are the new KKK. They pushed it off that police officers are the white supremacists.

They pushed it off that police officers want to deliberately go out and shoot someone black. Which we know is not true, but the liberal media keeps pushing that narrative. They should be held accountable for putting out misleading information.

Channon: My question is, I wonder if this will impact the election result in Philadelphia because, you know, it's a battleground state. Isn't that interesting?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: That this happened in a battleground. I mean, Trump was just there, and he did what? Didn't he do, like three or four rallies in one day or something?

Will Johnson: I mean, he's a machine. He keeps going and going.

Channon: I don't know how he does it.

Will Johnson: But they do this, it's just all of a sudden this happens, right? Knowing good and well that he was in the wrong, I'm talking about the thug. But the media wants to make this political.

They say, "Oh, my goodness. Look, what President Trump has done again." President Trump had nothing to do with it. Just like the ATMs had nothing to do with it, Footlocker, Wal-Mart, all of these stores had nothing to do with it.

But they politicize it in the media, as this monster that we're seeing and helping BLM and Antifa to destroy the country.

Channon: Well, let's switch gears here. Other than the chaos that's being created in Philadelphia, Philadelphia is all in the news, right? CNN and all of them will play that nonstop. But what is the one thing that's missing from the liberal media right now?

Will Johnson: Hunter Biden?

Channon: Hunter Biden or the Biden's. It's not even just Hunter.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, right. Yeah. You can't say anything bad. Let me backtrack that. You can't say anything truthful about Biden's or Harris because -You can't say anything that is truthful.

Channon: Somebody just asked a question, Will. They said, "Is there a law against false reporting?" There actually is a lawsuit against CNN right now. What is it for? Help me.

Will Johnson: There are multiple suits.

Channon: Proud Boys.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: The Proud Boys actually have a lawsuit against CNN because a man called them a white supremacist group.

Will Johnson: A white supremacist group, when the Proud Boys consists of Latinos, black people, Asian people, white people, just a melting pot of different nationalities. They labeled them as white supremacists, and now they're being sued.

CNN is being sued. That's the only thing you can do. But as far as a law, see, they call lying to the American people the free press.

Channon: Exactly. I was going to say that there is such a thing as freedom of the press, right?

Will Johnson: Yeah. That's what they call it.

Channon: You can tell lies, right, and it may hurt your integrity, but they're not going to be sued, right? I mean, it just doesn't happen, unfortunately. But let's get back to Hunter Biden. We saw, if you didn't see it, you have to see the video.

Will Johnson: Tucker Carlson.

Channon: Oh, man. Tucker Carlson did with Bobulinski. Man, and you know what? Every single outlet except Fox News has been silent on it. It's not on Drudge Report.

Will Johnson: Drudge Report has gone completely to the Left.

Channon: Oh, completely.

Will Johnson: They've gone completely to the left.

Channon: There's not a single story about Biden on there at all.

Will Johnson: No, nothing.

Channon: Not a link to nothing.

Will Johnson: Like is not even happening, and it is really disturbing. Then they try to blame the Hunter Biden laptop, that it is all a Russia hack? Seriously, so Russia was monitoring Hunter Biden, and after he was smoking crack, he went and took the laptop to a computer store.

Russia went to this one particular computer store to find his laptop, just the hack. To find out if there was some incriminating evidence. I mean, really? I mean, they went all out of their way in doing this?

Channon: Oh, you're saying that's what they are saying.

Will Johnson: I mean, that's what pencil neck Adam Schiff is saying.

Channon: Yeah. Well, the FBI actually even said, "That that's not a true story."

Will Johnson: Well, you know what?

Channon: That there is no Russian interference.

Will Johnson: But because of the liberal media and because Adam Schiff has already put that particular story out there, that lie, that's the one they are running with its Russia, Russia, Russia.

Channon: You know, what's interesting to me is one, if this were Clinton Bobulinski, wouldn't even be alive right now.

Will Johnson: Body bagging.

Channon: But two, this guy's coming out punching.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I mean, he's like, if you listen to me, I'm going to talk to you. You know, he actually said he voted Democrat. So that to me is saying that he was on their side.

Channon: He was on their side.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he was completely on their side. But all this fraudulent stuff, you know what it is? He's trying to save his own neck.

Channon: He sure is.

Will Johnson: That's what that is.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: You know what? You brought up Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson was in L.A. doing an interview with him.

Channon: Well, let's listen to part of that interview first.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I just kind of want to lead up into it.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: He was going to do an interview with him. While they were going to do the interview, they had their New York headquarters overnight some documentation to where they were in L.A. so they could have a bigger discussion about it. Right.

Channon: He has more papers about Biden.

Will Johnson: He has papers, the China connection.

President Trump: China.

Will Johnson: So, what happened was the papers never, ever even made it.

Channon: Yeah, let's play that clip. Do you want to play that clip?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I'll play the clip, but.

Channon: You really want to get into it.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, I really do. But my question is, how did they know that the papers were getting ready to be sent?

Channon: To Tucker in L.A.?

Will Johnson: Somebody was listening in.

Channon: Somebody was.

Will Johnson: That's the only way you can explain this.

Channon: You guys have to listen to this. This is crazy.

Will Johnson: This the only way you can explain.

Channon: Yeah. Let Tucker talk for himself.

Tucker Carlson: There's always a lot going on that we don't have time to get to on the air. But there is something specific going on behind the scenes right now that we did feel we should tell you about.

So, on Monday of this week, we received from a source a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they're real, and they're damning. When they received them, my Executive producer Justin Wells and I were in Los Angeles preparing to interview Tony Bobulinski about Biden's business dealings in China, Ukraine, and other countries.

So, we texted a producer in New York, and we asked him to send those documents to us in L.A., and he did that. So, Monday afternoon of this week, he shipped those documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand name company that we've used-you've used countless times with never a single problem. But the Biden documents never arrived in Los Angeles.

Tuesday morning, we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents had disappeared. Now, to its credit, the company took this very seriously and immediately began a search.

They traced the envelope from the moment our producers dropped it off in Manhattan on Monday all the way to three forty-four a.m. yesterday morning. That's when an employee at a sorting facility in another state noticed that our package was open and empty. Apparently, it had been opened.

So, the company's security team interviewed every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent. They searched the plane and the trucks that carried it. They went through the office in New York where our producer dropped that package off.

They combed the entire cavernous sorting facility. They use pictures of what we had sent so the searchers would know what to look for. They went far and beyond, but they found nothing. Those documents have vanished.

As of tonight, the company has no idea and no working theory about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now. We spoke to executives at that company a few hours ago. They seemed baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we.

Will Johnson: Everyone should be baffled and deeply bothered by this. These are documents that would have proven Hunter Biden and the Biden's corruption with.

President Trump: China.

Will Johnson: And somehow, it just all disappeared like it never existed. Someone was listening in.

Channon: You know, it's scary times. It is scary, scary times. I mean, I'm speechless listening to that. You would find it unbelievable that that could happen, right? But why? Why did it happen? What was in there?

Will Johnson: It's almost like a spy novel. Right?

Channon: Right, right. Do you know what is even more amazing to me is that the Biden's haven't just come out and said all of this isn't true?

Will Johnson: No, not a single time.

Channon: Like you haven't even heard from Hunter Biden, I don't even know where he's at.

Will Johnson: Where in the world is Hunter? I bet you he's with Waldo.

Channon: He's in the basement. He might be. Hillary Clinton might have him locked up somewhere. She's probably like you've been a bad boy.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he's in the basement, with a crack pipe, in New York City.

Channon: I mean, and the sad thing is. Well, you would think that people would be Googling it, right? Even people, I guess after some of this stuff came out. Google said one of the number one searches was, "Can I change my vote?" Trump actually tweeted, "In most states, yes, you can."

I don't know what all the stipulations are. I'm sure there's some that you can't. I don't know. It's sad because it shouldn't just take this incident for people to know that something is not right. Right? I mean, how long has the story been out about Ukraine and Hunter Biden? Right. They dismiss it, though.

Will Johnson: Well, the first time the story came about was when Biden said he wanted to get the prosecutor fired. That was going after the company. His son just happened to be a board member.

One billion dollars and the entire leftist media, the Democrats, all of them just looked the other way. Like he did nothing wrong there, seriously, and now it's all coming to light with why he did it is because not only was Hunter Biden making money, but so was Joe Biden himself.

Channon: Well, they said, here's the thing, even China, they made Biden's family members rich.

President Trump: China.

Channon: That is what they typically do, right? Because you can't trace it to Biden. So, Biden said, "Oh, look at my taxes."

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I'm innocent. Well, they're not stupid enough to pay Biden, right? They're paying his family.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: His family doesn't have to turn in their tax forms.

Will Johnson: No, they're not.

Channon: Actually, Biden doesn't either. He's just doing it, too, you know.

Will Johnson: Just trying to make it look like he's innocent.

Channon: Right. Make it look good, but I don't know. Even Biden said that he had nothing to do with his son's business dealings, but guess what Bobulinski said? He said, "One hundred percent, that's not true."

Will Johnson: Joe Biden is the "Big Guy."

Channon: He said he even talked to Joe Biden.

Will Johnson: Yeah, multiple times.

Channon: He told Bobulinski to take care of his son and his brother. I think it was.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: Do we have a clip of Bobulinski?

Will Johnson: No, we don't.

Channon: Oh, we don't have that. Okay, well, basically, Bobulinski is coming out trying to save his reputation, saying, "Listen, everything that I provided is not from Russia."

He found it highly insulting that the Democrats, people like Adam Schiff, said that it was Russian misinformation. When this guy has tweets, he has emails, he has recordings, apparently.

Will Johnson: Actually, I do have it. Go ahead. Finish your thought.

Channon: They don't want to listen to me. Let's listen to Bobulinski and Tucker.

Tucker Carlson: So, it was clear to you that Joe Biden's son had told him about this business?

Tony Bobulinski: Crystal clear.

Tucker Carlson: Crystal clear. Tell us about the conversation that subsequently occurred between you and Joe Biden.

Tony Bobulinski: So, the conversation, as your well aware, Tucker, I grew up the son of a career naval officer. So, the United States president was always the commander in chief, whether they were a Democrat or Republican or other. So, I have the highest respect for Joe and the office that he had held.

So, I stood up and shook his hand, and obviously, we sat down and ordered some drinks. I think Jim Biden was hungry and might have ordered some food. Joe asked me to talk about my background, my family. He thanked me for my service.

I'm obviously very proud of that. Proud of my brother's service and my grandfather's service, and then he walked through sort of his family. You know, obviously, some of the tragedies they've dealt with his political career on a high level.

We didn't go into too much detail in business because prior to Joe showing up, Hunter and Jim had coached me and said we wouldn't go into too much detail here. This is just a high-level discussion and meeting. So, it's not like I was drilling down with Joe about cap tables and details.

Tucker Carlson: So, you've said that they wanted you to meet Joe Biden as a way to induce you to participate in this deal. You were the actual business guy here who had management experience, deal experience. But it also sounds like Joe Biden was vetting you to some extent.

Tony Bobulinski: Yes, of course. Like I didn't request to meet with Joe. They requested that I meet with Joe, and he's putting his and Hunter says this in writing, and it was a reference multiple times.

They were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing. They dealt with a Chinese owned enterprise run by Chairman Yi, CFC, who had strong financial support and political support from the Chinese Communist Party. That's how it was presented to me. That's not my own words. That's how they presented it to me and read me in on it.

Will Johnson: Wow, and you know what, the liberal media completely ignores it. They look the other way.

Channon: Oh, completely. However, a Senate committee has successfully verified all Bobulinski's materials, but they said that they wouldn't actually call him or interview him before the election.

Of course, there's still a lot of information to go through, a lot of stuff to try to verify. So, there won't be a hearing or anything before the election, but there could possibly be one before the inauguration. It should be interesting.

Will Johnson: To be honest with you, I don't think anything's going to happen. They can have complete 100 percent evidence of corruption, which they do, in my opinion, and nothing will happen. I mean, the same thing happened during 2016 with Hillary Clinton and her email server. Nothing happened. Then she destroyed the evidence during the investigation. I mean, come on, if I were to do such a thing, you would never, ever hear from me again.

Channon: Yeah, I know.

Will Johnson: I mean seriously.

Channon: What about that young man that took pictures on a submarine who went to jail.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he went to prison, and he got out because President Trump pardoned him.

Channon: God bless him.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely, but Hillary Clinton, she can commit a crime. The Biden's can commit a crime. I mean, and nothing will happen.

Channon: I'm angry. I'm really angry, and you know what really made me even angrier? Yesterday, when Facebook, Google, and Twitter were on Capitol Hill, I listened to them, and they are pure liars.

Will Johnson: Blatantly lying.

Channon: I mean, there's not a single conservative that's on these platforms that would say, "Oh, yeah, they don't. They don't discriminate against me." They hundred percent discriminate against conservatives.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: How they just sat there so calmly and said, "Well, that's not this policy, and that's something we'll have to look into. That we're going to have to get back to you."

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. You know Senator Ted Cruz, he was drilling Jack Dorsey, but in my opinion, it's two years too late.

Channon: Yeah, they should have done something a long time ago.

Will Johnson: This should have happened a long time ago. They all were aware of what's taking place. Once it happened to The New York Post, then they said, "Okay." I mean, they should have done it when it happened to President Trump the first time. They didn't do it. They weren't trying to do something. I mean, granted, they had a conversation with the big tech companies before, but guess what happened?

Channon: Nothing.

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: See, that's the whole thing. Even Facebook was supposed to come up with this whole body. They actually said they did, come up with this whole separate body of people, that if someone gets kicked off the platform or something happens, they can go and send the account or whatever to be reviewed by these people to see that if they were fair or unfair never heard anything about it.

There's nowhere on Facebook or anywhere where you came even contact that board of people that are supposed to do reviews for people that feel like that they've been basically discriminated against.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: Or treated unfairly.

Will Johnson: Well, the thing is, if you're a conservative and they remove you from the platform, they remove you from the platform because they deemed you as a white supremacist, regardless of your complexion.

That is their motive right now, and they may even go as far as saying what the FBI said, that white supremacists are the biggest threat in the country. False, wrong. I'm a black man. I'm telling you right now. White supremacy is not the biggest threat in this country.

The biggest threat to this country is all of the misleading information. The disinformation that's coming out of the Left is the biggest problem right now. For the past three and a half years, going on four years, look at what the Democrats have done to this nation.

They have the nerve, the audacity to sit there and say that it's President Trump. This is ridiculous.

Channon: Yeah, Philadelphia is happening because of Trump.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and now the big tech companies how they're all in this, you know, helping the Biden's. They're straight-up helping them. They helped Kamal Harris and then these so-called fact-checkers.

Channon: Oh, they're ridiculous.

Will Johnson: They're all left-leaning fact-checkers.

Channon: All of them, every single one of them.

Will Johnson: Yes, they're all left-leaning. None of them. I mean, seriously. "Oh, we have to get the independent fact-checkers to fact check the story from The New York Post before we will allow people to see it."

Channon: There's nothing independent about them.

Will Johnson: I mean, ridiculous. I mean, this is ridiculous. So, let me play a little bit of Senator Ted Cruz, from when he talked on The Hill.

Senator Ted Cruz: I want to thank you, Mr. Chairman, for holding this hearing. The three witnesses we have before this committee today collectively pose, I believe, the single greatest threat to free speech in America and the greatest threat we have to free and fair elections.

Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time speaking with both Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Pichai. I have concerns about the behavior of both of their companies. I would note that Facebook is at the minimum at least trying to make some efforts in the direction of defending free speech.

I appreciate their doing so. Google, I agree with the concerns that Senator Klobuchar raised. I think Google has more power than any company on the face of the planet, and the antitrust concerns are real.

The impact of Google is profound, and I expect we will have continued and ongoing discussions about Google's abuse of that power and its willingness to manipulate search outcomes to influence and change election results.

Will Johnson: You know what, the Democrats and the entire Left they're all happy that the big companies are censoring and are discriminating against conservatives, and they don't even see it that way. They try to say that it's all a conspiracy theory, that these tech companies aren't doing this.

When they are clearly doing it, they're clearly doing it. They're not even hiding the fact that they're doing it and the reason why the Democrats didn't say anything about it is because they want conservatives to be censored. They even go as far as to say that conservatives are not being censored enough.

Channon: Well, there was one nut job getting on there. I didn't get his name. I know you and I were watching it together for a short time yesterday morning, but he was getting on there saying, "This is all a lie. They're not discriminating against anybody.

They're fair. This is just the Republicans basically whining before the election." I'm just sitting here going, "Where's this guy been?" Right? I mean, some of these Democrats, literally, it just shows how detached they are from what's happening in America.

Right? But I think these antitrust protections on these companies should be lifted, and once they're lifted, they can get their butt's sued.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Because right now they're protected.

Will Johnson: If I'm not mistaken, it's Section 230, that they have the ability to have these platforms and do these things and not be considered as a publisher. But they're acting like publishers.

Channon: Oh, one hundred percent.

Will Johnson: They're acting just like a publisher. Then they get to decide what we as a free society, what information we should be able to receive or not receive.

Channon: Yep.

Will Johnson: That is their ultimate goal here, and well, the ultimate goal actually is to get Joe Biden elected. Get him back in the White House.

Channon: Do you really think it's Joe Biden?

Will Johnson: Well, Kamala Harris.

Channon: It's the power machine behind him.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it is.

Channon: I even think they're just puppets.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Because the Democrats just want to be back in power.

Will Johnson: I mean, look at the combination. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. I mean, seriously, look at the combination. Joe Biden didn't pick Kamala Harris. She was selected for him. They said, "This is who you're going to run with."

Channon: She wasn't in favor of him either. Do you remember the election?

Will Johnson: No, yeah.

Channon: I mean, the debate. Yeah, I mean, she hit him hard. She was calling him a racist. She also said that she believes that the woman who came out and said that he sexually harassed she believed them.

Will Johnson: #Ibelievethewoman, #metoo.

Channon: Isn't it funny how.

Will Johnson: Now, all that goes away.

Channon: Yeah, he's the greatest.

Will Johnson: Joke. She's so fake, one hundred percent fake. So, to talk about another subject here and this subject here is like really, a sensitive one for me. There's this movement right now to change who we are as a Christian society in the United States of America.

Channon: Okay, before we do that one more time, I want to give out the phone number if somebody wants to call in and talk to
Will 516-595-8069. Go ahead, Will.

Will Johnson: All right, cool, and also to get the information, send a text to 88202.

Channon: Text WILL to 88202 to get information, notifications of live streams from American Truth Project. They are doing great work over there.

Will Johnson: Yep. The number is 88202. Text WILL, text WILL to 88202.

Channon: Go ahead, Will.

Will Johnson: So, there's this movement right now to where they're trying to say that a lot of Republicans that are Christians are not going to support a particular candidate. They're saying this because - I'll just go ahead and say it - they're saying that they're not going to support President Trump.

Because President Trump, they say, he constantly lies, he doesn't have any morals, but then they don't talk about how Joe Biden is, supporting the removal of the most innocent of us all on the planet. They're all for telling little boys that you don't have to be the way God created you.

Channon: Yeah, I mean, yeah. Go to their website. You can see Biden's all about abortion. He's all about LGBT rights. He's all about the division in America.

Will Johnson: This is what he's about.

Channon: Exactly.

Will Johnson: These are his policies, right?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: This is what they are all about.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: The issue that I have is that now they're trying to say that Christians have to pick between President Trump or pro-death, and some of them have even gone as far as saying, "Well, I have to weigh the two President Trump or pro-death."

They said, "Well, I just don't like President Trump.' So, they're going to go along with pro-death. I'm like, this is insane, the insanity of it all. So, I'm just going to play a little bit of this person who calls themselves a Christian.

Channon: He calls himself an Evangelical.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. Which is a total lie about this person. This person is a straight-up liberal, one hundred percent. So, let me play some of this for you.

Julie: Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm an evangelical Christian, and not enough of us have spoken up about the cost of having supported Trump. In 2016 a lot of us decided to overlook Trump's moral flaws.

We knew of Trump's earlier immorality and that he was cruel. We gave him a pass and told ourselves, well, there are biblical grounds for giving people a second chance.

Now, four years later, we aren't dealing with his personal life issues. We are dealing with presidential corruption that dwarfs the crookedness of Nixon.

Channon: Who's corrupted? Like, what is she even talking about?

Will Johnson: She's making it up.

Julie: Trump will use our Constitution as a nuisance. There has been a steady stream of patriots speaking out. And we can now add Senator Ben Sasse to the list. The conservative senator from Nebraska just said, "Trump's family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity."

By the way, Sasse also said he's mocking the evangelicals behind closed doors. So as Christians, we don't have the leeway to look the other way when we see corruption. Looking the other way is the same as lying.

Channon: Well, they do when it comes to the Biden's, the Biden family.

Julie: Conservative political commentator David French points out that 25 years or so ago, evangelicals were the group that most supported the statement 'Character Matters in Government Officials.'

But now, in current polls, evangelicals are viewed as the least likely to support the statement 'Character Matters in Government Officials.' It is time to clean the house. It is time to correct our mistake and apologize to our country.

Channon: You know what? I'm insulted.

Will Johnson: You know. I mean, seriously, it's just crazy. Now, mind you, the Democrats voted out God during the DNC.

Channon: Yeah, she's talking about character here, talking about we're going to take to the streets, or we're going to cause chaos, especially if Biden doesn't get in. These people Kamala Harris, she's a pillar of morality.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: I mean, give me a break here.

Will Johnson: You know, then Kamala has to try to talk about her faith. I mean, essentially, what is Kamala Harris's faith? Anybody?

Channon: Crickets.

Will Johnson: You know, I need some sounds of some crickets. That's what I am going to put on my soundboard, crickets because I mean, seriously, Kamala Harris, really? Joe Biden, really? They want to remove the most innocent of us all from the planet.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: At an alarming rate and then call it good health care.

Channon: I mean, what kind of person, right, would advocate for a baby not to be born? I don't want to hear this, "Oh, in the case of rape or whatever," that's such a small amount.

Will Johnson: Or incest, the number is so small.

Channon: It's less than one percent. Most abortions are just plain, I made a mistake, and I don't want the baby.

Will Johnson: I don't want to suffer my consequences. I have to look at and take responsibility for my actions.

Channon: Yeah, that's a great character there, too, right?

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: I mean, these people, you know, the sad thing is, is they put it in such terms like we're talking about a character, right? I mean, come on. We're talking about politicians, right?

I mean, we need to look at politicians because we need to look at the policies and what they've done for the people they're representing. That's what we need to look at.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: You know, I mean, they are human beings, they're going to make mistakes, and I feel like what they say sometimes they are not going to like it if they're sleeping around, which, you know, as Christians, we don't care for that.

Or we shouldn't, by the way. But let's be honest, character, I don't think character is really what we need to vote people in.

Will Johnson: I know.

Channon: It might be a false thing. Like we might think that we're voting for great characters like oh, they're a great person because we hear them articulate like Obama. He's very articulate, but we need to look at their actions.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but gentleman, look at President Trump. He had a prayer in the Oval Office. Obama didn't. President Trump said that you should have prayer back in schools.

President Trump: "We don't want to see God forced out of the public square, driven out of our schools or pushed out of our civic lives. We want to see prayers before football games if they want to give prayer."

Channon: That's a great character, right there.

Will Johnson:  Yeah, exactly.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Where is Biden saying this? Where are the Democrats saying this? No, they want to remove God.

Channon: As Christians, let me ask you something. Who did God use? Who is Paul? Was he a man of great character before God decided to use him?

Will Johnson: No, God uses imperfect people.

Channon: Exactly.

Will Johnson: Imperfect people.

Channon: Look at Mary Magdalene.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: Do we see a perfect person?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: Did she have a great character?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: Come on, people.

Will Johnson: He uses imperfect people.

Channon: So, you know why? How come, so we know it's from him.

Will Johnson: So how come he doesn't, I mean, is he using these Democrats too.

Channon: I think they're like the devil in sheep's clothing. You know, like the devil was with Jesus, right?

Will Johnson: He's tired.

Channon: I that what they do. I don't know. It's our opinion.

Will Johnson: That's a very good analogy. But you know what, President Trump, he's the one that is pushing for God to be in schools.

Channon: He is.

Will Johnson: He wants to have religious freedom in the schools.

President Trump: We want all children to have the opportunity to know the blessings of God.

Will Johnson: You hear that? I mean, how many Democrats are you hearing saying that?

President Trump: We want all children to have the opportunity to know the blessings of God.

Will Johnson: None of them are saying that. They want to reject God. They reject God.

Channon: No, they think that if you're out the looting, that you're justified.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Channon: Right?

Will Johnson: Then, on top of that, this is okay for them.

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for Trump or Me, then you ain't black."

Will Johnson: But that's okay because that's just Joe.

Channon: You're not black, Will.

Will Johnson: That's just Joe.

Channon: Will's not black, everybody.

Joe Biden: Come on, man.

Channon: Come on, man.

Will Johnson: That's just Joe.

Joe Biden: Come on, man.

Will Johnson: I mean, come on.

Channon: Come on, man.

Will Johnson: You see, this is what we get, and they give him a pass to say all the racist remarks because you know why? Because he's a Democrat. See, Democrats, they can break the law. Democrats can say despicable things.

Democrats can do anything they want, and you can't say one way or another that they did something wrong. Because then you're the bad guy here, you're the bad guy.

Unknown Speaker: How dare you?

Will Johnson: This is crazy. So, I want to thank everyone for being with us. My name is Will Johnson. My producer is Channon. Please text W-I-L-L to 88202. Do it now, please. Do it now. You get some beautiful information. Y

ou get notifications. You get documentation that won't disappear on you. But again, the number is 88202. Just type in the word WILL. Type the word WILL. It's really, really great. Channon, thank you for being here with me. This is an absolutely wonderful discussion we had. You know what, we're just days away. Four days away, four days, and counting.

Channon: Yes, and Will has voted, and I have voted.

Will Johnson: I'm not going to say who I voted for.

Channon: Why not? Come on, man.

Will Johnson: Come on.

Channon: We know who you voted for.

Will Johnson: No, you don't.

Channon: No, 'you ain't black.'

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for Trump or Me, then you ain't black."

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, I have to hit the button so I can be reminded. I need to be reminded of who I am.

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for Trump or Me, then you ain't black. Come on, man."

Will Johnson: You know this. I really enjoyed having a discussion, and I think a lot of people should really just pay attention to what's going on around them. Don't be afraid. Be mindful of your surroundings and please, you have to exercise your civic duty.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: You have to exercise your civic duty and exercise your civic duty, whatever that may be, whoever it is you decide you're going to vote for, get out and vote.

Channon: You know, that's the one thing about this election, most people have really gotten out there, more than ever before.

Will Johnson: Oh, they said that it looks like it's going to be record-breaking votes for the history of this nation because people see that this election is the most important election this country will ever face.

Channon: Right, and people have been able to mail-in ballots. They've been able to give in two or three weeks ahead of time to find a booth to go vote.

Will Johnson: Yes, with the mask. Anyways, again, sent me a text type, WILL, W-I-L-L, and send it to 88202.

Channon: You can also visit us at Uniteamericafirst.com

President Trump: China.

Will Johnson: God bless everybody. See you next week.

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