The "Jerusalem Jane" Story
The “Jerusalem Jane” Story

Barry Nussbaum live from Jerusalem with “Jerusalem Jane” Kiel, includes insights from her Temple Mount confrontations.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar Predicts The Fall of The Government in…

Dr. Kedar explains why the mullahs’ reign in Iran will not survive, and how close the government almost fell just [...]

The Solutions to the Iranian Threat

Iran only respects a “credible threat”, not a paper tiger. Barry Nussbaum and the esteemed Dr.Mordechai Kedar discuss the Iranian [...]

The Arab Mentality – Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Arab, Islamic and Middle East scholar, Dr. Mordechai Kedar joins Barry Nussbaum to offer insight to the differences in mentality [...]

US Aid To Israel – An INVESTMENT

Barry Nussbaum and former ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses why US foreign aid to Israel is an INVESTMENT that pays huge [...]

100 Years of Israel – Barry Shaw

Author Barry Shaw and Barry Nussbaum discuss the importance of Christian Zionists and Palestinian Jews in liberating the Land of [...]

Israel, The Cradle of Fake News

The Voice of Israel, Danny Seaman explains the origins of ‘Fake News’, and the agenda driven anti-Israel media bias.

Israel’s New Zionists – Barry Shaw

Barry Shaw, author and diplomat, and Barry Nussbaum discuss how Israel’s Druze, Muslims and Christians are a useful tool in [...]