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Cancel Culture Throwing Away Americana


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. It is March 4th, 2021. Thank you for joining us on this special, special live broadcast. In-studio with me is Channon, my producer, and I want to thank Annie, the producer on the other end. Thank you, everyone, for joining us.

But before we get started, do me a favor. Get out your mobile device and type in 88202, send me a text, and just type my name, Will. Channon, if someone wants to give us a call during this awesome broadcast that we have today, what would that number be?

Channon: They can give you a call at 516-595-8069 and press 1 to come on the line.

Will Johnson: Awesome, awesome. Thank you, everybody. Like I said, and guess what? I'm actually awesome. I'm always awesome.

Channon: I was going to say okay, Will's awesome.

Will Johnson: What I was trying to say, not toot my own horn or anything here, but when I was saying it was awesome. I had an awesome opportunity to be able to go to CPAC this year. The first time going to CPAC and listening to President Trump do his speech was phenomenal. But the results that came after that just will blow your mind.
Well, maybe not, because we've seen all of the stuff how the left has gone crazy about it. We're going to talk about that. How the left, big tech machines attack people who produce or show the speech, and we're going to talk about what they did to me before CPAC even started.

So, they're doubling down on trying to suppress and hide information, the facts, and the truth that the American people need to hear. We're going to talk about that and much, much more. So, Channon, one more time, just in case someone missed it. What is that phone number? Because, you know, I like it when they give me a call.

Channon: Yes, you do. The number is 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Good stuff. Good stuff. Okay, look, everybody, I was at CPAC, and of course, me being who I am, I had to go outside, and I had to play with Antifa and BLM. Yeah, I had to go. I had to do it.

Channon: Yeah, he can't help himself.

Will Johnson: Yeah, for those of you that don't know, I am a black male. I'm a black American. I'm just an American basically, but because you know, the left how their all color struck. I am a black male, and I have dreadlocks.

I went over to play with Antifa and BLM to show and expose how idiotic they truly are. Now, the main reason why I do it, because hopefully, just hopefully, I can get one of them to wake up and realize that they are on the wrong seat. They are on the wrong team. They're on the wrong team of humanity, the wrong team of reality, the wrong team of truth and facts.

Channon: Yeah, it's funny. Most people go to CPAC for the speakers, but the highlight for Will is going outside and playing with BLM.

Will Johnson: You know, and I'm ...

Channon: What's wrong with this man?

Will Johnson: I know, right. I'm out there talking to BLM and Antifa, and all of the people that were there were white. It was like no black people, and I'm like, where are the black people?

Channon: Yeah, holding the BLM signs.

Will Johnson: Yeah, one of the Antifa members told me they are at work. They do have to work, and I'm like, wait a minute. Today's Saturday. Are you telling me black people only work on Saturday in Florida? What am I missing here? They stood there and looked at me.

Channon: Right, the funny thing is as the day progressed, you have more conservative black people going over there talking to them, telling them how idiotic BLM is.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Yeah, exactly. There were more of us who love this country and support our President, Donald Trump, and want to keep our freedom. There were more black people, of us, than there were of the BLM.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, it's crazy.

Channon: Right, well, let me ask you about CPAC because there were a lot of people there this year that told you the same story about why they went to see CPAC and what their feelings about the GOP are. So, tell us a little bit about your experience with the people there, their feelings about the Republican Party, and where it's going.

Will Johnson: Well, you know, it's just like what President Trump said when he was on stage. There is going to be a third party. This is Trump's party. The GOP is his party, and I've said this multiple times to a lot of people. Without me being in the back door rooms, me being in a room, you know, behind closed doors deals that the Republicans and the Democrats made right before the election.

But I've been saying this multiple times that I'm willing to bet, and this is leading up to your question here. I'm willing to bet that both the Republicans and the Democrats have these backdoor deals, and the Democrats told the Republicans, hey, if you want your party back, you've got to help us get rid of President Trump.

That's why we have Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and some of these others that did what they did, didn't stand up. Mike Pence didn't stand up to these Democrats and do the right thing. Sure enough, here it happened. They did it, and guess what? The party is not theirs. They're lost. So many people when I was in CPAC say, no, we don't want to have anything to do with the old GOP. The good old party. We want nothing to do with them.

Channon: Well, some of them said they were there to confront the rhinos in the Republican Party.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I talked to this one young man who straight-up told me, he said, you know, I'm here looking for the rhinos. I want to ask these rhinos, why did they stab my President in the back? Why did they stab my President in the back?

And guess what? He was a black man. I couldn't tell you how many times, so many people saying you know what? I'm surprised. Look at all of the black people that are here at CPAC. But let the mainstream media tell it. Let the big tech companies push it and allow the people out in the streets. Antifa and BLM will say that everybody in there is white supremacists, which is a total lie.

Channon: Right. Interesting, there's a lot of younger people there as well.

Will Johnson: Oh, yes, absolutely it was a lot, right? It was a lot. Because you know what? Younger people recognize what the Democrat Party has done and even the Republicans, not all of them, naturally. But there's a great deal that is recognizing and say this is stupid. This is stupid what the GOP has done. It's completely idiotic, 100 % hands down.

Channon: Yeah, sure is. Before we get into the topic of our show, Cancel the Culture of Americana. We have a caller on the phone, Roger from L.A. What you got for us?

Roger: How's it going, guys? Roger from L.A. How is everyone?

Channon: Going good.

Will Johnson: Good, thanks for calling, Roger.

Roger: Yeah, you know, a little bit off-topic, I wanted to ask you guys about Texas opening up the economy with Greg Abbott's bold and, I would say, very smart move to not only open up but to omit the criteria of masks. Things that I think we should normalize as it was prior to COVID.

That's a great step, and I hope that other states follow suit. Do you guys anticipate, and I want to pick your brains if other states do that in turn, before the year's over, especially the liberal far-left states like California and New York?

Channon: Right, it's interesting it's happening here in Texas. Will, you want to talk about it first, and then I'll give you, my opinion.

Will Johnson: Sure, and I don't think to be honest with you, Roger, I don't consider that off-topic. That's part of them canceling our culture. That's part of them wanting to change the structure of the United States of America.

Channon: Create the new norm, right?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They're following their orders from, in my opinion, the CCP. The Communist Chinese Party and the fact that Governor Abbott is opening up Texas saying no more masks, no more going on with the CCP is wonderful. This is what we need. This is what needs to take place, and, of course, you have liberal businesses that are still going to force everyone to go along with the CCP.

Of course, Biden, he's going along with the CCP as well. But as far as other states, look at Florida. Florida is a prime example of why personally, the masks should be removed.

Channon: South Dakota, too, right. I think they removed the masks as well.

Will Johnson: South Dakota, yes, I mean, Roger, you see it, too, right? We all see it.

Roger: Yeah.

Channon: And they haven't had a huge uptick in cases either. I have to say. We do live around the Austin area. Unfortunately, there's a lot of liberals roaming the streets here. So, on Facebook, we've seen a huge backlash against Abbott and removing the mask mandate. A lot of companies still are going to require it.

So, it's one of those things where even though Abbott has lifted it. You still have to wear them in Wal-Mart. You still have to wear it in Target. There are some grocery stores like HCB. I don't know where you're at or if you've heard about it. Where they say we want you to wear it, but we're not going to force you to wear it. So, there's still a battle to be won.

Will Johnson: Let me say this, then we will let Roger come in here. Because of what I see happening, where I see what is going to take place, rather. Is that these businesses that go along and say you're free to breathe air, don't try to choke yourself out any longer you're going to have these liberal activists protesting in front of the business?

Channon: Well, we also have that. That's the other part I was going to say. There are lawsuits against Abbott to put it back in place. There's also a taunting. You know how liberals are, right? Like, oh, well, if you don't respect me, only people who don't respect others are going not to wear their mask.

Only people that don't care about others are not going to wear them. There's this whole taunting thing that the left does, right. Then the right is like, hey, listen, wear your mask if you want to wear your mask. Like nobody's stopping you. Nobody's forcing you to go out in public. So, there is still a little fight here.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Roger: I agree, and I'd say 65 to 75% of those, especially the liberals you say in Austin and all that. I think the majority of them, more than half, is only saying that not because of health reasons, but because when they situated themselves and adapted to this, you know, work from home or, wearing a mask, maybe their situation just improved.

I'm not saying that for some people, it did not. But for many, it did change the perspective of the work-life balance. The working from home and doing all this, they've been able to manage it in contentment.

They have adapted to it, and so now they're just basically saying, you know what? We should just keep this going for the rest of whatever, eternity, which is still, I think, is the wrong thing because you're still doing a disservice to your children. I mean, for them to wear a mask at a young age.

I want to bring this up. What happens to even two-year-old’s, like I have a toddler? What happens to two or three-year-old’s, their lungs are developing, and yet they're forced to have to wear a mask. I mean, it's just disgusting, and that's what triggers my hate.

Channon: Did you hear about that flight where a family had an 18-month-old and everybody on the plane chanted because the airlines kicked them off the plane?

Roger: Terrible for you to think that is what your job is.

Channon: The parents were both wearing masks, but they refused to put them on their 18-month-old.

Roger: That's terrible.

Channon: It is terrible. They intimidate us, and they make it sound like, oh, you're hurting me by not wearing your mask. They don't care about hurting others, shutting down businesses, hurting others by, you know, because there are consequences to not wearing a mask.

They've even said in hospitals that they're concerned that a lot of people haven't gotten health care, like they should have pre-screenings, like for cancer, stuff like that because of the viruses. So, they're going to see an uptick of that as soon as everything opens up.

These people are going to come in, and now they're going to be at a different level or stage they would have been before. We've seen children across America committing suicide and getting dissocialized even more than they were before. They don't care about all those consequences. Right?

Roger: Yes.

Channon: They care about the mask that is 99.9% not needed.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh, you got anything else for us, Roger?

Roger: Yeah, Gavin Newsom had a little deal, did he not, with some offshore Chinese companies for masks for over a billion dollars or so. I mean, come on, get real.

Channon: Then they didn't even meet the standard for masks. So, China ended up refunding them part of the money. But they still got those masks and still distributed them. It's ridiculous.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Thank you so much for the call, Roger.

Roger: Thanks for having me. Thanks. Bye.

Will Johnson: All right, Take care. You know, it's very interesting because I've already started to see people, especially on social media, complaining about Texas not going along with the CCP any longer, and they're fighting tooth and nail to get all of us to comply with something that we shouldn't have to.

Channon: Biden said that Abbott was, what was it? Something about a Neandertal. I don't know. He was trying to insult Abbott in the state of Texas because they're not following along with the mask mandate. It's crazy to me.

Will Johnson: It's ridiculous. Go along with the CCP, or we're going to come after you.

Channon: Well, then what happened with some illegals actually in the news where 108 illegals tested positive for the COVID virus have been released into the state.

Will Johnson: Isn't that convenient?

Channon: Yeah, isn't that convenient. They said, “Oh, but we told them to quarantine.” Okay.

Will Johnson: It's stupid, it's 100% stupid.

Channon: Yeah.

Wil Johnson: You know, let's get to something else that is absolutely stupid as well, and that is what the left is doing. I can't help but think this. I don't know about any of you out there but have any of you researched history. You know, like when I was younger, and before we had the Internet the way it is. I was just channel surfing, flipping through; every now and then, I would fall on the History Channel.

Every single time I fall on the History Channel, and they were talking about Germany in the 1930s. I was glued to the tube. This was an actual monster on the planet.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Doing horrific, horrible things to people.

Channon: And wondering how could that possibly happen.

Will Johnson: Yes. How could it possibly happen?

Channon: How can you have the police, and how could you have the media and everybody manipulating the population? Yet here we are.

Will Johnson: Yep. It's history repeating itself, 100%.

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: Just like then, it was the leftists that did it to a certain group of people during the 1930s in Germany. It's the leftists today doing it to another certain group of people in the United States of America. What is that group of people?

Okay, originally it was Jewish people in the 1930s in Germany. It was the Nazis that were doing it. I mean, that's the history. You have leftists today that would deny that even took place. Can you believe it? That's the stupidity of them.

Channon: Well, they say it's not the same.

Will Johnson: No, no, no, what I'm saying is that you have leftist today that deny what happened to the Jews people in the 1930s. They say it never took place during the war.

Channon: I haven't heard that before, but I'll tell you what we know there's a lot of things that are being canceled and changed here in America. One of them is we just had read across America this week it's a big week for Dr. Seuss's books.

This week we found out that last year Dr. Seuss had canceled six of its books because they said they were offensive or put a certain character in a bad light. There's a huge backlash because Dr. Seuss, I mean, come on.

Who didn't want a Dr. Seuss book when they're in elementary school? I sure wanted one, and when I remember, they were expensive, right? So, I didn't get one.

Will Johnson: I remember, even in grade school, Dr. Seuss. When the teacher would sit down or read the Cat in the Hat, etc., all of us kids were like, yes, give us more, give us some more.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: But one of the books that they banned, you know, I guess the one that they're attacking right now.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: It is Put Me in the Zoo, that is just one of them. I wonder if I can; if I may, I would like to read some of this to you. I'm not going to read the whole thing, but I'm just going to read this a little bit—just a small portion of it.

Then I will stop where it gets real offensive to the left. Okay, that's where I want to stop, but in the beginning, it says:

“I will go into the Zoo. I want to see it. Yes, I do.” This is a poke-a-dot bear that's going into the Zoo. Once the bear gets in a zoo, there's a lion getting his nails done and his hair clipped. The lion is just smiling. The bear is looking around and is just a happy, poke-a-dot bear.

Then it goes on to say, “I would like to live this way. This is where I want to stay.” Then he walks up to, looks like maybe two security guards. They got a zoo on there, and they're cleaning up and moving hay and helping out whatever, what have you.

The bear said to the two of them, “Will you keep me in the Zoo? I want to stay here with you.” Next thing you know, the next page, consists of pages 14 and 15 of this particular book that I'm looking at, and this is Put Me in the Zoo.

It says, “We do not want you in a zoo. Out you go, out, out with you.” This is where it becomes a problem for the left. These particular pages, 14 and 15, are where it becomes a problem. Why is it a problem? Because it shows two white males who appear to look like they are in police uniforms carrying the bear out, throwing him out of the zoo.

The bears upset, but the real catcher is two white police officers, which is what it looks like. They see this as a major problem—the whole lesson here is law and order. You can't just go somewhere and stay there. You have to follow the law. You have to obey the law, but they don't care about that.

That's where the problem comes in. There's nothing wrong with the story, nothing wrong with the book.

Channon: Look, I think it's dangerous when instead of using okay, let's say that there was a bad character, right?

Will Johnson: But they are saying the bad character here are the two white police officers.

Channon: Right. Well, I'm talking about all the books in general.

Will Johnson: But this particular book here.

Channon: We're talking about eliminating books because there's a bad character.

Will Johnson:  Nazi Germany.

Channon: Shouldn't we use that as an opportunity to talk about that situation rather than just completely ...

Will Johnson: Cancel it.

Channon: Cancel it? Because you cannot learn from something unless there's something to learn from, right?  Just like in life, we often learn from our mistakes, correct?

Will Johnson: Well, it goes right along with George Floyd. Instead of everyone saying, hey, do we have a problem here? Let's address the problem. Let's get everyone to come together. Instead, they created more division and went out and burnt up half the country in the past six months; in the name of justice.

Channon: I think we have to be careful that we don't teach our children to the point where we're not teaching them how to deal with the real world. Unfortunately, when you get out in the real world, there are going to be plenty of people you don't like.  You don't like their character.

They're going to offend you somehow. That's just life. It's been like that from the beginning of time. Evil is here, and bad things are going to happen to people. We need to teach people how to handle those situations rather than just completely eliminate them.

You know, let's just change the world and hope those things don't happen to people. It's going to happen, right? When I read Dr. Seuss, it dealt with life with a sense of humor. There was always a lighthearted lesson in it. I didn't find them offensive.

Just like what we have now. In addition to Dr. Seuss's books, we have Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Where Hasbro has made the decision that the word Mr. and Mrs. in front of Potato Head could possibly offend someone. I can't imagine because there are Mr. and Mrs. in the world. You're not going to get away from it.

There are men and women. There are married couples. We address them by Mr. and Mrs. To be clear, they are still going to have the potatoes, and they're going to have male parts, and they're going to have female parts. But they're also going to add where there are now possibly two Mrs. Potato heads together as for two moms and two dads. But they're not offended by them...

Will Johnson: They, them…

Channon: their ...

Will Johnson: other, us ...

Channon: Right. Only Mr. and Mrs. are offensive to them, like, oh, we can offend you with those words. I don't understand. It's not offensive, right?

Will Johnson: What gets me is that look, here it is. You have a male, you have a female, okay? It's been like this since the beginning of time. Boy meets girl. Girl and boy fall in love, and they make babies, right? That's the way it's been from the beginning in time.

Channon: And that's most of our population.

Will Johnson: That's the way it is. It's still the same way.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You know, in order to populate a location, the boy has to meet the girl. But anyway, they are saying that Mr. and Mrs. are bad, but they create multiple genders. You're going to have a whole bunch of genders. I think the last time, it was up to 78 different ones. But girl, man, woman, boy ...

Channon: Are offensive.

Will Johnson: Are offensive. But not all the other ones they're creating because they're saying they are inclusive. They say be inclusive, at the same time, they're excluding a man. What it is to be a man and a woman. What it is to be a woman.

They're excluding all of it. To my understanding, a lot of this took place during the 1930s in Germany. They have to discredit what people are. So, then when they finally start attacking people for certain things, everyone else was like, yes.

Yes, we got to get rid of them and remove them from society because they are a problem. We're repeating history here, people, and it's being driven again by, who? The left.

Channon: We are causing massive confusion for children in general. Most children identify as female or male, Mr., Mrs., girl or boy, however, you want to say it. So, when we start to tell them that, oh, wait a minute, don't call yourself that.

Are we not causing more of a problem in society? Are we not causing more confusion in America? Listen, we have in California where they're trying to pass, where businesses can no longer have separated boy sections and girl sections.

If you do not mix them together and call it the kids' department, you can now be fined. How is that not confusing? I'll tell you what, I asked my son. Son, how would you like to go to this department and find a girl's dress as one of your choices to wear.

He said, oh, heck no. But we're raising our children to say there are things going on in their heads that they're not quite understanding. We are causing more confusion, not less confusion here in America.

Will Johnson: I think that's the idea. That's by design because they want to change the minds of children to get children to believe that the way they were created wasn’t already good. They're starting earlier or rather just starting younger and younger with these children because they want the children to grow up to become our age or when they become 20, 21, etc.

They can say it's always been this way, and anyone else to say; otherwise, they're just hateful when that's not even the case. It's not even the case, but, yeah, just like you mentioned in California. They're talking about a $1,000 fine because they have a boy section and a girl section. So, I guess we just put the underwear next to the panties?

Channon: Boxers.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously. Then let the child walk up to them. What one do you want to pick, Jimmy?

Channon:  Right, you can pick the boys or the girls.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously.

Channon: It's okay.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I mean, it's disturbing.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: It's disturbing. The reason why boxers are made a certain way for males is that they're physically different. I mean, seriously. There's a reason why females have panties the way they are is because males and females are just physically different. But you know what I see taking place?

A business in California that gets hit with any of this insanity. The stupidity where you have the government telling the businesses how to operate and run their business. That's the disgusting part.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: Businesses are going to leave California even more than they already have.

Channon: Right. I mean, one thing that is very appealing to businesses right now is the fact that states like Florida and Texas have removed the mask mandates. Not only have they removed the mask mandate, but they've allowed them to open up to 100% capacity. If I were a restaurant owner, do you not want every seat filled, or do you only want 25% of your restaurant filled?

Will Johnson: You want everything.

Channon: You want it opened up, right?

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: You want to fill those seats so you can make money because you have overhead costs, employees to pay, and so on. Not only that, but they want us now to pay $15 an hour to some of these employees. You can't do it at 25% capacity, so many businesses have had to close. So, yeah, if I were living in California, it'd be appealing for me to go to Florida or Texas.

Will Johnson: Yes, exactly. So, let me change it up just a little bit here.

Channon: Change it up.

Will Johnson: Because this is something from Joe Biden where he's taking some questions. So, it's a really short clip. Okay, this is a response to Joe Biden taking a question. Okay, you ready for it? Are you ready for it? I don't hear you.

Channon: Do you have another question?

Will Johnson: Let's just hear what he has to say. It doesn't matter what the question is.

Channon: Okay, yeah, okay.

Will Johnson: It doesn't really matter. Let's hear how he answers the question.

Channon: Okay.

Joe Biden: Do the many more things we know we have to do. So, I want to thank you all. I really mean it. I want to thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do next. Whatever you want me to do.

Will Johnson: And then they cut the feed.

Channon: Oh, really?

Will Johnson: And then they cut the feed.

Channon: Because, you know, he has to be prepared. He's not taking questions if he's not prepped.

Will Johnson: He was going to take questions. When he said, I'm going to take questions. I mean, seriously, he's not coherent, right? So, he goes on and says, I'll take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do. He's the President. How does he not know? Then they cut the feed. Like no, we are not taking any questions. America is in trouble.

Channon: We know that.

Will Johnson: America is in trouble.

Channon: Do you know why we're in trouble? Because we have legislation like H.R.1 being passed in the House today. Right? It's crazy to me. This H.R.1 which we've seen lots of scary legislation in America, but this H.R.1, this voting bill.

It is crazy. It is going to usher in the opportunity for Democrats to become the one political party in America. They want to eliminate conservatives or any other ideology here in America. This basically ushers it in. It's pretty crazy. It has everything to do with redistricting. Creating different voting districts, which, of course, you know, and whoever's in control of the House is who gets to determine a lot of these rules.

So, of course, the Democrats are going to do it in their favor. Right? It blows me away that people are not paying attention to what the Democrats are doing. Today the Democrats also in the Senate because it's 50 / 50 now in the Senate. So, they passed the 1.9 trillion dollars ...

Will Johnson: Stimulus.

Channon: Stimulus, because Kamala Harris, of course, has the deciding vote, in the end, because it was a tie.

Will Johnson: And it was crazy that the stimulus didn't even go for COVID relief.

Channon: It's absolutely ridiculous. If you look at most of that package, it has nothing to do with COVID relief.

Will Johnson: Nothing.

Channon: It has to do with a lot of their agenda. A lot of helping other countries and people in the Democrat Party are like, oh, this is okay with me. It went from $2,000 for households that needed help.

To what is it? Was it $600? I know $600 was the last amount that I heard. It might have been $1,200. It might have gone up to $1,200 for families and $600 for, I don't even know.

In any case, there's very little relief for Americans recovering from COVID. The package is not about that, and see, that's what they do. With these bills, they call it something like, oh, you know, COVID stimulus package, but when you get to the meat of these bills that they're passing it has nothing to do with the feel-good title. It has to do with their agenda.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: What they want, how they want to destroy America, that's what it is. So, you have to pay attention. But so many people are triggered emotionally, right? They don't dig in deep into what is in these packages. I think when it gets to the Senate, they were talking they were going to do a full reading of the H.R.1. It's like 600 pages.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I think they should do it anyway because, unfortunately, a lot of these people have passed these bills; in the end, we hear that they don't even know everything that was in them.

Will Johnson: That's by design as well. But, you know, I've had conversations with people in my nightly broadcast when I take phone calls, and I was telling people if they get what they want, they're going to try to do away with the Electoral College.

They're going to try to make it to where another Republican never, ever a least of a decent president like President Trump never, ever set foot in the White House doors. That’s their goal. People would call me and say, “Will, you're saying it, but it's unconstitutional.”

It will never happen. Yet they are making laws that are unconstitutional, and who's to stop them?

Channon: Oh, absolutely. They found a lot of loopholes to go around the conservatives to get what they want. They could care less about what's constitutional. They could care less about tradition. They could care less if we want to talk about Americana.

They could care less about what the foundation of America was about, and they could care less about our Constitution. It's really scary. If you listen on a daily basis to everything that they're doing to America, it's scary. It's going to get to the point where it's so bad that these people are going to turn around and go, oh, I didn't know, right?

Until it slams them in the face, until it affects their family, and then there's going to be a deeper regret here in America.

Will Johnson: I mean, I think there's a whole bunch of people already in deep regret. Look at what happened to the XL pipeline. Thousands of jobs, squashed in day one, thousands, and then turn around and help the Taliban with their pipeline? So, it just tells me ...

Channon: Biden is like it's the greatest thing for you guys, but it's terrible for us.

Will Johnson: Exactly, President Trump said, ‘America First,’ and the Democrats say, ‘America Last.’ Seriously, when do we get it? When do we get it? But there are some Democrats that are starting to realize, starting to pick up on it and say, “Hey, you know what?

This is not right. I thought it was going to be different. Where's our liberal utopia?” This is your liberal utopia. Destroy everything, even your families, because once they're done with us, they're coming for you. They're coming for you. So, if someone wants to give us a call, we are at the bottom of the hour. What is that phone number?

Channon: The number is 516-595-8069 and press 1 to come online with us.

Will Johnson: Okay, one more time just in case they were not ready and they didn't have a pen and paper. I was like, oh, let me get a pen and paper, let me get a pen. Every time I heard that when I listened to the radio, and I'm like, I don't have time to get a pen and paper.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson:  One more time. What's that number?

Channon: It is 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: Awesome, good deal, good deal. So, let me say this, the day I went to CPAC. I did a small video the night before. It was Wednesday, and CPAC started that Thursday. So, I did a small video saying thank you to everyone to help me get to CPAC and to American Truth Project. To say thank you, etc., etc.

Well, the next day, the very next day, they went through and said that I went against some community guidelines. As if I was saying that I was putting out medical misinformation. Now, I've never claimed to be a doctor. When I talk about stuff in my nightly broadcast, I give a lot of stuff based on just my opinion.

As of today, you can't even have your opinion. You can't have your opinion unless it lines up with their opinion. It is insane.

Also, other groups showed, like Right Side Broadcasting, OAN, and a few others that aired President Trump, when he was speaking, which was a phenomenal speech, a phenomenal speech. Some of these YouTube channels aired it on their channel.

YouTube has either taken their videos down or suspended their accounts for a week or two weeks simply because it was President Trump. If anyone out there heard President Trump's speech. Not a single time to President Trump call for violence.

Not a single time did President Trump incite violence. President Trump did tell the truth 100%, and they hate it. I mean, they're going after channels that were showing information, showing the news. They don't even give their opinion about it. They just showed it.

Channon: Yeah. Yeah, it's ridiculous. Once again, part of that canceled culture. Hey, Will, I have a question for you. So, I just read a disturbing article, but I want your opinion on it. So, this happened yesterday. Biden announces all bombs used in the Middle East will be purchased from black-owned businesses.

Will Johnson: What? So, if I set up a bomb manufacturer, they have to purchase it for me?

Channon:  Yeah, because you're black. So, Listen, it was a Zoom meeting that was in front of mainly white journalists, and this is the quote from Biden. Listen to this:

"Hey, folks, here's the deal. We got to drop some bombs. We just do. That's how things are," Biden said. "We have all these extra bombs lying around collecting dust, and we have to drop them on those over there who, as intelligence is telling us, are bad people. They are bad people, folks. We got to bomb them."

I'm going to keep going. Then he says, "But we're going to purchase all our future bombs from some clean," listen, "we're going to purchase them from some clean, articulate black business owners who make bombs. It's just the right thing to do." How insulting is that?

Will Johnson: What are they going to go to Chicago and get them?

Channon: Apparently not, because they have to be clean and articulate.

Will Johnson: Oh, clean and articulate, like Obama was?

Channon: But it's weird because it's like he has to say, it's going to be a special group of black people, right? They're not going to be your average black people. It's going to be the clean, articulate ones. I'm sorry it's not funny because ...

Will Johnson: It's not funny is really completely stupid.

Channon: It's kind of interesting how he's already surrendered to the fact that we're about to start bombing some people in the Middle East, right? If Trump did that in any sort of a news conference, just so passively, the media would have been all over him.

Most leftists are very anti-war, so I'm confused on how they could support Biden doing this. But second of all, I'm serious; Will isn't that insulting the way he said it? I'm blown away.

Will Johnson: You know what? Everything that Biden says is insulting to the black community. But like I said multiple times, you have a lot of black people that support Biden—thinking that Biden is going to take care of them the same way the big man in the slave house can take care of the slave masters back in the day.

They think that the big man is going to take care of them. It's the same thing, the same mindset. They still believe it.

Channon: Let me ask you this. Would he ever have to clarify that, hey, listen, I'm going to do business with some white people? They are going to be clean and articulate white people, though.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness, just imagine.

Channon: Right, it's like, not your average black person.

Will Johnson: If he were to say that they have to be clean and articulate white people. They'd say, wait a minute, are you saying that black people are not clean and articulate? But because he's the race that he is, he can say this about black people, and guess what? Guess what is going to happen? Nothing, nada, zero.

Channon: Why do you have to clarify that? You will never clarify if a white person is clean and articulate. You can never do that. You would say, listen, we're doing business with this company because of this, this, this and that, right? You don't say we're going to go to the special group of black people. It's not your average black person. It's your clean, articulate ones. I'm so like, what?

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: I would be insulted if I was a black person. I'm just saying. I would be like, you’re saying the rest of us may not be clean and articulate? Right? I don't know, Will, I don't know. I just read that, and it just blew me away, both the statements together.

I mean, putting what he said together was completely ignorant. It was scary, and maybe that's the same press conference where he said, “Okay, am I going to take questions?” They are like, you already very said enough dumb stuff. We are going to cut you off.

Will Johnson: Yeah, yeah. Okay, you know, enough. Enough, enough already. Enough already, we've got to stop it. We've got to stop it.

Channon: Oh, my gosh, this is funny. The article goes on to say, unfortunately, it was later discovered that there are no black businesses in the country that make bombs for the U.S. military. Biden says, “Ah-man, that's too bad.”

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: Oh, my goodness, I'm like, is this a joke?

Will Johnson: You know, what? It's almost as bad as Biden saying, okay, you know, we're going to only supply chicken to these countries, and it's only going to come from black people cooking the chicken. This is stupidity. The dude is not completely there. His mind is gone. He's so idiotic. It's unbelievable that this man, Vice President Biden, is actually in the White House.

Channon: Hey, Kamala Harris is a clean and articulate black person. That's why she got the job.

Will Johnson: But she's not black.

Channon: He said I have one stipulation for my V.P. pick. She has to be a clean and articulate black person.

Will Johnson: When she's not even black, but he goes along with it because he was told she was.

Channon: Yeah, well, you know, she's identifying, Will. You know this is how the left works. All they have to do is identify, and we're good, like we're good.

Will Johnson: Just identify.

Channon: Identity.

Will Johnson: It is remarkable. It's amazing the stupidity we see in this country, and when does it end?

Channon: I feel sorry for our children.

Will Johnson: When does it end? The children, the grandchildren of this nation, and you know, what's really disturbing is that people today, we're looking at it, and we're laughing at the stupid stuff that they're doing.

Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head and you can't even say a joke. There's a meme online; someone posted it and shared it. They got fact-checked on Dr. Seuss's meme. Let me pull it up here. Let me read some of this to everyone listening right now because you got to see this. I posted this on Fascistbook, I'm sorry, on my Facebook page. I posted this on there, and it's not even a point about the poem itself. They fact-check it to this extent.

This is what the poem says: “I do not like this Biden twit. I don't like him even one bit. I don't like his creepy stare. He often makes me want to swear.”

So, it's a long poem, right?

Channon: It's a made-up poem.

Will Johnson: It's a made-up poem with Biden in it. Get this, get this. These leftists’ fact-checkers said that this is misleading content. It's a made-up poem. How is it misleading? It's made up. So, when I first saw it, you had it on your mobile device.

I said, you know I got to take a screenshot. I'm going to repost it. I'm going to share it. This is what I said.  So, is this fact-checked because this is not a real actual Dr. Seuss poem, question mark? Because we all know it's factual that Biden is a twit. That's what I put at the top of the comment.

Well, guess what? I shared that: of them fact-checking it. I took a screenshot, and then the fact-checkers went and fact-checked the fact-checks of the picture that I posted that was fact-checked. Their reasoning for doing it is because they said that Biden never canceled Dr. Seuss. Nowhere does it say anything about Biden canceling anything. It only talks about Biden being a twit.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But where do they get it? So, they're making stuff up in their head. Oh, Biden never said cancel, Dr. Seuss. No one is suggesting in this that Biden is canceling Dr. Seuss.

Channon: Yeah, I don't know where that came from because literally, it says that it was the publisher's choice to unpublish those books. In fact, they did it last year.

Will Johnson: But where are they getting that Biden did? What are you talking about Biden canceled Dr. Seuss? No one thought about that. See, the fact-checkers make up a lie. They put out a lie and say, okay, because this is not the lie that we want. This is not factual. It's a made-up poem.

Channon: We know they can't take a joke.

Will Johnson: It's ridiculous, but the sad thing is they're doing it with this, which is meaningless. There's nothing there.

Channon: Well, that's a joke. Jokes are meaningless too.

Will Johnson: That's basically what this is.

Channon: A kind of sarcasm.

Will Johnson: Sarcasm, it's a joke. No one said that this is factual information, none of that. They got butthurt because they are calling Biden a twit, which we all know is factual. That he is a twit, they go on fact-checking, saying that he was trying to cancel Dr. Seuss.

No one said that. As I said, the disturbing part is they make up whatever they want and associate it with it and say it's not factual. Like, you see a jeep going down the street. The Jeep has big tires on it, and they go, oh, wait a minute, this is not factual because you didn't say the color of the Jeep.

That's where we are headed. That's where we are. It's discussing, or they will say it is not factual because you didn't say the Jeep was going east, west, north, or south. You didn't say that. You left that detail out.

Channon: That's something totally different. I mean ...

Will Johnson: That's how stupid it is. That's just how far they're going.,

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Then, on top of that, as I said, they put a fact-check on the post that I shared where they fact-checked it.

Channon: Yeah, Will is really disturbed by the fact-checking and the fact-checkers.

Will Johnson: You know what? They're all left-leaning fact-checkers. You can put the truth out there. You can put a joke out there, and they fact-check the joke.

Channon: We know that. Just like you were saying how Right Side Broadcasting got their YouTube suspended over the fact that they broadcasted Trump's speech, not that Trump said anything inaccurate. They just don't like it. Jokes, if Biden is the butt of the joke, they don't like it, and they will take it down or somehow stop it from getting momentum. That's how it is.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he is the butt of the joke.

Channon: Well, it's easy. I mean ...

Will Johnson: He makes it easy. He makes it easy, and these Democrats make it easy right along with them. Then they try to do everything they can to cover up the stupidity. I mean, what is wrong with our society, and when I was out there at CPAC, which I did have a good time because I talked to some politicians.

I had a great opportunity to talk to Matt Gates, which was pretty awesome. I even talked to a person that I'd known for a while, Kevin Jackson, another awesome one, and I talked to people there in general. But when I was outside talking to BLM, they said that constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters, are terrorizing people.

I said, give me an example, and they bring up January 6th, which is a total lie. They have amnesia so bad they forget that they burnt up about a billion dollars of property damage.

Channon: Well, nobody told them that Antifa is bad, BLM is bad. They only heard that Trump is bad and Trump supporters are bad.

Will Johnson: They don't realize that BLM is doing the exact same thing the Brown Shirts did in the 1930s in Germany. I told this one Antifa guy, and he just looked at me. ‘What are you talking about?’ I said, “Do you not even know history?”

I said, “Have you not seen Portland? Have you not seen Seattle? Have you not seen Oregon? Have you not seen Berkeley? Have you not seen New York? Have you not seen L.A.? Have you not seen Chicago where Antifa and BLM come in, and they burn stuff up, and they terrorize people based on their beliefs?”

I said, “How many times have you seen a person wearing a Biden shirt walking down the street getting attacked by a constitution, a.k.a. Trump supporter? How many times?”

Channon: Oh my gosh.

Will Johnson: None, zero, nada, zilch.

Channon: You know what, Will? I'm sorry. I know we're changing subjects left and right, but I just pull up this article on Epic Times. Listen to this. Dr. Seuss esteemed area at Universal Orlando under evaluation after books yanked.

It says Universal Studios Orlando is assessing the future of a play area named after one of Dr. Seuss's books. It was discontinued from publication a week ago. Now, you tell me how harmful and hurtful is the play area going to be that Dr. Seuss themed? Give me a break, right?

Will Johnson: Well, it wasn't an issue when Michelle Obama had them all dressed up with Dr. Seuss in the White House. When Obama was in office, it wasn't an issue then.

Channon: Right. The publisher said, “Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan.” Listen to his broader plan ‘to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises catalog represents and supports all communities and all families.’ You know what that means, folks?

Will Johnson: Hum.

Channon: You know what that means?

Will Johnson: It's sickening what they're doing.

Channon: That means they're going to start doing the two moms or two dads. They're going to start, you know, just like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, probably remove any Mr. and Mrs. from their books. Maybe add some them, there, they, thee, thy, tho, hum. I can't even think of 78 different versions of families.

Will Johnson: The last time I looked, it was up to 78 and which is crazy, like I mentioned earlier. Mr. and Mrs. they're the ones that are bad, but all the rest that they make up those are okay. Those are just fine. They encourage everyone to go along with those but Mr. and Mrs. those are bad.

Channon: What's our real focus here in America. We're looking at removing or eliminating a Dr. Seuss playground? I'm sure the kids don't care what head is on top of that swing set or that slide that they're about to go down. But yeah, we have Nicki Minaj basically having oral sex on T.V., and she gets an award, right?

All of America praises her. She was actually on the campaign road for Biden. That's okay, the people that we want to promote—sexual, dirty, the nastiness of the world. Fornication and everything else is okay with the left, but, oh my goodness, some of these Dr. Seuss books are so offensive.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: What is wrong with America?

Will Johnson: It's not just America. It's the world.

Channon: It is the world, but I only care about America right now.

Will Johnson: Yeah, well, you know, my motto is Unite America First. Because we need to get our house in order first before we start fixing everyone else, but the Democrats say ‘America Last’ and help everyone else first. I mean, they don't understand. I guess they have never been on an airplane.

Channon: I mean, Hasbro and Dr. Seuss Enterprises need to hear from the American people.

Will Johnson: Oh, they are they going to.

Channon: They really need to hear it.

Will Johnson: They are going to because I'm pretty sure they're going to lose a lot of sales from this.

Channon: I mean, I don't know. I just ...

Will Johnson: Then again, they might not. Then again, they may not. Look what Nike did. Nike, when they were trying to say President Trump was racist, which was totally not true, and then they turn around and, you know, supporting the whole CCP. What happened with them?

Their sales went through the roof because they were saying ‘America Last.’ They were bashing America even. Their sales went through the roof. The sales went through the roof because of other sales outside of the nation.

Channon: A lot of people worldwide, that's true.

Will Johnson: See what a lot of people don't know, especially with the big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They're willing to remove American citizens from the platform. Why is that? Because the CCP told them, without me even being there, it's quite obvious.

If you want to come into our market, you have to apply our policies to the American people on your platform, and they're like, okay, we can do that. You see, they're willing to lose a couple billion here in America because they're going to gain four times, ten times more because it was 300 million here and a billion-plus in China alone.

So, they're about to go into a bigger market. So, the money that they'll lose here in America. So what? We'll lose it. But we are about the gain more. For them, it's about the bottom line. It's about the mighty dollar, and they're willing to crush us just to get to it. They don't even realize that they're making a deal with the devil.

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: They're making a deal with the devil.

Channon: Right. Yeah, and our children and our nation are going to pay for it, unfortunately.

Will Johnson: Yes, our children, our nation, are going to be the ones that are going to. It's not even a benefit, but they're going to be the ones that are going to wonder what happened to us, what happened to our nation. All right, everybody.

Thank you so much for being with us. Next Thursday, we will be here, 4:00 Central, 4:00 Central. I want to thank everyone for joining us, and don't forget. Send me a text. Type my name in. Send a text two 88202 again, 88202. Thank everybody, and we will see you next Thursday.

Channon: God bless.

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