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Britain Slapped With Crazy COVID Lockdown


Barry Nussbaum: Hello. Welcome to ATP Report. It is the Katie Barry show. I am being joined by my esteemed colleague from across the ocean far away in Great Britain. The famous and irreplaceable Katie Hopkins, good afternoon.

Katie Hopkins: Hello to you, Barry. I speak to you from a very, very distraught U.K. where Boris Johnson has just locked us all down once again.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, before I ask you about what happened over there. If you have not already subscribed to our free text message alert system, I want to remind our viewers to text the word TRUTH to 88202, and you will be automatically subscribed.

You will get all of our shows and everything else on your cell phone absolutely free. So, Katie, what did your old friend, Boris Johnson, the prime minister of Great Britain, do?

Katie Hopkins: He just made a speech to the nation. He told us he is locking us down again, and there will be no shops, no work, no leaving your home, no international travel, no nothing, and no end date either.

Barry Nussbaum: Are the kids going to go to school?

Katie Hopkins: No schools either. I sat watching it with my children, who are both of exam age. He also said no exams but did not say what there would be. So complete confusion here.

Children do not know what they are doing. They are not going back to school. Nobody is going back to work, and certainly, there is a real air of dismay. If I can just give an example of what it is like here. It is about two degrees. It is freezing. It gets dark at 4 p.m. It doesn't get light until 8 a.m. This is going to be a long haul for a lot of Brits.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh. Boy, so people are staying at home because they have to. What happens if you are out? If you went marketing or whatever?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, they will bring this into law, Barry, on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. At that point, it becomes illegal to be doing any of those activities. It is a prosecutable offense. I think it is important to note that during the first lockdown, people were fearful of this virus.

They did what they were told. Now, of course, there is a lot of skepticism. A lot of people are saying, well, there really is nothing to worry about. So, now being locked down again when people are skeptical is a completely different matter.

Barry Nussbaum: Before we talk about the vaccine and all of that, the obvious question is, what if you have to get something for your family, like, you know, food?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah. You are allowed to make a specific trip for food or emergency medical care, but you're allowed out only by yourself. You are only allowed out for that food mission, and then you have to return to your homes.

I think it is the manner in which this is being brought in where we're not seeing anything getting worse. We are just seeing ourselves battered again. This now feels like cruelty. I mean, honestly, people are despairing.

I believe there will be children tonight that will not make it through to tomorrow because their exams have just been taken, their schools have just been taken. They are not going to see a way through this. Our suicide rate here has gone off the charts, much higher deaths from suicide than COVID.

Barry Nussbaum: I am sure of it. So, let's talk about this vaunted vaccine. Side effects from the various vaccines are pouring in from around the world. I was looking at the news out of Israel this morning. People are having incredible side effects.

Israel is one of the countries that is rolling out the vaccine like maniacs. They have injected more than one million people so far. There are stories of anaphylactic shock, allergic reactions to the disease cure.

Over 200 Israelis have gotten the disease after getting the injection. The vaccine manufacturers are scrambling on how to figure that out. There were people all over the United States falling over after getting the shot. What do people say over there? I mean, is there a lot of that?

Katie Hopkins: Because we have the socialized health care "the NHS," it is like they have a gun to their heads. If they speak out, they lose their jobs. My email inbox, I was just looking, is full of emails from doctors and nurses who want a way of speaking out, but they cannot do it personally.

So just one example here. "I'm a nurse. My husband also works in the NHS. We will try our hardest not to have the vaccine, but they get you by saying you cannot do this job or that job if you do not have it. It is so tricky. I hope it doesn't get forced on us."

Many doctors and nurses now feel railroaded into having this vaccine, and they do not want to have it. They say over 50 percent of the staff they work with do not want to have this vaccine. That is inside our medical profession.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, the CDC here in the states says if you have allergies to food or medicine. Which has got to be like, I do not know 20 percent of the population, you should not get the vaccine. I have not read that in the news, but I did read it on the CDC website. So, they seem to be losing confidence in the vaccine's ability to be administered safely without side effects.

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. One of the things Boris just did that was so disheartening was when he shut us down it was almost like turning the screws on, sort of tortured people.

He said, "Ah, but there is a way out. There is an escape from this. It's the vaccine. If we get this rolled out to enough people, that could be a way out." It was almost like, here I am locking you down with the key.

If you want the key, you take the vaccine like good children, and then we will let you out of the cage. That is quite dark when you actually watch that happening.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy is that creepy. So, you are on an island. What are you going to do, Katie? If it becomes mandatory, like the rumor is in about, oh, I do not know,100 countries, that they will issue vaccine passports of some kind that you have to show to get on any transportation system trains, planes, subways, and busses. Do you just stay home forever? What happens? What are you going to do?

Katie Hopkins: Right?! It is unbelievable. I cannot imagine ever just staying on this island. I am not going to. In many ways, it is a bit like a government. If you do not elect a government, do you have to listen to it?

If you govern by the will of the people and it is not your will, should you listen? I feel the same way about this hoax virus. I do not believe it is any different from the flu. If it is a hoax or a fabricated virus, why shouldn't I fabricate my vaccine passports?

I am sure there is going to be quite a handy little black market in forged items. I am not frightened of using a hoax vaccine passport for a hoax virus, quite frankly. They can come and arrest me now for that one.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, at least you will not drop into anaphylactic shock, Bell's palsy, or a heart attack, right? Holy moly. It is going to be a wild 2021. Thanks Katie. Thank you for joining us on ATP Report on the Katie and Barry show.

Remember, you can always sign up on our website, www.americantruthproject.org, and get all of our stuff in your email. You can sign up for our text alert system by simply sending the word TRUTH to 88202. You will get all of our shows absolutely free on your cell phone. For Katie and Barry, thanks for joining us today on ATP Report.

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