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Border Walls Are Working All Over the World!


Aimee: So, the technology is there, and the proof is there that walls work, so really no one’s buying it. We are welcoming you back to America Trends here on YouToo America TV network and on biz talk radio and welcoming the American truth project’s Barry Nussbaum, our friend of the show talking about border security and all that good stuff and other political headlines of the day. We’ll talk about state of the union in a moment and also where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how is she? but Barry, just the video we saw here just now is so telling, it’s so evident.

Barry: When you see the technology that’s available, that’s been implemented by virtually every country with an unchecked immigration problem, Aimee, the question for involved, caring patriotic Americans is how the heck could anybody be against it and justify it with a straight face? The purpose of a wall aligns with the sovereignty of a nation and the sovereignty of a nation is based on protectable, definable, and defensible borders. The first job of the country, its national government, is to protect its borders. By virtually giving up that control or eliminating that control and opening them up, you’re abrogating your right to be a leader of this country. When you swear allegiance to the constitution you are promising to protect and defend the union. These people like Nancy on down who say it’s immoral are liars. What they really are saying is: we want more people come in that are illegal that we can shepherd to become good registered voting Democrats to support our reign of whatever you want to call it, and perpetuate it. That’s the truth and anybody that tells you otherwise is a liar. These are the people who have walls around their own houses but they don’t want a wall around their country so illegals can go to your house but not to Nancy’s house.

Aimee: Well, the answer is evident, there’s a cartoon that shows people like Pelosi and Jerry Brown leading people over the border straight into the voting booth, so when you say they are liars, they really do need to explain the endless file footage of all of them talking. Just not so long ago, just a few years, which is just a short time compared to how long they have been in office, and then term limits is a whole other segment, but talking about how we need the walls and we can’t have any more illegal immigrants, so it’s just laughable for them to do it. Now they’re mad cause president Trump wants it and they’ve been having this hissy fit for a few years because of him, so like I said: you wonder if the base will buy it? You have people like Kamala Harris who officially, I guess, is entering the ring Sunday, and Monday night, already CNN threw her this adorable town hall, just a love fest, just for her, and I guess, in the past, she has connected and compared ICE, our immigration enforcement, to the KKK, so that’s special, right?

Barry: These analogies that are so wrong factually. The KKK is one of the most hateful American groups in the history of this country. ICE agents are the patriotic law enforcement officers enforcing the laws that the Congress of the United States passed. ICE doesn’t make up any rules or regulations; they enforce the laws of the land to say these people are vicious racist killers shows you how unqualified Kamala Harris is to be president of the United States.

Aimee:  Yeah, people are saying over and over again, her optics are good, she looks confident but just a lot of empty things, and she wants to get rid of private insurance altogether, but that’s just like I said, a whole other segment. Going back to Pelosi, she has now extended an invitation for president Trump to do the state of the union, would have been taking place this week but she disinvited him, citing the government shutdown, which as of Monday was over, so now she extended this invitation for him to do it February 5th and he’s graciously accepted, so this should be interesting.

Barry: If I was his policy writer, here is what I would recommend the president do on Feb 5th. Here’s my free advice for president Trump if you’re listening today. I would go before Congress, make the usual platitudes about how great our country is and how we can get together with a joint session of Congress even though we disagree most of the time, and then I would say, so here’s the deal. I would list, if I was president Trump, say 20 projects that nobody has ever heard of and that all cost in the billions, like soybeans support or bridges to nowhere or aid to central American countries or things like studying bird migration in the Antarctic. I’d add up the billions and billions that nobody knows even get spent because they’re rounding numbers on a weekend of our American budget, and say: I’m asking for $5 Billion to make you safe. How dare any member of Congress stand up and says no, it’s too much money, when they voted for a bird migration study or studying turtles in the Galapagos Islands or whatever. I think he can embarrass them into it and then say: but if you don’t give me the money, I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to declare a national emergency and to get the funding started, I’m going to pull money from the Pentagon, which I can do under certain discretionary rules, and Homeland Security, which I can do the same way, and this wall is getting built with or without you.

Aimee: Yeah, that was part of what the shutdown was about, this is important, this is Trump trying to keep us safe, and his base wanted it too until Trump watered it down, so it’s just a whole thing, so anyway, state of the union coming up on February 5th for now, that’s what we know. Barry, we have about a minute but I wanted to ask you this whole thing about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. First, she’s never been absent from the bench for 25 years and it was a Monday and Tuesday night and they finally said, okay all next week she’s taking off. We have had no updates as to her health and we know that the Democrats are scared for the most frightening thing, bone chilling possibility that Trump would have another nominee if she were to step down because of illness.

Barry: If she passes or becomes incapacitated and unable to fulfill their duties, Trump will get the next pick, there’s nothing the Democrats can do about it other than throw a tantrum like they did for Gorsuch, and obviously in the last nomination of a couple of weeks ago, for Kavanaugh. He will get another pick and there’s nothing they can do; the pick will be confirmed, and that pick will be there for generations.

Aimee: And the conspiracy theories will continue until we get another update, it’s been days. Barry Nussbaum of American Truth Project, check him out. Thank you for being on America trends.


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