Syria & UN
UN-Believable!! Syria Elected to Committee on Abuses

The United Nations has been a hub of hypocrisy and double standards for decades, allowing Syria to serve on a [...]

Hezbollah is Iran
US Senator: Hold Iran Responsible for Hezbollah’s Actions

During his trip to Israel, US senator Lindsey Graham said UNIFIL, the UN “Peace Keeping” force in Southern Lebanon, was [...]

Mowing the Grass

In what might be the silliest comment made yet by the House Minority Leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi is now suggesting [...]

Israel & US Exercises
Israel & US to Hold Massive Military Exercise

2,500 US troops are coming to Israel for extensive military exercises with the IDF and IAF, simulating what a real [...]

Iranian Sanctions
Iran Threatens New Nuclear Crisis

The disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, that alleviated many crippling sanctions of the Islamic Republic, still faces other sanctions over their [...]

Detained on Temple Mount
Jordanian Waqf Detains US Congressmen on Temple Mount

US Congressmen Scott Tipton and David B. McKinley experienced first hand how non-Muslims are treated on the Jordan-controlled Temple Mount, [...]

PaLIEstinian NOthaurity At The UN

Breaking down arch-terrorist & PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ barrage of lies at the UN Security Council Meeting.  

Nikki Bashes Abbas at UN

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley responds to arch-terrorist and Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’ slanderous speech at the [...]