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Billions For The World…Pennies For Americans


Barry Nussbaum: Good evening, America. Welcome to ATP Radio. I'm your host, Barry Nussbaum. We have a very important discussion today. We are going to discuss how Congress saved all of you last night.

America has been throttled down economically, thrown down an elevator shaft financially, and last night with just a couple of minutes of review, Congress passed a 5,600-page spending bill to save you, you, and you from the COVID disaster that they created.

Every single qualified adult in America is going to receive $600 in a week or two. That will get you through the economic crisis of all the shutdowns, the inability to travel, to congregate where you want to, do business in your normal fashion, and to create a solution to what Congress created for you. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

That spending bill is on its way right now to President Trump's desk. We don't know if he's going to sign it because there's a lot of lobbying on both sides going on. Before we get to the details because there's a bunch let me read you what Charlie Kirk said last night.

Charlie Kirk, you may know, is the founder of a resurgence in the conservative movement called Turning Point USA. Here is what Charlie said, “The Democrats stimulus bill contains funding for an investigation into the 1908 Springfield race riot. Congress is spending more money to investigate the 112-year-old riot than they are to help out Americans who have been out of work for ten months. Think about that.”

Charlie, you are right. So, what is in this 5,600-page treatise? I don't know how tall it is, I haven't seen a picture, but I'm going to read you the table of contents in a few minutes. Your brains are going to turn to Jell-O. Let me give you some highlights. Remember, this bill has been publicized to save your butt.

But here is where big money is going - $135 million to Burma. Does anyone know where that is? I'll give you a hint it is by India - $85.5 Million to Cambodia, $1.4 billion to the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act - $130 million to Nepal - $700 million to Sudan, which just got taken off the terrorist watch list a week ago, and $14 million to the Kennedy Center.

They cannot stop giving the performing arts center big money. That's the same place when they got the first bailout earlier this year, they stopped paying their employees. It went to management. Here's my favorite, $10 million has been allocated for gender programs in Pakistan.

Yes, I read it correctly. I had to check it, but it's true. Pakistan gets $10 million for gender programs. Now, gender in Pakistan is subject to Sharia. This means men are equal, and women are down there with dogs, sheep, and goats.

They can be bought, sold, beaten, and can be killed. They can be married when they are ten. Somebody got the bright idea that they need, and they, meaning the Pakistani government, $600 for Americans and $10 million to study sexuality in Pakistan.

Let me read you where the bigger money's going. Ready? Here's a list - $1.3 billion to Egypt - $1/2 billion to Ukraine - $33 million to Venezuela. You know, the People's Republic of Venezuela where everybody's starving because they have a socialist dictator who is destroying the country and $3.3 billion to Israel.

But unlike all these other grants, Israel has to spend the majority of the money in the United States. It causes them to spend their money with companies like General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, and other military defense contractors who sell their stuff to the Israelis. Then the Israelis give back their technology.

So, it's a real win situation on the Israeli side. Now, I just want to make one side comment. Alyssa Milano, you know, that brilliant political science professor who writes all the books? Oh no, sorry, she's a washed-up actress that thinks she's a political science expert that writes books, but she really doesn't write anything.

She mostly just bloviates on television every day. She criticized the money going to Israel and made it sound so anti-Semitic that as bad as Alyssa Milano has been in the past, she has gotten worse. She's appealing to the progressive anti-Israel anti-Semitic left-wing progressives of her goofball party.

She doesn't understand that, unlike all the other countries, Israel has to spend most of the money here. A number of years ago, when I was in Israel, I had the good fortune to interview a brigadier general who's also an ambassador for military exports and imports, from and to Israel, from the United States.

He went through the analysis of, unlike all the other countries in the world, Israel has to spend their money here. Which creates more American jobs, and then they give back the technology they invent and increases the efficacy of our weapons program.

So, please ignore Alyssa Milano. The ultimate funding, and I don't want to call it a boondoggle because I consider this more of a conspiracy - $3.36 billion to the Bill Gates program for mass inoculations.

Now, this is Bill Gates of Microsoft, who's the computer guy. He is not a doctor, he has no medical background, and he has no science background. He's a computer guy. But somehow, because of his incredible wealth, power, and influence, he is now the vaccine guy for the world.

In October, Bill said at the Yahoo Finance Summit that the upcoming coronavirus stimulus negotiations, which we're talking about on this show, give the best opportunity to get funding approved to help the poor people of the world.

So, Bill said, "The people in the Congress who support these things have decided that the stimulus bill is the most likely way for something to get done." As part of the $900 billion coronavirus relief deal that went through last night - $3.36 billion was given to Gavi, the International Vaccine Alliance.

Keep in mind his mass inoculation program in Africa for polio, millions of doses resulted in horrific results for many of the native African children, paralyzed, seizure disorders, deaths, and so on. Many of these vaccine programs have since been canceled.

That's the same Bill Gates that talks about biometric chipping in the vaccines. Do I know for a fact that those are chipped? No, I don't. Has Bill Gates talked about it? Yes, he has. Let me talk about where some more big money went.

The Kennedy Center $26 million - to two Smithsonian museums $1 billion - the National Art Gallery $154 million - National Art and Humanities Museums $167 million - the Wilson Center $14 million. Then additional money to Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Pakistan, and so on, billions and billions, and you are given $600.

It doesn't seem quite equal. Here's a question that just came in, and I want to read it to you. It's the perfect question. It's a great segue now. How do they, I assume that caller means the government, expect us to survive with $600 when they give themselves thousands of dollars.

It is truly millions. Great question, and the caller is correct. I don't think they care what you think because the press is not reporting this as the boondoggle it is. It's being reported as saving you from coronavirus and the economic disaster that was created by the shutdown.

Why did the U.S. give money to Pakistan for a gender study instead of giving it to Americans? Thank you, that is Barry's question too. What the hell are we doing? Does it seem like America has billions and trillions of dollars to give away for things like gender studies?

I'm going to read you some even weirder stuff. I hope you are mad and will get madder to the point where you want to get off your tooshie and call your U.S. Senator or your congressperson and say enough is enough. Stop spending my money on stupid crap.

Andy Biggs is a congressman from Arizona. A conservative Republican from Arizona, he made a fantastic point in the last few hours. He said 5,600 pages, and they gave us just a couple of hours to read it.

It's impossible to read it in a week, 5,600 pages, small type, nobody has read it. It was cobbled together overnight by staff members. So, Andy Biggs did a survey, and he asked his constituents to call in and say who's for it and who's against it?

Anyone care to guess how the survey turned out? The number I saw a couple of hours ago, 96% of the people calling in opposed, 4% supported it. Nobody had read it. I have a copy of it on my computer. It would take me, and I'm a good reader, about three weeks.

It reminded you of Nancy Pelosi's speech when Obama was president, and they passed Obamacare. Do you remember what she said when the Republicans were saying on the floor of Congress, “We haven't read it yet. It's too big. We can't vote on it.”

She said, “If you want to know what's in the bill, you have to vote for it. After we pass it, we will give you all a copy to read.” Doesn't that make you angry? It's as if somebody stopped you in a shopping center and said, “Give me all your money,” and they made you give it to them.

When you asked what was going to be spent on it, they said to you, “When we spend it, we'll give you a report, after we've spent it. You just have to say yes to giving me all the money.” It's the same thing taxpayers are paying for this.

Now, there's a lot of weird stuff in those 5,600 pages. Let's talk about some of the stuff. Who's heard of the Dalai Lama? Show of hands, please. You know, the Buddhist religious leader was exiled from Tibet.

This legislation has a section outlining the reincarnation and succession of the Dalai Lama. Meaning, when this Dalai Lama dies, how will the new Dalai Lama get picked? Never mind the fact that he's Tibetan, a Buddhist, is not American, and doesn't live here.

Let me read you the bill. At least the provision about the Dalai Lama. Are you ready? "The decisions regarding the selection, education, and veneration of Tibetan Buddhist religious leaders are exclusively spiritual matters that should be made by the appropriate religious authorities within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and in the context of the will of practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism."

It concludes that "The wishes of the 14th Dalai Lama, including any written instructions, should play a key role in the selection, education, and veneration of a future 15th Dalai Lama." The current and 14th Dalai Lama is 85 years old, his name is Tenzin Gyatso, and he lives in exile in India, where he's lived since the 1959 Tibetan uprising.

Now, some people may justify the inclusion of the Dalai Lama I guess you call it. The details are important because it's a push back against the communist Chinese who say they should get to pick the Dalai Lama. But honestly, this is B.S.

It doesn't belong in your COVID-19 bailout bill, does it? But it's there. I've got more. You're going to get madder. The legislation also establishes two brand new Smithsonian museums that will be located near the National Mall in Washington.

There's going to be a brand-new museum called the Women's History Museum, and the second one is the National Museum of the American Latino. Now, I'm not saying these are dumb ideas, but we're broke. What are we spending this money on, and why does that have anything to do with the COVID bailout bill? Anybody?

Crickets. Yeah, that's what I thought. The bill also repeals nine criminal laws that are rarely, if ever enforced. Such as people who transport certain plants like water hyacinth, alligator grass, or water chestnut plants across state lines.

They no longer face six months in prison. I didn't know that was a crime, I guess it's good to get rid of it, but I don't know what it has to do with COVID. Here's another one, individuals who fraudulently use emblems such as the U.S. Forest Service, Smokey Bear, Woodsy the Owl, the Golden Eagle insignia, the Swiss confederations coat of arms can no longer be imprisoned.

Well, I didn't know you could. I'm glad you no longer will. Does it have anything to do with this? Yeah, I didn't think so. The bill also includes a provision to allow the Justice Department to charge businesses for felony copyright infringement if they intentionally stream copyrighted material online.

I guess that is a good thing. Does it belong in this bill? I don't think so. There's a provision on horse racing, what drugs you can give to horses, and what drugs you shouldn't give to racehorses. I used to be the head of horse racing in California some years ago.

That's important in the horse racing industry because they over medicate these horses. Does it have anything to do with the COVID-19 bailout? No, it doesn't. This is pork. Now, I'm going to read you a little bit from the table of contents. I'm not going to read you the bill because this radio show is not long enough. But here's some of it. Are you ready?

There are provisions for the Department of the Interior, for the EPA, Health and Human Services, certain legislations, certain leases, and certain government positions. It establishes a commission on black men and boys’ corrections.

It changes immigration law. It gives U.S. Customs and Border Patrol the right to accept donations. Alaska Natives get an extension of some kind. I don't know what it is. That is a chapter. The architect of the Capitol has new instructions. Homeland Security gets new funding.

There is a whole chapter on aircraft certification, safety, and accountability. There is a chapter on supporting foster youth and families throughout America. There are a bunch of chapters on mining. You know, where you dig in the ground for stuff. There is the Montana Water Rights Protection Act.

There is the repeal of the requirement to sell certain federal property on Plum Island in New York. There is a chapter on no more e-cigarettes to children's sales and chapters on Western water and Indian affairs. The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will be conveyed as part of this.

I don't know who's getting it, and I don't know who's giving it up. It goes on and on. If you want to look at this yourself and have your brain turned to Jell-O, it's on the Internet at rules.house.gov/sites/democrats. Rules, and you'll find it. I don't know if you want to read this. As I said, you're going to turn into Jell-O as a result of this.

Tom from Arizona asks - are these stimulus checks, as part of this bill, training to normalize socialism? Oh, Tom, that is the best question I've been asked in a few weeks. The answer is yes. They used to say in the old days that the government of a socialistic environment creates problems of such a magnitude that you demand your government solve problems.

That is from George Orwell's 1984 novel as an example. It is also the backbone of Ayn Rand's book. The most prominent one Atlas Shrugged. She talks about if you have these tremendous societal problems, you will eventually demand that your government solve those problems. Never mind the fact that it's your government that caused it.

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention undocumented aliens, who feloniously broke into America that are here as felons they will get up to $1,200 in stimulus payments. I'm not making this up - $1,200 for a husband and wife married and here illegally.

They get part of the $900 billion. God, this is upsetting, $600 per person and the rest goes to pork. One after another, after another. This is why people are so angry and wanting President Trump to veto it. I agree 100%.

So, six very brave United States Senators have stood up and made speeches protesting what's going on. Six out of the hundred, that's it. Six senators stood up, and they said, we are against it, and here's why. This was last night.

After overwhelming support in the Senate voted for it. The people that voted against it listen to these names. These are people you should support. Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas.

Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin. Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah.  Rand Paul, a Republican in Kentucky, and Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida. If you were listening, you probably noticed they're all Republicans.

What they are concerned about is not only where the $900 billion is going. But the fact that the $900 billion bailouts were bundled with a $1.4 trillion spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, but the spending bill includes all this crap.

Yes, I meant that word. It is going all over the world as if we had a printing press. Actually, we do have a printing press. The problem is we have to pay for it at some point. So, the criticisms of these six Republican defenders of our Constitution.

The six senators who believe in fiscal sanity are angry about the size of the funding, the size of the bill, the fact that nobody got to read it, and the fact that we're spending money on a bunch of crap like a gender study in Pakistan, museums, and stuff like that.

A chat question just came in. Did I hear you correctly, Barry? Illegals will get a stimulus check too. If your answer is yes, then what's the difference between us, the U.S. citizens, and them.

Great question, and the answer is - if the Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House, there will be no difference. Except there is a little bit, it's easier to get money in Democrat states if you're illegal than if you're a citizen.

I'll give you an example. If any of you have walked down the street in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and seen the tens of thousands of homeless. The illegals get everything they want. All they have to do is ask, and sometimes they don't have to ask.

They don't even have to speak English. But our veterans, forget it. Americans who paid taxes and fell on hard times forget it. But free health care, free education, free transportation, free food, free housing if you are illegal.

Why? Because they want them to be Americans who can vote. I don't mean American citizens necessarily, because in every single election precinct in November, illegals were voting, and nobody seemed to care. So, let's start with Rand Paul's comments.

Rand Paul, Senator Republican from Kentucky, this is a quote. This is from his speech on the floor of the Senate last night. I was enamored with it instantly, "To so-called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats.

If you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better. When you vote to pass out free money, you lose your soul, and you abandon any semblance of moral or fiscal integrity forever," he said, targeting his fellow Republicans. Only five of them would listen. That's it, five.

Rand Paul suggested that instead of spending this insane amount of money from a bill that no one's read, lawmakers should open up the economy, cut the obvious waste in the present budget, and stop piling on debt for future generations.

Now, this is an interesting point. Rand is very much like his father, who was known as the fiscal conservative. This is long before Rand was even a doctor and a member of the Senate. I'm referring to his dad, and in his dad's case, Ron Paul was all about, stop spending money you don't have.

Go back to the gold standard so you can't spend money you don't have. He was elected over and over again. He was looked at as a kook because he didn't believe in spending money you don't have. Now, if any of you were doing that, you'd end up in the poorhouse or bankruptcy court.

But somehow, it's okay if you are the government, especially the United States government, to behave like an imbecile. That's what they've been doing, especially last night. I agree with Rand Paul.

Here is what Rick Scott said, a Republican from Florida, "Once again, in classic Washington style, vital programs are attached to a massive omnibus spending bill, that mortgages our kids and our grandkids future.

Therefore, I cannot support this bill." Senator Scott had a lengthier statement on a later tweet where he said, "Washington doesn't seem to understand that new spending today will be paid for by increased federal debt and result in a tax increase on families down the road."

He mentioned that his position is consistent with his history of opposing enormous and wasteful bills. Senator Scott concluded, "The easy route is simply to go along as Congress continues to do harm to future generations of Americans.

But I will not be part of it.” I don't know why nobody seems to be listening to Rick Scott and Rand Paul. Here's what I mean. If any of us got a new Visa card and got a $10 thousand limit, which is enormous, and we spent all the money charged up the card to $10 thousand.

Then you've got to make your first payment. When your bill comes, it's a $59 minimum payment, or you can pay off as much principal as you want, and you pay $59. This goes on for a while, then you call Visa and say, listen, I've made six payments in a row, could I increase my limit?

You are very persuasive, and the person on the phone says, okay, you go to $15 thousand. Now you’re at minimum of $79 and on and on. Where $10 thousand turns into $15 thousand and turns into billions, turns into trillions.

Then eventually, you would look at that and go, there's not a chance in a hundred thousand years that this debt is ever going to be paid off. I'm going to keep borrowing because they just keep giving me the money. I'm going to buy everything I want.

I can buy museums, and I can buy gender studies in Pakistan, and I can buy Native Alaskan ethnic studies programs. You get the idea. Pretty soon, you have turned into Washington, D.C. It's hellaciously bad stuff. Let's talk about some other senators.

I'm very proud of some of these people. Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee said positive goals such as the development and distribution of vaccines, school assistance, and some small help for businesses.

She says it wasn't worth the steep cost, and here's her quote, "I cannot support nearly $2.4 trillion in spending that will make a recovery even harder. I have serious concerns with provisions buried in the 5,593-page bill, such as expanded Visas, Pell Grants for prisoners.

Yes, grants for prisoners and households with illegal aliens receiving economic impact payments. For these reasons, I voted no on the passage of this legislation." High five Marsha Blackburn, Senator from Tennessee.

Here's what Ron Johnson said, he's the Senator from Wisconsin, “I'm glad a government shutdown was avoided, and then financial relief will finally reach many who truly need it.” He says he opposes the legislation due to the dysfunction of the process.

The dysfunction of Washington, D.C., was on full display as Congress combined COVID relief with a massive omnibus spending bill. Three months past the deadline and into the current fiscal year, Johnson said in a statement.

He continued, "This monstrosity was 5,593 five pages long and passed only nine hours after the Senate first saw it." By the way, nobody read it. Nobody read it, and everybody complained they had no time to read it. Even.

Alexandra Cortez complained that they shouldn't run Congress like that. The bills ought to be passed out in time for people to read them. This is the first time, and maybe the last time I will ever agree with anything AOC said.

By the way, Senator Johnson continued, that he supported the Cares Act earlier this year because it was necessary to act quickly and massively to prevent an economic meltdown. But he said, this time, he favored a more targeted approach, crafting what would have been a slimmer bill in September that would have provided more than $600 billion in relief and not all this extra stuff.

So, Ron Johnson concluded, “We do not have an unlimited checking account. We must spend federal dollars money we are borrowing from future generations more carefully and place limits on how much we are mortgaging our children's future.”

I hope you hear him loud and clear. What Senator Johnson is saying is everybody alive today is not going to pay this back. It's impossible. Your children might pay some of it back, your children's children might pay some of it back, or this debt could just stay there forever until there's just a massive devaluation in the American dollar.

Because future generations are going to say enough is enough. There is no way that this is ever getting paid back, period. I think that's what is going to happen. God bless Ron Johnson.

Here is what Senator Ted Cruz says, he criticized the process of the legislation. He criticized the fact that lawmakers only have a couple of hours to read thousands of pages.

After AOC criticized the concept of having a vote on a large bill without having time to even read it, Cruz agreed with AOC when he said, "It's absurd to have a $2.5 trillion spending bill negotiated in secret not in public, in committees, and then hours later demand an up or down vote on a bill nobody has had time to read."

Ted Cruz is right. They had no debate. They had no committee breakdown, they had no exchange of ideas, and there was no markup of the bill. It was submitted, and you were told, vote yes, vote no, that's it. There is no time left. Is it any wonder everybody hates Congress? I talked about this a lot over the years.

On the bottom of the totem pole of disrespected jobs in America are used car salesman, down there at the bottom of the barrel with a Congressman. It's that bad, and after today, with people waking up to what Congress did last night I would venture to bet that Congress is lower than used car salesmen.

I've met some nice used car salesmen, I really have, but I haven't met too many people in Congress that understand fiscal responsibility.

So, I'm going to end the comments from the state of the U.S. senators with Mike Lee of Utah. He was really whining, and rightly so, way to go, Mike Lee! Logistically it is impossible to read thousands and thousands of pages in such a short time.

He put a video on Twitter on how long it takes just to print out 5,500 pages. Here's what he said, "Because of the length of this bill, it is impossible that anyone will have the opportunity to read it between now and the time that we will have to vote.

I'm absolutely certain that what has been cobbled together is by a very small handful of members of Congress and their staff, and to the exclusion of 98% of the members of Congress, of both political parties in both Houses." So, what he's saying is, quite clearly, it is an inside job that is going to spend your money, your kid's money, your grandkid's money, and your grandkid's kid's money, and it'll never be paid back.

It is going to destroy the dollar. Nobody even read it because it's not possible. Would you please get mad about this? Will you please call your House of Representatives member and your U.S. Senator? You can also call the White House.

There is a bunch of petitions online already about this saying. Please ask them to change their mind. It is kind of too late for that, but you can still get the President to veto it. Will it do any good? I don't know.

I'm looking at the announcement from Tulsi Gabbard, the congresswoman who did not run for re-election. She would have won, and she comes from Hawaii. She says she's going to vote no. She did vote no yesterday on the bill.

Spending trillions of dollars but giving only $600 for every American citizen is a slap in the face to American citizens because they're taking the American's money and giving it to all kinds of goofball projects worldwide. None of which should take priority over Americans. She's 100% right. Bless you, Tulsi, you are right. I couldn't agree with you more.

So, it’s going to the President's desk. What is the President going to do? There's a big movement to get the President to veto this. Why? Well, because it's a ridiculous, absurd amount of money being spent. Money, we don't have, money that has nothing to do with COVID. We are betraying our children and our children's children.

If I were advising the President, I would tell him to veto the spending and say, bring it back, and do it with spending allocations to help people not do this. That's Barry's idea. What comes next, ladies and gentlemen? Well, let's spend a couple of minutes chatting about the elections that happened in November.

The elections that are going to happen in Georgia. They will be counted in Atlanta in a couple of weeks. It will determine the control of the United States Senate. Let me explain what that means. Presently, there are 50 Republican incoming members of the Senate. They will be sworn into office in January, and 48 Democrat U.S. Senators will be sworn into office in January.

There are two open seats. Both those seats are in Georgia. One is a special election to fill out a short-term seat, and the other is the regular election. But Georgia has a weird law that says if you don't get 50% plus a vote, there will be another election until someone gets 50%.

So, both those U.S. senators are up right now. This is so important. If the Democrats win both seats, which is Ossoff and Warnock. If the two Republicans lose Perdue and Loeffler, it’ll be 50/50 in the Senate. Some of you might think that's a great thing.

They won't pass anything. You're wrong. Here's why it's bad if you are a conservative. Under the law, when the Senate votes, and there's a tie, the Vice President of the United States becomes the tie-breaking vote, the delivery person.

So, today the President of the Senate is the Vice President, Mike Pence. If there were a tie in the Senate, he would get to vote. In the future, if Biden is the president in January and Trump no longer is the President, we don't know that for sure yet, America.

She will be the tiebreaker, and after every 50/50 vote, Republican, Democrat where the votes are balanced, they call in the President of the Senate, who is the Vice President. She will vote for the Democrat side, which will be the end of our present system of government as we know it.

You will have a Democrat president, a Democrat House of Representatives, and a Democrat Senate, and they can do anything they want. The ability of Republicans in the Senate to stop massive spending appointments, investigations, and so on will be destroyed.

Let me make one comment. Sebastian Gorka posted this morning on how much other countries are giving their citizens. Australia $1,993 a month - Canada $1,433 a month - Denmark $3,288 a month - France $7,575 a month - Germany $7,327 a month - Ireland $1,793.44 a month - the United Kingdom $3,084 a month, and the United States, per household, up to $1,200 that will last you thirty-two weeks.

So, we are giving our citizens a very small fraction of what the rest of the world is giving to their people. But they're not dumb enough to pass out money all over the world like we are. Are you mad? You should be.

There are a couple of questions coming in. Barry, what do you think of the possibility of martial law being declared? My first reaction was very negative, but yesterday I listened to the press conference with Attorney General Bill Barr on his last day in office.

It was really upsetting that he didn't seem to see the need for seizing voting machines. At least in the seven swing states where we went to bed and Trump was winning in a landslide. We woke up on November 4th, and it had all been changed at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, or whatever.

Where a bazillion votes came in overnight, those machines have the evidence in them, and the machines that have been examined prove there was voter fraud. Yet in Michigan, they're already erasing the machines, and nobody's stopping them.

That is why some people are talking about sending the military and empower them to seize the machines. Yet President Trump has said declaring martial law is a rumor, and it's not going to happen. I think we have to take him at his word.

My answer to your question is, I don't think it's a possibility. Here's one, this person in Utah says Mitt Romney is my representative. How do I go about changing his mind about election results? He seemed to have joined the left.

Well, I happen to know Mitt, I use to know him quite well, and I worked with him on his policy on Israel when he was running for president. On a personal level, I like him very much. I know his family, his kids, his wife, his brother-in-law, and their kids. I know the family.

He's a decent, good man. I have no clue what is going on between his ears when it comes to things like the election, where he wants Trump to concede and walk away. My guess is because I have not talked to Mitt Romney about this, is he doesn't like President Trump.

It's not that he loves Joe Biden. I would say that it has to do with a personality problem with the President. Not so much a political problem. That's my guess. To answer your question, what should you do? Call his office repeatedly, send emails repeatedly, and get your friends to do it.

Elected officials listen to input coming in. I know I've been in Congress and the congressional offices. I know how much they care; if there is a volume of opinion coming in, they will be responsive.

Betty from Nevada asks; I've been waiting on my unemployment since August. I was fired from work during COVID. Why is it taking so long for me to get my unemployment check?

I wish I could help you on that one, Betty. There's a lot of disgust with various government programs not being expeditiously managed. A lot of people are working from home. Government people are working from home, and quite frankly, they are overwhelmed.

My guess is the best thing you can do is keep nudging them, ask, and keep asking. Be the squeaky wheel. It is the best idea I've got for you. In the meantime, for those of you who got upset today, I hope you did, I hope you were listening, and you understand how bad things are with this bill.

Tell your Congressman, your Senator, and the President. You are not buying this and stop the boondoggle. Okay, that's it for today. You got a little education. I hope you're fired up about it. I know I am. I got madder and madder just talking about it.

One last time I want to remind you how to get my book for free. Text the word TRUTH, to 88202. You will automatically be subscribed to our free text message alert system.

You will get a few chapters of my new book Because You Asked for free. I hope you will like it. You can buy it if you do. So, thanks for joining me today on our little discussion about what your Congress did with your money, your kid's money, your grandchildren's money, and your great grandchildren's money last night.

I hope you are as upset about it as I am. Please join me next week, go to americantruthproject.org because we have all kinds of content coming out on the radio, on video, and in print daily. For ATP Radio, thanks for joining us today. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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