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Biggest Threat to National Security in the US is White Supremacy!


Hello, and welcome to ATP's Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

The chief law enforcement officer in the United States is the attorney general. So, when he named the biggest threat to the survival of the country, you better sit up, take notice and pay attention.

Care to guess who our biggest enemy is? Is it China, Russia, North Korea, Iran? No. Al-Qaida? Nah. The massive flooding of illegal aliens crossing our southern border? No.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated what the Department of Justice's National Strategy for helping combat domestic terrorism looks like, noting that the greatest threat to our country, get this, are individuals supposedly fighting for the superiority of the white race.

The biggest threat to the national security of the United States is white supremacy?

So, more than 8,500 BLM terrorists were arrested during the summer riots last year after billions of dollars in damage in those riots and the looting that followed the death of George Floyd. But no, none of those folks are as dangerous as the gangs of armed roving white supremacists flooding the streets of America.

Except that's not happening at all. Not even a little bit. So, the resources of the Justice Department, including the FBI, will be turned to fight the one enemy that I didn't even know existed. Instead of the real enemies that are truly threats to our survival.

What a dumb policy! I'm speechless!

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