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Bidens Border Policy is Destroying America


Channon: Hello, Will. Hey, everybody, how are you doing today? Will is going to join us in just a second, but we have a great show for you. We're going to be talking about how Biden's border policy is destroying America.

But, hey, listen, before Will comes on and joins us, do me a favor. Pick up your phone and text, Will, W-I-L-L to 88202, and get great information from American Truth Project. Will, are you with us yet?

Will Johnson: I'm here.

Channon: You're here.

Will Johnson: I'm here. Hello, how are you doing, everybody? Thank you for joining us this Thursday, March 18th, 2021. America, we're in a lot of trouble.

Channon: Yes, we are.

Will Johnson: We're in a lot of trouble, and the leaders in this country are working to destroy it. The thing is, a lot of people keep asking, what can we do about it? We know that they're trying to tear down the nation deliberately. It's almost like there's nothing we can do about it. They're not going to let up.

They're going to continue until they turn America into a third-world nation. I've had people across the planet send me messages from watching my broadcast and saying, ‘Will, welcome to the Third World.’ This is wild. Now, mind you, these people have internet themselves, but they're seeing how America is being destroyed from within; it reminds me of Rome, Channon.

Channon: We're talking about the border at the top of the hour. Listen, this is crazy. You know, it wasn't too long ago when we had AOC. We had all these Democrat people from Washington heading down to the border because there were 2,600 children in the same holding facilities, which they called cages that children were held in when Obama was President.

Will Johnson: Actually, the Obama Biden administration created these cages that they're complaining about, and the pictures that were released were from that time. Now, you have the Democrats who won't acknowledge that. They don't want to talk about it. They are only talking about what President Trump did.

Just think about it. The O'Biden administration had the kids all in the cages, and it wasn't an issue then. President Trump comes into office all of a sudden; it's an issue. Then O'Biden is back in the White House, and now all of a sudden, it's no longer an issue.

Channon: The border is in the worst condition it has been the whole, entire time Trump was in office. Now, the reason why is not because of Trump's policies because we know that the first thing Biden did when he got in there was, he wanted to stop ...

Will Johnson: Stop all production on the southern border wall.

Channon: He re-enacted the catch and release. He told them to release people regardless if they had felonies. I mean, he's like, let them go. So, he created the idea that we are not going to be strict on the border anymore. It's not that Biden said we are open borders, but he essentially did open the borders by saying that he believes that people should be able to flock to America if they wanted to.

Will Johnson: That goes without him even saying it. You know, they're not even saying it. Even the Press Secretary Psaki was saying that the time to come is not now.

Channon: She did.

Will Johnson: She never came out and said don't come. She never said that. She just kept saying the time to come is not now. Basically, sending the message, the signal to everyone that it is coming. Get here now because you want to be at the front when they do say come.

Channon: Well, as soon as you stop all construction on the border, what signal did you send to people that want to cross the border?

Will Johnson: That is what he said. He sent a single to everyone, hey, get to the border. He stopped the construction. He's going to let us in. Then come to find out that they're going to give them money. They're going to get the money from the stimulus package. So, they're coming to get their check. I mean, come on.

Channon: It's crazy. So, right now, the situation with children is really bad at this point. It's worse than it had been from the beginning. There are 13,000, and there is an article on Unite America First.

Will Johnson: 13,000 not 1,300, not 300, not 13 of them, but 13,000.

Channon: Unaccompanied migrant children now in U.S. custody. This is crazy. They're saying that the kids are not eating enough. They're not getting enough sunlight.

Will Johnson: They have to take turns to even sleep on the hard concrete floor because there's not enough room for them to sleep.

Channon: It's crazy. Another part of the problem is there are not enough border agents to handle the influx of people coming in. We've even seen people getting in accidents, illegals being killed while being transported into America. It's happening, and you hear about it because it's happening in such high numbers. A writer of ours told us that she just got wind that they're opening up a convention center in Dallas.

Will Johnson: But that's the plan. They are using a convention center in Dallas to house about 3,000 males.

Channon: Male illegal immigrants.

Will Johnson: They are shipping them in the wrong way. They're supposed to be going back the way they came. To give an example, I'm not a drinker. I don't drink at all or anything like that, but when people drink too much alcohol, the alcohol doesn’t go out the other way; it came back the way it came. All I'm saying is, don't go this way. You need to go out the way you came.

Channon: It is frustrating to me. You have so many people sounding the alarm at the border, telling Biden, hey, listen, we have a huge problem here on the border. What do Biden and Kamala do? They are ignoring the border.

Will Johnson: Nothing. You know, they're saying that there's no actual issue at the border. For them to say that there is something going on at the border, that would be them acknowledging that we have a crisis at the border while the crisis is happening. I truly believe this is part of their plan to destroy this nation. They're putting America on a fast track to what Venezuela is now today. That's what they're doing.

Channon: It is interesting because there have been a lot of reporters that have been putting pressure on Kamala and Biden to answer for what is happening at the border. So, Tuesday, Biden was asked, “Hey, listen, do you have any plans to head to the border?” He said, “No, not at the moment,’ and then later, Kamala was also approached by reporters.

They asked her about the border, and she said, “I haven't been briefed on the border.” So, these are two people; mind you, they were so hateful about what was happening at the border under Trump. What's happening now is worse than what was happening under Trump, and these people are ignoring it.

Will Johnson: Actually, under President Trump, this was not happening. To them, this was a problem. Now that it is happening, there's no problem because this is what they've been pushing for; this is what they want.

Look, this is no fairy book tale that we're sitting here talking about, this is actually happening on the southern border of the United States of America, and the Democrats are the ones pushing this. They're creating this crisis. They don't want anyone to recognize that they're the ones doing it, that they're the ones who extradited all of these people coming in. They even have photos. Photos of a whole bunch of people migrating to the southern border with Biden T-shirts on. Come on!

Channon: It occurred to me. Where did they get those t-shirts? Who organized those T-shirts for all of those people wanting to come across the border? That's just crazy to me. Who did that?

Trump did an interview on Fox News a couple of nights ago, and Trump said we are like a third-world country now. He said things are going to get much, much worse. He said that we would see immigrants to a level we've never seen before, and that is true.

Will Johnson: We already see that. When he did the interview on Fox News, it was already like that.

Channon: Border agents are saying that border crossings are over 100%, and you know what? It's even more than that. They can't even handle the amount of people that are walking across the border. Will, you have a great friend, Ben Bergquam from Frontline America and also Real America's Voice. He's been at the border.

Will Johnson: Several times.

Channon: He has shown us what is happening there. It is crazy. Let me tell you, one of the biggest problems, and Texas is now trying to deal with this. We are here in Texas. Texas is trying to create an anti-human trafficking effort related to illegal border crossings.

When you have an open border, the number one thing that's happening is sex trafficking and then, of course, drugs, but sex trafficking across that border is #1. It's hitting America, and we've opened the door to it.

It's so frustrating, yet Kamala Harris and Biden are not taking this seriously, not heading down to the border to see what is happening. If somebody sounded the alarm to me, to the President of United States.

Saying, listen, this is what's happening, and this is happening, and that is happening. Would you not think that for the well-being of your country, you would go to the hole that is causing the problem in your country? Would you not want to go to that area?

Will Johnson: You would think.

Channon: The border agents, even his own Department of Homeland Security Secretary, say, “Listen, there's a problem,” and they're ignoring it.

Will Johnson: Well, you know why they're ignoring. I've repeated it so many times. They're ignoring it because this is the plan. This is the idea. They are truly, like I mentioned, trying to turn the United States of America into Venezuela on the fast track.

They don't want to wait four, six, or eight years. They want to do this within the next two years. I'm telling you; I see the writing on the wall. I'm not trying to say that I have a crystal ball, and I can tell you what your future is. Just look, pay attention to what's happening.

Channon: Governor Abbott, which we're not the biggest fans of Governor Abbott, he is a Republican governor, but he's done a lot of things we haven't agreed with.

Will Johnson: He is a Rhino.

Channon: But listen, he has a front-row seat to what is happening at our border, and he said just the other day, he said, “President Biden's reckless open border policies had created a humanitarian crisis that is enriching the cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers who also prey on the abuse of unaccompanied minors.”

Do you know how dangerous it is right now in that area to come across America? The one thing that I respected Trump about is he worked with the President of Mexico in order to try and contain illegal crossings, sex trafficking, and drugs at the border.

Will Johnson: He was working with them.

Channon: They were working together.

Will Johnson: He was working with them. He made policy changes to where all the traffic was coming from; he said, “Hey, stop them at your border. Stop them from coming.” They were doing that. Now they just backed out of the way, allowing people to come in and guess what's happening right now. Just look at the border.

Channon: Because Biden is not working with them, Biden is just like, “Hey, I don't care what you did with Trump.” This is what we're doing right? Or not doing. I don't even know anymore. It's so crazy. The things that are coming from Press Secretary Psaki aren't even true. First, she said, “There was no problem.”

Now, there is such a problem, there's so much pressure for them to answer for it, but they're still not answering for it. They said it wasn't true that people were being tested. We know that people in some holding facilities might be getting tested, but they're also being released into the public.

It is not a matter of if they're being tested or not. They're not being treated. They're so big on this COVID thing being locked down, but yet our borders are not locked down.

Will Johnson: You know what? What's interesting is, if I'm not mistaken, it was in Arizona; on the Arizona border, they found out that 25% of them had COVID after they had tested them.

Then supposedly to the report that I saw, they released them into the population. Here in Texas, Governor Abbott mentioned that 10% of them tested positive, and guess what happened to that 10%? They released them to the public. So, if this thing is such a terrible bad issue, why is the O'Biden administration allowing them to release these people that are carrying this virus?

This could affect the population if this is such a big deal. They keep stressing about how they want to fix the plandemic. They want to stop the plandemic. They're working on it. They're really working on it, but then they release the people into the population. Is no one questioning that? Is no one wondering, like, what in the world is going on?

Channon: I don't know. It's frustrating to me. I don't understand, because on the one hand, a lot of Democrats, even in Hollywood, we're screaming about the border. Now we have a humanitarian crisis happening at the border, an actual humanitarian crisis happening. Then whoever is out there covering what's happening finds little girl’s panties and condoms lying around.

Will Johnson: Prophylactic, yes, laying around.

Channon: Come on, people. We've got to know there is a crisis at the border. People need to wake up. People need to get angry. People need to get mad because there's another part of that. These people, whatever's happening there, are coming into our country. Our country is now an open-door America.

This isn't just people from South America coming. They've caught people from all parts of the country coming through our border. We've had people from the Middle East coming through the border. It's amazing how many different ethnicities are coming there because it's an open door. It was like, let's go.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Channon: Let's go. There's no wall. You can pay somebody to help you get through.

Will Johnson: The cartel, they're making big bucks with this right now.

Channon: Of course, they are.

Will Johnson: They're making so much money with this right now, and I'm telling you, the Democrats are actually helping them make this money.

Channon: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, how do you say his name? I don't know. He said, “The border is secure, and the border is not open.” This is what he said the other day. He really said that? What? Are you kidding me?

Are you telling me it is secure? Well, you know what, Mr. Homeland Security Secretary, you need to visit the Border Patrol down at the border in Texas. I mean, you need to go because you're severely misinformed about what is happening.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and like I keep repeating, this is by design. This is them doing what they said that they wanted to do to the American people, to our nation. They're bringing it full steam ahead.

Channon: Lindsey Graham was on Hannity the other night, and they were talking about the border. Lindsey said that “The border is a disaster in the making.” He said, “The worst is yet to come.” As Trump said, “The worst is yet to come,” and unfortunately, people aren't paying attention and won't pay attention.

Will, you and I talk about this all the time. Nobody pays attention until it affects them. So, until you lose your child to sex trafficking, drugs, or something like that, then all of a sudden, they're going to go, “Oh, wait a minute, when did this happen?? Graham said border insecurity, meaning it is not secure, is a great way for terrorists to come into our country. You know that, right?

Who doesn't know that? Who doesn't know that an open door is an invitation to terrorists, to everything bad?

Will Johnson: Why do you think they automatically said that they're lifting the Muslim ban, which in fact, it was never a Muslim ban, to begin with; it was from countries that wanted to destroy America. From these countries that were screaming death to America. They were screaming this.

President Trump put a ban on those countries. Mind you, these same countries were on a banned list when Obama was in office, but they're saying it is racist when President Trump is doing it. But these people are trying to come in, and they're not trying to come in for the American dream. They're coming because they want to destroy the nation. It's that simple.

Channon: It's unfortunate that it's not families coming. A lot of people say, “Oh, these families are coming,” and that's not who's coming. It's not families. It's men and unaccompanied children that are coming.

Will Johnson: Sometimes these men have the children.

Channon: Of course, yeah. There was a police officer that I knew from Austin that is in contact with people that work on the border. He said what's happening is that the cartel is going to families in Mexico and paying to take their children across the border, or they're stealing the children to take them across the border because they will most likely get across the border into America if they have children. So, think of how frightening of a situation this is for these children, Will. Can you imagine?

Will Johnson: Oh, it's horrible that we see this. I mean, and it's like it's nonstop, and it's just constantly getting worse and worse. At some point, you would think that we wouldn't see this in America. This is the last place that we would expect to see this, but they're all about it. They are completely for it.

Channon: This is crazy. I'm so upset, and the fact that Biden is now saying, “Oh, don't come now. You know, we don't need you now.”

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: I'm thinking, will they go put help down on the border. He's saying that, but is he doing anything to stop them? He's not doing anything to stop them.

Will Johnson: No. So, there is a clip that you found earlier. I would love to play this for people to hear. This is from Chip Roy, where he shreds Biden's open border policy, just shreds it. He lays out exactly what's happening, and the scary part is, people, you better pay attention.

You better pay attention to what the Democrats, these tyrants, are doing to this nation. Do you think it's just going to go away? Do you think everything is going to be okay? I mean, seriously, what do you think it is going to be like between now and election day? What do you think is going to happen in between that? I mean, seriously, listen.

Chip Roy: Having been here with my colleagues because my colleagues are standing behind me and with me here. Actually, I believe in sovereignty and securing the border of the United States. I woke up yesterday morning in Laredo, Texas, having spent the day before visiting with Border Patrol.

Riding along with Border Patrol along the border in Laredo, going down to the river, being with the Border Patrol. We had 15 apprehensions while I was with them, and we couldn't grab and stop everybody that was coming across the border. We met with Border Patrol at a part of the Rio Grande where you walk across.

I met with an agent who had a three-mile stretch he was in charge of, solo by himself because so many Border Patrol agents in Laredo are now in the Rio Grande Valley, running processing centers. Your border, ladies and gentlemen, Americans, listen to me. Your border is wide open. It is being exploited by cartels right now, today.

Will Johnson: Right now, today.

Channon: It makes me sick. It makes me sick, and how can Biden and Kamala ignore it. Literally, they are ignoring what is happening. I would get troops down there; I would do something to stop the insanity that's happening.

Will Johnson: That's you. You would do that. You would stop this insanity because, you know, we all know that there's an issue here. But they don't want to stop this. This is exactly what they want.

Then, anyone that comes along that tries to say otherwise, you're just hateful because you don't care about the children. Look how bad it is for these kids, and they have the nerve, the audacity to say that we don't care about the children when they're doing this.

Channon: According to border patrol, about 30% of the people illegally crossing the border were under 18.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: There were 29,792 unaccompanied children detained without parents. About five more times than in January. This is crazy. I mean, and all Biden is doing is going on CNN and saying, “Oh, I told them, don't come right now.” Don't come. Biden, you know what? They're not scared of you.  I'm being honest.

Will Johnson: Hold on.

Channon: Go ahead.

Will Johnson: The reason they're coming, even if Biden were to go on national television and say don't come right now. They're never going to hear that. They've already heard the message about getting to the border. So, Biden and Kamala don't have to do anything.

They don't have to say anything because they already know that the memo got put out. A long memo has been put out. That's what they're going to do. They're going to get to the border, plain and simple. Nothing, as of today, is going to change that.

Channon: You know, it just shows me how people perceive Biden and how people perceive Trump. Biden is meek. He's not in control. He's not about protecting the American people. Trump was the complete polar opposite. He was like, don't mess with me, don't mess with America. If you do, you're going to regret it. I miss that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Channon: Don't you miss that, Will?

Will Johnson: I do miss it. You know what? The entire time President Trump kept talking about the border wall we didn't see any of this. We saw none of this.

Channon: We saw a couple of things as threats.

Will Johnson: No, it was nothing like this. It was never to this extent. Of course, you had people still trying because you had AOC, and the other nut jobs all complaining, screaming, talking about, oh, no, the border. They are putting kids in cages. Knowing good and well, President Trump did that to protect children; you had to.

To give an example, one monster who had this little girl, playing it off like it was his little girl. Come to find out, he had been raping the little girl before they even got to the border, and they let him keep the little girl when he came into the country. Four more months went by where he was constantly raping her.

He ended up killing the little girl. Then the Democrats were silent about it. They didn't say anything. In the background, they were probably fighting for his release. Think about that.

Channon: So, now we have the border. We have Biden bombing Syria.

Will Johnson: Mm-hmm. Now mind you, this is happening within 100 days.

Channon: Now, we have China becoming a problem, once again, as I said in my previous statement. I look at Biden and to the rest of the world. Nobody's scared of him. He's not going to do anything. You know, he's this, Oh, la, la, la, hey, hey.

Will Johnson: Goodbye America.

Channon: Goodbye America.

Will Johnson: Goodby America. I mean, it's so crazy.

Channon: Oh, let me just tell you this. Will was out driving today. He had to run some errands, and I'm looking around, and there are all these flags at half-staff. I'm going, why are these flags at half-staff? Like, did I miss something?

Will Johnson: We didn't get the memo.

Channon: I mean, I was going, okay, so I Googled it. You know why the flags are at half-staff.

Will Johnson: Tell us why the flags are half-staff on March 18th, 2021.

Channon: Because of the shooting that happened in Atlanta.

Will Johnson: Because of the shooting that happened in Atlanta?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: What? Wait a minute, are we talking about that shooting, the male who happened to be white?

Channon: Who said he had a sexual problem.

Will Johnson: He went into a parlor, shot up the parlor and the people because of his sexual addiction. Not because of racial tension.

Channon: Which is how they wanted to spin it.

Will Johnson: He even came out and said it had nothing to do with race. It was his sexual addiction.

Channon: His sexual addiction.

Will Johnson: They are still pushing this as if this is a racial issue, simply because he's a white male.

Channon: So, all across America, flags are flying at half-staff.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: Not the border crisis, not the hundreds of people being shot in Atlanta; we don't care about those people.

Will Johnson: What about the people shot in Chicago? Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that Biden and the leftists, you black people, you all have been dying no half-staff flag for you. Here a white person does something. Then they fly a half-staff flag.

Channon: I'm not saying what happened in Atlanta is not sad.

Will Johnson: It is sad.

Channon: It is sad. I hate for anybody to lose their life because somebody was a complete idiot and selfish, but as much as it is sad, we have to look at why did he fly the flags at half-staff for that? But we don't fly the flags at half-staff for the killings that are happening all across America that are just as senseless.

Will Johnson: You know what? He won't fly the flag at half-staff for all of the unwanted children that they have murdered.

Channon: We should keep the flag at half-staff.

Will Johnson: If that's the reason, then the flag would never go back up to its full glory.

Channon: No, the whole time.

Will Johnson: Instead of them burning the flag, they just bring it down halfway and say America is half good now.

Channon: We are half good. I agree. Biden is President.

Will Johnson: Yeah. VP, Vice President Biden.

Channon: I think it should be half-staff because Biden is President.

Will Johnson: Exactly, half-staff. Oh, my goodness the country is terrible.

Channon:  So, Will.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Did you have the audio from Don Lemon?

Will Johnson: Don sour puss Lemon, you call him Don Arrowhead. I call him Don sour puss.

Channon: Don Lemon was on The View the other day, and this man had the audacity to talk about religion as if he's some authority on religion. But you have to listen to this audio clip. Do you, have it?

Will Johnson: I'm cueing it up as we speak. For those of you that don't know, Don Lemon bats for the other team. He bats for, if you read the Bible in any religion, the lifestyle he is living goes completely against God because God didn't create us to live simple lives.

He created us to multiply, and it takes a man and a woman to do that. The thing is, he is addressing the issue of what you should think about, the way Christ looked, or who Christ was. Not the fact that Christ died for all of us. I'm a Christian.

I'm a strong Christian, and I truly believe and know that Christ died for all of us, but before we go to the calls, let me play this clip. It is a short clip. We're going to play this clip, and then we'll go to the phone line. Don Lemon, these people, in my personal opinion, he even talks down about Jewish people, which is weird.

Channon: So, keep in mind, he's talking about healing racial wounds.

Will Johnson: He's talking about healing racial wounds.

Channon: So, he's saying in order to begin healing racial wounds, we need first to realize that Jesus was a black person.

Will Johnson: Reminds you of Muslim.

Channon: So, listen to this.

Don Lemon: You also have to start being realistic about God and the Bible and if you are a person of faith in this country and we know America is built on faith and religious freedom. Then we have to, I think a good way of starting is to present the true identity of Jesus, and that is as a black or brown person rather than someone who looks like a white hippie from Sweden or Norway, and I think we should start with a true depiction of what Jesus looked like and put that in your home.

Either a black Jesus or brown Jesus, because we knew Jesus looked more like a Muslim or someone who was dark rather than someone who was a blond-looking carpenter. Then when your children ask you, who is this? This is Jesus. Jesus was Middle Eastern; Bethlehem was not in Sweden.

So, Jesus does not look like the popular depiction that we have in our churches and in our homes and that we see all over the media. I think that is a good place to start, and that is a good place that your kids will ask questions, and then you can go from there. Then we can come to a true reality about what America really is.

Will Johnson: Wow, what America really is? That is funny and has nothing to do with America, first of all. Christ had everything to do with every last person on this planet.

Channon: Leave it up to Democrats to politicize Jesus. Turn the racial thing into ...

Will Johnson: You turn religion into a political issue. That's what he did.

Channon: What we should be teaching our children is it doesn't matter what color Jesus was. He loved all people and died for all of our sins, regardless of race or color. To me to say, he was black or brown is irrelevant. He created all colors.

Like you said earlier when we talked about this. He created all colors. He doesn't care what color you are, and we shouldn't care what color he is. That should be the conversation.

Will Johnson: He created all these colors, and all of a sudden, he's going to reject the colors? Come on.

Channon: That's the conversation we should have. So, let's go ahead and let's bring Sandy on from Texas. What do you got for Will, Sandy?

Sandy: Hi, Will.

Will Johnson: Hey.

Sandy: Can you hear me?

Will Johnson: Can you hear me? I can hear you loud and clear.

Sandy: Yeah, I can hear you.

Will Johnson: What do you got for us? Thanks for calling.

Sandy: This problem is very worrisome for everybody. I live in central Texas, so I'm sort of in the bull's eye here. I've been thinking we've got to push back on this, and everybody is going to have to do it. Our business owners need not hire these illegal aliens that are coming up. Do not give them a job. Do you know what I'm saying?

Will Johnson: I agree with you.

Sandy: Verify the employees that they hire, make sure that they are citizens. I don't care what color they are, how they dress, or how they present themselves. Get the documentation. Make sure they are citizens before they hire them. We've always had greedy people, and these illegals are going to be working for basically nothing.

I mean, it's a lot of money to them to get just a few dollars an hour. So, these business owners that are greedy are going to be hiring them. If you get wind of a business that is hiring illegal aliens, do not take your money and do business with that company. Don't do it. We've got to push back, everybody.

Will Johnson: I completely agree. Right now, in the United States of America, we have Democrats that are pushing this. You know, they have it to where they want to penalize some businesses. I saw this in the article, and I can't recall where it is right now, but I remember seeing this. They want to penalize a business for not hiring illegals.

Sandy: Oh, really? They're going to reverse the laws that we already have.

Channon: When you do that, you punish Americans.

Sandy: Yeah.

Channon: For being American. I'm not going to give you a job because you're American, and you pay taxes.

Will Johnson: I know some jobs penalize you for being American and not speaking the language outside of the country.

Channon: Yeah, at one point, I was in human resources, and unfortunately, if they're not bilingual in certain areas of the country, they won't hire you unless you're bilingual for those positions. So, it's almost like you're discriminating against Americans because they don't speak a foreign language. How crazy is that?

Sandy: I applied at a hospital in Fort Worth one year, and the very first question was, are you bilingual? The very first question.

Channon: We don't have an established first language here in America. We don't say English first.

Will Johnson: The English language is not the language of the country.

Channon: We don't have one. I think that's part of the problem.

Sandy: We use to. It used to say that English was our language.

Will Johnson: No, it's never been. The most spoken word in America is English, but there's no national language for the United States of America.

Channon: It's not established, but Sandy, you are correct. In the sense that I had family that came through Ellis Island, from Yugoslavia and Italy. They went to communities when they got here to America. First, they had to prove that they could support themselves here in America.

We didn't pay for them to be here, but they went to communities and learned the English language. It was just something you did. You wanted to. You came to America, and you're like, I'm going to go here, and I'll learn the American language. Then you would go out into the world, wherever you wanted to go.

Quite frankly, we've made it so easy for people not to learn the English language. Unfortunately, the people that live here that speak English are suffering for jobs.

Will Johnson: When you get right down to it, it's those on the left. You don't see conservative Christians doing this. You don't. You'll even see the Jewish community doing this. You don't see Hispanics doing this. It's a melting pot of those on the left who are pushing this.

Channon: Thanks for calling Sandy. We appreciate you.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much for giving us a call.

Sandy: Your welcome and thank you for taking my call. You all have a good day.

Will Johnson: Alright, take care, you too.

Channon: I'm still upset with what Don Lemon said about hanging a black or brown picture of Jesus in your house.

Will Johnson: Yes, he suggests that you show that you're not going along with a long-haired hippie from, where you say from? New Zealand or something like that, where white people are from. I mean, seriously, Christ's color had nothing to do with nothing.

This is them constantly pushing this racial division onto the American people, and ultimately what he didn't do is say that if anyone has said that Christ is white, or they look at Christ and think that Christ is for white people, then something is wrong with you. He is one of them leading the charge, the attacks on white people.

Channon: I'm not going to argue that Jesus was black or brown. Honestly, he was in the Middle East. There's a reason why he was a darker brown because he needed to relate to the people that were here in the world at that time.

If it was white people, I'm sure he would have been white. Everything in the Bible related to the moment or place he was in, but it wasn't about color. It wasn't about any of that. It's about his word. It was about God. It was about why he was here.

He died for everyone saying if you want to share a message with your children, you say, it doesn't matter who you are. Jesus died for you because he loves you. That's the message that we should be sharing. Not a racial one. Not a divisive tactic.

To me, that's driving race into your religion. If I were a little kid, and I don't know any better, I'd be like, well, Jesus was black, and he didn't like white people.

Will Johnson: You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if this movement, people like Don Lemon, come out and say that Jesus doesn't like straight people either. It would not surprise me.

Channon: It shocks me that he said that America was founded on religion.

Will Johnson: The reason why he's saying that is they want to change what Christianity is. That's the only reason why he's doing it. There is an agenda to change what Christianity is. They're saying that God is all open for people living a sinful lifestyle. It goes on to that. It's just so crazy, so crazy.

Channon: So, while we are talking about that, we need to talk the other day. We read an article where a young man was threatened that he might not graduate high school because one of his classes required him to write a paper. What was that about again?

Will Johnson: It was a young white male.

Channon: He was biracial, by the way.

Will Johnson: In order for him to get a passing grade, he has to write in his paper that he has to acknowledge that he had white dominance.

Channon: That's it, yeah.

Will Johnson: He said, “I'm not going to do that.; Come to find out, his mother is black, and he's biracial, but because he looks white ...

Channon: Yeah, he was white enough.

Will Johnson: Because he looked white enough, he had to denounce his white dominance. He said, “No, I'm not going to do that because I don't have white dominance” This is another attack on white people.

Channon: His mom went down to the high school.

Will Johnson: She was livid.

Channon: She was mad.

Will Johnson: I would have been mad too.

Channon: She went to the school, and the school refused to change the grade.

Will Johnson: Because he won't denounce his white dominance, but his mother is black. This should tell you the mindset of these people.

Channon: She said nothing is dominating about her son. She said he's quiet, he's friendly, he's nice.

Will Johnson: That's not the point. They are labeling white people saying, white people have dominance when it's not happening. If you talk dominance, if white people have dominance, why don't they have a problem with O'Biden? Why don't they have a problem with Chucky Schumer? Why don't they have a problem with Nancy Pelosi? All three of them are white.

Channon: I want them to write a paper. I want them to denounce their white dominance.

Will Johnson: Hello, every last one of them is white. But see, they are the right type of white people because they're coming out saying that there's a problem with white people. You know what it reminds me of, and I've said this so many times.

It reminds me of what took place in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. It reminds me so much of that. Just go back and look at history. I don't even consider myself a big history buff, but when you go back and look at what they have done to the Jewish community during that time, they demonized the Jewish community. Think about it.

Think about this when they had the Berlin trials. They asked one of the Nazi leaders, how in the world did you get so many people to do what they did to the Jewish people? He said it was simple. He said all we did was instill fear. He said it was just fear.

We used fear to get them to fear the Jewish community, and everybody just went in line. Now, they are calling white people, even cops are doing it, but they are increasing it by calling white people white supremacists, calling them domestic terrorists. They say white people are attacking Asian people, and they said it is growing at an alarming rate, which is a total farce.

Never, not true at all because if it were true, you would have social media videos, mainstream videos, and all of those videos flying around. They're just saying it. They're just spewing it out of their mouth, getting people to believe it. So, it's the same thing they did in the 1930s, but now they're doing it to white people.

Channon: Fortunately, we have enough minorities coming out speaking against that narrative.

Will Johnson: I'm speaking out against this.

Channon: You have people like you, Candace Owens, and Brandon Tatum. You have Hispanics coming out saying, “No, there's no such thing as white dominance.”

Will Johnson: White privilege.

Channon: You even have Asians coming out saying, listen, this is mind control of the government.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: You have all these minority groups coming out saying, “No, this isn't true,” but you have this whole population that is so easily manipulated. I understand that social media has manipulated, news manipulates. I get it. It's all set up to manipulate people.

Will Johnson: That's what they're supposed to do. I mean, President Trump completely laid it out when he said that the mainstream media is like the Communist News Network or MSNBC. They are the enemy of the people, plain and simple, they are the enemy of the people, and they're not even hiding that fact any longer.

There's no hiding it, and they are like, why do we need to hide it? They're saying we won. We won, we have everything that we want, and now we get to do whatever we want to do. Guess what's happening, people? They're doing it. They're absolutely doing it, and how long do you think it is going to last?

How long you think it's going to continue? As long as we the people continue to sit by and constantly talk about it and do nothing. It's going to continue to happen on top of that, when they're doing these policies, it's just like Chuck Schumer. He said, “We are from the government, and we're here to help.”

During the time of Reagan, he made this point. He talked about how the government said there are nine words that you never want to hear from the government. Nine words and that is: ‘We're from the government, and we're here to help.’

President Ronald Reagan: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.’

Chuck Schumer: We say to America, help is on the way. You will receive $1,400 checks by the end of March. Help is on the way.

President Ronald Reagan: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.’

Chuck Schumer: Our schools will open safely and more quickly than we thought. Help is on the way.

President Ronald Reagan: The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I'm from the government, and I'm here to help

Will Johnson: I mean, what else do you need to hear.

Channon: So, true.

Will Johnson: What else do you need to hear? He said it then, and the Democrats are saying it now. People are clapping. Yes, they're here to help us. Yes.

Channon: You know, one of the biggest things our founding fathers were worried about was big government.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: The Democrats said that Trump was about big government, but that wasn't true. He wasn't about big government. The Democrats are about big government.

Will Johnson: Oh, yes. They're about controlling every aspect of our lives.

Channon: He wants to control whether or not you have a 4th of July party or not.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. He's saying. I'm going to let you know if you have your independence or not. I mean, really. Are you going to decide that? Oh, Joe O'Biden, you're going to decide if we can have our independence.

Oh, what would we do without you? You know what? I did a broadcast last night and had a gentleman on with me, and he made a very good point. I thought it was just brilliant. We have to thank Joe. Seriously, we have to thank Joe for not getting anything done for the 47 years. Now, look what he's done in less than 100 days. Do you get it?

Channon: Yeah, now he's doing something.

Will Johnson: In the 47 years he's been in office, and now it hasn't been 100 days. You know, be honest with you; it's not him doing it. He's on strings. He's literally on a string. They're pulling his strings.

Channon: On Fox News, the headline is, Biden calls his second in command President Harris. So, today he was having a press conference in Arizona about vaccinations. He said, ‘When President Harris and I,” and he paused for a moment.

A virtual tour of the vaccination site in Arizona not so long ago, and he goes on to say what he was saying, but he needs to correct himself. He didn't even say, oh, no, I mean when the vice president and me. He didn't even correct himself.

Will Johnson: I've said it before. We actually did a broadcast on here last week talking about Madam President. I have been screaming it, and that's what they want. That's what they're pushing for. They want it so bad. They want so bad to say, Madam President.

Channon: On the Daily Caller, Biden was asked about his disagreements with Kamala Harris on certain issues, and this is what he said, quote, "I like I told Barack if I read something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on moral principles," he is talking about him and Kamala, "I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign." I'm like, wait, is that what is happening right now? He actually said that. This is crazy.

Will Johnson: I think he did develop a disease. He said this before we were going through a coup d'état.

Channon: He said this back in December when he became President, you know, before he was officially sworn into office, but yeah. I don't know.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he did.

President Joe Biden: But all kidding aside.

Jake Tapper: The first lady told me she holds them for you.

President Joe Biden: Yes, she does, but she and Kamala have become friends, but all kidding aside, it's a matter of the thing we are simpatico on our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to attack/approach these issues that we're facing, and so I don't have - and when we disagree, it will be just like, so far, it's been just like Barack and I did. It in private.

She'll say, I think we should do A, B, C or D, and I'll say I like A, don't like B or C., okay, and like I told Barack, if I read something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.

Channon: What the heck?

Will Johnson: I think they better use the excuse now for him to resign. They're probably going to come up with the 25th Amendment at some point. I mean, he's declining. He is declining. I mean, they could probably give him enhanced drugs to pep him to do a little speech now and then.

Channon: He is probably getting enhanced right now. I don't know.

Will Johnson: He's declining. There's no disputing it. You can't even hide it. You can't hide it. They are trying really hard to hide it, but you can't hide it. He is declining.

Channon: He doesn't even know whose President. Is it him or her? He is at that point. He's like, have we gotten to the point where it's Harris yet? I confused. What day is it?

Will Johnson: When you wake up, they asked him, it was Anderson Cooper. When you wake up in the White House, what does it feel like? You know, I look over at Jill, and I ask her, where are we? He literally said that. I'm like, oh, my goodness.

This is the man that is flying the plane that we're all on right now. How does your safety feel? How does your safety feel? Guess what; there's no parachute. Guess what; there's no landing strip. Ponder on that a little bit.

On top of that, they are putting more people on the airplane who never contributed to the gas, but more people are on the airplane. It is absolutely disturbing, that's certain. So, hey, everybody. I want to thank every last one of you so much for doing me this huge favor by getting your mobile device.

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They go, well, it is the algorithm that's doing it. As if we don't know a human being programmed the algorithm, come on, seriously. What I'm getting at is once you sign up, and it's free 88202. Just type my name in Will and send it to 88202. You will get notifications when we go live. You will get the notifications, but you have to do it. It's free. I mean, what do you got to lose by doing it? You had nothing to lose. I don't know why you wouldn't do it.

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Will Johnson: Absolutely, you get wonderful people like Barry Nussbaum and Anni Cyrus. You get awesome information from them. Stuff that the mainstream media will never tell you about. You know what? They are straight-up honest people. They want to relay what you need to hear. I like listening to them.

You should check them out, seriously. The best way you can do that is to go to 88202 and sign up. It's really simple. Just type my name in Will, and when you type my name, Will, it lets them know that I sent you. It helps me out on the other end. Trust me, believe me. Like President Trump used to say, believe me.

I think he still says it, but we are at the end. I want to thank everyone once again for tuning in. Thank you to the young lady who gave us a call and completely laid out exactly how it is and what's going on. I completely agree. These businesses that are helping and supporting these tyrants, we should look into not supporting those businesses.

I know it's going to be difficult because how do you get the message out to about 300 million people? But anyway, we will see you next Thursday. Take care, and God bless.

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