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Biden Suggests Black People Are Too Dumb to Use Internet and More


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us this February 18th, 2021, and what a year it has been so far. What a year. It is interesting. It is amazing to see the times we're living in; thank you for joining us, everyone. My name is Will Johnson.

Please do me a favor. I always ask this. Get out your mobile device, send me a text to 88202, and just type in my name, Will. By doing that, you would get free information. Did I say free? Did I tell you free? It's free information from the American Truth Project.

Information that you don't get anywhere else. Please get out your mobile device, type in 88202, and type in my name. Riding in the studio with me, shotgun Channon, my in-house producer.  I want to say thank you to Anni, the outside producer of this broadcast.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us. We can talk a bit about the weather here in Texas because we've been without power for three-plus days. Power came on yesterday, late evening. It's been very interesting. You know what, Channon?

The power was out for three-plus days, no Internet, no communication. It was like we were cut off from the entire world. I couldn't even leave because there was ice everywhere. The streets are really bad right now. I was able to go out a little bit, but the streets are still terrible out there, and there is still snow coming.

But it looks like in a couple of days from now, and things will warm up a little bit. But not having any communication, being cut off, no Internet. It makes you take a look at the situation that we're in this nation. You know, being cut off from everything, we had no idea if the Democrats took us into the next war.

We had no idea how many more jobs they killed. We had no idea. I didn't even realize until we came back that, according to Biden, black people are stupid. So, stupid, they don't even know how to surf the Internet to look up anything.

Channon: Yeah, I have to say it was a very strange feeling. I mean, we didn't have any electricity. Along with that no internet and no cell service. I mean, we can't call 911 if we wanted to. We'd probably have to run out to the yard and say, please, somebody help. It made a very dangerous situation for people here in Texas.

We have electricity now, but mind you, there are still millions without electricity and water. The roads are very slick, so it's hard for elderly people to get to places where they have heat, food, and shelter. We went to the stores today to pick up some things. We just wanted some eggs, and oh my goodness, it looks like Armageddon in the grocery stores. There is no food.

Will Johnson: Nothing, nowhere.

Channon: You pretty much have to create a different menu. You know, pick brands and stuff that you never had before. There was no bread, and there were barely any cheeses. I mean, it was just crazy.

Will Johnson: Actually, one of the stores that I went to was baking bread in the back. You could smell them baking the bread. They couldn't even get the bread out of the oven fast enough. They were throwing them at people. Here's one here, and here's one. It was crazy.

Channon: Yeah, it's pretty crazy here. Of course, Texas is not used to this kind of weather. They did not have snowplows. They didn't have sand, dirt, or those type of things to treat the streets.

Will Johnson: Texas hasn't had anything like this since the 1800s, for this to come out on a whim like this, boom. I can see it right now. Headlines read Texas hit with climate change. This is the reason why we need climate change.

You know, everyone is screaming climate change. Do you know what that really means? The de-population of people. That's exactly what that means. When they are screaming for climate change, they're saying people are the problem.

Channon: Yeah, but we made it through. Imagine if you aren't here in Texas. Imagine having no cell service, no internet, and having teenagers and children. Oh, my goodness. That's just as bad as no electricity.

Will Johnson: It's very interesting.

Channon: It's crazy. We have a new appreciation for the luxuries we have here in America, food, shelter, electricity, and cell phone service.

Will Johnson: Internet, even the cell towers. I'm guessing that they cut the power off to the cell towers because there were days where there was no signal. Nothing at all, just total darkness.

Channon: Which is frustrating because you want to know what's happening. Do they know about me here in this part of the state? I don't have electricity or water. Do they know? Are they coming? Is help coming? You didn't know, which made it crazy.

So, we're back online, at least we are. We pray for everybody here in Texas. It's not just Texas. I understand Arkansas and other states have issues as well. This storm brought people to their knees. It made people understand how important it is to be prepared for emergencies. What do you think about that, Will?

Will Johnson: I don't know. I mean, I really don't know, but I'll say this, then we're going to move on to some of the topics here today. I'll say that I am very thankful that I practice what I preach. What I mean by that is, I did store some water. I did store up some food supplies and some necessities.

The only thing I wish we had that we didn't have is a generator to generate some electricity like a little space heater and keep the refrigerator going. But other than that, I had restorable foods. I had candles, wind-up radio, batteries for different things, water, and food. So, we had those necessities. But it would have been nice to have a generator.

Channon: A lot of people lost their food in the refrigerator. We did put some food outside in the snow.

Will Johnson: It was freezing. I put the milk out there, and the milk started freezing. So, it was cold outside.

Channon: Yeah, it was cold. But a lot of people lost their food, which is one reason why the grocery stores were also crazy. But to get reconnected with the world, the first thing Will and I did was find out what's going on. Like, what did we miss?

Will Johnson: Yeah, what happened?

Channon: What are the news headlines? What was happening while we were out of touch and we heard Joe Biden, yesterday or the day before, had a town hall with CNN.

Will Johnson: He basically said that black people are stupid. I mean, seriously, that is what he said. Black people are stupid. You are so dumb you don't know how to use the internet or know how to search on the internet to look up anything.

He is talking about the rural areas, you know, black people who are out in the sticks. They don't have any capability of looking up anything on the internet because they are just stupid.

Channon: Biden suggests blacks and Hispanics are too dumb to use the internet or find vaccines. I wonder if we went out on the streets and asked blacks and Hispanics if they know how to use the internet…

Will Johnson: We need to go to the rural areas. Do you even know how to use the internet? Have you ever heard of the internet? Do you know how to search for anything on the internet? Do you know how to type on a keyboard? I mean, that's what he's doing here, and for Hispanics and black people to vote for this nut job says a lot.

It's disgusting what he's done. It's despicable. You know what? They give him a pass it. So, I look at it, and if I say that Biden straight-up said that Hispanic people are too stupid to know how to use the internet. The fact-checkers are going to come along and say he did not say that.

Channon: Well, you have the clip, right Will?

Will Johnson: I do have the clip.

Channon: I want to know what he said.

Will Johnson: Okay, let's do this.

President Joe Biden: The other part is, a lot of people don't know how to register. Not everybody in the community, the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts, know how to use, know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens or at a particular store.

Will Johnson: So, not only are black people too stupid to use the internet. Black people don't even know how to get in line at Walgreens. They're dumb. They are idiots.

Channon: He could not have been more insulting. He could not have been more insulting.

Will Johnson: My goodness.

Channon: If you don't know how to figure out how to call your local Walgreens or someone to figure out how. He's saying they're not capable of calling Walgreens.

Will Johnson: I know what it is.

Channon: What is it?

Will Johnson: Black people are too stupid to get in line and practice social distancing. That's what it is.

Channon: Democrats treat blacks and Hispanics like they're incapable of doing anything without political help.

Will Johnson: The assistance of a white liberal.

Channon: Correct.

Will Johnson: Black people and Hispanics, you are not capable of doing anything. You're not capable of thinking. You're not capable of getting in line at Walgreens.

Channon: You don't know how to call your doctor.

Will Johnson: You don't know how to call your doctor. You know what? You don't even know how to go to the D.M.V., so you can get a job and make life better. Seriously, black people are stupid. That's what they are saying.

Channon: They think that when it comes to voting in elections.

Will Johnson: I know that's why I brought it up.

Channon: They were saying that blacks are suppressed because they didn't know where the local D.M.V. was to get their driver's license.

Will Johnson: But they know how to go to a liquor store and get some liquor, malt liquor. This is the ignorance of those on the left, like Biden and the rest of them. You know what? Being a person of color, being a person that is not white, that does not give you a handicap.

You are not handicapped because you're not white. That's exactly how they're approaching this whole thing. Hispanic people and black people, you have a handicap because of your complexion. You can't help if you are stupid.

Channon: Your complexion, which is a different color of skin, it's a pigmentation. That has nothing to do with defining intelligence, which apparently, to the Democrats, it links to intelligence because Biden says that they can't figure things out.

It's just crazy to me how our previous President, if he would have said something like this, the media and all these left-wing media outlets would have said, oh my gosh, this is so racist. This is so wrong. This is something a white supremacist would say.

Will Johnson: When you're a racist person, and you say these things, when you have the ‘D’ next to your name, it's perfectly fine. They expect the Democrats to be racist. They expect Democrats to be white supremacists. Which they actually are because a lot of people still don't know; in the year 2021, people still don't know that it was the Democrats.

That the K.K.K. came out of the Democrat Party. They were all Democrats. It was the Democrats that wanted to keep black people enslaved. Just like today, it's the Democrats. They are the ones that want to keep black people in the projects, on the plantation.

On top of that, if you're not white, if you're anything else, they want to control you. Just like they've done with everything else. Latinos, Jewish people, and Asian people, you're not exempt. All of these white liberals think that they are better than you.

All of these white liberals think that you need assistance because you're not capable of doing anything on your own. I don't even know how I got on the internet today. Somebody, tell me. How did I get on the internet today?

Channon: How are you even doing that? How do you do broadcast every single day, you're black?

Will Johnson: I don't know.

Channon: You really have to tell me.

Will Johnson: It was all by chance. I just happen to get on the internet. How did I get on here?

Channon: That is funny. You know, it's unfortunate. When I listen to bits and pieces of this, I did not watch the entire thing. It seemed like Joe Biden was also struggling to get his thoughts and ideas out. He seems slow.

Will Johnson: He doesn't have any.

Channon: He seems like he's trying to be very careful of the way he words things and says things. Almost like he has dementia. You know, sometimes people have dementia, and they're very hesitant about talking fast.

Will Johnson: You know what it is? He is a puppet, and the someone that is pulling strings is really bad at it.

Channon: They are bad at it or he is not the greatest puppet.

Will Johnson: He is not the greatest puppet, but the puppet masters are like, I think I got it. They are slow as well, trying to figure out how to get him to move. Look at him. He's like a puppet on stage.

Channon: I'm wondering; Biden comes out and says this, but Biden, according to Black Lives Matter, has huge support from the black base. When we came out of our shelter the past couple of days, you showed me something that blew my mind. It took me back. B.L.M. has a list of demands now for the Biden administration. I don't know if you saw this is on their website. It's pretty crazy. They have seven demands.

Will Johnson: Seven, let's start with number seven.

Channon: You want to start with number seven? Okay.

Will Johnson: Yeah, let's start with number seven. So, this is the seven, the top seven demands from B.L.M. B.L.M. stands for; for those of you that don't know. It doesn't stand for ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It stands for ‘Because Lucifer Manipulates,’ but let's start with number seven.

Channon: So, number seven is, they want the Breath Act passed. On their website, it says the police were born out of slave patrols. We cannot reform an institution built upon white supremacy. We need a new radical approach.

Will Johnson: Radical.

Channon: To public safety and community investment.

Will Johnson: At least they are acknowledging that they're radical. At least that they're acknowledging that point, you know what? The police department did not come out of white supremacy, the K.K.K. did.

That's the whole thing here. They ignore all of that, and you know what? B.L.M. is a Democrat entity. It is because they're all about whatever the Democrats, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Pressley, Bush, all of them. They're all Democrats, and they're all leaning with B.L.M.

Channon: So, it continues to say President Biden has also drawn on the Breath Act in his executive actions calling for racial equity screens and federal programs, investing in environmental justice at historical levels, and engaging with system-impacted communities.

The Breath Act paints a vision of a world where black lives matter through investments in housing, education, health, and environmental justice. I was like, okay, what is this Breath Act? I honestly hadn't researched it before, so I went to this website called breathact.org.

It says this visionary bill divests our taxpayer dollars for brutal and discriminatory policing and invests in a new vision of public safety. A vision that answers the call to defund the police and allows our communities to finally breathe free. Now, Will, there's a little bit more to this. Of course, they are rising against ways that the criminal legal system has harmed and has failed to protect black people.

Will Johnson: But they ignore the person who has put many thousands of black people in jail. This is the stupidity of those on the left. The stupidity of B.L.M. Biden was the one locking black people up. I mean, really?

Channon: The only people that are against police are the people that are doing bad things. If you go to these inner-city urban communities and ask them, hey, listen, do you want them to defend the police?

Will Johnson: I know what you're going to say. So, when I talk to D.E.A. members across the country. The D.E.A. overwhelmingly, police officers overwhelming, detectives overwhelmingly say that black people in the black community said, “No, we want more police.”

Channon: Correct. The criminals are the only ones that don't want the police. I mean, if you're doing wrong, they don't want you to be held accountable. Now, I'm not going to lie. We do know that there have been racial problems with some police profiling-type situations.

It's not as huge and as blown up as they make it. I'm not excusing it. I'm not saying it’s okay. I'm not saying it's not happening, okay? We need to, of course, address those individual instances because there are people.

Will Johnson: What they end up doing is they end up trying to demonize or criminalize the entire police department because you have one or two people that did something that they shouldn't have done. They are people. You're always going to have someone doing something they shouldn't do.

Channon: But we know now where police have been defunded. We can take Austin as an example because we're here in Texas. The crime rate has skyrocketed; it skyrocketed. The community itself is calling for some resolution to make these people feel safe again. You can't even go downtown now without, one homeless everywhere. Two people are walking around with knives, stealing purses, and there's no one around to stop them.

Will Johnson: You can be mugged for simply just walking around.

Channon: Which has changed if you know Austin? It's a huge downtown bar music scene. It has totally changed the environment. Now, what's also scary about this is in this Breath Act it says history is clear we cannot achieve genuine safety and liberation until we abandon police, abandon prisons, and abandon all punishment paradigm.

Will Johnson: So, basically, if you're black.

Channon: You can get away with it.

Will Johnson: If you commit a crime, you don't have to do the time.

Channon: It's crazy.

Will Johnson: That's what they're saying here, but let's do this. Let's go on to number six on their list of demands.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: So, number six, don't let coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement. That's what they're saying. Don't let it be a crime to crack down on our, what? Are you kidding me? This is in response to the coup. Politicians have already introduced the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021.

We have seen this playbook before. These laws are used to target. Who do you think they're targeting here? Black and brown communities for heightened surveillance. So, they're basically saying that they're not going to monitor white neighborhoods and Asian neighborhoods because they don't commit any crime. When was the last time you have seen people in a white neighborhood go out to riot and loot?

How many times have you seen it? You don't see it because white people don't want to tear up the property. Seriously, they know in the projects, in the ghetto, and these places where they create these situations for Democrats. They're going to have the violence, but they don't want us to pay attention to that violence. This is ridiculous.

Channon: It says Republicans are already busy trying to create an equivalence between the mob on January 6th and listen to this, this is so funny. They're calling the mob on January 6th; we're comparing it to their Freedom Summer.

Will Johnson: They are trying to say that the Freedom Summer was nothing compared to January 6th. Do you know what they were doing?

Channon: We were looting, destroying cities, businesses and killing cops.

Will Johnson: They were raping people. They were dealing drugs. They were killing people.

Channon: That's called ‘Freedom Summer.’ There's no comparison according to them. It's crazy. What it says we don't need domestic terror laws. So, they're saying, don't use those laws against us—facial recognition and any other new police power for the state.

Will Johnson: You know, for them to go to this extent, it shows exactly how stupid these people are. It's always been the left that's been creating all of the crimes, all of the chaos, and all of the destruction. It's those on the left. But they want us to believe.

They want the entire world to believe that, no, disregard that we're the ones committing all of this crime. We want to say it is them doing it. So, you don't pay attention to us as we continue being destructive.

Channon: It's crazy. They say our government should protect righteous protest and stay focused on the real issue, rooting out white supremacy. So, they're saying that when they destroy cities, Will, you went to Minneapolis, correct?

Will Johnson: I have been to Minneapolis and Portland.

Channon: You've seen how they've destroyed communities, black businesses, and other businesses. I mean, they've wreaked havoc on these communities, destroyed people's lives and livelihoods. They have the audacity to say that they were just peaceful protests.

Theirs was a righteous protest. So, they're saying that listen, when these people were going to Capitol Hill, they had no right to their protest. They said they had no right to do it, even though those people felt like the election was stolen from them.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's what they're trying to say because we saw all of the videos. There's been evidence, thousands of affidavits, one after another. Just overwhelmingly what they did this election cycle. A blackout when Trump was winning. The blackout happened and we came out on the other side of the blackout, and Biden is winning.

This is the same thing they've done in third-world countries to take over an election. They are talking about what happened on January 6th was a coup. No, what happened on January 3rd was a coup.

That was what they did, a coup d'état under the blanket of an election. That's exactly what happened here, and they don't want to acknowledge that. You know why? Because they're like, we got what we want. So, everyone now needs to come together. We need to unify and be peaceful. Now they're calling for it.

Channon: I think it's scary that they're calling for a response to the coup, but they're calling for this bill called Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 to be put through. I haven't seen the details of it. Still, it concerns me that they're introducing that and what they're doing is not domestic terrorism, but yet the activities that happen on January 6th are domestic terrorism.

When essentially, some of the things that happened on January 6th are exactly what happened during their ‘summer of love.’ I mean, it's crazy how hypocritical they are. By far, they destroyed more lives, hurt more people, destroyed more federal buildings.

Another thing is that Nancy Pelosi and all of them only care about what happened in the Capitol because it happened to them. They could care less that other federal buildings have been destroyed. Police officers protecting federal buildings were killed. They didn't care about that. They don't bring that up because it wasn't them. Pretty crazy. Do you want to go to number five?

Will Johnson: Yes, let's go to number five.

Channon: It kind of goes along with the others, of course.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and number five, of course, we've already mentioned it. They want to defund the police. The police that have met our B.L.M. protesters this summer with assault rifles, tear gas, the military-grade protective gear were the same police that on Wednesday met with white supremacists in patience and with the benefit of the doubt.

See, this is how they are talking—going as far as posing for selfies with the rioters? You know what? Every time I've gone to a pro-Trump, pro-American, pro-constitutional rally and police officers are there we never threw bricks at the police officers. We never spit on the police officers. We never tried to fight with the police officers.

The only time that happens is when Antifa and B.L.M. show up to try to be destructive, and they try to prevent us from gathering peacefully under the Constitution, the First Amendment. That's the only time it happened and nine times out of ten the only time police officers get in any kind of conflict is when you have Antifa and B.L.M. fighting with them.

Now, the other time I was in Sacramento, California. We were at the Capitol, and I was living in Texas at the time. I flew out to California for this event. Police officers were pushing and arresting those of us that love and respect this nation.

They were doing that because of the tyrant governor, gruesome Newsom in office in California, sent an order down, basically telling all of them, if you want to keep your pension, you better start arresting these people and get them off my lawn. Like he owns it.

Channon: Yeah, we've been in several situations where we've been around Antifa. The battle of Berkeley and other places, where B.L.M. they are extremely violent. I mean, they killed Trump supporters. They also throw things at the police.

We know at one point; some protests were shooting lasers into the police's eyes. One could be blind. I don't know what happened. He is potentially blind for the rest of his life.

Will Johnson: So, they were shooting green lasers into the police offers eyes, and the police officer could be blind?

Channon: It's interesting because when they talk about police officers used assault rifles. We know that cops were not shooting assault rifles at any of the protesters, Antifa, and them. They weren't doing it. They were told not to. They were told to stand down.

Will Johnson: They don't like the fact that police officers have a rifle with them. They don't like the fact that police officers even have a sidearm with them. They want police officers to be not only defunded but they want police officers to be disarmed.

Channon: Look what they've done to police cars.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: We've seen them destroy so many of them.

Will Johnson: Demolished them. How many times have you seen a constitutionalist, a.k.a. Trump supporter, do that? Zero.

Channon: Yeah, it is interesting because a lot of the autopsies other than the one woman that a police officer shot at the Capitol Building. The other four autopsies of police officers have not been released. It has been said that one died of a stroke, one died from tear gas, and yet none of it was a direct result.

There was some rumor that one of them got hit, but then, of course, they said through the investigation, the police officer had not been assaulted or hit. I mean, as far as causing their death. So, it's interesting because they've even hidden the truth from people. After all, they want people to assume that the deaths that happened at the Capitol were a direct result of protesters.

That was not 100% true. Not all those deaths were a direct result of protesters. It is unfortunate, all of them, of course.

Will Johnson: They're trying to say all that could have been avoided if Trump never told people to come to D.C. on the 6th in the first place. But you know what? Regardless of all of that, they knew that some of this was going to happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't plan some of it to happen. So, they can make it look like President Trump was inciting it.

Channon: It was said that they did have some intel.

Will Johnson: They needed more ammo to try and say President Trump was inciting violence.

Channon: I think there was a call for an investigation for Nancy Pelosi to answer for what she knew. In fact, one reason why they said they didn't call for witnesses is that they were going to call Nancy Pelosi to the stand, and she didn't want to perjure herself.

They said that she knew that something potentially might happen, and they didn't stop it. So, I don't know. Interesting, but let's talk about the next four items on this list. You have number four.

Will Johnson: Number four, permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms. You know they've already started doing that. You know what? Seriously, I don't care who you are. When you have a company that bans the sitting President of the United States from publicly saying anything, freedom of speech, everyone should be concerned about that, but see they're not. You know what? I’m going to start a platform, and Biden is banned forever.

Channon: Well, it's interesting because they say Trump has always used digital media platforms recklessly and irresponsibly.

Will Johnson: Not true.

Channon: To spread the lies and disinformation. What about CNN, MSNBC, and all these other media platforms do?

Will Johnson: That's all that they ever do.

Channon: They abuse it too because we know they're full of fake news.

Will Johnson: They are the fake news. They're the ones who created the fake news in the first place. They have the fact-checkers come along and say the fake news is true and the truth is not.

Channon: Then they say they use digital media to incite violence and promote its continuation. Which we heard Kamala Harris say, keep up those protests. Where Maxine Waters says get in their face and protest Trump supporters. We've seen all kinds, also Chuck Schumer.

Will Johnson: What do you think they did when George Floyd took place? They used digital media to incite violence across the nation, even across the world. To the point where it caused billions of dollars, that’s what they have done. Not just George Floyd, but the digital media from those on the left. They've cost billions of dollars of destruction throughout the entire nation, but they don't want to address those issues. They want to act like that never even happened.

Channon: We saw it during the Trump impeachment trial where they showed, what was it? An 11-minute video?

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. The second one.

Channon: They kept saying fight, fight, fight.

Will Johnson: Fight like hell, fight.

Channon: All those videos were on social media. Those were all inciting violence. Those were all promoting the continuation of fighting against something different.

Will Johnson: In the video, you're talking about is, they are saying fight, fight, fight. It was a whole bunch of Democrats that were saying fight, fight, fight.

Channon: Of course, it was.

Will Johnson: You know what they need? Everyone needs to address the issue towards Kamala Harris, saying, keep fighting, and I will bail you out. Burn, loot, and I will bail you out.

Channon:  Let's move on to number three, Will.

Will Johnson: Number three on the total tyrant hit list here. Launch a full investigation.

Channon: Launch a full investigation?

Will Johnson: Yeah, launch a full investigation. What did I say? Did I say Lunch?

Channon: Maybe I'm hungry.

Will Johnson: Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacists and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military.

Channon: What the heck? Come on now.

Will Johnson: This makes me think, does the F.B.I. work for the left? The reason why I bring that up is because it was the F.B.I. who was questioning military personnel. The F.B.I. was questioning law enforcement. What are their motives? I know a police officer personally that the F.B.I. approached him about January 6th, asking what your motives are?

What do you mean, what are my motives? We are talking about police officers that have served 20 plus years on the force, and they have just awesome careers. They have an awesome standing in their position, and the F.B.I. can come and ask, what is your motive? What do you mean? My question to the F.B.I. is, what is your motive?

Do you work for the left, or do you work for the American people? What are you doing? You're supposed to be the law enforcement of the land, and you're going to question a police officer that has never been put up for any wrongdoing?

But we have these politicians that constantly do wrongdoing, and you're going to say, what are the motives of the military personnel and the law enforcement? Then they're trying to equate white supremacy with the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military. Come on, people.

Channon: Yeah, in the list of demands, they tried to connect people like you just said, off-duty cops and such that were at the rally to what happened. So, if the capital can be breached and overrun by white supremacists to disrupt the political process that was happening inside, it says we know that off-duty cops and military were among the mob at the Capitol on January 6th.

Guilty parties need to be held accountable and fired. Which we know that's what they were going after. They were trying to get these people fired. We are supporting Rep. Jamaal Bowman's COUP Act to investigate these connections. Will, you just brought up a valuable point. Think about the F.B.I., the Department of Homeland Security, and all their connections to the Democrat Party and how much they've let the Democrat Party get away with things. Let's use the COUP Act to do that. How about that?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Okay, so Will, we have someone on the line? It says Elizabeth from Michigan. What do you have for us, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hi, guys. Thanks for taking my call. This is Elizabeth from Michigan.

Will Johnson: Thanks for the call.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, thanks. It's good to talk with you. I wanted to comment about the town hall. If people listen a little bit further, Biden had mentioned something about China and something about the shutdown or the mask-wearing.

Something about being back to normal by Christmas. So, I don't know what all that was. I'd have to research. But I think that's something important to point out because there was a lot more to that town hall besides not being able to get on the internet.

Will Johnson: I’m sure. Just to be clear, I haven't seen the whole thing yet. That one came across when I finally got power back here in Texas. We came across it, and I was like, oh, my God, it's ridiculous.

Elizabeth: It is ridiculous

Channon: So, he said that we are going to have to keep wearing masks and such until December?

Elizabeth: I don't know what he said, but I know there's some information out there. It was brought to my attention because I didn't listen to the whole thing. You know how you see bits and pieces on the news. I wanted to bring that to your attention.

Channon: I can't stand it.

Elizabeth: Oh, I know I can't stomach it, but with the question that came to him and when he responded, how blacks and Hispanics can't figure out the internet or whatever, how to look stuff up. That was a black female doctor that asked that question. I don't know if you're aware of that, and she never called him out on it.

Channon: I wasn't aware of that. That's interesting.

Elizabeth: I wanted to bring that to your attention because she was, and I thought, interesting. So, that's all I wanted to say.

Will Johnson: Okay, thanks for the call.

Channon: Yeah, thank you, Elizabeth. I have seen other black doctors stand up and ask similar questions about people in communities that they serve who are unable to get access to certain things. That might have been the question that came out.

Will Johnson: The thing is, regardless of if it was a black doctor, a white doctor, an Asian doctor asking that question. He answered it, saying that black people are too stupid to use the internet. That was his answer. It wasn't the doctor's answer. It was his answer that black people are too stupid to get in line at Walgreens to find out information about the vaccine.

Channon: To me, it is interesting that people accepted that as an answer, that it's true that they are unable or incapable of doing these things. To me, that is very insulting that you think they're incapable of doing that. I will tell you what. Some black people don't want the vaccine.

Will Johnson: It's not even just black people. It's people in general. There are Americans that do not want to get the vaccine.

Channon: There's also part of the black community that doesn't trust the government.

Will Johnson: It's not just the black community. There are Americans that don't trust it. There are parts of America, a great deal of Americas. So, personally, that is the reason why they haven't just forced this thing onto everybody just yet because they know it would cause hysterics. They know it would cause violence.

They know it would cause problems. See, for the most part, the people on the left don't think for themselves anyway. If they're told to give something and to do something. They're just going to do it. But for those of us who love our freedom. For those of us who want to remain free. Those of us who reject all of the stuff they want to put in our bodies are an issue for them.

So, they know they can't just do it. It would cause major problems. So, let's go to number two. Number two on the demands for the demonic group known as B.L.M. Expel Republicans, this is number two. Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn this fraudulent election. They don't have fraud in there. I added that part.

Overturn the election and incited a white supremacists attack. That had nothing to do with white supremacy, and you know what? Everybody that is white and wants to keep their freedom, you know, they call them white supremacists.

Channon: You know, I think that we can flip that coin on them as well. I think that everybody that's brought up fraudulent impeachment charges, fraudulent Russian collusion charges, all those types of things should also be expelled from their position.

I think they should be expelled. You know if you are talking about people that stoke conspiracy theories because conspiracy theories are honest questions. They are questions. Could this have happened, or could that happen?

Will Johnson: A conspiracy theory is not a bad thing.

Channon: It is a theory.

Will Johnson: But see, they are taking it and saying, “Oh, you got a conspiracy theory.” You're about conspiracies, you're bad. You're bad because you're thinking outside of the box.

Channon: But we know Adam Schiff, Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, all of them knew that the Russian collusion was just a delusion.

Will Johnson: They knew it was a hoax.

Channon: We knew it was a hoax. They knew it was a hoax, and the fact that they perpetuated that on the American people is so insulting. It's deception. Our government representatives have deceived the American people. They gave them false information and gave them a false perception of a duly democratically elected president.

Will Johnson: For the past four years, that's all that they drilled on. They are removing President Trump by any means necessary. They even said nothing is off the table, and they successfully did a coup d'état in the United States of America. This is our nation, people.

Channon: Basically, this and number one have everything to do with wanting a single party in power in our government. They want to expel Republicans that don't agree with them. What's number one, Will?

Will Johnson: Number one is to convict and ban Trump from future political office. They failed to do that in a second impeachment. But that's not going to stop them from attacking President Trump. Now they're talking about civil suits against President Trump. For what? It's like these people because I guess they have George Soros, Tom Star, and other anti-American, anti-human beings with their deep pockets.

These demonic people are throwing all kinds of money at this. They're doing this to try to tie up President Trump. So, he can't do anything else. But you know what? President Trump still has lawyers. His lawyers do that. I would love for President Trump to announce that he's having a rally somewhere. You know, thousands of people will show up.

Channon: Yeah, actually, you know, he was on several shows. Newsmax and other shows, a couple of days ago in response to Rush Limbaugh passing on, which was very sad. They asked him, “Are you interested in being president again?” He pretty much said that he did miss being President, but it's too soon to say what he's going to do in 2024.

His main focus is the Senate and Congress in 2022. So, to me, it's crazy that B.L.M. has this list of demands. I don't even know why they're asking for these things if it's really for black people because they have not done anything for the black community.

Will Johnson: Nope.

Channon: They haven't gone into the black community to try to create good relationships between the police and the community, which is what they should be doing.

Will Johnson: To my understanding, B.L.M. has received over a billion dollars. A billion dollars and not a single black family have they helped. Not a single black community have they helped. Not a single black person to go to college for better education, not a single one. The black crime they have not looked at it, nothing.

Channon: They haven't helped black people get vaccinated. They hadn't tried to get people to help when they were sick with COVID-19. They're not on the side of black people. It's more like a political P.A.C. that has an agenda. On the face of it looks like Black Lives Matter because they can get more momentum, more money, and more contributions.

But it is truly not for the black people because they would be trying to get a better way of life for themselves, not attacking the conservative movement. We have a caller on the phone. Let's go ahead and take Deb from Indiana. Deb, what do you have for us?

Deb: Hey, how are you doing? Excuse me. I get tongue-tied when I get on the air with you guys.

Will Johnson: You're good. What do you have?

Deb: Going back to the Capitol riots that happened. I was watching Rudy Giuliani's podcast he does or whatever it is that he does. It is on Rumble.

Will Johnson: I know what you are talking about.

Deb: He's got one of them called another frame-up. He highlights that B.L.M. guy. He was the dude that was arrested. Then, Will, I think you had something up about that guy selling his video. He was arrested, but he was let go. All the other dudes that have been arrested are still in jail.

Channon: Well, some have been let go.

Deb: They let them go?

Channon: They have let them go, but I will tell you that some of them were held a lot longer. They were harassed, and other things happened to them while they were in jail, which is completely wrong.

Deb: Have they charged this other guy, this Sullivan guy? Have they charged him at all? He sold that video.

Channon: That's a good question.

Deb: Rudy's got a really good documentary on that. I would urge you guys to take a look at that. He's got video after video after video of how he was teaching everybody how to dress, what to carry, what they were going to do when to be there, the whole nine yards. Why in the world would they even?

During the impeachment, this should have been used. You know, that's not what Trump's attorneys were going after. But it was wrong that the Democrats were saying they were Trump supporters. He was not a Trump supporter, definitely not.

Channon:  He wasn't the only one that wasn't a Trump supporter.

Will Johnson: But that was the whole gist of it, right? They needed people like him and others in there to cause the disruption, to cause the chaos. So, then that way, they can point it at constitutionalists, a.k.a. Trump supporters.

Deb: Exactly.

Will Johnson: That was their goal.

Deb: There was something going on because when they went in, they were talking to the police officers in there, or the Capitol officers asking them where to go, and they were pointing them in the right direction.

Channon: Yeah, it was very bizarre, wasn't it? We've seen very different perspectives of what happened that day. It was very bizarre to me. Some aspects seemed kind of planned. We know that there was some anarchist in there that had some things planned.

But for the most part, it was just good all-American American people that thought that their taxpayer dollars paid for that federal building, so they have a right to go in there. When in a sense, they did not have a right to go in there.

Deb: I think it's the ones that were let in by the police who didn't realize that they weren't supposed to be in there. Do you know what I mean?

Channon: Exactly.

Deb: They were innocently in there.

Channon: Yeah, that's what I am saying. Some people were just kind of going with the flow. They didn't know the situation that was happening.

Deb: I said to my husband, you know, I know if we were there. He would of want in; I wouldn't have because I would have been afraid. That's my nature. But I know he would have been in there. He would have been all charged up, and he would have said, cool, everybody's going in, I'm going too. Not to do any damage, but just because everybody is charged up and was going in.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Well, you know, one of the reasons why I'm constantly talking about the U.S. Constitution because based on the Constitution, we the people own this building. It's not them. They are not kings and queens.

That's part of the reason why the left, the Democrats, want to do away with the U.S. Constitution because if all of us in this nation woke up tomorrow and we all started reading the Constitution and said, “Nope, this is what we're going to do because this is the Constitution of the United States of America.

This is what we're going to do.” They would be terrified. They would have to be removed immediately from office because all of them have committed crimes against the U.S. Constitution. That's why I am constantly asking, where are the good guys? Where are the good men and women in law enforcement?

Why are these people constantly trashing and committing crimes against the U.S. Constitution and nothing is happening to them? It's crazy. It's sickening what they're doing to this nation.

Deb: It is so sick.

Channon: Well, thank you, Deb. Thanks for calling in.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much, Deb, for giving us a call.

Channon: We have a comment that I want to read. This is from Michael Cromwell. He says, “I don't understand how anyone could vote for that disgusting pedophile.

Did you know that the 1994 Crime Bill that blacks point out as an example of decades of systemic racism was written and sponsored by Joe Biden? Will, you've talked about that before.

Will Johnson: I've talked about it multiple times, and then here it is. We played the clip earlier. Where Biden said before that black people are too stupid to know how to get a driver's license. I mean, Democrats have been saying that, but the latest and greatest from this blundering idiot. Seriously, black people don't know how to use the internet or even know how to get in line? Listen to this one more time, really quick.

President Joe Biden: The other part is a lot of people don't know how to register. Not everybody in the community and the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts, know how to use, know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens or the particular store.

Channon: How insulting. How absolutely insulting, and there have been several drug bills that Biden has sponsored. He's made drug laws that made it easier for blacks to be arrested.

Will Johnson: Look at EpiPen right now. When I was living in Comiefornia, I can tell you that there were coworkers that I had that talked to about their children with an EpiPen, and President Trump came along and said, “No, we're going to stop all of this because this is stuff that children need, and people need.”

They were so happy about it. Originally, they were like, I don't like Trump. Then they saw what Trump was doing, and they said, oh, wait a minute, now I get it. Now, look what Biden and the Democrats are doing. People are going to start dying left and right. You know what? The entire Democrat Party they are the party of death.

They're the party of wanting to kill all of the innocent, the most innocent of us all, in the womb. On top of that, they are screaming climate change. That's for depopulating the planet because they keep saying that man is the problem.

Channon: The Democrat man.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Democrat man is a bad man.

Will Johnson: Demoncrat Mentality.

Channon: There is another comment on here from David Fowler. He says, “Hello, Will. Thank you for all you do.”

Will Johnson: Thank you for the comment. Thank you so much for the comment.

Channon: Aw, thank you, Will.

Will Johnson: Do me a favor. Do me a favor while we’ve got your attention here. Get your mobile device and type 88202, and send me a text—type in Will, 88202, and type in Will. Once you do that, you will get some information from the American Truth Project.

Even when we go live here on this radio broadcast, you will be notified via text. That helps by getting around all the censorship because they don't want people talking. They don't want someone like me, someone like Channon, someone like Anni, someone like Barry, someone like the American people that love this nation to have a voice.

This is one way that you can help us by getting around all of that. Just type 88202 on your mobile device and send a text with my name in there, Will.

Channon: Will is here every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. with his podcast, and hey, if you are willing, go to Unite America first, where you can get links to the different platforms Will is on. He has a live broadcast right after this show on YouTube.

Will Johnson: Yes, it will be on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and a number of others.

Channon: Listen, I'm so glad that we actually got our electricity back and we're able to be live with these people today. What about you, Will?

Will Johnson: You know, I'm excited. Two wonderful callers. We had some wonderful comments. Some people are just scared to call in. Thank you so much for the participation, and I'm very thankful to have energy. You know, I'm still trying to figure out how I was able to get on the internet. I'm still trying to figure it out. How do I get on the internet, being black?

Channon: Oh. I was like, wait, what?

Will Johnson: Yeah. So, you're thinking what are you talking about? You're on the internet. According to Biden, I'm too stupid to get on the internet. But anyway, thank you, everybody. Hey, don't forget. Don't forget next Thursday we will be here live and direct. We've got two minutes.

Channon: Yes, I think so. Will, is trying to say goodbye too soon.

Will Johnson: Well, hey, I thought you were giving me the signal over there?

Channon: Oh, now we've got one minute.

Will Johnson: Now we’ve got one minute, okay? In that one-minute time, I want to thank everyone who sent out all the emails and all the prayers during the blackout. It was a very eerie time. But I have to say. I was very thankful that my family was together. We spend quality time with one another.

No internet distractions, no T.V., nothing was distracting us from that time we had with one another. So, something positive did come out of it. Now that the energy is back on, I don't see any of my family members anymore. They are just gone.

Channon: No kidding, this is no joke. Quick, I know we got to go, but it's so funny because during that time we would have little bouts of internet and electricity. As soon as the lights went on or you heard the power, everyone's like, plug in your mobile device. Plug it in.

Will Johnson:  Go energy.

Channon: Charge what you can get, download things on our phones. It was funny.

Will Johnson: Awesome, hey, everyone, thank you again, 88202, send that text. See you next time.

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