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Biden Picks Kamala, The #1 Most Radical Senator As VP



Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Will Johnson, thank you for joining me. I have a very special guest, Barry Nussbaum. We are going to talk about Joe Biden, BLM, and the direction of the country. He has a Website,

Check him out. Go there today, and check it out today. Show some love. Go check him out. Tell him Will Johnson sent you. Barry, sir, thank you for joining me.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s so great to be with you, my friend. Always a pleasure.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely awesome. Just out in the news is Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris for the VP. So, please give me your opinion and your thoughts on that.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, first of all, high five to Barry for predicting this. I thought it was always going to be her the whole time. She has the least amount of perception in the Democrat Party of being a radical. She’s not Elizabeth Warren or any of the real left-wingers, but she’s got a ton of baggage, and it’s going to alienate at least the middle-of-the-road people.

By that, I mean, as you well know, the former head of the Democrat Party in California, a gentleman named Willie Brown, ran it for a million years. He came out with a book last year talking about how he picked Kamala Harris out of the wilderness to have various important jobs within the Democrat Party in San Francisco and then statewide.

According to Willie Brown, who ought to know, he did it because Kamala Harris was his secret lover. Now, during this time, Willie Brown was supposedly happily married. I wonder if anyone is going to care?

Will Johnson: This news about Kamala Harris being a VP pick comes on the heels of the letter that was recently released by Sean P. Diddy Combs and other black activists pressuring Joe Biden to select a woman of color. Now, to my understanding, Kamala Harris is not considered a black woman, but she’s not white, so she’s close enough, I guess, to a woman of color.

A lot of people were saying that he was going to pick Kamala Harris, and then it started looking like he was going to pick some others before Kamala Harris. It may have been Stacey Abraham, but Joe Biden was pressured to pick Kamala Harris if you ask me.

With that said, when God forbid that Biden becomes president, do you see other countries recognizing that Biden was pressured by black activists, and they demanded he select a woman of color. So, he went right along with their demands. How does this look to other countries?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, there are two issues here, Will. I think the first issue is a majority of the American people have great doubts about whether or not; I know this sounds bizarre, that Joe Biden will even finish one term if he is elected. Meaning, in the history of American politics, there has never been a presidential election where more people, Will, have ever paid attention to who the VP is.

Normally, a vice president is just sort of over there, and you don’t pay much attention. They go to museum openings, and sometimes they show up in places where the president doesn’t want to go. My goodness, in this case, this is all about if she’s going to be President if he gets elected because they don’t think he’s going to finish a term.

So, that makes him look weak to me in the eyes of other countries, and other countries are going to be wondering, is she really behind the scenes pulling strings? If not, Will, here’s the big question. Who is?

Will Johnson: Exactly, and to be honest with you, Joe Biden probably doesn’t even know that Kamala Harris has been picked for him, or he doesn’t remember that Kamala Harris is his VP now. So, going into the presidency I’m going to make a wild guess here. Within the first 100 to maybe 200 days, Joe Biden will have to step down, and she will become President of the United States.

God forbid that Joe Biden wins in November anyway, which is most likely not going to happen. I mean, so you’re right, the rest of the world is going to look at it like, oh, Joe Biden is easily influenced. They sent a letter, and that’s all it took to pull strings because it started looking like he was going to pick someone else.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I think of all of the radicals in the corral that he was allowed to choose. It had to be a woman, and it had to be a woman of color. That narrowed the field quite a bit. Quite frankly, she is the strongest debater. She’s the best public speaker, and in a lot of areas where Joe Biden is confused, well, I’m just blunt, he often doesn’t know what city he’s in when he’s making a statement.

He makes racist statements, misogynist statements, and he makes pedophile statements that are embarrassing not only for his candidacy but for the United States. That this guy would be so prominent, I guess they think Kamala Harris will bring some stature and some presentability. But here’s an interesting question. The BLM movement has made it very clear.

Their supporters, Antifa, and the various rioting groups are destroying half of America’s large cities. They don’t want anybody who supports the police. They don’t want anybody that sends people to prison. They don’t want anybody that enforces laws. She was the prosecutor, the top prosecutor in California, for quite some time as attorney general. How are they going to justify that?

Will Johnson: That’s a very good question. Then she locked up a lot of people over simple marijuana charges, and she was happy about it. She felt like she was the champion of locking up a lot of people of color, mind you. She was all about it. So, in the case of Black Lives Matter, all other celebrities and corporate promoters. Are blacks benefiting, from your point of view, from the Black Lives Matter movement?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, when we say blacks, I assume we mean mainstream black America. The answer is absolutely unconditionally without any fear of contradiction, no. As I’ve said repeatedly, and you know my opinion on this, do Black Lives Matter as a question or a statement. Of course, all lives matter, but BLM is a movement.

It is Marxist, revolutionary, anarchist, anti-American, anti-religion, anti-family, and probably at its core, it’s communist. The attention it’s getting as a movement is extraordinary. Where average people, nice people that care about other people are thinking, well, I want blacks to be equal to whites.

Of course, I do. So, let me help them out. Well, the money is going to revolutionary tactics, and they announce it proudly. Every time they get a microphone, they say, we’re going to tear down America. We’re going to eliminate the police, and we’re going to empty the jails. Look, I saw this morning from Chicago the big BLM march that’s going on right now while you and I are on the air. The sign said something like; our future was looted by you.

So, now we are going to loot you in return. That’s almost an exact quote, and then, get this, Will. The head of BLM in Chicago gets on the microphone and says, “Our people are looting Gucci and Nike so they can eat.” What a crock. She said, “By the way, that she supports it, and the police ought to get out of the way.” Here’s an interesting question for you and our viewers.

Where does the Democratic Party stand on this, and what are they going to do? Is that going to be part of their platform? You know, rioting and looting without masks for BLM, the movement, not the people, is fine?

Will Johnson: You know what is amazing? You have organizations, businesses like Nike that support this tyrannical thing. Now, they’re going to go loot, tear the store up, and steal everything they can. I hate to say it, but it is back on them for supporting something so evil in the first place. Let me ask you this.

BLM has joined up with Antifa because they’re both a Marxist group, which you just mentioned, and they love smashing things; they do. How long do you think cohabitation can last since Antifa consists of mainly rich white kids?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, yeah. It’s extraordinary. When you see the pictures of who got arrested, these people that have escaped from their parent’s basement, like, honest to God, they’re 95% white. They’re covered with tats, piercings, and green hair. They think they’re saving the world by tearing down the system. Here’s what’s going to happen.

It’s kind of like the Russian Revolution. In 1918, you had the Mensheviks, the Bolsheviks, Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky. Well, they all merged because they hated the Czar. Then they ran the Czar out of town, killed him and his whole family. Then they ran the revolutionary Democrats out and turned on each other. Why? Because that kind of system is not democratic. It’s totalitarian.

So, eventually, it’s a shark frenzy, and they eat each other. At some point, Antifa is going to turn on BLM, or BLM is going to turn on Antifa, and they’re going to start going after each other. As you just pointed out, they have a commonality in certain philosophies like; I hate America, white people, the police, the government, and I don’t want to pay taxes, but who gets to be in charge? The black Marxists or the white Anarchists.

Will Johnson: Total chaos, and it’s almost like this is what they’ve been pushing. It’s like they finally get the mechanism or the momentum that they’ve been calling for to push all of this onto the entire country. Like you just mentioned, it’s like they want to tear down the entire system and start all over again because they don’t like that America is the greatest country known to man.

Let me ask you this. One of the things which we all can agree on is that both groups have a common goal. They both would like to blame Israel or the Jews for their imagined problems. How does calling for, how do you say it, Aferdita?

Barry Nussbaum: Intifada.

Will Johnson: Intifada, yes, thank you so much, against Israel.

Barry Nussbaum: The idea comes from ancient communism and Marxism revolutionaries, which have this thought that if you can pick the other and make the other the reason why then that becomes the enemy. So, pick the Jews. It’s really interesting. At the beginning of the Black Power movement in the sixties, I’ve studied this quite a bit.

The greatest leader in black American history is Martin Luther King. I mean, what he accomplished in a very short number of years truly is extraordinary, and one of his big things was a peaceful protest. You don’t tear down this system. You become part of it. You get out, and you vote. Remember all the voter registration stuff he used to push?

He had another comment: He acknowledged the fact that the strongest movement for black rights in America was the NAACP-founded about 100 years ago by Jews and blacks to empower blacks. So, when Martin Luther King marched, you see the white guys arm in arm with him. Those were Jews, and he acknowledged that. He said, “My Jewish brothers and my black brothers were all one family under God.”

He believed in religion, and he believed in God. His Jewish friends were his allies. He said, “If you’re anti-Israel, meaning anti-Zionism, the idea of a Jewish state, you’re anti-Semitic, and we will never be that.” Does anyone remember the teachings of Martin Luther King anymore?

Will Johnson: I know. You are right, and the left, they’ve taken on like Martin Luther King. As if his movement is their movement, but their movement is not the same because they’re calling for violence. Why do you think that they say that Martin Luther King was for them, but yet they are calling for violence? What’s the change from peaceful protests into violent protests, from your point of view?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it’s one word. They’re lying. It’s academically a lie.

Will Johnson: It’s plain and simple. That’s what it is. You’re right.

Barry Nussbaum: They’re calling up-down, and how do you deal with that? It is not even logically able to be defended. Martin Luther King was all about the American dream, and he wanted the American dream to include every color of the rainbow. He’s right.

Wise words that now we’re sitting here going, geez, doesn’t that make sense? Shouldn’t we all be brothers together in America? All go vote and pick somebody black, white, green, or whatever. The black movement today, and when I say that, I mean the BLM movement, is about as anti-American as you can get. It’s as if Farrakhan changed the name of the Nation of Islam; I’m talking about his Nation of Islam, which is a crazy group of fanatical American haters, Jewish haters, white haters, and Capitalist haters.

They became a new movement, and they called it the BLM movement. Except the people running the BLM stand up and go; I’m a trained Marxist revolutionary. They don’t even keep it a secret anymore. They advertise it, and then they say, we’re going to destroy the American system. There will be no police. There will be no incarceration, and there will be no prisons.

There’s a word for that, it’s anarchy, and you’ll have everybody shooting everybody else in the streets: the bad guys shooting the good guys, and the good guys trying to defend themselves. I don’t mean guys in men. I mean all the people. Do you know what the great irony is here, Will? Do you know which colored community in America wants the police the most?

Will Johnson: Black people.

Barry Nussbaum: Of course.

Will Johnson: Because most of the crime is happening there, you have groups like Antifa and BLM getting money from rich white people. Telling them that you need to get rid of the police because that’s your problem. It’s just the opposite. They’re being lied to; they’re taking that information, and they’re lying to everyone else. They’re getting a lot of people to believe it.

Barry Nussbaum: There’s a very common series of posts that I encourage your viewers to go look up on Facebook as an example. I see it all the time. I also see it on Instagram. Where BLM movement people and their supporters, this is not a joke. Say, if you want to help black people and help our movement, here’s a link for you to log into to pay off my student loans and pay off my credit cards.

I will consider that me, a young black woman or me a young black man, I will consider those reparations to me. You owe me that for having me on your plantation for hundreds of years. I got to believe people are sending the money.

Will Johnson: I’ve said that about the Democrat Party. If anyone’s going to pay for reparations, it’s going to be those in the Democrat Party, anyone who’s a registered, Democrat. It should be a Democrat tax. You’re a Democrat; you pay a Democrat tax. So, when looking at Antifa’s literature, they’re all about destruction.

There is nothing about building up a small business or restoring the black family. What would you personally say to anyone who’s thinking about joining this tyrannical group, Antifa, thinking that is a cool way to change the world or fix the world?

Barry Nussbaum: Let me ask you this, and this is my answer. If you lived in a major city today, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, or San Francisco, especially lately. You want to be able to drive down the street with your family or walk down the street and know that you have an expectation of your constitutional rights against being accosted, screamed at, attacked, or whatever, to be held in place.

Those structures are what we rely on in a peaceful society. If you want to see what anarchy looks like right now, Google Beirut and look at it. People are shooting each other down in the streets. They are rioting. They finally realized that Hezbollah and that massive explosion from all their stored weapons exploded because nobody cared enough to do anything about it.

You break down civil society. Today, Will, that’s where America will be very quickly. I’ve got friends in Minneapolis that say they’re scared to death to drive anywhere outside their suburban neighborhood for fear of dying. Now, who would have thought that a year ago or six months ago?

Will Johnson: Six months ago, yes, before the whole plandemic kicked in. No one thought that we would be in this predicament, but you know what? I kept calling it out. I said they want civil unrest throughout the entire country, and long as they have the civil unrest, they’re going to be happy about it, and they’re going to continue doing it.

Let me ask you one last question before I go, and then I’m going to put up your website. What do you think is going to happen come November 4th, after President Trump wins? And tell everyone how to find you at the same time, please, sir.

Barry Nussbaum: First of all, prediction, I agree with Will Johnson. I believe President Trump will be elected again for one simple reason. I think he’s going to become the law and order President in the next 90 days or 80 days, whatever it is.

People who don’t normally answer polls are going to say, oh, my God, Will’s right. Anarchy is coming if the other side wins. I want America to be peaceful again. I’m going to vote for Trump because he’s the only guy calling out BLM and Antifa.

For people that want to learn about what we say about this every day, you can go to our website, which is, or if you have a cell phone, and you want to get all of our videos like this one for free. Just text the message TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H. Send it to 88202.

That signs you up for our text message alert system. You get all of our stuff on your cell phone free, and you don’t even have to use a computer. It comes right to your phone. So, thanks for asking.


Will Johnson: Awesome. Thank you, sir, for joining me-great honor and pleasure to talk to you again.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks so much for having me. You’re a gentleman, a scholar, and a true patriot. I’m a big Will Johnson fan.

Will Johnson: Thank you, sir. I’m your fan as well., everyone. Show some love. Tell Barry; Will Johnson sent you. All right, awesome. I appreciate it. Take care.


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