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Biden Picks an Anti-Semite to Deal with Jews


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We are so honored and thrilled to have you back with us today, Daniel Greenfield.

As you know, Daniel is an esteemed and well-known columnist writer. He's the Shulman's scholar at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and he is the expert on all things political. Welcome back, Daniel.

Daniel Greenfield: Thank you so much for having me.

Barry Nussbaum: Of course. So, there's a really bad announcement and I don't know how else to say it except to be really direct, Daniel.

President Biden, in his infinite bending over backward to appease every possible political group in America, has appointed a "gentleman" and I use that word in quotes as a special envoy within civil rights, except this guy, wouldn't know a civil right if it hit him over the forehead.

Why don't you tell us who Biden picked and tell me about this guy's horrific background when it comes to some of his beliefs about Israel?

Daniel Greenfield: So, the Biden administration has some really bad appointees, and then it has spectacularly bad appointees. So last decade, Mahir Bitar studied at Georgetown.

Which, of course, is the incubator for foreign policy. There he was one of the heads of Students for Justice in Palestine, which is a top anti-Semitic campus hate group. Its members have been involved in physical attacks on Jews.

They've been involved in disrupting Holocaust commemoration ceremonies. Obviously, they are a major source of devious activism. They've invited and assimilated on campus. He was also one of the organizers of the 2006 Palestinian Solidarity Movement conference at Georgetown, which was widely condemned at the time.

This guy went into UNROD. He went into various anti-Israel activist groups, and then he went right into the State Department. During Obama, he climbed the ropes. Under Obama, as well as working under Samantha Power to actually discuss at one-point moving troops into Israel to intervene, so to speak.

He rose all the way to the point where he was actually heading up the Israel Palestine desk at the National Security Council. The guys who have held down this desk have almost always been absolutely terrible.

There was a brief exception under President Trump once McMaster was out pointed to a Hamas supporter over there anyway, just to skim over that Biden, brought him back. At this point, he's now heading intelligence for the National Security Council, which basically makes him the interface between the White House and the so-called intelligence community, which means the raw stuff from the intelligence community is going through him.

It's going through the White House and to the White House, through him in many cases. And policy from the White House is going back to the intelligence community through him, which means he's the one telling the CIA these are the White House's priorities.

Obviously, this is really, really bad news for Israel. It's really bad news, for that matter, for many of our allies in the Middle East. It's bad news for American foreign policy because this guy was an enthusiastic proponent of BDS.

He blamed Israel for just about everything. You can even see a photo of him from the Georgetown days dancing in front of a banner denouncing Israeli "apartheid." I put that in quotes. So, this is about as anti-Israel as you get. And he's in a major, major position to shape foreign policy under Joe Biden.

Barry Nussbaum: That was a wheel barrel full of proof. This guy's background is so horrible. I mean, I was reading this morning getting ready for our show today.

The new Secretary of State is talking, our new Secretary of State is talking about how Israel is our best ally, and we're not going to move the embassy out of Jerusalem and security cooperation will continue, and we will continue with the support and expansion of the Abraham Accords. That was all President Trump's doing.

I mean, more was accomplished for Middle East peace in the last year and a half than in the last 50 years by all the American presidents combined and the signal was that those policies are going to continue.

How in the world, Daniel, can the Biden administration say with a straight face, and we're going to continue those policies by appointing a proven anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel provocateur who makes no secret or no apology for his horrendous background?

Daniel Greenfield: They're not going to continue those policies, whatever they might occasionally say to Jewish groups. The bottom line is they're going to continue Obama administration policies. They've made this very clear.

One, they're reopening the deal with Iran. Two, they are reopening the PLO mission. They're reopening foreign aid to the PLO. Which again directly funds the murder of Israelis, of Jews, for that matter, of Americans who are not Jews.

The Taylor Force Act, which is a law, was named after the Taylor Force, who was an American veteran who just happened to be in Israel, non-Jewish. So, the bottom line is the Biden administration is reopening support for terrorism, the reopening support for Iran.

As far as the Abraham Accords go, they froze arms sales to Sunni Arabs. That was part of what the Abraham Accords were based on. They are breaking up this common front between the Israelis and the Sunni Arabs against Iran.

So, there is no expansion of this. There's no basis for any of this. They've signaled very clearly that they're making the so-called peace process between Israel and the PLO the center of everything. They've said, you know, just because you've got normalization between the Arabs and Israel, that's not a substitute for peace.

Peace is just in this case, pretty much going to mean, once again, subsidizing the terrorists, attacking Israel for building. Their assistant U.N. Ambassador gave a speech before the Security Council which said that both sides have to avoid unilateral steps.

By that, she meant Israel has to avoid settlements. It has to avoid Jews living in parts of Israel that are claimed by the terrorists and the other side. At the very end, he said you would have to avoid incitement, then funding terrorism.

As if the two are equivalent. As if Jews living, say, in Judea and Samaria is equivalent to the PLO funding terrorism. But that's the position that they're taking, and this is all consistent.

Barry Nussbaum: Let me ask you a question. I've never understood this, and I hate when I get asked the question because I have an answer. I've never asked you this question, so I apologize if I'm putting you on this on the spot, so to speak.

I'm Jewish, and I've been asked many times on other people's shows, why don't American Jews speak up to defend against hateful people being appointed to represent the United States, especially when those people hate Jews? Why are the Jewish voices silent now?

Daniel Greenfield: We're Jewish. We're not silent. But I mean, what the question really gets at is the fact that the so-called Jewish establishments, the Jewish organizational sphere, consists of people who have very limited interest in Israel.

You know, before Israel was created, they did absolutely nothing. In some cases, they outright sabotaged the creation of Israel. When you look at the history, they poured a whole lot of money into a Soviet project to create a Jewish settlement in Crimea as an alternative to Israel.

When the Nazis came in, pretty much all those people were killed. They did everything possible to undermine Israel. But the bottom line is there was enthusiasm among the rank and file of American Jews about Israel in the 50s, in the 60s, and so they have to give in. Just like when they came to Soviet Jewry, they did everything to stop any kind of civil rights movement for Soviet Jews.

But when the movement took off, they kind of got on board. This is the same thing that happened with Israel. It's the same thing that happens with any Jewish issue. But the bottom line is their values are progressive values.

Their priorities are progressive priorities. When you look at particularly at the new generation of American Jews, and this is, unfortunately, an area where American Jews very much differ from not only Israeli Jews, but British Jews, Canadian Jews, Australian Jews, Israel just comes right at the very tail end of their priorities.

Their priorities when they're asked what makes them Jewish, they will respond with things like a sense of humor, and God is somewhere near the bottom. So, the bottom line is these people are progressives. They're leftists.

Their priorities are various identity political rights, but not Jewish rights. They absolutely don't care about Jewish rights. Otherwise, they'd actually be taking on the entire affirmative action quota system that is keeping a whole lot of Jewish, a whole generation of Jewish students out of college or out of the colleges of their choice, much as it's doing to Asian students. But again, that's a kind of a sidebar.

The bottom line is the people really do not have Jewish priorities. Israel ranks very low on their list of priorities. Really, this is the statistic I like to close with when I'm asked this on shows, usually where people are not Jewish. It comes from the tail end of the Obama administration.

Among Jews who attend synagogue at least once a week, a majority disapproved of Obama. Among those who did not, a majority approved of him. This is the same basic split you see among Christians, among people in general, people who are somewhat more religious, more traditional, are more likely to be conservative.

They're more likely to be pro-Israel. Much as they're more likely to support nations being able to defend themselves against Islamic terrorism in general. Those who support open borders, they support the destruction of countries, and this is what we're seeing.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I'm very sad to say that your news is true and it's horrible. The tremendous gains that the Israel-American alliance achieved in the last four years, if you're right, Daniel, and I'm fearful you are correct, are going to unwind one at a time. To pick a guy who danced jubilantly supporting Students for Justice in Palestine.

That group might as well be students who hate Israel and want them dead. It would be the same equivalency. People that support BDS, which is an avowed hate group that literally has said from their founder's mouth, I want the state of Israel eliminated from the map and makes no secret about it to this day, has never walked back those words and still affirms them when asked.

It’s horrifying. So, I guess where we're going to leave it today with this guy is a horrible pick. He doesn't like Jews and doesn't like Israel, and I'm being nice because the truth is, he hates them both, and now he's going to be formulating American foreign policy in regard to that country. Am I saying that correctly?

Daniel Greenfield: You're saying the correctly. I would just add that I strongly suspect that he's not a big fan of America either.

Barry Nussbaum: You may be right. Thanks for coming on today, Daniel. I really appreciate it and thank you out there in ATP land. I want to remind all of you if you haven't subscribed to our text message alert system, please do so.

Take out your cell phone, type the word TRUTH, and text it to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribed for free. You'll get all of our shows and all of Daniel Greenfield when he comes on ATP in the palm of your hand, and there's never a charge for our content. For ATP Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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