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Biden is Kamala’s Ticket to White House


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Today back is our special guest, Trevor Loudon. Trevor is a political activist, a blogger, and the author of Enemies Within Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the United States. He featured and produced the 2016 documentary titled Enemies Within. Welcome back, Trevor.

Trevor Loudon: Great to be on, thanks, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, it's so wonderful to have you. It's an honor. So, we talked a little bit before about how Joe Biden may be the next President, maybe not. We don't know yet.

He's been promoted in the press as a moderate, certainly not a progressive, but some very radical things seem to be leaking out of the Biden/Harris camp, and they sound, well, borderline socialist communist to me. Am I off base on this?

Trevor Loudon: No, the Bernie Sanders wing, the only reason Joe Biden is the President today is because he was the only one at the time who could stop Bernie Sanders.

So, he was used to stop Bernie Sanders so they could maneuver Kamala Harris in through the back door. Her agenda is communism. I'm not remotely exaggerating when I say that Joe is a deep progressive. He's very socialist but can hardly tie his own shoelaces.

He's going to be a President who will not be in control of what goes on in any way. If they get in, it will be the third term of Obama. He will try to finish off what he started with immigration, amnesty, swamping the base, getting full socialized health care, gutting the U.S. military, erasing the borders.

All of these kinds of things. A massive increase in refugee re-settlement from the Middle East. All of it designed to destroy any chance that Republicans can ever come back at any time in the future.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that is terrifying in regard to the election that just happened a few weeks ago. Which as we know, we don't know what happened yet. Although it is not looking good for President Trump, and it is looking positive for Biden.

There has been overwhelming discussion about foreign interference, particularly Russia. Did China get involved in our election at all? I mean, you seem to be the expert on this. What are your thoughts?

Trevor Loudon: Well, look, I think everything that happened this year was Chinese involvement including the election. The COVID was designed to bring down Trump. The riots, the Black Lives Matter riots, which are all Chinese directed.

They were designed to bring down Trump. The massive electoral networks that the Chinese have gotten in seven states in this country. They were all designed to bring down Trump as well. I'm sure they were operating in many other levels of propaganda, social media, and financial markets.

They were buying off people and influencing the mainstream media. So much of America's mainstream media is dependent in some way on China, whether it's for advertising revenue, for the market access that they want to get in China, or for the actual communist journalists that they employ.

So virtually everything was directed at destroying Trump. He is communist China's number one enemy in the world. He's the only one that can stop them right now. So, all the guns were trained on Trump, and all focused on the election.

The Black Lives Matter thing has nothing to do with George Floyd. This was planned in 2016. George Floyd was just a convenient trigger. If it hadn't been George Floyd, it would have been Fred Smith in Omaha the week after or Joe Johns in L.A. the week after that.

So, it's all directed. So, the whole the Left-wing electoral process, was influenced by the Chinese to some degree or another.


Barry Nussbaum: Are there any others on the list? I'm thinking Iran, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, are they all in the anybody but Trump camp?

Trevor Loudon: Yeah, look, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Iran, all of them. All of them are working together to some degree, collaborating in some way. The Venezuelans were involved in the Black Lives Matter riots, for instance.

The group that started the main riots sent five delegations to Venezuela the year before. The Russians were doing and are still doing a lot of stuff on social media, spreading disinformation. This joke that they are pro-Trump, the Russians have been working with the Democrats for sixty years.

What better way to throw people off the track of the real Russian collusion than to blame it all on Trump, who wasn't actually colluding with the Russians, but that's an old Leninist trick. To blame others for what you're doing yourself.

Barry Nussbaum: It's also a Goebbels thing to accuse others of what it is you're doing and say it often enough that it becomes the truth.

Trevor Loudon: Yeah, the Nazis, and the Soviets all learn propaganda from each other. They are all skilled totalitarians, and propaganda is a big part of any totalitarian empire.

So, yes, foreign involvement in the election, one hundred percent and to a much greater scale than I think many Americans could comprehend. The Chinese were the key players, but they were far from the only ones.

Barry Nussbaum: You paint a bleak picture. I'm not being critical that the news is bad, therefore, we shoot the messenger Trevor. The news is just really bad. Looking forward if it becomes, as it may, the Biden/Harris administration.

Which very quickly could become the Harris administration. The vast majority of Americans think Biden could not finish a four-year term. I include Democrats in those polls. So, the ascension of Kamala Harris to the Oval Office would not be a shocker to most people.

Is our electoral system, the system that was probably corrupted, probably rife with fraud and the effects of great foreign influence affecting the voter turnout, the voter results, and so on is it salvageable, or are we going to end up with a one-party system for the next foreseeable future?

Trevor Loudon: Well, look, this is why the battle to get on top of the vote fraud is so critical. Win or lose, if you can expose the massive vote fraud that has been going on that will spur Republican-held states to enact reforms.

Go back to paper ballots, do all these kinds of things. Look, if we let this slip by, we will never be able to trust another election in American history. If we allow a presidential election to be so blatantly stolen, the Democrats will just do it forever.

What that will do is, that will discourage any good candidates coming forward on the Republican ticket. What do you think? Why would I invest two years of my life and half a million dollars to stand against a Democrat, even though I believe in my cause, when I know it is probably going to be a stolen election and nobody is going to do anything about it.

So, the implications of this fraud are massive and won't just affect this election. It will affect every other election down the track. That is why Trump has actually got to continue to pursue this. There is a positive scenario.

Say Trump does expose the fraud and he does regain the Presidency. That will completely demolish the credibility of the Democratic Party and the left-wing media for decades. It will destroy the Democratic Party.

We've always had this thing. We've accused the Democrats of fraud for years and years. Now it is always where's your proof? Well, we will have the proof. It will be there in the courts. That will give the federal government the impetus.

All the state legislatures around the country that are controlled by Republicans and the few honest Democrats remaining will then implement very tough voter registration laws and very tough election laws. That will put the Democrats out of power for another 20 years or so.

The consequences for losing this are horrible, but the possibilities if we win are much greater than I think most of us realize. This will be a real turnaround in American politics. So, we have got to hang tough. We've got to keep the faith.

We got to keep acting like Trump is the President, and we got to keep on working to make him the President. We've got to send money to his campaign and keep holding the rallies to keep the public opinion aware of what is going on because right now, they are just trying to create this massive fait accompli.

Oh, you still think the election was stolen. Move on—you sore loser. Look, the first election was a miracle, 2016 was a miracle. People were hoping God would give us another one. Well, I think he has. I think he didn't give us the straight-out victory, because I think if we go through this, it will actually be greater because not only will Trump win, but he will have an opportunity to expose the evil in the Democratic Party for all the world to see. So that the potential upside is pretty darn good.

So, I'm still an optimist. I'm still hanging in there. I think all of us should. You know, we got to keep going here.

Barry Nussbaum: The next couple of weeks, my friend is going to tell us whether you're a happy or a sad Trevor Loudon. So, thanks for coming on today. Please tell our people where they can find you.

Trevor Loudon: Go to my daily blog at Trevor Loudon.com. My videos, my books are all available there. You can get autographed copies of my books. Great Christmas presents, by the way. Go to my daily blog at Trevor Loudon.com.

I've got four books out there, a couple of DVDs, and if you want to get prepared for the battles ahead, you have to know your enemy. There is no greater source for knowing your enemy than the materials you find on my blog.

Barry Nussbaum: Check him out. This guy knows what he is talking about. He knows things that a lot of people just are afraid to talk about. For those who want to get more American Truth project, please take out your cell phone text the message TRUTH to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribed to our text message alert system absolutely free. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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