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Biden Administration Will Dissolve the Best of America


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show. Katie Hopkins is joining me live from London, England. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Hi, lovely. It's good to be back with you again.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's start off with politically bad news if you're a conservative. In the last week or so, Biden has been leaking out more specifics about his agenda. When I say "Biden," I use that in quotes because nobody knows who's actually writing the copy.

It starts with everything is going to be climate, climate, climate. He's resurrecting the almost imbecilic policies of John Kerry to be his climate czar, having had him audition by screwing up the Iran nuclear deal so horribly.

I know that there's going to be 11 million illegals that will be welcomed as Americans. What do you make of this open border? Everybody's welcome. Nobody has to follow the law to get into the country. The country's new policy is going to reverse virtually everything Trump did on immigration.

Katie Hopkins: I think from my point of view of a Brit, I suppose, who has watched Europe and specifically in my country be deluged by migrants, immigrants, illegals, and seeing what happens as a result of that five years down the line. It's such a tragedy.

I think when you hear Biden say America is back, that's the line they are using. America is back. From a British perspective, of course, looking at what happens when you deluge your country with people who don't actually belong there and I will say it as clearly as I can and that is, “No, America isn't back.”

What's about to happen is all the very best bits of everything that used to look and feel like America is about to be dissolved under a tidal wave of people who don't love your flag. Who don't feel America in their hearts, and we have it here.

If I take a small example like I think often of the minutia that is what is the most revealing. The families that came to join us are young fighting-age men from different backgrounds. Outside the front door of their houses here in the UK, they throw their trash.

They will open their front door, and they will throw their trash outside their front door because, for them, the bit they care about is inside the front door of their homes. That's exactly the mentality of these people who come to countries is they only care about themselves, their family, and that's it.

The country they don't give one single hoot for. I think it is a horrible thing to see that they're going to try and undo the great work of Trump, and should the Biden administration ever get into power, I think the distance between where America got to in these last four years and where it's going to end up in four years is something really horrific.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I've never heard the trash story before, but I've been in various countries where literally that's what happens. If you are on the second floor, anybody walking by in the street is a target because it is outside your home. It is not your problem anymore. The stuff that gets thrown out is pretty gross.

Katie Hopkins: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: Speaking of the UK, I understand you've got a new tier system? What's the deal?

Katie Hopkins: I'm laughing, Barry. Firstly, because of the madness. Sometimes in the face of utter madness, all you can do is just laugh. We are in lockdown. We're still in lockdown as we speak.

We're about to move into a tier system, and of course, we sort of thought, oh, they'll give us back some freedom. Oh, no. Basically, they sold us a really dodgy wedding cake. They told us it would have three tiers.

All that has happened is actually all of us are in the worst two tiers. Were in the tiers where you can't do anything. You can't go out. You can't go out to eat. You can't go out to mix with anybody. If you're in tier three, you may as well just give up on life.

So, they put 99 percent of people, 55 million Brits, into the bottom worst two tiers. Really, as you and I know and as your lovely viewers and listeners know, you cannot try and rationalize the irrational. That is what the mainstream is full of, people saying, "Oh, but this is this. So why can't we do that?"

You can't do that stuff. It's just mad when you start making up rules. You cannot try and rationalize them. You have to see its madness. One great thing that has come out of this, Barry, and I can feel it around me on social media is people are starting to realize this was all madness.

This was all craziness. This is now not right. In a way, it's frustrating Barry, because obviously, this has been since March, and we're now pretty much December, and it took all of that time.

But people are waking up more and more to the 'this is just nonsense.' But, yeah, we're in a new system, and the new system basically says we're going to lock you down until next April.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it sounds like Britain is pushing it a step too far.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: Much like a lot of America did this week with Thanksgiving. Our big family non-denominational holiday, where everybody travels. Actually, Thanksgiving week historically is the busiest travel week, even more than Christmas or New Year's, because the families get together.

The obscenities, I don't mean cuss words. I mean, the obscenities of the virtual fiat laws, which are laws created by these goofball Governors, are outrageous. Many people, Democrats, and Republicans are, for a sense, flipping off their own state governments by saying, “I am not wearing a mask at my mom's Thanksgiving table, thank you very much, and we can use the same platter. We can hug and kiss each other, and no, we not going to eat out in the yard.” Why-Because it's nuts.

Katie Hopkins: So true and, of course, just what they do to you they do to us. So, I just came away from the radio, and they just articulated for us that at Christmas number one, we've got to sit outside. Let's remember where I am.

It's not where you are. It's minus two degrees here. We're not sitting outside. They said no board games. So, you know, family board games at Christmas we might play. The latest rule is no board games at Christmas because you passed the same counters around.

You know, I'm going to touch a counter, and pass it. We're not allowed to play board games at Christmas. I mean, what level of minutia, of rule are they going to go down too?

It's just, it is so crazy, and I'm so sorry about everybody who has their Thanksgiving kind of muddled with. I'm so proud of so many Americans who decided they were just going to do what they pleased. I think that's exactly what I plan to do at Christmas as well.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, the insanity of the Thanksgiving- sitting six feet apart out in the yard, no enclosures, can't go to the bathroom under most circumstances, can't touch the same platter. You know, the no singing, no loud talking.

Katie Hopkins: Oh, yes.

Barry Nussbaum: All that stuff. It's now going to be enlarged to include the vaccines. What I'm reading is horrifying. Look, years ago, a doctor that was a friend of mine asked me. “Are you ever going to get a flu shot?” I said, "Of course not." And he said, "Why?" I said, "A, usually they don't work."

Katie Hopkins: True.

Barry Nussbaum: "B, in 20/25 percent of the cases, they cause the flu and C, I would rather have the flu than the vaccine with all the chemicals, preservatives, by-products and side effects in my system." Besides, they don't work very well.

Well, guess what has come out this week? That the efficacy of one of the major vaccines that are being pushed here in the US was at 90 something percent efficacy. Then they gave it a second time to the same people, thinking they would go up to like 98 percent, and it dropped to 60.

So, they can't even trust their own studies when no one's looking over their shoulder. If you want to fly Qantas, I guess starting in January. You know, the Australian airline that goes to Australia on their big planes, you can't get on a plane without a vaccine, are they going to mandate that in England, too?

Katie Hopkins: I think it's coming. I think mandatory vaccinations are coming. We've had the same thing happen that you've had. I mean, how crazy is this? They did a trial with 20,000 people. They told us this is the Oxford vaccine.

They told us it was 90 percent. Although, of course, we know that actually 99.7-point whatever percent of people recover anyway. It turns out during the trial it was only 20,000 people. They got the trial wrong. They gave the wrong dosage, but it turned out the wrong dosage was more effective than the right dosage.

Then they tried to hide the fact that they stuck that up. Now, if you can't get it right when you're only delivering it to 20,000 people, how on earth are you going to get it right when you deliver it to five million or so?

But, you know, I've always been a believer that you don't take vaccines. I've never allowed them to force them into my son. They do that at the school system here. I can already feel them training up their stooges to try and manipulate the thinking of people.

Barry Nussbaum: I've got to ask you this quickly, give me a short one on this. Let's just say hypothetically, okay? Let's say they come up with a vaccine that's one hundred percent.

First of all, that is impossible, but let's just say. Play the game with me. A gazillion people get it. If they're immune, right, because they've got the vaccine, Katie. Why should you have to get it?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, so true.

Barry Nussbaum: Because they are immune, do you have an answer for that?

Katie Hopkins: No, I don't have an answer for that other than I really don't want it. So, I suppose another question, Barry is, and it's a question I can ask you. What would they take away from you that would make you say, okay, okay, I'll have it?

For me, I suppose that would be my passport and my ability to leave this country. To travel and to get to America. I mean, I don't mind if they shut my children out of school. I'll home school. If they take away my right to health care, I'm not all that bothered.

I don't like socialized health care anyway. It will kill me rather than cure me. But flights, I couldn't be trapped here. What could they take from you that would make you take the vaccine? Nothing.

Barry Nussbaum: I shan't be leaving.

Katie Hopkins: You’d just stay where you are.

Barry Nussbaum: I'm not taking the vaccine. Look, 99.7 something percent don't die.

Katie Hopkins: No.

Barry Nussbaum: I'll take my risk with .02 percent. If I'm healthy, my percentage goes up to almost unanimously immune from death. If God forbid, I have some a pre-existing condition of morbidity, like I'm already dying of cancer or, God forbid, something like that, then I'll just stay home.

I'll self-quarantine. I don't want your injection into my system that you will use to inject billions of people with God knows what. No, thank you.

Katie Hopkins: I'm with you. I'm with you. Also, you have to store it at minus 70. How is it okay to then inject it into someone's arm? I mean, these are the crazy things that go on, but I'm with you. No vaccines. No messing around.

Hopefully, eventually, they'll be airlines made for good people like ourselves that wouldn't have them, and then we'll be seated near people who are decent people that we quite like. Wouldn't that be a great thing?

Barry Nussbaum: I'm with you, and maybe they'll give you food because they don't give food on flights anymore.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, that would be fun.

Barry Nussbaum: Thank you for joining me today on the Katie and Barry Report. Remember, for all of you out there in the United States, please text the message TRUTH to 88202, and you'll be automatically subscribed for free text message alert system.

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