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Because You Asked


Anni Cyrus: Good afternoon, welcome to Islam Corner on ATP Radio. I am your host, Anni Cyrus. I hope you all had a wonderful day. Wherever you are listening to this episode, it is one of the most important ones. We will have a very special guest, and he will join us in a minute.

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Now, today, the title of the radio is, “Because You Asked.” That’s really what it is; “Because You Asked.” So, it is my privilege to announce American Truth Project just released a book titled, Because You Asked.

I will let the author of the book, Barry Nussbaum, who’s also the founder of American Truth Project, tell you all why that’s the title and what the book is all about. Then you can send in your questions or call in with your questions, and continue asking.

Hi, Barry, are you here with us?

Barry Nussbaum: I am, Anni. Happy Monday afternoon. So great to be with you.

Anni Cyrus: Happy Monday afternoon. I’m glad you made it. So, let’s not keep anyone waiting. Barry, why Because You Asked?

Barry Nussbaum: You know, over the course of the last, oh, gosh, five, six years, we have produced and released over a thousand segments, and as we produce more and more, the questions pile up from people who want more in-depth analysis and explanation of why things are the way they are, both foreign and domestic, in regards to the policies of the United States.

So, Because You Asked became a book based on the questions that were asked. So, we put the book out because people asked questions, and the book is a series of essays that explain the answers to the questions people are asking. I think once said it will give people a quicker understanding than they might be getting from, well, you know, mainstream sources as to why things are a certain way.

Anni Cyrus: Understood. So, it’s safe to say this is basically a book that you wrote for the people who had questions and were either confused or uncertain based on what they heard on mainstream media. Considering how it’s not reliable; is that safe to say?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I like that a lot. It’s a lot about the fact that if you get a story that’s 30 or 60 seconds long, you barely have heard enough to start asking questions but are in no position to understand the back story, and there’s always a question of why is it like that. Well, with Because You Asked, you got an answer.

I mean, you, the ATP public out there. So, you ask a question, and you’re going to get a more in-depth answer. So, the next time you hear news about that item, the border wall or the “Muslim ban” or certain foreign policy with Israel and terror, you get a sense of why things really are that way. So that was the purpose of the book. Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: Fantastic. Yes, and I have read the book, dear listeners out there, I have read the book, and, trust me, when someone like me, whose English is not their first language, tells you that it’s very easy to read, that is great news.

It’s easy to understand, and it’s easy to read. It also gives you the clear click of, “Oh, I get it.” That’s what’s behind it. So, I would strongly suggest for everyone to get this and hang in there. We will tell you how to get the book in a little while.

But I suggest you get it. It will help you understand what is going on, especially with our country here in America. But, Barry, would you please tell our listeners, the book contains technically three major chapters, correct?

Barry Nussbaum: Yes.

Anni Cyrus: Can you break it down for us? What are the big umbrellas? Then you and I, we’re going to get into more details under each umbrella.

Barry Nussbaum: Sure. So, what I tried to do was to put together the book in a way that separated different concepts so people could literally look up almost anything policy-wise on a very quick basis. You don’t have to read the whole book.

You can just look up chapter 2 on Islamic terror, for example, and go right to it. So, part one is on the United States’ domestic affairs. Part two is on Trump’s policies and his administration of certain policies. And part three is a global or an international look at what’s gone on and, quite frankly, all of these different chapters are about what Trump did and why he did it.

Now, you’re going to understand it better, and, I think, under those circumstances it makes them really easy to understand. Like I said, you can go right to what happened in Manchester with the bombing, or what did Bill Clinton do with North Korea that that caused a problem for Trump later on. Things like that. There are 30 separate chapters, and every single one of them is a complete story from beginning to end.

Anni Cyrus: That’s one of the reasons, I think, at least for someone like me ­­— again, I might sound fluent in English, but, trust me, when I read, I still have to translate everything in my head to my mother tongue, being Farsi — that’s what makes it easy for everyone, including people like me, to read this book and understand it.

Because you didn’t go into technical aspects of life, but rather an everyday understanding of why, what happened, what is going to happen, or what might happen, can make our life different. So, I guess, to me, the beautiful part of it was I understood that I don’t have to be an expert in politics to want to be involved.

Reading Because You Asked gave me the ability to understand, just as an average American, that I play a huge role by understanding where things come from or how they come to be good or bad for the country. So, for that, I want to thank you, Barry.

As you know, I might be an expert on Islam, but I’m nowhere near even calling myself an expert on politics. But I feel like I have a much better understanding of what is happening today — just reading the book.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I’m glad to hear that, because that was the intent. So, at least that way, I was successful. So, I’m really glad to hear that, Anni. That sounds great.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely. So, here, let’s start with the big umbrella of chapter 1, okay? Chapter 1 is one of my favorites because you talk about where I personally went to and give a speech. I tried to wake people up. You talk about Dearborn, Michigan, and you talk about the immigration rules that must be met to become a U.S. citizen.

Such as some requirements are to be able to read, write, and speak basic English, then also have a basic understanding of U.S. history and government. Be a person of good moral character. Demonstrate an attachment to the principle and ideas of the U.S. Constitution.

Now, you and I, and hopefully most of ATP Radio listeners already know the reason Dearborn, Michigan, is a perfect example of the need for such requirements.

But let’s go into details of why these requirements are not required, let’s say, in Michigan, and how did that end up making Dearborn in Michigan, or many other towns in Michigan, look nothing like America anymore, and more like the Middle East. You know, Arab countries, Muslim countries — you know what I’m talking about. How is that?

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. The concept that you read from was all about requirements from the Immigration Service that is supposed to be able to set standards for people to become Americans. Those things like a basic understanding of history, of the key documents that made this country what it is, the ability to speak, read, and write in English.

All of these things are intended, quite frankly, to be able to entice and facilitate the new immigrant to being an American. If you come here, and you don’t believe in the Constitution, and you don’t know what’s in it, you don’t understand how Congress works, how voting works.

You can’t read, you can’t write, your ability to be an American and assimilate into the country is greatly compromised, if not prevented, because you are simply here as a long-term visitor. You know, if you go on vacation to France, for example, you don’t have to know the French constitution.

You don’t have to know French. You don’t have to read, write, or speak it. They don’t care as long as you spend money and you’re going to leave soon, and you’re not part of the society going forward. But if you started setting up your own country, so to speak, your own culture with your own people, your own religion — you didn’t follow the French rules — pretty quick, they’re going to get upset at you.

That’s what Dearborn, Michigan, is. It’s a world within a world. When you go down the street in Dearborn, the vast majority of all the businesses have their signs in Arabic. The advertising is in Arabic. If you go into a business, they speak Arabic.

The people who lived there in the past — my relatives lived there many years ago when I was a little boy. I remember it as a wonderful place, where it was a melting pot. There were Italians, Poles, Russians, Irish, and Jews, and everybody got along, and everybody had their own culture.

Still, they were sure proud to be in America and to be Americans. Somewhere along the line, Anni, we dropped the requirement of liking the country you moved to, and understanding the country you’ve moved to; studying English, writing English, reading English in the country you have moved to.

You know, it reminds me of the first time I took one of my kids to the DMV in California. I asked the lady at the desk — we were waiting for the written test for my son to pass his driver’s license. I said, out of curiosity, “I see all these signs in different languages. In how many different languages are the DMV booklets for the test?”

And I thought she was going to say two, like English and Spanish. I was very naïve. I think she told me it was like 50 languages. I said to her, “How is that possible? Fifty Languages and all the street signs are in English. All the laws are in English.

Why would you have 50 languages on the Department of Motor Vehicles license test? You’re making America into a series of little mini-countries.” She laughed and said, “I’m not in favor of it. That’s what they passed in the legislature.” Well, that’s what Dearborn is, and I can’t explain it, and it makes no sense, but I need people to understand that it’s just not okay

Anni Cyrus: Well, I agree. I remember when I was in California, in Los Angeles. I originally got my driver’s license for Chicago, but then when I moved to L.A., I had to get a Los Angeles driver’s license. I remember when I walked in there, they literally showed me a box with the questions to grab from.

As I was looking, I think 15 different languages were available, including Farsi and Arabic. I’m like, “Wait, so you are going to allow me to take the driver’s test in my mother tongue?” They said, “Oh, yeah, that makes it easier for people.” So, this is what happens. If I didn’t speak English.

I could easily take that test and pass it because it was in my mother tongue. Then, later on, I get pulled over by the police officer. Guess what happens? I won’t even understand a word the police officers are saying. I won’t even understand why I broke the law because I didn’t learn the law with proper phrases. But these people were very proud.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, and you know what’s ironic? If we go all the way back to maybe the greatest genius in American political history — and certainly the one who is, by far, the wisest president of the United States — I’m referring to Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

He was very concerned, and you can read it in his diary. He felt there was a problem with the followers of Islam, who were moving to the new country. They were refusing to acknowledge the new Constitution and the laws of the new United States of America. Jefferson said he was concerned that the followers of Muhammad — this was as an eighteenth-century term, the “Mohammedans” ­— would have a choice to make, which is their way of life — based on Shar‘iah — and the new American system.

If they chose Shar‘iah, they couldn’t be Americans, because they would never assimilate into the new country. He talked about the importance of all the immigrants coming from all over the world to this new world to decide they would be Americans.

Speak English, write English, read English, and participate in a system of laws and governance on a local and national level that everybody agreed to. If there were different sets of laws and different languages for different people, then you wouldn’t have one country, would you?

He was right, and here we are, 230 years or whatever it is later — 250 years actually — and we are now in that exact spot. Where there are people who literally don’t know the laws and don’t care, because, as far as they’re concerned, if you live in Dearborn, you don’t have to speak English.

You can speak Arabic, and you can write Arabic, you can read Arabic: you never have to speak English or do anything in English. I don’t think that makes you an American. You don’t even know what the Constitution is, and if you did, you wouldn’t care.

Anni Cyrus: I’m glad you brought that up because I was going to ask you about the Islamic terror, also known as homegrown terror — which we cover at ATP Radio a lot actually — that’s part of your book as well.

You know how the terror attacks are still happening in America. To me, it feels like it has normalized, Barry. If it doesn’t happen, it’s like we’re missing something. We need to fix these terror attacks, this Islamic terror attack going on in America.

It’s sad. I know it’s a sad thing, but it is what it is. Correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just over-exaggerating here. What have we done or what has been done to educate the public, average Americans in response to all of this Islamic terrorism in America?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, things changed a lot when the presidency changed between Obama and Trump. What I mean by that is, the terror attacks that were occurring when Obama was president were not allowed to be named what they were, which was Islamic terrorism.

They were “workplace violence” or the actions of a deranged person — in other words, mentally unstable or a lone gunman. You know, I feel very, very strongly, that if you can’t name your enemy you can’t prepare for, defend against, and defeat your enemy.

And it was illegal in the Department of Justice and in all national law enforcement to mention the word “Islam.” Even when you had the Tsarnaev brothers blowing up the finish line at the Boston Marathon who were radicalized by a “burn-America-to-the-ground” imam in Boston, then learned how to build bombs on the Internet.

We couldn’t call it what it was. They were just two crazy brothers who were unhappy about the United States. When the truth was, they just wanted to kill non-believers. Well, things changed a lot under Trump, and that caused a lot of pushback from people who call him things like “Islamophobic” when I honestly don’t think it’s that.

I think he just wants to be able to label the enemies of America for what they are and what their belief systems teach them. Because if your belief system teaches you, “Islam is good, not Islam bad,” people who push back against Islam should be killed. That’s a pretty heavy statement and doesn’t jive well with this country. Things changed under Trump.

Anni Cyrus: Correct, but is it fair to say that the backlash is still pretty heavy for anyone who dares criticize Islam? I mean, we went from covering it up as a crazy person, upset person, or who needs a hug or a better job to calling it what it is. But there are still consequences to pay if you do call it what it is. Correct?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, I would say it’s better. But it’s not good, and people can still say stupid stuff. It’s a little bit off point, but I think it’s a perfect example.

There’s a teacher’s union that came out today that said anyone who wants classes opened back up for in-person teaching for young kids — in other words, the teachers should go back into the classroom — this union labeled those people who want the schools open as sexist, misogynist racists. Now, the reason I mention this story is simply because a label can be so damaging, that people back up from whatever they were doing, just because they don’t want to be, like in the case I just mentioned, thought of as misogynist, racists, or whatever — sexist.

I mean, the charge is absurd. It’s completely insane, but it gets you to change your behavior if you’re worried about what people are thinking. So, if somebody says, “I don’t think people should be able to take the DMV test in Farsi or Arabic, I think they should be required to speak English, write English, read English, understand the street signs, participate in the government, understand the history, and so on,” you’re not anti-Iranian, you’re not anti-Saudi, you’re not anti-Lebanese, you’re just trying to create a culture that people can be involved in successfully. Like you said, a label that scares you, makes you say, “Maybe I’ll think about my behavior.

I don’t want to be though about as” blah, blah. It doesn’t sound very good. Do you know what I mean? It gets your behavior to change, sadly.

Anni Cyrus: Well, unless, sure, your Anni Cyrus or Barry Nussbaum, then no.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we’re one of the few and far between, quite frankly; but that’s why we’re fighting together to be able to educate. You know, when my parents came to this country in 1948, they couldn’t speak English. They didn’t have any money. They weren’t educated.

In order for them to become citizens, they had to work all day and go to night school to learn the Constitution, to learn the Declaration of Independence, to learn the Gettysburg Address, to know who the presidents were, to know why Abraham Lincoln was important, and George Washington was important, and why was there a civil war.

When I was a kid, and I had to write a paper in my classroom in sixth grade. I would go ask my mom or dad before I looked it up in the encyclopedia because they knew the history. Why? Because they had to learn their history in order to be a citizen. Not like you asked in Dearborn, where you’re in your own world, fright? I don’t think that makes people Americans, and neither did Thomas Jefferson.

Anni Cyrus: Agreed. You featured a few people in, Because You Asked, your book. One of them, I think, is a perfect example of what you just described, which is Phyllis Chesler.

I admire her, her courage, and her work. Why don’t you give a short version of her story and why it was important for you to feature her and her story in your book?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, Phyllis Chesler is an interesting story. She’s become a friend of myself, my wife, and of you. She was one of the original women’s rights and women’s lib advocates in the ’60s. Along with Gloria Steinem and Ms. magazine, she was quite famous for her scholarly writing and her teachings about the fact that women ought to be equal to men.

Most cultures, except the Islamic one, believe that. Certainly, in the United States, we do now. What happened to Phyllis Chesler that’s so horrible is that she happened to fall in love with an Arab guy and got married. They moved, I believe, to Afghanistan. As soon as they got there, she got her passport taken away and learned, quite sadly, that in Islamic countries a woman does what she does only after she’s been given permission by her husband.

God forbid she doesn’t follow what he said. She’s in big trouble. It could be beatings. It could be whippings, or it could be worse, as you know, from your personal story. So, Phyllis Chesler finally, after a long time, escaped and made her way back to America. When she got here, she tried to tell the story, which is a perfect story to tell as part of her women’s empowerment speeches; everybody wanted to hear her until she talked about what happened to her in Afghanistan.

When she tried to make speeches about, for example, the disgusting barbarism of female genital mutilation, she got canceled. They didn’t want to hear it because the new narrative is “Islam good.” People who speak out against any practices within Islam are, by definition, bad people.

So, she got disenfranchised, literally kicked out of the movement where she remains today, stuck on the sidelines. It’s shocking but true. So, even today, you can have the “Women’s March” in Washington, with these women wearing their silly “pussy hats.”

Speaking out against how horrible men are, how horrible the government is, and how horrible the people who run this country are. Nobody on that stage will speak out against the terrible treatment of women in Islam because that’s not politically acceptable. So, Phyllis, who wants to tell the truth, got banned. That’s the truth.

Anni Cyrus: A scary truth, yeah. The “#MeToo” movement forgot about us. Yeah, there was no room for Anni Cyrus or Phyllis Chesler in the “#MeToo” movement.

Barry Nussbaum: No, because your story sucks from their perspective, Anni. Because you’re telling the truth about how horrible you were treated by a religion that did what their teachings say, what you’re able to do.

In other words, you and your story, or Phyllis and her story, don’t say, “Well, this guy was a crazy guy. He was a drug addict and an abuser, and everyone knows that those aren’t the teachings of Muhammad.” You don’t say that; you say — and accurately, I might add — “I was treated like this because I did this, and that’s okay in Islam.” That’s what Phyllis says.

The teachings, many of them, when it relates to the treatment of women, are barbaric and completely, totally disgusting: how people treat their family, their friends, their wives, or whoever, and it’s sanctioned.

Well, Phyllis just told the truth like Anni Cyrus. The truth is not relevant because it tells a bad story. The only place who can tell the truth, quite frankly, is the American Truth Project. That’s why we do it, to get the truth out, right?

Anni Cyrus: Exactly. Okay, one last question about the homegrown Islamic terror, and all that good stuff in the book. Then I promise I’m going to move on. Keith Ellison, I call him my special friend.

I have gone after him plenty myself, but you talk about Keith Ellison in the book. I really hope that everybody buys the book, even if it’s just to read that chapter. Briefly tell our listeners why Keith Ellison should not ever be left under the radar and why is he a truly dangerous man in our country.

Barry Nussbaum: Great subject. Keith Ellison was the first Islamic member of Congress, where he never skipped an opportunity to bash Israel and make anti-Semitic comments whenever possible. He left Congress and is now the attorney general in Minnesota.

His hand-picked successor could not have been more apropos: it’s Ilhan Omar. So, to give you an example of where this guy’s thinking was and still is — remember, he was trained by Louis Farrakhan, the guy who hates America and everything America stands for. He hates white people, and hates Jewish people.

He’s got a very long list of enemies. Farrakhan was one of his mentors. That’s where Ellison learned to hate. When there was a trip years ago to Israel, all the Democratic congressmen went. When they got to Israel, they were meeting with political leaders on both sides of the equation.

They were meeting with members of the military, science, and medicine. Keith Ellison disappeared, and they didn’t find him for days. They finally found him when he showed up at the airport. A friend of mine who’s a congressman said to Keith, “Where have you been?

We’ve been looking for you for days.” He said, “I was with my brothers in Gaza.” His brothers were the terrorists in the Gaza Strip — Hamas. Those were the people he wanted to spend time with. Those were the people he wanted to validate. Those were the only people he considered friends in that part of the world. That is Keith Ellison.

Anni Cyrus: Wow, and he has the power to at least enforce certain laws or not.

Barry Nussbaum: The chief law enforcement officer in the state of Minnesota.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly.

Barry Nussbaum: He did a very good job — from what I’ve seen — beating up his girlfriend, but never got prosecuted.

Anni Cyrus: Well, we all know being a Democrat — on top of that, being a Muslim Democrat — you are always above the law. At least for now, that’s how it works.

Before we move on to the next chapter and the rest of the questions I have for you, let’s quickly tell everyone who has stayed with us until now — they are just excited and they don’t want to listen to the rest. They just want to go get the book. What do they do that, Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: It’s very simple. Anyone listening now, Anni, can text the letters B-Y-A, put that in the message box. B-Y-A, send it to 88202. B-Y-A, send it to 88202. If you do that, we will send you a free link to the first chapter of the book.

It’s all free. If you like it, which I think most people will, we will give you the opportunity to get the rest of the book at a big discount. So, the best way to do it is just to send B-Y-A in the message box. Send it to 88202, push “Send,” we’ll send you a link, and you’re on your way to reading the behind-the-scenes reasons for the way things are.

You’ll know a lot more than you do now. When you listen to the mainstream media, it is 30 seconds of explaining a story. When you really need a couple of minutes to understand why that is. The way it was reported.

Anni Cyrus: Just in case, if you’re not in America and listening via the Internet, you can actually go to a website. Go to americantruthproject.org. On the left-hand side, you see the cover of the book. Click on it. You get to sign up. Get the free chapters and a link to purchase as well.

Since you talk about Keith Ellison, his mentor, and their hate for Jews in Israel, let’s talk about that part of the book which I really — again, I know I sound like a broken record but I feel like everybody should read the book.

All of it, but if not, this part. To understand why it is so important, and why at ATP we have a separate category of issues we cover, which is U.S. and Israeli relations. But let’s start here. What was the significance of the changing relationship between the U.S. and Israel during the Obama administration vs. the Trump administration?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, I love this. In the history of the state of Israel, from 1948 until now, there’s been no worse friend than Barack Obama. He was horrible not only to the state of Israel but to its prime minister, elected many times, Bibi Netanyahu.

He was overtly disrespectful and open about the fact that he didn’t like him, wasn’t crazy about Israel’s politics, abandoned Israel at the United Nations, much to the disgust of even prominent Democrats. It was horrible how he treated the country. Then you go from, “Could it get any worse?” to “Could it get any better?”

Donald Trump became an immediate, great, great friend to the state of Israel. Believe me when I tell you, he is ridiculously popular there. For a number of reasons. Actions that he has taken show how supportive, and how he’s always been there for the country of Israel. How the United States has been under Donald J. Trump. Huge difference in policy. Huge.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, not just in the book, but I have heard you on many of your programs mention it from the moment it started. You talked about how important it was for President Trump to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Why? Why was it so important, Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: Israel, before Donald Trump’s action, was the only country in the history of the world to have a capital not be recognized by the rest of the world. It’s not like Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 30 years or 50 years, or whatever.

It’s been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years, and mentioned in both the Old and New Testament as the capital of Israel, but, for some reason — because the Arabs decided that it should be their capital, too — unfortunately for Israel, the United States for many, many years ignored American law.

The U.S. Congress passed a law during the Clinton years that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, and that the United States should move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as is normal with all other countries we have relationships with, but the law had a minor exclusion for safety or emergencies.

The president could waive it. Well, every president waived it constantly. So, every year Israel would ask the United States, “Please move your embassy. It’s the law that you’re supposed to.” Everybody from Clinton on had an excuse.

They wouldn’t do it. The excuse was pressure from the Palestinians. Well, Donald Trump walked in and said, “You know what? Enough’s enough; it’s the law. Congress wants it. The Congress overwhelmingly wanted it. The American people overwhelmingly want it.

And it’s the right thing to do.” So, in spite of the fact that the Palestinians said we’re going to burn Israel to the ground, they’ll be mass terrorism, there’s going to be war, Trump did it. What happened?

Just the opposite. Not only was there no war, no terrorism, no nothing, but peace has broken out because Donald Trump sided on the right team. All of a sudden, all these countries are signing peace deals with Israel because Donald Trump had the chutzpah to step up and do the right thing.

He didn’t get blackmailed, didn’t put up with all the bullshit that these people were saying was going to happen. He just followed the law. A little simple thing of moving the embassy, and, as a result, the Middle East is an entirely different place today, and, boy, oh, boy, is Donald J. Trump popular in Israel.

Anni Cyrus: You’d be amazed to know how popular he is in Iran. All I can tell you is a lot of people love him. I think if he ran in Iran, he would get a landslide, 100%.

Barry Nussbaum: They were saying that he’s more popular than the prime minister of Israel, in Israel. Believe me, and I hear it every day. It’s incredible. They’re naming a village after him in the Golan Heights. It’s called Trump Heights.

They’ve got streets named after him. He’s got big signs up. He didn’t do it, the Israelis did it. “Thank you, Donald Trump. Thank you, Donald Trump.” They do it all the time. He deserves it. What he did was Fantastic.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, with that being said, let’s move into America. It’s all about Islam and homegrown terror, Middle East policies, and relations with Israel. Let’s quickly touch, as we’re running out of time — let’s touch on some of the policies that you talk about in your book, Because You Asked.

Let me just start from here. What were the original Trump border laws attempting to do? Well, of course, there are doubts today, but I will still ask, will they be successful?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I would say they’ve been phenomenally successful thus far. So, here’s what I mean. The primary goal of a national government, the primary responsibility of any country that’s vital is the protection and security of its citizenry.

That’s the first job to protect. So, what did Trump do? He came into office, and he said, “Look, we’ve got these open borders. People are pouring across. We don’t know if they’re criminals, violent criminals, or people that are going to sell drugs or import weapons.”

I mean what I’m going to say” literally, human traffickers. Some are violent gangsters. You can have terrorists. They could be smuggling in something for a weapon of mass destruction. Right? So, he looked at all that and realized that there was no doubt that a lot of these people, as he put it, are good people, but a lot of them aren’t.

So, it’s a felony to break into the United States without filing the appropriate paperwork, getting the right approvals, and following the rules. Why, every country has rules like that, including the country they’re coming from, which is often Mexico. If you break into Mexico, you could end up in prison.

The bottom line is he just started to enforce the law. He’s gotten a tremendous amount of the wall built, and every single Border Patrol person — Customs and Border Patrol — who’s been interviewed, anyone with ICE, or anyone with immigration, they all say the same thing. Drug seizures are down.

Weapons seizures are down. Human trafficking is way down. The border is calm like it has never been. So, the policy of putting up the wall, it is incredibly successful at preventing crime. You would think that everyone would be in favor of it.

Except, the Democrat politicians aren’t. Why aren’t they? Because they’ve come to find out that the majority of these illegals, once they’re made legal retroactively, tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat. This isn’t about the safety and security of the country.

It’s not that these Democrat politicians don’t believe in walls. You know how I know that? You can go on the Internet, Google Nancy Pelosi’s house. You’ll actually get three or four of them.

She’s got a whole bunch of mansions, and every one of them has a wall around it. Chuck Schumer, Gavin Newsom, or Eric Garcetti, who’s the mayor of Los Angeles — these people don’t live in houses where anyone can walk in the front door. Of course not. They have private security and physical barriers because they need them.

They don’t want them on the U.S. border because it’s not going to bother them, and, long term, it will help the Democrat Party. So, Trump did great on this.

Anni Cyrus: Agreed. Okay, I know no one likes to be asked this question, but I have to ask Barry. For years, 2016 to 2020, President Trump has done a lot of great things for America, for Americans, for the Middle East, for Europe, for literally everybody.

But if, for any reason, he would call you right now and say, “Barry, what do you think was my best move for Americans, here inside America? What was my best policy?” What were you tell him?

Barry Nussbaum: Wow, you could have prepared me for this, you know. Okay, but I have it.

Anni Cyrus: If he ever called me, I would say what they call the “Muslim ban.” That would be my vote — the best thing.

Barry Nussbaum: I have an answer. That would be the replenishment of the American military. I’ll tell you why. When Ronald Reagan came to office, the American military had been depleted tremendously by Jimmy Carter.

Reagan said we’re going to rebuild the military. The stronger you make the military the more you can project force. The tip of the spear can reach farther, and your chance of using that military decreases the bigger and badder it gets.

In other words, we’re not the Soviet Union who is looking to build an empire. We’re not North Korea. We’re not Communist China. We want freedom, and we want to be able to protect our allies. The more the military is stronger with planes, ships, tanks, missiles, and men and women in uniform that are well taken care of, the more peace there is in the world.

If you notice, Trump hasn’t gotten us into one single conflict, not one. Obama had us everywhere. So did Bush. Americans are dying less today overseas than at any time before in decades. In spite of all of his spending on the military. I remember from 40 years ago when people were saying, “Oh, Ronald Reagan, we’re going to be in World War III in an instant.

He’s crazy. Don’t listen to anything he says.” Well, peace broke out under Ronald Reagan. If you remember, the Berlin Wall came down because of Ronald Reagan. Now, peace is breaking out everywhere, all over the Middle East.

Our troops are coming home all over the place because Trump has made the military stronger. So, I would give him my number one high five for that.

Anni Cyrus: Excellent. We have five minutes left. I want to ask you two questions that are not necessarily in the book, but at least I was left with these questions when I finished reading the book. So, I’m just going to get ahead of it. Because You Asked, just in case anyone else reads the book and has these questions. Ready for this?

Barry Nussbaum: Yes, ma’am.

Anni Cyrus God forbid, should Joe Biden become the president, he has said, on his first few days in office, he will revoke the so-called “Muslim ban” that President Trump established.

First of all, I know the answer to this part of the question, but I want you to explain it to our audience. Was it really a “Muslim ban,” and, secondly, what will happen if Biden was to revoke the “Muslim ban”?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, the first part of your question is absolutely, categorically “no.” It was called the “Muslim ban” because these countries were predominantly Muslim, but the largest Muslim countries in the world weren’t even on the list. So, if it was a “Muslim ban,” it sucked at being a “Muslim ban.”

That’s number one. Number two, the reason why these countries that I mentioned in the book had immigration restricted was because they’re non-functional countries, and if you apply to come here from, say, Sudan or Yemen or Syria, where there’s no functioning national government, how do you verify who the hell Muhammad Jones is?

He could be a terrorist. He could be a doctor. He could be a serial murderer, or he could be a scientist. You just don’t know. So, when Trump started talking to the immigration people saying, “Now are you verifying who these people are?”, they came back to Trump and said, “We have no idea who they are.”

Contrary to American law, they were still being admitted. That was completely not acceptable. So, that was the “Muslim ban.” It’s not a Muslim ban, it’s a ban on people from countries that are largely religiously Muslim, but they’re not even the largest Islamic countries. It has to do with the fact that the governments are non-functional.

If Biden throws it out to appease the goofball leftists and Islamists who support him, you’re going to end up with people who are going to come here. Some are real desperate refugees. Some could be terrorists. We won’t know who is who, will we?

And that is a risk to national security, and Biden’s going to do it anyway because he cares more about appeasing his leftist progressive base than he does protecting America from bad people.

Anni Cyrus: Agreed. I would say, yes. We will know who’s the real refugee and who’s the Islamic terrorist, because while the terror attacks are going to start skyrocketing more innocent Americans are going to be killed, and that’s when they’re going to say, “Oops. He wasn’t a refugee. He was a jihadi,” which we’re not allowed to say.

Barry Nussbaum: You know what? What’s really sad, just like it was under Obama — and you had Muslim terrorists carrying out the will of Allah, or so they thought when they were killing innocent Americans — we were calling it other things like “workplace violence,” or a just deranged lone gunman, or these other crazy euphemisms that make no sense.

I think we’ll mislabel it again. Why? Because that’s what you get when you have the presidency aligned with the mainstream media. One lies, and the other reports a lie.

Anni Cyrus: Well, I will use this moment to say that that’s why we encourage all of our audience, listeners, and supporters to sign up. They can hear the truth from us, because at ATP we call it a jihadi attack. We match it with the verses of the Qur’an that they follow to go blow themselves up, behead people, or scream Allahu akbar.

On that note, everybody should grab their cell phones if you’re in America. I want you to send a text; put B-Y-A — “Because You Asked,” B-Y-A — send to the number 88202, and you will receive a text with two links.

One link will take you to the first three chapters of the book free, and the other link will take you to where you can purchase the book. If you don’t want to do the cell phone thing, or you’re not in America, just go to our website, americantruthproject.org.

Click on the picture of the book, sign up using your email address. You get an email with both links: the first three free chapters free and one to where you can purchase the book. In general, always consider going to our website, americantruthproject.org, click the donate button.

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Barry, thank you so much, I really appreciate your time. I appreciate the fact that you wrote the book. I’m very happy it’s out there for everyone to read it, and I’m grateful that you took the time to inform us.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, thanks for having me. I’m so appreciative of the work you do at ATP. I would admonish all listeners today to tune in every time you’ve got your show on.

I learned so much by listening to you, and they will as well. I hope everybody who grabs a chapter enjoys what they read eventually gets to listen or read the whole book. I think you’ll find it fascinating. Thanks for having me.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely a pleasure. I agree. You all stay safe out there. Don’t forget to tune in Thursday, 5 P.M. Eastern Time with Will Johnson. Next week, Barry will resume his regular show on Tuesdays at 5 P.M. Eastern Time. Goodbye.

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