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Because You Asked: Will President Trump Be Successful in His Quest for Middle East Peace?


An ATP Report Production – on this episode Barry Nussbaum explains why  Palestinian President Abbas has a very long way to go before he can be believed about wanting peace with Israel

Welcome to this segment of because you asked, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

Last week president Trump hosted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House. Trump joined a long line of American presidents who have injected themselves into the Israeli/Palestinian peace process. Today on Because You Asked, we will answer the question, what happened at the White House and is there a chance President Trump will be successful in his quest for peace?

Here are the key points that will lead to us answering our question for today:

  1. President Abbas made a passionate speech about wanting peace at the White House today. Can he be believed?

Sadly, the simple answer is absolutely not!  Netanyahu has made numerous speeches referencing later Arabic translations.  Many media outlets also have Arabic translators, showing how Abbas makes speeches in English that sound great to the western leaders, especially Americans, and then he makes speeches to his people in Arabic promising to liberate all of Palestine from the river to the sea! That would mean the end of Israel obviously. So, until the speeches in English and Arabic are the same, there will be, and can be, no peace.

  1. Does what Abbas says, match up with what the Palestinian kids are being taught about Jews?

Absolutely not! Palestinian schools teach murder of Israeli Jews starting in preschool.

There is literally a local Arabic sesame street like show on Palestinian tv, where the babies are taught the virtue of stabbing Jews, blowing up Jews, and shooting Jews.

These schools in Gaza and the west bank are funded by donors all over the world including America……until this change and there are not over a million kids being taught to kill, peace words mean nothing!

  1. Does Abbas represent the Palestinian people at this point? Can he make a deal even if he wants to?

The answer again, is probably not! Mahmoud Abbas was elected president of the Palestinian national authority on January 9th 2005, for a four-year term ending on January 9th 2009. So, he is now in the 13th year of a 4-year elected term.  He has cancelled elections every single year since his term expired in January 2009. Most Palestinians in the west bank don’t trust him, and the nearly 2 million in Gaza hate him.  Gazans are ruled by a brutal fundamentalist terror group called Hamas that is sworn to destroy Israel.   Every week or so  they shoot rockets into Israel. Hamas will never honor a peace deal …ever! It’s in their charter to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.

  1. Will Abbas stopping paying jailed terrorists and the families of dead terrorists in order to advance peace?

The U.S. government gives the Palestinian authority more than $300 million a year. According to the P.A.’s online budget, it shells out that same amount to the families of dead terrorists, or about 7 percent of its total budget.  A congressional bill named for an American tourist killed by a Palestinian in Israel, called the “Taylor force act”, would cut off the U.S. aid unless the Palestinian authority stops the payments. So far, the P.A. has refused to stop these payments.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the leading sponsor of the Senate legislation, asked at a news conference last week, “Can you imagine growing up in a country where your government will pay you for killing someone else through a terrorist act?

“If you die as a terrorist, as a ‘martyr,’ your family will get an annual stipend greater than the average Palestinian earns. In this case, the terrorist who killed Taylor Force  was hailed as a hero, was basically given a state funeral, and his family was given money by the state,” Graham said.

President Trump privately made a strong pitch to Abbas to stop these types of payments to the families.

He rightly called for this horrendous practice to cease.

Here is the Palestinian response:

Senior official on foreign affairs to Palestinian Authority  Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Sha’ath referred to President Donald Trump’s request for the P.A. to cease payments to imprisoned terrorists and their families as a “crazy” request.

“Can we demand that the Israeli government stop paying the soldiers of the Israeli army?”

An insane response that defends a completely insane practice! We hope that President Trump enforces this requirement and cuts off American funding until his very normal request is honored!

  1. The Palestinian authority is also making yearly payments to captured terrorists serving time in Israeli jails.  Those payments exceed $130 million yearly. President Trump requested for this second crazy practice to be ended as well. The jailed terrorists make more money than the entire Palestinian government in the west bank! The President’s request was denied.

For the reasons we just reviewed, unless there are major policy changes, the Palestinians will not make peace, no matter what president Trump does.

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