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Because You Asked: Why is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Trip Important?


Welcome to this segment of Because You Asked, I’m Barry Nussbaum.


Michael Harris in Florida asks, “why is the meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu so important? What should we expect from tomorrow’s meeting?”


  1. The relationship between Obama and Netanyahu was 8 years of disrespect and insults towards the Israeli leader. President Obama showed Bibi, as he is called, that he was not a friend and the old days of the U.S. alliance with Israel would change under Obama’s administration, here are a few examples:Obama would keep Netanyahu waiting at the White House for longer than any other world leader after summoning him to the White House, he even walked out on a meeting with Netanyahu and went to have dinner with his family, telling Bibi to wait an hour or so until he was done. Pulling out his entire staff and Secretary of State and Ambassador from Bibi’s speech before a joint session of Congress and encouraging House Democrats to not attend Bibi’s speech. In addition, neither the President nor the Vice President attended the speech or would meet with Bibi during his trip to D.C.  That level of disrespect has no parallel in American history, the lowlight was the scheme to interfere with the Israeli elections using federal funds to lobby for Bibi’s opponent in the last Israeli elections!  State department sent $350k to One Voice to lobby Israelis against Bibi! In short, the personal relationship between Obama and Netanyahu has been the worst in history between an American President and an Israeli Prime Minister.


  1. What will happen this week in Washington between Trump and Netanyahu?  First, Trump will re-establish in public the lack of daylight between the U.S. and Israel. Why is this important? The public distain that Obama showed to Bibi emboldened Israel’s enemies throughout the Middle East specifically the terrorist government in Gaza.  Knowing that there would be little, if any, negative repercussion from the United States encouraged eight years of Hamas missiles flying over the border into Israel. Astoundingly American aid to the Palestinian authority and to the U.N. has propped up terrorism in both Gaza and the west bank. As of this week, Palestinian television shows still glorified suicide attacks and carried programs showing preschool children being taught that their goal in life should be dying while killing Israelis.  Astoundingly a number of Palestinian educational programs are still funded by the United States government in spite of the fact that many of those dollars are being spent to raise a generation of murderers.


  1. The U.S./Iran relationship: where does it stand now?  Clearly Obama and Kerry had staked their foreign policy legacy to one singular event: the Iran nuclear deal commonly known as the JCPOA. Opposed by majorities in both the House and Senate and most American people at the time of negotiation and adoption, Obama managed to get the deal through on procedural technicalities. Throughout the campaign Trump made revocation of the Iran deal his most profound and repeated foreign policy to be instituted once he was elected President.  Since the election President Trump has continued to speak out against the deal encouraged no doubt by increasing GOP domination in the House and Senate.   In addition, there seems to be a new Iranian provocation weekly! They include consistent ballistic missile tests, Iranian gunboats harassing U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf, and a constant stream of insults coming from Tehran toward Washington especially regarding Trump. In addition, numerous American hostages have been taken by Iran and then ransomed back by Obama during the last year!


  1. Now that the two leaders are together this week should we expect a reset of the Iran nuclear deal? Considering the amount of anti-American rhetoric coming out of Iran constantly and it would seem the leadership in Tehran is daring the new President to cancel the deal or at least substantially reset it. In the past week, yet more ballistic missiles were launched in clear violation of both U.N. resolutions and the JCPOA.  The Iranian response to worldwide condemnation is nothing more than goofy nonsensical explanations. President Trump has the perfect opportunity to announce a reset of the deal even with significant changes given the fact that the strongest proponent for world the rejection of the deal will be standing next to him for their joint press conference at the conclusion of their meetings.


Thanks, Michael, great question!  Please keep your questions coming to American Truth Project and our social media on facebook or twitter.  If we select your question you will get a special gift!  We’re here to answer your urgent questions because you asked, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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