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Because You Asked: What’s the Difference Between Taqiyya and Tawriya?


An ATP Report Production – on this episode Anni Cyrus explains the details of different ways that lying is allowed and advocated under Sharia.

Welcome to Because You Asked, I’m Anni Cyrus.

I have been asked a question over, and over, and over which is, “is it true that under Islam lying is actually allowed and actually authorized?”  It’s a very complicated question to answer, there are many different chapters to it.  So, in this specific episode I will only cover and answer the question of the difference between Taqiyya and Tawriya. Forgive me if I’m not pronouncing it in the correct way of Western language but it’s at the lower third of the bottom so you can see what I’m talking about.

I would like to actually refer to them, Taqiyya in English means deceive, Tawriya in English means white lies.  So, from this point on, I won’t even use the Arabic word for it because I don’t like to do that so when I say deceive we’re talking about Taqiyya, when I say white lie we’re talking about Tawriya. Before I answer the specific question of the difference between deceive and white lies I would like to cover the general answer and that would be yes, sadly lying is absolutely not only allowed under Sharia it is also advised under Sharia.

There are many different types of lies that are allowed but there is only one type that is actually advised and promoted and that is to deceive which you all might know as Taqiyya.  Deceive is referred to in Quran, in Hadith, in Sunna, and also what is known as fatwa, which is a recent current Imam of Islamic society orders.  Deceive has very strict guidelines to be used only as a Muslim; you’re allowed to use it under these circumstances:


  1. Your life is in danger, and if you admit to being a Muslim you will be killed. Therefore, you are allowed to lie and say I am not a Muslim and I do not follow Sharia. However, you are not allowed to denounce Allah or Muhammed, or disrespect them.
  2. The second circumstance you are allowed to use deceive is if you are trying to convert a non-Muslim to Islam, so you are allowed to change the meaning behind a verse or words of Allah to something that will be more sugar coated or more accepted. You’re allowed to lie about the meaning behind the verse of Quran and you will not be punished for that.
  3. The third reason you are allowed and always forgiven for using deceive is if you are trying to conquer a land to further Islamization. You are more than welcome to lie about anything within Islam to conquer the land and turn it into Islamic land.
  4. The fourth reason you’re allowed to use deceive is if you’re trying to save a Muslim’s life, just like you could save your own life. Now you could lie about something that they’ve done or denounce them as Muslim, you can say, oh no, he or she is not a Muslim to save their life.

These are the only circumstances you are allowed to use deceive, however, I’m sure you know this, these are huge deals. The fact that a Muslim is allowed to change the meaning of a verse within Quran to convince someone to convert to Islam, is beyond deceive, it’s just way too dangerous.

Now, we are going to move forward to what was asked of me: the difference between Taqiyya and Tawriya. Now Tawriya, in a sense it seems to be a bigger deal but it isn’t. Tawriya, or as I said called white lies, it’s simply just a white lie.  A Muslim is allowed to say white lies. There are no guidelines you can use this under any circumstances, but for a specific reason.

I’m going to give you an example; a Muslim man with his family in the middle of somewhere with no access to halal food can go buy non-halal food, give it to his family and tell them this is halal because he wants to feed them, as long as they don’t know it’s not halal, they didn’t commit a sin and he will be forgiven because he was trying to feed his Muslim family. Another example, a Muslim guy rapes a woman in a Western country where it is a crime.  A friend is there who witnesses everything, and can go to court under oath of non-Islamic court he can actually use a white lie to say he didn’t see anything or he didn’t rape her because under Islam he didn’t commit a crime. So, the Muslim friend is saving the other Muslim friend because in reality he didn’t committee the crime so he shouldn’t be punished. Are you following me here? In general, lying isn’t a good thing anyways, but the fact that a religion is actually allowing its people to feely lie and in certain cases be rewarded, and in certain cases be rewarded is a horrible thing, I’m not going to argue that part.

However, my own experience, first-hand experience of life, Taqiyya, or deceives, is still the biggest dangerous tool that was given to Muslims, because as I said, we all use white lies here and there, sometimes you want to help a friend or you want to help yourself but with Taqiyya it’s not about helping someone it’s about furthering the agenda of Islamization, because at the end of the day the peace that has been promised to Muslims, no matter if Shiite or Sunni, or from any other chapter, the promise of the Peace Day is when every breathing human on the planet is a Muslim. So, because of that purpose they’ve been given the tool of Taqiyya, deceive, to be able to conquer every land, can convert every human being or kill those who will not convert so they can come to their Peace Day.  So basically, as I always say they will celebrate their day of peace while walking on the blood of innocent Kaufer or non-believers.

I hope this answered the question about the difference between Taqiyya and Tawriya, but in general as I said, there are many different categories of lies that has been allowed and authorized, by Allah himself, Muhammed himself, and many other Islamic leaders including today’s Imams in the mosques preaching to the Muslim people to use the lies to convert more people or use the lies to be able to conquer the lands.

Thank you, Nicholas for sending this question to me and I hope I was able to answer and if anybody had this question hopefully this will answer their question. Please remember to keep sending your questions because that is why I am here to make sure to answer all your questions and hopefully give you enough knowledge to stop the Islamization of the West and in doing so we save human society. You can send us your questions at americantruthproject.org or via social media. We are available everywhere under AmericanTruthProject.org, or you can write to me directly at info@AmericanTruthProject.org and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, also if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of our educational episodes, make sure to sign up on our website, AmericanTruthProject.org. Thank you, I’m Anni Cyrus.

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