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Because You Asked: What is Sharia and How Does it Affect One’s Life in America?


An ATP Report Production – on this episode Anni Cyrus explains Sharia and its impact on American life style.

Welcome to Because You Asked, I’m Anni Cyrus.

Recently, and by recently I mean since the inauguration of President Trump, there is this huge force of empowering Sharia in America, so today on Because You Asked I will be answering the question, what is Sharia and how does it affect one’s life in America.

In simple terms Sharia is the simplest confusion for the West and the reason for that is 99% of people who were born or grew up in the West are familiar with what’s known as freedom and certain law and order. However, under Islam there are actual certain rules that you have to live by.  They are not just maturity or general rules they are actually some very detailed specific daily basis rules and those rules are called Sharia, in translation to English, Islamic laws.  Sharia is basically built of Quran and its versus hadith which are the stories told over the fourteen hundred years about Muhammad and other leaders of Islam, and also part Sunna which is the actual guidebook to Muhammad daily life, why he was the prophet of Islam.  So, putting all those three together makes Sharia and it is mandatory for every Muslim of any type or from any country to follow Sharia with their daily life, as I said, the reason it’s a little confusing for people of the West is because here in the West, especially in America, nobody dictates our daily life and we don’t have to follow certain rules, we have freedom based on our Constitution.

Now how could Sharia affect one’s life in America? It could create what I call a conflict of interest.  As a Muslim, if you decide to follow Sharia you would have a very limited life because in Sharia there are details all the way from how to walk into your bathroom, amazingly, all the way to how to successfully finish your term of life, meaning how to die.  Because of those limitations and strict guidance for someone who lives in America, to follow Sharia they would have no choice but to stop enjoying their freedoms and also to start disobeying the Constitution of America, or if they decide to obey the Constitution and enjoy their freedom that they would have no choice but to stop following Sharia, which would make them a non-devoted Muslim.  So, most people in America who come here from other countries who were raised as Muslim always have that conflict and the hard part is where they need to find a common ground which is almost impossible to find to assimilate into American lifestyle and still be a devoted Muslim.

This conflict has been going on unfortunately for over a thousand years and my personal opinion, I don’t think there’s an easy solution to it, however I hope this answered the question of what is Sharia because I do know many people in the West are very confused by the difference between Islam and Sharia, they are two different things.  Islam is the Quran holy book of Islam and then there is Sharia which is the Islamic rule I already explained the three parts of it, however, one cannot exist without the other one, so they are chained, they are linked but they are two different things.


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