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Because You Asked: Macron won with open border policy!


An ATP Report Production – on this episode Barry Nussbaum explains  how france will be profoundly different now that Macron won and Le Pen lost”

Welcome to this segment of Because You Asked, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

After an extraordinary election campaign full of twists and turns, Emmanuel Macron won a dramatic victory over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, taking 65% of the vote, with Le Pen collecting just over a third.  Macron, 39, will now become the youngest president of France’s fifth republic.

The mandate of the outgoing socialist President, François Hollande, officially ends at midnight on the night of Sunday, May 14th.  Macron will be inaugurated earlier in the day.

On Monday, May 8th, the Interior Minister, Matthias Fekl, officially announced the result of the presidential election.  Bottom line?  Macron won, Marine Le Pen lost.

The handover of power takes place next weekend.  The ceremony follows a well-rehearsed form: Macron will go to the Elysée Palace and be received in the courtyard by Hollande.  After a brief chat, Hollande will leave the presidential palace accompanied by the republican guard.

Macron’s first engagement as President will be to pay tribute at the tomb of the unknown warrior at the Arc de Triomphe and visit Paris city hall.

Starting in a few days Emmanuel Macron will be President.  Today on Because You Asked we will answer the question, “how will France be different because Macron won instead of his opponent Marine Le Pen who we reported on a few weeks ago.”

Let’s look at two key issues and see how the candidates differed.  Keep in mind the policies of Le Pen were rejected, and those of Macron were endorsed by the electorate.

Marine Le Pen on Immigration

Ms. Le Pen has taken a strong stance on immigration since the start of her election campaign.

The former National Front leader has vowed to “take back” France’s borders and end free movement across the French borders.

At an election rally in April Ms. Le Pen told the gathered people, “I will protect you. My first measure as President will be to reinstate France’s borders.”

Marine Le Pen has vowed to hold a referendum on France’s E.U. membership.

The European Union is going to die, because the people don’t want it anymore.

“Mass immigration is not an opportunity for France, it’s a tragedy for France.”

“The choice on Sunday is simple,” she added. “it is a choice between a France that is rising again and a France that is sinking.”

Under her presidency, legal immigration numbers would be capped at 10,000 people a year and asylum seekers would only be able to apply from outside of France.

Emmanuel Macron on Immigration

In stark contrast to his opponent, Mr. Macron does not see France shut off from immigration in the future.

Mr. Macron would rather implement integration programs that will teach foreigners about the French language and culture.  On this issue, I would very much want to wish Mr. Macron good luck, as I think this is just wishful thinking.  There are hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants who are living in France presently and have absolutely zero interest in becoming part of French society.  Many live in almost totally Muslim neighborhoods.  They speak Arabic not French, and they follow Sharia rather than French law.

Macron has also outlined a six-month long processing time for asylum seekers looking for refuge in France.

The former Finance Minister also plans to reduce the time required to obtain a “talent visa” – a visa that allows skilled workers to work in France based on their profession.

Despite this, Mr. Macron has addressed plans to strengthen the borders with an additional 5,000 guards, and people denied entry would not be allowed to linger within the borders any more.

Marine Le Pen on the European Union

During the recent nationally televised election debate, Ms. Le Pen boldly said: “the European union is going to die, because the people don’t want it anymore.”

She had pledged to hold a national referendum in the vein of Brexit, on France’s membership within the E.U., so called Frexit.

Mocking the E.U., Ms. Le Pen said the future of France was in the hands of a woman – hers or Angela Merkel’s.  Obviously, the insinuation is that Merkel is the leader of the E.U. open border policy and Le Pen is strongly against it!

Ms. Le Pen also aims to deal a crushing blow to the Eurozone by abolishing the euro, which she described as “the currency of bankers”.

Emmanuel Macaron on the European Union

“We are in the world; France is not a closed country,” Mr. Macron has said.  The centrist politician is a well-known supporter of the European bloc and has expressed his plans to create a European security council of military leaders.

He has described the E.U. as the best “guarantee of peace” and wants to bolster the E.U.’s defense measures together with NATO.  Several high ranking eurocrats have also come out in support of Mr. Macron during the election trail and pledged their backing to his campaign.

Chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, expressed his views on twitter before the election saying, “Sunday, I’ll vote for @emmanuelmacron.  For reforming Europe from the inside.  For a strong and European France.”

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, also said he supported Mr. Macron in the second round of the election.

So, you can see that in two of key policy choices, French voters selected the direction of Macron and largely rejected Le Pen.  Will she go away? Absolutely not, especially if Macron’s policies of more open borders and invited immigration bring even more terrorism to France.  Should the riots, assaults, and terror continue, there is no doubt that the French people will eventually become fed up and vote Macron out and move toward the French first policies of Marine Le Pen.

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