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Barry’s Updates on COVID-19, Iran Nukes and Election Challenges!


Barry Nussbaum: I’m your host, Barry Nussbaum. We are going to cover three updates today on the three trending news topics that everybody is still talking about; we are going to talk about COVID. I know you’re sick of it. It was supposed to end with the election, but, sadly, COVID is still here.

We’re going to talk about the election that may be over, but it is not over. We’re going to talk about a foreign policy decision that looks like it is going to be a major change in American foreign policy, should Joe Biden actually become President of the United States. We are going to specifically talk about the Iran nuclear deal.

I’m going to tell you why you should care about it, even though you have not heard anything about it in a very long time, courtesy of President Trump and his change in American foreign policy. I want to remind all of our listeners in ATP land that we’ll be taking questions throughout the show. All you have to do is dial (516) 595-8069 and press 1. You will talk to our producer Anni, who will get me the questions as fast as she can send them in. I’ll get to as many as I can.

As you know, sometimes it gets a little bit crazy, and we get to maybe 10 out of 100. So do your best to get in the queue as quickly as you can. Again, the number is (516) 595-8069. Press 1 and shoot your question over to Anni Cyrus.

Let’s start with COVID. I’m going to start with an interesting series of statistics published, courtesy of California State Senator Brian Jones, for San Diego County, my home county, and I’m interested because I spent a great deal of my life there.

I know half the city, it seems, having lived there for so long. These statistics were completely shocking, especially since San Diego County is going back into yet another lockdown. So, roughly out of 3 million people in the greater San Diego County area, they have tested half of them.

About a million-five, 96.1% of the population tested negative, 3.9% tested positive. Now, we can accept those statistics on their face with the caveat that numerous people say there are frequently false positives on the COVID tests.

As an example, I can cite America’s newest super-rich guy. I think he just made it into the top three worldwide. The owner of Tesla is who I’m referring to, Elon Musk. He had tweeted a number of times in the past several weeks that he thought the COVID test was BS.

He set about to do his own science experiment, courtesy of himself. He brought in a nurse from the local testing lab, and he paid her to administer four COVID tests to him in a series, one after another, after another.

Then he sent them to the lab that everyone was using and then he got the test back. As a result, he was shocked and dismayed to find out he tested positive twice and negative twice. As far as he’s concerned, the COVID tests are, at minimum, unreliable. I would not disagree.

Having said that, the situation in San Diego is as follows, 3.9% tested positive out of 1.5 million. That is 60 thousand people out of those positive tests, 463 people have been hospitalized, out of 3 million. So, it’s a hospitalization rate of 0.007% of the people sick. Are you getting the magnitude yet?

Fatalities as a percentage of total death broken down by age. If you’re over 60, you are about 85% of all the deaths. Which in San Diego County is now up to 900. So, let me break this down and put it in perspective for you.

Three million people live there, 3.9% have gotten sick over the life of COVID if you believe the positive tests. Of all the people who have died, which is 900, roughly 81% are over 60. If you’re from zero to 60, you are 20%, roughly 200 people, out of 3 million.

The death rate in San Diego County, as a percentage of positive tests, is one and a half percent. If you’re under 60, it’s virtually zero. The death rate for the population of San Diego County — you ready for this, ladies, and gentlemen? — 0.02%.

That is one-two-thousandth of 1%. So, the chance of dying from COVID in San Diego County is about equal to being hit by lightning or captured by space aliens. The kids are not in school, the bars are shut down, and the restaurants are closed.

They are under quarantine again. Is this enough proof that the cure is worse than the disease? In this person’s opinion — meaning Barry Nussbaum — absolutely unquestionable. It’s completely out of control and absurd. The overreaction is atrocious, and yet nobody’s listening. It’s not just San Diego.

Let us talk about California. There is now a limited stay-at-home order that just went into effect, prohibiting all gatherings with members including somebody outside your immediate family. All activities conducted outside your residence, your lodging, or your temporary accommodation, is now banned, between 10 P.M. and 5 A.M. the next day.

Except if your associates require you to operate, maintain, or use critical infrastructure, or as required by law. By the way, this does not apply if you’re homeless. What a benefit! What are they thinking in California? Don’t think that’s all there is, it gets worse. In California, there are now Thanksgiving and Christmas rules.

You know, those holidays that are not important anymore. You cannot have a gathering with people from more than three families. That includes anyone present at your home. You are not allowed to mix in multiple gatherings. Everyone who comes to your house must have their name collected and their contact information written down, so they can be traced. If people come to your home, they must be outside.

That’s comfortable for a Thanksgiving dinner when it’s 40 degrees outside. People can come into the house to use the bathroom. I guess that’s better than the bushes, but the bathroom must be sanitized frequently. They must eat outdoors if the outdoor space is covered by an umbrella, canopy, an awning, or structure.

At least three sides must be open to the outdoors. You can meet at a park, but not if you feel sick. You must keep social distancing, and you must use hand hygiene. You must wear a face mask when you’re not chewing. You can’t get together for more than two hours. Singing, chanting, and shouting is discouraged.

Everyone must have their mask on at all times except while putting food in your mouth. Are you disgusted yet? I started today’s show with the statistics to show you how unbelievably safe you are from COVID unless you have a pre-existing condition, if you’re elderly, or something’s really wrong with you.

If none of those things apply, your chance of dying is virtually zero. Yet no Thanksgiving for you. No Christmas party for you, no school for your kids. Disgusting, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about a couple of other places. The state of Hawaii is in lockdown again. Strict quarantine again, strict mask requirements. They have had 251 deaths from COVID. Keep in mind. There are unbelievable mountains of evidence saying that deaths in hospitals — which could be attributed to any one of a dozen causes — are being instructed to be put down as COVID.

Even, then, in Hawaii, out of a state population among all the islands of 1.4 million. There are 251 deaths. That’s a death rate of 0.0001% — slightly more than people killed by car accidents. Keep in mind, in Hawaii, even though the population is 1.4 million, there are 9.4 million tourists coming to the islands.

So, the death rate is just above zero. But, if you go outside without a mask on at any time, night, or day, you will get a ticket for $100 unless you are running or smoking. Are you mad? If not, you should be.

Here’s a question on this exact topic. Let me read it to you, and then I can talk about it. Tom from California wants to know, “Why are there curfews? It makes no sense for a virus to be effective at a certain time of day or night.”

Oh, my God, Tom. Hello. Thank you for the genius question, that every person who speaks our language ought to be able to be asking relentlessly of Governor Newsom in California. What does it matter if you go out at night when nobody’s out anyway?

This is not about preventing the disease, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s about social control and conditioning you to be accepting of absurd abrogation of your constitutional rights for an absurd, non-threatening situation. Tom, you’re right. I have no answer that I can tell you that makes any sense.

Let’s talk about Illinois. Twelve thousand people have died in Illinois from COVID. The population is 13 million. If you go into the state, you must quarantine for 14 days or have a COVID pretest. The city of Chicago is shutting down again. The state-wide population death rate as a percentage of the population is 0.0009.

But the population of Chicago is 2.7 million. They have a death rate from COVID of 0.0003 and 700 deaths from shootings. Slightly more people are dying from shootings than COVID, but nobody cares about that. It ought to be preventable if you take criminals off the street.

I don’t mean gun control because these are illegal weapons that wouldn’t be registered anyway. Chicago is a gun-free zone. The entire city of Chicago. You can pass 85,000-gun control laws, and it won’t change the numbers. The mayor was out dancing in the streets, celebrating Joe Biden’s supposed victory. Thousands were in the street. That was not illegal.

Here’s a personal story. I have a friend who’s a critical care nurse in San Diego. She says in her hospital, the beds are empty of COVID patients. They are instructed in the critical wards, where she’s worked for over 20 years, that all deaths that can be attributed to COVID are attributed to COVID. Why? More funding. It’s a risky proposition, but they do it.

I’ll tell you, crazy vaccine mandates are coming, I mean, really scary stuff. You know, the Australian airline Qantas, they released just this morning an announcement that you can’t fly on their airline if you have not had the vaccine once the vaccine comes out.

Here’s a question for you. I don’t know the answer to it. It seems logical to me if vaccines work and the COVID vaccine works, and you got the shot. Why do you care if I didn’t? You are already immune, aren’t you? What is the difference to you?

Why should you force something on me that is an abrogation of my civil rights not to have a poison substance injected into me if that’s what I would believe, and you believe differently? You are telling me I can’t get on the airline, but you can. If you’re so worried — and I’m hypothetical here because I’m not going to fly Qantas — if you get the vaccine, you wear a mask.

If I have to, I’ll wear a mask. Why do I need the vaccine to get on the plane? Here’s a story from my past, and I want you to think about this. For many years, I was in the real estate business, and we would buy, renovate, and rent houses. Like you see on TV, Flip or Flop, those kinds of things. Our painters used to buy the N-95 masks.

Those were the ones with the best filtration systems. They would wear them because it’s incredibly dangerous to inhale aerosol paint fumes when using the spray guns. That’s how they paint these days. Nobody uses rollers unless it is a small area, or you do it yourselves. I remember seeing the painters take off their masks. Under the mask, they’d have paint around their eyes, their nose, and their mouth.

Meaning, the N-95 mask is a good mask that nobody seems to buy. Everyone buys these cloth masks at CVS for 50 cents. It is supposed to keep you from sneezing on your friend, but does not keep any germs from coming in. I used to see the N-95 mask not keep out the paint.

A paint particle is ­— what? — a thousand times the size of a virus? Why in the world would a mask not work for painting but would work for something that’s one-thousandth the size and can’t even be seen with a microscope?

No one’s ever been able to explain that to me. I wish someone would. If anyone wants to call in, we would love to hear it. By the way, Jim from California says, “Why are they not releasing the vaccine? I hear it works.” Keep in mind.

Normally, vaccines take years to approve, Jim. These have been rushed through under Operational Warp Speed at a wide planetary rush. Funded by a special commission and administered by the military under the guidance of President Trump.

They’re bringing vaccines to the market at light speed. They are being promised at 90 to 95% effectiveness, but none have been approved yet. Two drug makers are in late-stage approval. My guess is, if what I read is true, you’re going to see vaccines out in the next month.

Some of these governors are subscribers to the “do as I say, not as I do,” govern-by-fiat party. The irony is not lost on this report. What am I referring to? Well, let’s start with Governor Newsom. There are some great nicknames, which I’m sure many of you have heard — using his last name in a descriptive, non-complimentary version of Newsom.

What happened to him? If you haven’t heard about it, you’re going to love this. The most expensive restaurant — I’ve heard I have never been there — in the state of California, it’s called the French Laundry, in Napa. It is like $300 a person for dinner.

Right after Newsom announced you couldn’t go to restaurants, you can’t eat indoors, you can’t eat without a mask, you can’t gather with more than a certain number of people — which was 10 — they have to be from your own family, he called a bunch of his buddies from the pharmaceutical industry: lobbyists, a couple of other governmental lobbyists, and a couple of billionaires. Invited them to the French Laundry, booked his favorite table at the private dining room that’s indoors.

They were packed in there like sardines. They violated a six-foot social distancing rule, violated the no-two-families-together rule, violated you-can’t-eat-indoors rule, violated the no-mask-between-chewing rule, violated the no-loud-talking-and-singing rule. They got busted by a husband and wife at another table who took pictures of their $10,000 dinner.

From the regular dining room, because Governor Newsom was in the VIP room that he had reserved, he got busted; it hit the Internet, and he said he used bad judgment when he got there and realized they were all in the same room in the private dining room, so he should have turned and gone home. What an obvious lie.

It was his party, his invitation, and he requested the table and invited every single person there. They didn’t wear masks or social distance. They ate indoors, yelled, sang, and had a good old time. That guy, California, leads the seventh-largest economy in the world and is about to make California the highest tax state in the history of the United States.

It happened in Michigan, too. Governor Whitmer had a lockdown. You couldn’t leave, and you could not go boating. Then her husband wanted to go the lake and called ahead to get their boat out. Look at New York’s Governor Cuomo.

He just got an Emmy for being so great on television where he murdered thousands of older people that he insisted could not be taken out of old age homes. One got sick, then they all got sick. Thousands then died.

You know, it reminds me of Obama getting the peace prize for doing nothing except being elected president. They give Cuomo the Emmy. Why take a vaccine that’s 90% effective against a disease that is 99.7% survivable? I don’t know. For the 0.3% that are worried, and that includes the 60-, 70-, and 80-year-olds.

Remember, the regular flu vaccine infects about 20% of the people with the flu? I don’t know if it’s going to be the same number for the COVID flu vaccine because COVID is a flu. I’d be worried if I was 80%.

So, in California, you can eat outside in a tent that’s fully enclosed and squeezed into tight places. That’s legal, but if the table is indoors and not a tent that’s outside, that’s illegal.

How many of you have seen people driving their cars with masks on in their cars? How many people have seen people running down the street wearing masks while running? In other words, breathing and recycling carbon dioxide. Is that healthy?

No. Just today, the Maryland governor, Larry Hogan, said masks are now required in his state. The people that protest say, “I don’t want to do it,” and he says there’s no constitutional right to walk around without a mask. It’s sort of like saying I have a constitutional right to drive drunk, and that, Maryland, is your governor. Maybe you might remember that when he comes up for re-election.

Keith from Georgia wants to know how often you think cops will get snitch tips this holiday season. Well, my son just flew. I won’t mention the airline because it’s not their fault, but there were people on the plane in front of him calling the attendant flight button about every five minutes to tell the flight attendants that other people on the plane had let their mask slip while eating a snack or their nose was uncovered while they were sleeping. Yeah, people are doing that. Do I think they’re going to call the cops? Absolutely, I do.

Before we move on to one more question on COVID, I don’t know who asked this, but I like the question a lot. This listener writes in and says, “It’s almost easier to prove massive voter fraud than to get the real number of COVID cases straight. Should we bother trusting anything we hear about case rates?”

In my opinion, absolutely not. Remember what our nurse friends said. They are being told to put down COVID as a cause of death if there’s any possibility that could be true. You’ve all seen the memes on social media.

The guy gets run over by the bus, the ambulance comes, looks at him, “He’s dead.” There’s another COVID death. “Write it up.” And that’s probably not far from the truth. Okay, America, that’s it on COVID for today. Let’s talk about the election.

I’ve got a pet peeve about this recount thing. A recount means that you’re challenging the election outcome because the people, machines, or combinations of the two didn’t count the ballots up right. Here’s what I have a problem with if you worked at a bank, let’s say, and it’s the end of the day.

Your supervisor comes over to you. You are a teller, and he says to you, “Okay, Dave, you’ve got to count out your cash. There may be a discrepancy. We have got counterfeit money in the bank. Count your box again.” The drawer gets counted and comes out a couple of dollars different than it was the first time.

You say to your supervisor. “If there’s counterfeit money in here and there’s real money in here, I count it again. I include the counterfeit money in my tally.” The supervisor says, “Yeah, count it again.” Finally, you agree with the number of dollars. No, America — which dollar is a real dollar and which somebody made in their basement?

That’s what recounts do. It counts the ballots submitted. From the dead people to the live people. From the people who live in the state and the people who do not live in the state. From the people who are registered to vote and the people who didn’t register to vote. From the people who had a real ID and the people who showed with no ID.

The people who got an absentee ballot and voted correctly, and the people who got six absentee ballots. I know of cases like that. They’ve called me and said they got that many. You get what I’m saying. You keep counting the ballots over and over again after they’ve been separated from the envelopes.

You don’t know which are real. The only way to know is an extensive forensic audit. No state is doing that. A recount is worthless if the question is whether or not the ballots are legitimate. So, when you hear recount, and you’re a Trump supporter, you’re reading about the Biden people saying, “See! Biden won!”

The truth is, he did if you count all the ballots, if you don’t care which are real and which are not, which are legitimate, and which are illegitimate. I’m not going to argue with that. It’s counting the cash box with counterfeit money in the box.

At some point, you have to acknowledge that there may be ballots that shouldn’t be in the pile. I got my hair cut this morning, and my terrific stylist asked me a brilliant question. She said, “I love football. My husband and I watch it every Sunday.

It strikes me that in the last two minutes of the game when it’s important every score is analyzed over and over again. Camera angle after a camera angle until they are sure. ‘Did the guy score or not?’ ‘Was there interference or not?’

Why don’t they do that with elections? If they can’t figure out if it’s legit, why can’t we just vote again?” She’s right. I don’t know the answer to that. Voting is more important than football, believe it or not.

You may have heard in the last couple of weeks about Dominion software and Dominion voting systems. It’s the voting machine used in 30 states. It’s being used in over 200 jurisdictions in the United States. In December 2019, three leading Democrat senators blasted Dominion.

You’re going to love the names of who I’m referring too: Senators Warren, Klobuchar, and Wyden all said these machines are not safe. They have backdoor vulnerabilities.

Let me define that. That means you can go into the software, usually, without the software operator knowing that you came in, quote, “the back door,” unquote, affected its ballots’ processing. Three leading members of the Senate, all Democrats, all agreed Dominion is not a good company.

We ought to do something about it. Now they’re silent. Even CNN — who hates Trump about as much as a media outlet could hate him — reports are saying the machines are hackable. Do you realize every single swing state ran on Dominion Systems? Every one of them, the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Scare you to death, America?

The New York Times is the leading newspaper in America that hates Trump, as much as CNN hates Trump. One is television, and one is print, and they did an in-depth analysis on Dominion Systems a decade ago which said these machines are hackable and ought to be replaced.

The New York Times said that. What do they say now? “Biden is president. It’s over, it’s fair, get on with it.” Here’s something that I came across the other day that just shocked the hell out of me. There’s a video, I don’t know if you can still see it, but The New York Times did a great service to America by posting constant updates.

They were updated every few seconds as vote tallies were coming out. The vote tallies were being shown in real-time, and somebody took out their cell phone and recorded it in real-time. What I’m going to tell you is so shocking. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would never have believed it. You can see the guy’s television. As he zooms in on his cell, you can see he’s recording off live television.

I want you to listen closely to what I’m going to tell you. Every few minutes, he recorded Pennsylvania and Georgia. On the Pennsylvania and Georgia tallies, every few minutes, the tallies for President Trump were dropping. The exact same number that was attributable to Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia was a plus for Biden.

This is off The New York Times website feed. Listen to what I said. I’m going to say it again. Biden would go up by 15,000 slightly less than a few seconds after Trump would go down. Over and over again, it wasn’t just a declination in Trump’s numbers and an increase in Biden numbers. But the exact same number of votes were subtracted from one side and added to the other side in real-time. I’ve seen the video.

You’ve all heard by now of President Trump and his sort of lawyer — who is not his lawyer anymore ± I am referring to Sidney Powell; she appeared at a Trump-supportive lawyer press conference and was later announced as not part of the legal team.

I’m going to talk about that in a minute. Why she was in, and why is she not anymore. Sidney Powell had said at the time that she was very distressed that the Dominion voting systems would allow a hack remotely to deduct from one side and add to the other side. Exactly what she prophesies this guy recorded off the television.

I might want to mention to you, in the big picture, the Sidney Powell case is more important than Trump winning or losing. If Trump loses and Biden wins, but Sidney wins, it’s a setback. But the electoral system is intact. In 2024 we will have a more honest election.

If Sidney Power fails in her case to overturn state-by-state elections that might have been fraudulently, illegally pushed one way or the other — you know which way I’m talking about — not because of votes, but because of voter manipulation with illegal votes that were never cast, then America is screwed.

We will never have another fair election. I might also add that she’s off the case as of a couple of days ago as part of the legal team. I think I know why. Rudy Giuliani issued a statement today where he said that Sidney Powell is not with the campaign. “I think it’s because we’re pushing two different legal theories,” he said. “The Trump legal team is focused on the election’s misconduct by the state officials in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and elsewhere.” Giuliani said that.

She’s dealing on a much bigger scale with a multi-national interference with our elections. He said some of their lawsuits, meaning the Trump team, will get to the Supreme Court, and Powell’s may as well. I’m telling you something, Sidney Powell is also qualified to try cases in military courts, and if it’s a treason case, that’s where they would be held.

The Trump lawyers are civil litigators, and she’s above that. It may be parallel paths, both going on at the same time in the same general direction. Remember, Sidney Powell has talked about releasing the “Kraken.”

Many people thought this was in reference to Greek mythology. One of our ATP supporters sent me an article that says there’s also a secret — supposed secret, I should say, I have not verified it — a military program is investigating hacking into American major computer systems, including voting.

That is what they call parlance of the military. They call the program the Kraken. Maybe that’s what she means by releasing the Kraken. It might be a reference to a secret government program intended to identify foreign intervention in our elections.

Here’s a question that I love from Kathy in Tennessee. “If they can steal this election, what will stop them from stealing 2022, the next congressional, election and take the Senate in January?”

She’s right. That’s what I’m very worried about; yes, I’m worried about the presidential election now. But, in the long term, if we don’t believe in the integrity that our vote will matter, be looked at, and counted, we might as well be Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, or Russia, where 99.9%, of the voters vote for the controlling ruling party. If you don’t vote for them, they come to your house, and bad things happen.

One last thing before we leave the election discussion for today. There is an American Antifa leader named Adam Rahuba who has put out the following tweet? It’s sent to Donald Trump. I took a picture of this offline this morning: “Attention @realDonaldTrump,” the president’s personal account on Twitter, “if you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas.

Your supporters will not be able to go to work or the grocery store to feed their families. We are armed, and we will retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.” Nice, non-violent group, these Antifa people, aren’t they? Fascists? Sure, sound like fascists to me. That ought to scare the hell out of you. It is scary to me, and I don’t like it. We’re done with the election for now.

Let me go to the results of the election. Specifically, let’s talk about foreign policy if Biden is the president. Nobody knows yet. It has not been confirmed yet. So, calm down, America, we will know soon. The inauguration is in January.

There is one country on planet Earth which is ecstatic about the possibility of Joe Biden being the United States’ next president. That country is Iran. There are five months between Joe Biden’s possible inauguration in January and the Iranian presidential elections in June.

It is said that Iran will return to its “hard-liners” in the government — as if the guys there now are moderate people who sing campfire songs and love everybody. Nothing could be further from the truth. But their expectation in Iran is we, the United States, will return to the Iran nuclear deal known formally as the JCPOA, the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

We will let them back in, and we will come back together. Iran is ecstatic about it. Why? Because their economy is in tatters. They’re choking under the effect of international sanctions regarding trade, international banking, travel, oil sales, and so on. Donald Trump is just trying to get them to do two things.

Stop exporting terror and stop developing nuclear weapons. Both of which were promised under the Iran nuclear deal, neither of which happened. It is rumored out of the people who should probably be part of Biden’s new cabinet that the United States will return to the JCPOA in exchange for Iran’s full return to all the limits that they agreed to.

We want to get it done before the Iranian election in June of 2021. The person suggesting that it would be good to re-engage with Iran is Wendy Sherman. She was our lead negotiator. Maybe the worst negotiator in American history, you may remember her name.

She pulled off the Iran nuclear deal, with Biden and Kerry, who was secretary of state. Obama, who was president, thought it was a tremendous deal. Everything that was supposedly going to happen under that deal didn’t.

It was as big a lie as “You like your doctor; you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. Your rates will go down, not up. Everything turned out to be a lie.” The JCPOA was worse.

I remember very distinctly watching President Obama speak in the Rose Garden, saying he had a breakthrough coming from Iran. “They were going to rejoin the family of nations. They would never have a nuclear weapon.

We would have any-time inspections on any site with no notice.” Every single thing he promised that was going to be in the JCPOA was not in the JCPOA. Now, the incoming administration, possibly, is interviewing the woman that put that deal together.

Here is a shocker, this never gets into the press; you know what her previous great deal was? On behalf of then-President Clinton. She negotiated the deal with North Korea. They guaranteed they would never have nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting sanctions.

What happened? They are the scariest, most malevolent nuclear-armed state on planet Earth today. Because Wendy Sherman’s deal sucked, a later Democrat administration hired her to do the same thing. She delivered another horrible deal.

President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for secretary of state looks like it’s going to be Anthony Blinken. This guy is opposed to designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC, as a foreign terror organization, fears that it would make them angry and create blowback.

In other words, kiss their tushies, don’t call them names even though everybody knows they’re exporting terror all over the world. I’m sure you remember in 2018, the Israeli secret intelligence operation, Mossad, which is their equivalent of CIA, broke into the secret Iranian facility warehouse.

They stole half a ton of nuclear files. They got there at 7 A.M. — that’s six hours and 29 minutes to get out — and it was the biggest top-secret document theft in world history. It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iran had a secret nuclear program from before the JCPOA right through 2018.

It had pictures, descriptions, CDs, and DVDs. It had all the proof of where the machines were and what the machines were doing. How much enrichment?

Bibi Netanyahu took it to the White House. He took it to the U.N., and, with the exception of President Trump — the only world leader besides Israel to have the chutzpah to do something about Iran — the world did nothing.

Oh, my gosh. They proved there were test chambers to conduct high explosive experiments for nuclear bombs. It proved that they were going well beyond enrichment stipulations. Let me give you a little bit of a timeline.

Let’s start just last year. Last year, in May, Iran announced it would no longer be bound by limits on heavy water and enriched uranium stockpile. The JCPOA prohibits that.

They’re still in the JCPOA with the rest of the world, just not America. Then, in July, Iran came out and said they’ve exceeded the limitations on their enrichment stockpile. Then, in July, a week later, they said they had exceeded that limit.

In September, they said they were going to disregard all limitations on the research and development of advanced centrifuges. Then they said they had installed advanced centrifuges, which are only for weapons-grade uranium.

In November of last year, they announced they were moving their uranium gas from the tunnels to Fordo, which was illegal. Then they said they’d gone over the stockpile of enriched heavy water. Every single requirement that they were to meet, they breached every single one.

Despite tons of evidence sent to governments around the world, they were presented at the United Nations General Assembly by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu with graphics and booklets that were sent around to every member of the General Assembly.

Iran was building bombs and breaching the JCPOA. Besides President Trump, may God bless him, nobody else in the world did anything. And Biden is bragging that he intends to jump back into the JCPOA. Unbelievable, unquestionably the dumbest deal in American foreign policy history. I’ll tell anybody why if they would listen.

Two questions from listeners that have just come in on this last part. First, “Is Biden trying to start a second Holocaust by making a deal with Iran?”

You talk about a deal with the devil. I used to think that Adolf Hitler with the war machine of the Third Reich was the biggest danger Jews in the world faced, but the one thing Hitler never had, thank goodness, was nuclear weapons.

Iran very shortly will, and they have promised on a weekly basis to kill every Jew they can find. They brag about how great and glad they are that most of the world’s Jews are in Israel. They can kill them all at once.

There is a passage in the Bible that says if someone says they’re going to kill you, believe them. Another passage said, when someone comes to kill you, rise up, and kill them first, which has been Israel’s position. With the exception of the United States, nobody else has been there for Israel on this subject.

I love this question, “What would you tell Jews who support the Iran nuclear deal?” Simply subscribe to ATP, get our information, get educated, get your eyes open, and stop being a party person. Get involved in the issue. To my fellow Jews who support an Iran nuclear deal, you are sealing the fate of Jews. At least in Israel. You need to be alerted, and you need to change your mind.

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For ATP Radio. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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