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Barry Nussbaum Discusses Muslim Refugee Immigration on The Daily Ledger


Stephaine Hamil: Page 3 now. The Muslim invasion of Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is backing a controversial no-fly zone over northern Syria. She said it would reduce the so-called refugee crisis by creating a buffer zone along the Turkey Syria border. Now, Merkel hopes it will help those backing the Assad regime and those opposed to it come to an agreement. Meantime, during a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Merkel outlined her efforts to reduce the flow of migrants to Europe.

Angela Merkel: Let me underline it again, that particularly in these difficult times, we, through the flow of refugees directly feel the effects of the activities of ISIS, the Islamic State group in Syria. We feel it here in Europe, but particularly here in Germany. Now, at this time where Israel has been permanently beset by these problems, but also by Islamist forces, the geographical distances between the two countries seem to be somewhat reduced.

Benjamin Netanyahu: We defend ourselves there's no question about that, but when so doing, we also defend your values, and by being where we are in the center of the Middle East, by defending our flanks, by helping defend the neighborhood, we are preventing the addition of as many as a hundred million more people to the tragedy and turbulence that of militant Islam.

Stephaine Hamil: Now, creating a no-fly zone on the Syrian border goes against NATO policy, and Russia warns that creating such a zone will help terrorists and divide the war-torn country. Joining me now from Southern California, International Affairs expert and editor of the Nussbaum report, Barry Nussbaum. So, Barry, we know that since the Paris attack, that 602 Muslim refugees have entered the U.S., and by the way, only two of them Christians, but the problem isn't that just the horrible vetting process. The problem is assimilation, and we see that problem, the culture clash happening in Germany across the E.U. today.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, absolutely right, Stephanie. We can't overlook the lack of vetting. Every single national security expert in this country, with the exception of our President, has said we could not verify virtually anything about these immigrants. In other words, name, location of where they're coming from, their background, their criminality, their affiliation, none of it. They are carrying largely created or self-produced paperwork from countries that have no computer system that we can verify, and then, as you pointed out, rightly, when they get here, they stay within their own groups. It's a chronic problem in Europe, where whole neighborhoods of major cities, Paris, Cologne, Calais, recently. There are areas where the police, fire, ministerial services will not be delivered because they can't enter into those enclaves. They are countries within countries, and there are very specific borders that you don't want to cross unless you're part of that culture.

Stephaine Hamil: Well, you brought up Cologne, and I'm thinking about the New Year's Eve mass sexual assaults and how the leadership handled that there. Instead of, you know, getting to the root of the problem. They're telling women to dress and act differently. This is outrageous. I mean, what type of material or what type of information were they sharing with the women of Germany?

Barry Nussbaum: What's very bizarre, Stephanie, is the mayor of Cologne, Henrietta Ridker, came out after the world-famous story about thousands of rapes occurring against German women by Middle Eastern immigrants, that it was probably caused by the German girls dressing in inappropriate attire and having inappropriate behavior. In other words, being out on New Year's Eve uncovered per Muslim requirements caused the rapes. She has actually gone so far as to say the mayor's office in Cologne is issuing a series of guidelines for German girls as to how they should dress and how they should act in public so as not to invite sexual assaults upon themselves. It is the most bizarre reaction to a mass crime wave in European history.

Stephaine Hamil: It's outrageous. Pretty soon, they're going to start asking women to wear the hijab so that they don't get stoned to death on the streets. I mean, how P.C. can they possibly get, and this, in my opinion, is a war on women, but you have to think about the crime wave that's happening in Sweden. You know, a lot of people are getting hurt, and I would say we can blame the government and the leadership there for that.

Barry Nussbaum: Now, there's no question, I just did a show last week with a Swedish member of Parliament, Ken Tarkoff, and he is terrified as to the amount of crime that's happening in Sweden. Mass sexual assaults, fires, bombings, fighting in public, assault, and battery at random people by Muslim immigrants into the Swedish culture who, as you pointed out a few minutes ago, are not part of the Swedish culture, but living amongst themselves in areas by themselves, fully supported, I might add, by the Swedish government and what makes it very, very crazy that it's continuing. The Swedish foreign minister said a few weeks ago that Sweden would probably accept another two hundred thousand immigrants this year. To give you a magnitude of that size, it's as if the United States took in six and a half million people this year or the size of the state of Indiana every single year. Her prediction, the Swedish social system will collapse onto itself if changes aren't made because none of these people are working. They're fully supported by the Swedish social democratic system, which gives you food, lodging, education, and healthcare all for free.

Stephaine Hamil: And, you know, the scary thing is, is if the President had his way, he would have taken all these millions of Syrian Muslim refugees to enter our country without even vetting them, I'm sure, but this brings up another problem. We know that terrorists are among these refugees.

Barry Nussbaum: Yes, we do.

Stephaine Hamil: And what's really scary is that the Islamic State released a handbook telling these Muslims how to act, not Muslims.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. This is absolutely flabbergasting that this isn't headline news coast to coast in the United States. There is such a thing as the ISIS handbook for terrorists. It's in Arabic, and it's been found on a great number of these immigrants into Europe. It tells them how to blend into the social networks of the various host countries. For example, cut your hair, cut your beard, don't act Muslim, wear a crucifix, don't pray in public, don't speak Arabic in public and when plotting terrorism, make sure you meet in a loud place like a nightclub where the music is loud, and people are drunk, so you can't be overheard. I'm not making this up. You can get this online. There are thousands of these booklets that have been found on immigrants in Europe. They are sent specifically to infiltrate and create terrorism in the host country. There are thoughts that Paris was one of many that were planned. I mean, the Paris attacks and the mass murder and many have now been thwarted. However, as the problem gets worse, I'm very curious as to how the United States is going to react and whether or not this is going to be covered in the American press, because, as you said, many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands are on their way here now. The San Bernardino killings, two people that came here without proper vetting that weren't really married under the right circumstances. They came here specifically to mass murder Americans after pledging their loyalty to ISIS. I wonder how many more are already here.

Stephaine Hamil: Yet, you know, this boils my blood. Americans should come first, always, and you know what we need to put a stop to allowing these refugees coming into this country freely. We need to put Americans first and, you know, the best thing that we can do is solve their problems there, not here.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. They should be staying there. If they come here, they're no longer refugees. It's because we have invited them and we're going to pay for them.

Stephaine Hamil: Importing them all here will not solve the problem. Thank you so much, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Of course, Stephanie.

Stephaine Hamil: Coming up next, Stop the tape why it is crucial that we reject the disastrous new Obama economy. Also ahead, Hillary's campaign and crisis and the candidate channeling in the K9s.

Hillary Clinton: Every time they say these things like, "Oh, you know, the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation."

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  1. MelaniT July 14, 2018

    Border Patrol, which has forcibly separated families in border detention, has put some immigrant children in the care of a separate agency, the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Although a recent executive order modified the Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of child separation, it said nothing about reuniting the more than two thousand children still in detention with their families. Jonathan Blitzer has reported on the bureaucratic nightmare facing mothers and fathers when the government is unable or unwilling to tell them where their children are. At an ICE facility in El Paso, Blitzer spoke with Ana Maritza Rivera, whose five-year-old son, Jairo, was taken from her. Through sheer luck, she found a case worker who knew his location, but it isn’t clear whether the government will reunite them before deporting Rivera to her native Honduras. Blitzer says that Rivera told an official, “If I get to the airport and my son is not there, you’ll be killing me.”

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