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ATP’s Final Thoughts on 2020 Election


Barry Nussbaum: Good afternoon, America. Welcome to ATP Radio. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We have a shocking story. It's all over parts of social media, despite it being blocked across many platforms and not being reported on mainstream media anywhere. I thought we would not talk about it today simply because I figured that the story would be out.

That it would be widely disseminated and would have been already across all platforms and would have been reflected in the polls. I was wrong, so I'm going to talk about it again because it is that important. We're a week out from maybe the biggest election of our lifetime, and the story is not just Hunter Biden. It's now Hunter and Joe.

It ought to be on everybody's lips nonstop, but it's not. At the end of our time together today on this program, I hope you're going to understand why the story is so important. If reported properly, it would undoubtedly change the election outcome if you believe the polls that say Joe Biden is way ahead.

More on that later this morning. But let's go back to what we talked about a couple of weeks ago. Here are the background facts for those that missed that show. John Paul MacIsaac is a Delaware computer repair store owner. Somebody dropped off a laptop at his store for service on April 12, 2019. That, someone, was Hunter Biden.

He gave his cell phone number. He showed his I.D. He showed it was his computer. He left his phone number so he could be called when it was ready. He was called. He never came back. So, Mr. MacIsaac, the store owner, seized the computer, as is normal under Delaware law.

Before we discuss what was on the computer, just a couple of facts about this guy that owns the store. John Paul, he told reporters he's been pretty vocal about not wanting to get murdered. Those are his words. This is why he made a copy of the hard drive from the MacBook.

Number two. MacIsaac said he turned over a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani, the President's lawyer, and former New York City Mayor, to be his lifeguard. Why? He was afraid of being killed. MacIsaac talked on Facebook about being called stupid, racist, sexist, and someone who hates his country because he supports Donald Trump.

At least he did in 2016. He's owned this store since 2010, and before owning the store, he was a Lead Genius at Apple. Which those of you who are Apple people know that means he is a highly qualified computer technician. If you get to be a Lead Genius at Apple, you know computers.

So bottom line, several weeks before Joe Biden announced he was running for President last April 2019, MacIsaac already had Hunter's computer. So, by background, those that believe Adam Schiff's story. You know Adam Schiff, the Head of the House Intelligence Committee, spent a couple of years proving that Russia was behind everything bad that Trump did and got him impeached.

Oh, yeah, sorry, that story fell apart. He's now saying that the Hunter Biden computer story is complete Russian disinformation. Every Democrat on the Hill from Nancy Pelosi on down, and now the Biden campaign echoed Adam Schiff's story.

That this is a Russian plot intended to defeat Joe Biden. If true, that would mean that the Russians had launched their disinformation campaign against Biden before Biden was running for office. I guess the theory is to preemptively knock him out of the primaries. Do you believe it? Well, here's a couple of people that tell you not to believe it. Are you ready?

The Director of National Intelligence, who is in charge of all intelligence gathering for the United States, John Ratcliffe, said, "Hunter Biden's laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign. That the claims from the Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are not true".

This is the quote, "Let me be clear. The intelligence community does not believe the claim made by Adam Schiff because there is no intelligence to support it, and we have not discussed it with Adam Schiff or any member of Congress". That is from the Head of Intelligence for the United States.

So, September 2019, MacIsaac gave the laptop hard drive to his friend, who sent it to the FBI. In response, on December 17, 2019, the FBI came by and took the laptop into custody and, ten months later, has done nothing with it. But recently, according to leaked reports, they have interviewed Hunter Biden's business partner.

We'll talk about that later. So, what's the big deal? What was on the hard drive? Why is it so important? Well, it is not a big deal. It may be the biggest deal ever. The biggest pre-election October surprise in American history, and the scandal of all scandals.

In summary, the hard drive emails have indicated that Hunter Biden helped to orchestrate possibly a payout to his dad, then-Vice President Joe Biden, from Hunter's dealings with the Chinese Energy Corp.

Hunter may have compromised the integrity of his father's role as vice president of the United States with his business dealings in Ukraine. An email has been released, discussing the remuneration packages for six people in another business deal with the Chinese energy firm.

The email appeared to identify Hunter Biden as the chair and the vice-chair of an agreement with CFC. Which is the now-bankrupt CFC China Energy Corp. There is a note that says Hunter has some office expectations. He will elaborate regarding the proposed equity split: Twenty-four H, meaning Hunter, and 10 percent held by H for the Big Guy.

Fox News reports that one of the people copied on the email has confirmed emphatically to Fox News that the email is authentic, and he says that the big guy is former Vice President Joe Biden. There are text messages, lots of them, actually, thousands of them.

Here's one from Hunter to his daughter, "All during the time that I've been disrespected, I'm the one who has supported the family for 30 years, and unlike my Pop, I'm not going to require you", meaning his daughter, "to give half your salary to me." Meaning, Hunter has been splitting with his dad. The data was also forwarded to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani.

That newspaper has published several exchanges between Hunter and his business colleagues. Including messages that suggested he had used his father's position as vice president of the United States to make lucrative deals with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and several other large multi-national companies.

Last week, the New York Post revealed that Joe Biden was not only aware of his son's involvement with Burisma but was also an active participant in Hunter's business dealings. The Post reported that Hunter Biden received an email from a top executive at Burisma thanking him for setting up a previously undisclosed meeting with his father at the White House on April 17, 2015.

This not only reveals that Joe Biden misled the public about his knowledge of his son's business dealings with Ukraine, but that he may have conducted U.S. foreign policy in a manner that put his son's business interests ahead of the United States. Really heavy stuff.

Now, remember, Joe Biden has said publicly he has never discussed his son's business dealings ever. I don't believe it. I don't think you should either.

Other emails on the laptop show that Hunter Biden had organized for Joe Biden, when he was vice president, to meet a top executive of Burisma Holdings where Hunter had served on the board for an enormous salary.

Last week they reported, The New York Post, that while being vice president Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the Burisma board, sent an email to Hunter Biden requesting a meeting with his dad and supposedly that meeting took place. We already know that the Moscow mayor's wife delivered a three-plus million-dollar check for Hunter for undisclosed services.

We already know that Burisma was paying Hunter a fortune to sit on their board. Even though Hunter had never been in the oil business, the gas business, the energy business, had no Eastern European contacts, and had no experience.

When interviewed, Hunter said on camera he was put on the board not because of his business experience but because of his last name. So, he was very proud to say, it is hard to believe, but it is true. It is influence peddling, and he knows it.

One more thing, we already know that Joe Biden bragged on camera how we got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired in six hours by threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees. That specific prosecutor was investigating Burisma Holdings' corruption and Hunter Biden specifically.

Joe bragged that he got him canned. So, I talked about this last week. Joe Biden has been in politics for over forty-seven years. He makes less than two hundred thousand dollars a year, that's before taxes. How does he live in a four-plus million-dollar estate that looks it is about a block long?

His net worth is which is much, much more? Joe Biden has released his taxes his last year as vice president. They, he, and his wife made 396,000 dollars in 2017. In his first year as not vice president, he made 11 million dollars and in 2018, 4.6 million dollars.

Wow, not a bad retirement. By the way, more bad news for the Biden clan. A copy of the hard drive sent to Mayor Giuliani is said to have eight hundred photos. Some of them allegedly contain illegal sexual acts with minors in China and heavy drug use.

This would make Vice President Biden, possibly if he were to become President Biden, liable to be pressured by blackmail over these photos. According to correspondents from several Chinese government officials, they have a copy of the hard drive.

Joe Biden has not commented on the emails, the computer contents, his alleged involvement in any deals with any firm, either in China or in Europe, other than to say Joe Biden has released his tax documents, and they don't show any involvement in Chinese or European investments.

The reason I'm laughing is how many people would report illegally gained income on their tax return? Not so many.

Remember, he keeps saying, Joe Biden, “I've never talked to my son about any of these business dealings.” So lots of money coming into the Biden family from Europe, from China, and as Giuliani says, "China has all the photographs that we have, which makes Joe Biden a massive national security threat because it shows his son doing illegal stuff."

So how is the mainstream media covering the story? Well, a week and a half ago, the Media Research Council looked at ABC, CBS, NBC, all morning shows, plus all the Town Hall events with Joe Biden and President Trump and CNN and MSNBC. Six a.m. through midnight every day.

They watched 92 hours of programming, and in over 92 hours, there were nine minutes and forty-seven seconds of coverage on the scandal, less than point two percent. ABC and CNN spent zero time, zero. Never mentioned it. NBC spent 45 seconds mentioning the emails from Hunter.

CBS had the most at four minutes and twenty-eight seconds. MSNBC had four minutes during their three days, yet most of those discussions debunked the story. So, I've got to add something very important since a couple of days ago.

Sean Hannity has been advertising that today on his show in a couple of hours, “We'll drop the biggest bomb in American presidential history.” In Barry's opinion, it is a thousand times worse than Watergate or Bill Clinton having sex in the Oval Office with an intern and then lying about it.

Because today Sean Hannity is going to have Anthony Bobulinski on air live. The former business partner of Hunter Biden, who says he will prove that Joe Biden was part of the discussions regarding his son's effort to form an investment venture with a Chinese company. Let's see what happens after Sean's show. Let's see how the story gets out if it does. Let's see if anybody covers it and, more importantly, if it moves the needle.

So, what are the issues that are going to decide the outcome seven days from today? Well, polling shows that COVID is still the top issue, and during the last debate, Biden pushed hard on Trump's failure to respond. He blamed all 200,000 deaths on Trump. Does that sound fair to you?

Is Biden's plan one that would have saved everybody's life? Remember when President Trump shut down all travel from China because something was coming out of Wuhan. However, Chinese flights were still going worldwide, the places where those flights were landing, most prominently, Italy saw an explosion in COVID-19 cases, and we didn't.

For the most part, I agree with Trump's policy in January. I think it's disingenuous to say 200,000 deaths are in Trump's hands because so many statisticians and epidemiologists said it could have been two million, not two hundred thousand. Now, in the last debate, Trump pushed hard to open the country up.

Biden pushed hard to close the country down. Well, two comments. Number one, neither person can do either of those things. These shutdowns are State's rights issues and relate to Governors and, in some cases, Mayors. So, it's more of a philosophical leadership than a pragmatic ability to do what they are arguing over. So, I guess you would say who's right and who's wrong? Vote for that guy. But, neither one of them can do either of those things.

So, in the first debate, you had Chris Wallace a registered Democrat. In the second debate, you had a registered Democrat, but that got canceled because it wasn't going to be a debate anymore. It was going to be a Zoom call, which obviously both sides could have had teleprompters.

So, Trump withdrew. The last debate was Kristen Welker, a registered Democrat. Strongly supported by people at CNN, like Jim Acosta. Who do you think won? I think because of the oil situation, Trump did. Trump nailed Biden wanting to shut down the oil industry, fracking, and converting to green energy.

Which Trump, I think, made an effective point, which will move the needle in Pennsylvania and Texas. Now, I want to read you an interesting Biden family biography. This has been circulating for some time now, and I find it incredibly interesting because there is a lot on it, that to me, it seems important.

You be the judge. Give me a minute, and I'll zoom through it with you, Okay? So, Joe Biden was married to his first wife, Neilia, and they had three children, Hunter, Beau, and Naomi. In 1972, Neilia, his wife, and Naomi, their daughter, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married his wife, Jill. He's still married to her. Now, Joe knew Jill because she had been their babysitter at the time of the car accident. Joe married the babysitter.

They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives a quiet life out of the press. She has had many problems with drugs, and she's been in and out of rehab a number of times. So sadly, the sanest, most normal person of his surviving kids, Beau, died in 2015 from a brain tumor. He was married at the time to Hallie, and they had two children, a boy, and a girl.

The girl's name is Natalie, who was 11 years old when her dad died. That's important for a reason I'll tell you in a second. So, in 2015, Hunter Biden to comfort his brother's widow, after his brother had died, he went to comfort his widow when was still married to Kathleen. He started having an affair with his dead brother's wife in 2015. His wife, Kathleen Biden, found out, and she separated from him. So, Hunter moved in with his dead brother's wife, Hallie, and her two kids.


Then he got a divorce from Kathleen in 2017. While moved with Hallie after divorcing Kathleen, he started screwing around with a stripper. He got the stripper pregnant. Hallie kicked him out for having an affair. He then, Hunter, denied the stripper's baby was his, and a paternity test was taken, and obviously, it proved he was the dad. Hunter didn’t marry her.

He married someone else. Someone named Melissa, he had known her for six days. Does the tale end there? No, it gets worse. Then comes the laptop from hell, flooded with emails, text messages, photos, child pornography, videos, other digital images of drug use, and just very bizarre behavior.

Now, Hunter had dropped off the laptop in Delaware, and he told the computer store owner, that he had gotten it wet and he would pay the eighty-five dollars repair fee when he came back to pick it up. He never did come back.

The repair guy saw what was on it. He started calling around. He called the FBI, no response. He called the Department of Justice, no response. He ended up getting it to Rudy Giuliani, who made four copies of the hard drive, one of which went to the Delaware State Police.

One went to the FBI. One went to the New York Post and so on. It turns out there's a ton of child pornography on it, and some of it involves children when he was in China.

The Chinese Communist Party is infamous for using child pornography to entrap and blackmail foreigners to keep them in line just in case they forget who has the pictures. A couple of days ago, more emails were released, showing conversations between Beau Biden's widow, Hallie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and 2018.

She and Hunter were still living together, and they were talking casually about the continual sexual inappropriate behavior she had witnessed between Hunter and her 14-year-old daughter, Natalie. Who, by the way, is Hunter's niece. There is an email that tells Joe that she felt she had put her children into a dangerous situation by getting involved with Hunter.

Joe knew about it, and according to the email, he advised his daughter-in-law to go to therapy, not to go to the police. She broke off the relationship with Hunter because, apparently, it came out that Hunter was having sex with young Asian children and in some of the pictures girls as young as 4 years old.

By the way, there are hundreds of pictures with his niece when she was 14 and Hunter was 48. Okay, enough of the depravity. Let's talk about the business dealings that have gone sideways.

By the way, before I forget, I want to remind our listeners today that if anybody has questions, please dial 516-595-8069 and press 1. You'll be connected with our producer, Anni, who will get the questions to me.

First a question before we go on. Someone asks, "Will anyone, this is voters, be convinced that what Hunter did reflects on Joe"? Well, what I just talked about ought to, because if the emails are valid, and supposedly, they have been validated.

Hunter Biden's brother's widow went to Joe and she said, "My brother-in-law, your son, is disgusting and is sexually inappropriate with my daughter.” According to an email back to her from Joe Biden, he advised her to go to therapy, not to call the police.

To me, that's horrible. This ought to reflect on Joe and ought to disqualify him for office. At least that's my opinion. So, you've got Hunter Biden, his two partners in deals that are now convicted felons, one already in prison, Bevan Cooney. They have moved him because they were trying to protect him while he’s in prison. Devin Archer, the other partner is awaiting sentencing.

Both are felons. A partner in a different deal, Anthony Bobulinski, will be on Sean Hannity's show tonight. Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson from Wisconsin last month released an 87-page report on conflict of interest concerns the Senate Homeland Security Committee has about the Biden family.

Johnson accused Hunter Biden, and other Biden families of using their last name to make millions of dollars in shady overseas deals. This is a quote from the report, "Four point two million dollars from Burisma. Three and a half million dollars from the former wife of the now-deceased Mayor of Moscow.

The intricate web, the vast web of financial connections and money and cash going back and forth between Hunter and his businesses and Chinese nationals that have connections to the Chinese Communist Party as well as the People's Liberation Army. This is very disturbing,".

Will the Senate make enough noise on this to move the needle? I don't think so. Why? Nobody's reporting it. The reports been out. No one has even read it outside of, well, Republican circles.

All right, polling. The polls say Biden is going to win in a landslide. What is it that Yogi Berra used to say about the Yankees? This is Deja vu all over again. In 2016, the Dems went on cruise control the final week. Hillary had it in the bag.

They had the largest victory party planned for election night. Remember, Hillary stopped campaigning? She didn't go to Wisconsin, didn't go to Minnesota, didn't go to Michigan, she didn't think she had to. She had it in the bag. She never came down that night in November 2016 to celebrate, even when big mainstream media called the race for her.

Now, here's something very interesting. Biden has about the same number now as Hillary had a week out, literally seven days. But Trump lapped Hillary Clinton in 2016 in the Electoral College. Forget the popular vote, it's irrelevant.

Although people like to talk about it. If it weren’t for New York and California, that would be a draw as well. But for some reason, those two states strongly go Dem long before Election Day, and the election results are fait accompli.

So, every pollster except for a couple predicts a landslide in a week, Joe Biden over Trump. Even though Trump is a monster out on the campaign trail like Godzilla and Biden, he sees almost nobody if he does come out.

I saw a picture this morning on social media. Trump had already had his third rally of the day in front of, I don't know half a stadium, 20,000 people. Biden's rally had 12.

You know, two more than ten sitting in circles in folding chairs while he read a short speech off the teleprompter. Former President, boss of Joe Biden, Barack Obama at a drive-in rally in Miami had about one hundred people. So, in terms of enthusiasm, it's hugely different.

So. Let's talk about polling. You've probably never heard of this poster because it doesn't get reported, but there's a company called Trafalgar Group. In 2016, they were the outlier.

They called it for Trump, and everybody made fun of this guy as being an idiot. You know, the big pollsters that really knew what they were doing. This year, Cahaly says President Trump will carry Michigan or Pennsylvania or both, and therefore will be re-elected. He predicts, with two hundred and eighty electoral votes.

But he's not alone anymore. Last week, another pollster, Jim Lee, who runs Susquehanna, polling echoed Cahaly points about Trump voters being missed by pollsters. He said, "There's definitely a submerged Trump vote."

He doesn't want to call the number of Electoral College votes, but he says Trump will win. He said, "If the turnout is going to be what I think, Trump will win." Now, Lee goes farther than some other analysts by suggesting that pollsters, the other guys, maybe deliberately overstating the strength of Democratic candidates in order to dampen Republican turnout.

He said, "The very definition of voter suppression is to claim Hillary Clinton was ahead by 11 points among likely voters in surveys taken from October 26th to the 30th in 2016". He says, "That was liberal bias."

He suggests there should be professional consequences for pollsters who called it in 2016 for Hillary and said the race was over. Are doing it again now? So why are the polls wrong now, and why were they wrong in 2016?

Well, I dug out my notes from 2016, I was one of the few people on national T.V. to call it for Trump before the election. I dusted off those notes, and I think my analysis is more or less the same now.

Let me get to a question. "Barry, I could be naive, but decent voters just get the impression that Trump is punching down by targeting a poor drug addict for things nobody's proven he's done." I assume they're referring to Hunter Biden.

That's an interesting analysis. It wouldn't be appropriate to bring up Hunter's drug problems, his stripper problems, his paternity suits, his being kicked out of the military for drugs, he's going to rehab, and blah, blah, blah, if none of these activities had nothing to do with his dad. In that case, this question is appropriate.

However, if his dad put him on Air Force Two and took him to China to meet the big names there. Took him to Ukraine and introduced him to the who's who of Ukraine. Took him to Russia and took him to Kazakhstan. Now you've got a different issue.

Now, it's influence-peddling because those people could give a you know what about meeting Hunter Biden. He's a nobody in business, a nobody in politics, and a nobody that they would certainly want to pay tens of millions of dollars to.

But for one thing, as Hunter said, "I know I would not have gotten these jobs if it wasn't for my last name." Number two, which is worse than Joe Biden getting his son deals, is Joe Biden's involvement in his son's deals.

Like getting the prosecutor fired in Ukraine for investigating his son and withholding American aid as a threat. That is illegal under American law. It is actually a felony. If, in fact, what's going to be revealed tonight on Sean Hannity's show in just a few hours, if this partner, the ex-naval officer, partner of Hunter Biden, can prove that he has emails and text messages.

That the big guy is Joe Biden, who profited from these deals and stands to make more. That’s go to jail stuff. So, it's not just punching down at a drug addict, it is the drug addict who brought his dad in, and his dad got involved. Then with the child pornography and abuse of his niece, God knows what went on in China with underage girls. This just makes it worse.

Okay, so what did I say in 2016 that I think still applies today? Well, number one, conservatives do not respond to polling even when they are contacted. They didn't respond last time in a big way, and they're not responding this time. Why now? Well, like it or not, there's a certain stigma to being outed as a Trump supporter.

Regardless of their MAGA hats and their flags, people may not tell an "independent" pollster on the phone what their preferences are. Because it is embarrassing for them, or they don't want to be pressured about it. They don't want a stigma about them being racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic or whatever the charge might be in the back of their head.

I remember the polling. Exit polling for those of you who don't know, is where there is somebody with a clipboard just outside the polling place says, “Excuse me, Mr. Smith, did you vote? Could you tell me who you voted for President?” Yeah, “Blah, blah, blah.” “What is your party affiliation?” “Blah, blah, blah.”

In many cases, the exit polling, which used to be very accurate, was wildly wrong because the Trump supporters underreported who they voted for. They don't like the stigma. Number two, conservatives are under-polled compared to Dems. This is true in poll after poll. Most polling is done by liberal media, their supporters, and liberal pollsters.

So, who you ask and how you ask affects the results. The gentleman from Trafalgar said the reason his polls are accurate, and the mainstream polls are not is because they over poll registered Dems versus registered Republicans.

So, you get what you expect to get depending on who you ask the questions of. Now, there's an interesting change in the internal analysis going on right now, among voters deciding Biden versus Trump, and that's the following.

A majority of all Americans, according to polls, think Biden is not going to finish even one term. Ergo, Kamala Harris will become President. She's rated the number one radical in the entire U.S. Senate out of all one hundred senators. She's the most liberal progressive radical to the left of Liz Warren, to the left of even the crazy communist Bernie Sanders.

The more people learn about her, the more concerned they get. Why? Well, Harris's left-wing policies on major issues are outside the mainstream. She wants Medicare for everybody. She wants to ban all private health insurance. She wants to eliminate the Second Amendment. i.e., ban guns. She wants a legal birth abortion. That's not a joke. That's a policy.

A baby's born alive, it's healthy, it would survive, and if a mom chooses, the doctor kills the baby. She supports that. She wants open borders. She wants citizenship for everyone that's here. Whether they came in feloniously or not, she wants all of them to vote once they are citizens.

The vast majority of Americans don't want that for our country. Now, there's another issue that, for some reason, is not getting discussed. But before we get to that, I want to go to a question.

A listener asks, "What's really stopping Democrats from just making up the number of votes they get? There's barely any chance they'll get in real trouble for doing that, right"? That's a great question that concerns me as well and it should concern you.

Both parties have enlisted a zillion volunteers who are doing poll watching. That means they have volunteers watching ballots getting opened, mail-in ballots getting checked, and so on. But there are some issues in some states. I know this sounds weird like, I'm getting the facts wrong, but what I'm going to tell you is the truth.

Some people have petitioned the courts, well first, they went through the local supervisor of elections saying if a mail-in ballot signature on the envelope doesn't match the mail-in request for a ballot, in other words, totally different signatures. Is the ballot still acceptable? I know this is going to sound weird; the answer is yes in many states. To me, that proves fraud, but there is a court ruling now that says the ballots will be counted.

That scares the hell out of me. In some states, a reader wrote to me last week, she lives in Maryland. She's lived in Maryland for ten years and voted in Maryland for ten years. She said her mom called her from New York and said your mail-in ballot came.

This lady wrote to me and said she told her mother I didn't request a mail-in ballot. Her mother said New York mailed ballots to everybody. So, several million ballots are floating around in New York, where the people might have already died. In fact, this lady's mom said her neighbor got a ballot for her dead husband, who passed six years ago.

What's to prevent that lady, the widow, from filling out the ballot and voting for whomever and mailing it in on behalf of her dead husband? Absolutely nothing. It's a good question. It's a fair question.

I hope for both sides, the various poll watchers get involved and catch mistakes. I mean, it kind of reminds me of, remember Florida with the hanging chads? They went back through, and the courts issued instructions.

They had one person opening the envelope and one person looking at the chad. A chad is a piece of the ballot that's punched through but hanging there. It didn't get all the way punched through. Two people have to look at it and decide whether it was a vote for George Bush or was that a vote for Al Gore?

What happened? Eventually, after a zillion ballots were looked at, Gore ended up losing Florida. Bush ended up in winning Florida. It went all the way to the Supreme Court and Bush became President, and Al Gore lost even though he won the popular vote. That seems to be happening frequently these days.

We've got another question here, "If Biden wins, do you think cops will be allowed to investigate the Antifa and BLM murderers of Trump supporters since the Trump supporters are 'traitors'?" That's an interesting question that would actually fall to the local prosecutors. What's really sad and that really bothers me is, in many cases, these people have not been charged with anything.

They are literally being set free. I'm talking about the killers who are not even being investigated because of a very, very progressive bias against cops, in favor, sadly, of the rioters. One more question, then, I'm going to go on.

"Will the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation and swearing-in as the ninth justice on the Supreme Court flip some fence voters, or is that pie in the sky?” I think it's going to bring out people on both sides, quite frankly. I think it will sway voters.

A certain percentage feels as though Trump needs to fulfill his campaign promise of conservative justices who don't legislate from the bench but are strict constitutionalists, like her mentor, Anthony Scalia, was.

On the other hand, the Democrats could not challenge Amy Coney Barrett on her professionalism, reputation, or scholarship. I mean, come on, she graduated number one in her class. She's the top-rated professor at Notre Dame Law School. Both sides of the political aisle in South Bend at that school rated her off the charts for ethics. So, what did they do?

They claimed that she is supporting the Constitution, which is racist. Senator Markey said that. She doesn't understand human sexuality, which makes her unable to be on the Supreme Court, Mazie Hirono said that. The senator from Connecticut accused her of being a stealth destroyer of Obamacare.

Millions of people will die when they lose their health insurance even though they have no idea how she may or may not vote if that issue ever gets to the court.

So long story short. I think it's going to bring up debates on both sides. Let's go to my prediction. First, let me give you some advice, President Trump if you happen to be listening. For some reason, the issue dropped out of the campaign early, and I don't understand why, and I think it's a strategic mistake.

All summer long, we saw riots in Democrat cities. Run by Democrat Mayors with liberal Democrat city councils and Democratic Governors. The Governors, with a couple of exceptions, would not let Trump send in the National Guard. In a couple of cases where he was allowed to, the riots, literally, ended in 10 minutes.

The guard came in armed to the teeth, and the rioters ran away. Meanwhile, riots are still going on and it doesn't get in the press. Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets without masks, nothing is being done about it. God forbid you go to church, synagogue, a wedding, or a bar mitzvah. You'll go to jail. You go to your friend's house for dinner.

You can go to jail. You walk too closely with someone outside, and you get a 5,000-dollar ticket. That is a crime against humanity, but rioting isn't. If Trump pushed harder on law and order, I think there is a way to make that personal. Why? Because the majority of Americans think safety first.

I need to protect my wife, my husband, my children, my mom, or my dad. They miss that kind of America. There's a tremendous plight going on out of certain cities, most prominently on the West Coast and the East Coast.

All are Democrat cities where progressives have allowed the inmates to rule the asylum. If Trump pushed harder on that, I think that would move the needle enough in a couple of key states. Here is a question. "If Trump loses, it will probably be because of lots of fraud. Should he bother to contest the election, or would that cause a civil war"?

Well, no, we're not going to have a civil war. There's nothing to worry about in regard to that. We may have civil disobedience. We may have an absence of civility, but there won't be a war. Yes, there will be fraud. Yes, it's difficult to uncover it and prevent it. But like I said, as much as possible, there are squads of poll watchers on both sides.

The more that people are in there and watching, the better. A similar question from Teresa in Canada asks, "Is there a way to prove voter fraud when it happens"? The answer is, yes. Cases are being uncovered every single day. I mean, like lots and lots of them, ballots disappearing and so on, like crazy all over the country.

In those cases, there are many, many, many instances where it is proven who did it. There are indictments out there, and hopefully, that will scare enough people straight to discontinue it. By the way, just coming out on the news, the National Guard in Pennsylvania was deployed today to Philadelphia because of the rioting going on there.

In my opinion, that helps Trump. Why, because it is a law and order issue. I think that is a Trump good and Biden bad issue. So, I promised you a prediction for next Tuesday. My only caveat on my prediction on Tuesday is we may not know this on Tuesday because of various court cases and election supervisors in various states holding open the counting.

For example, in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court ruled just before Amy Coney Barrett made the court, so there were eight votes, not nine. There was an empty seat, and the Supreme Court voted five to three to disallow Wisconsin counting ballots after Election Day is over.

They said that the lower court was wrong, and they reversed the decision, stating that it was important for all the votes to be sent in and received by Election Day, which is the way it used to be.

So, let's go to my prediction with just a couple of minutes left. If you want to get a question in that I can get to, I will do it before we sign off. But I can tell you that my prediction is President Trump will be re-elected, and I think it's because of a couple of issues.

I think the polling is wrong. It's as wrong now as it was four years ago. So, we don't really know what the voters are thinking, but here's something we haven't talked much about. That is voter enthusiasm. There is a report that came out several months ago that talked about voter enthusiasm for their candidate.

There is no doubt whether you're a liberal Democrat, a very conservative Republican or libertarian President Trump has a unique capacity to create an almost a rock star public appearance that Joe Biden has nothing close to. Joe Biden prefers to stay home in his basement and read off a prompter.

Even when he does, he makes goofball comments like yesterday, I believe, or the day before he thought the President was named George and his wife whispered Trump, and he changed it. He still doesn't seem to know where he is when he goes out.

That is the difference between the two candidates. Suppose you're excited about your candidate enough to wait in line for five hours. Enough to get in a car caravan with flags all over and drive for three or four hours. Be in a boat caravan or put flags up all over your house. Even in Democrat strongholds like California, New York or Washington, there's nothing like that for Biden.

Who's more likely to go to the polls? Well, the person that covered his house, his car, or his boat in Trump signs. The person that waited all day to stand in line to get through security at a monster rally.

After recovering from Coronavirus, Trump is crisscrossing the country and doing three, four, and even five rallies a day in front of several hundred thousand people in the swing states. He's gone to Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas.

For the most part, Joe Biden can handle maybe a public appearance, in front of a few people. He takes no questions and then goes home and puts a lid on it. Which means for him, he is done for the day. Often after one event in front of a few people. If somebody happens to ask him a question about his son and his involvement, he snaps at them, screams at them, walks away, or avoids all questions altogether.

I don't know if we're going to know anything on election night. It depends on how the Electoral College is looking and how close it is. I can tell you that based on court cases in the last election, there won't be renegade electoral voting. Just really quick, before we wrap up, let me explain what that means.

The Electoral College in each State has electors from both parties selected depending on who carries the State. Those people are then bound to the candidate who won and are obligated to vote for that candidate. If you remember, there was a very strong movement last time, and a lot of money went into trying to influence the Electors to go rogue. In other words, if you were pledged to Biden, sorry, if you were pledged to Trump, they were trying to convince you to go vote for Hillary, to break their contract.

The courts upheld that it is not kosher. I don't think it'll be tried this time. So that's it for today. You have my prediction. We'll see next week whether I'm right or wrong. Please go vote. This is not the election you want to say you sat out of. You'll be embarrassed because you didn't step up when you should have.

I don't care who you vote for officially. I just care that you vote. Exercise your constitutional responsibility to be involved in the process, or have no right, and I mean this literally, to complain about anything the Government does. If you say those magic words, my vote doesn't count. You're just plain wrong. Look at how close some of those states were last time.

For those who haven't signed up yet, please text the message TRUTH to 88202. So, you get this in all of our shows absolutely for free on your cell phone. We'll see you next week, and we'll see if I was right or wrong. For ATP Radio, this is Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for listening in.

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