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Arab League Picks US Over Palestinians


Despite verbal protests of the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and accompanying embassy move, none of the 21 Arab League nations are severing ties with America, as a 1980 declaration by the organization stipulates they obligated to do.  The billions of dollars in foreign aid sent to these countries is much more important to them than a few million Arabs living  a better life in Israel than their own citizens do.  The League might not like president Trump’s decision, but they will live with it, and that has driven Mahmoud Abbas and the PA to the point of near insanity.  So insane, that earlier in the week a member of Fatah suggested Arab nations join forces with Iran in order to destroy Israel.  Fortunately the leaders of these countries are well aware that Iran is the region’s biggest threat, and are quietly working with Israel militarily against the Islamic regime and its proxies.  So Mahmoud, as the end of your days quickly approach, and you realize your dream of destroying Israel won’t be accomplished, don’t forget to thank your brothers.

Read Article at The Jerusalem post: http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/PA-minister-Arab-inaction-has-encouraged-US-to-continue-standing-with-Jlem-moves-544603




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