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Anne Marie Waters: Compulsory Mask Order is Emergence of Communism


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum. Our special guest, all the way from the United Kingdom, is Anne Marie Waters, back with us today. She's a commentator, political provocateur, and the founder of For Britain. She's an expert on all things coming from across the pond as an indication of what we in America should be expecting over here. Anne Marie, welcome back.

Anne Marie Waters: Hi, Barry. Thank you very much for having me back.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, it's such a pleasure. So let's start off with COVID on our side here in America. Restrictions come and go. We have 50 states and 50 governors coming up with their own wacky rules on an almost daily basis. And the White House has a bunch of experts coming up with the same stuff. I understand you've gone through the ups and downs and the ins and outs of what to do about COVID. And some rather draconian restrictions are being placed on British subjects. Are people, at this point, saying enough's enough. Are they saying we're just not going to do it anymore? What's the reaction generally?

Anne Marie Waters: Yeah, I think people are saying that. And I think the word that I would use to summarize what the situation is here is confused. We don't have 50 states with 50 governors. But it feels like we do because of the mixed messages we're getting. If you go through the BBC's front page, it'll show you a state of emergency declared in Manchester, infections up and new lockdowns coming, and then 50 percent off meals out. They're encouraging us to go out for dinner in the middle of telling us that we're in the middle of a national emergency, and the government is going to pay 50 percent of your bill when you go to the restaurant. At the same time, they're telling us you're not to mix with the neighbors from down the street. You're only allowed to spend time with your own family. If you do go out for dinner, which we want you to do, you have to keep it to your own family. So what if two families from the same street go to the same restaurant? You know, it's ridiculous. We had compulsory masks come in, and I would say about 50 percent of people are wearing them. So that to me is people saying we've had enough. Even though the police are enforcing this, we're still not doing it.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's go one step further in that deep dive into the question on the masks thing. I saw an interesting video. Maybe you've seen this where painters use spray machines, if they use a painter's mask, which is this N95 mask and they paint an apartment or flat, and then they take the mask off there's like a ton of paint that gets through the mask. And it covers the nose and the lips and everything. And then this video I saw showed that a virus, specifically COVID-19 sized virus is one one-thousandth the size of an airborne paint particle. So if it doesn't keep out paint, that's a thousand times bigger, what's the point of a mask if it's a thousand times smaller? It goes right through the same material that you're breathing in and out of, doesn't it?

Anne Marie Waters: Yeah, nobody knows the answer to that. Nobody knows why we're wearing them. And there's no answer coming from the government either. We're told vague things, like it's not for you, it's not to keep the virus away from you, it's to protect other people from you if you have the virus, this is what we're told. Essentially, they're telling us that we clearly have a large number of people with the virus, but without symptoms, which tells me that it's not the dangerous, deadly black plague they're making us believe. We've shut down our entire economy for months for this. And now we're being told that it's not even symptomatic. The masks effectively do nothing except cause friction.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about that. I mean, if you want to get a little conspiratorial with me for a second. Would you be willing to say that if the government can get you to wear a mask, and a mask really doesn't keep out the virus, which we just discussed that it really doesn't, is this sort of a dry run to get you the people to be more sheep-like, to follow the instructions of the government, whether they make sense or not? And if so, what's coming next, Anne-Marie?

Anne Marie Waters: I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea. I compare this to a science fiction film, and not just coronavirus, but previous to that. We're living in a science fiction film. I think it's the emergence of communism myself. But that's a bit controversial. But that's what I do think it is. If I were to write a science fiction film about a sinister government taking away all of its citizens' freedoms in an instant, this is how I would do it—protection from a disease which is filled with mystery. Nobody quite knows. We built new hospitals for this that were left empty. There's still no patients that have been treated in these hospitals. It seems like a sinister ploy to confuse and upset and turn us against each other and to make us feel fear, lots and lots of fear. And yes, they have discovered now that about half of the population will do anything they are told to do, even without a decent explanation as to why they should do it. They believe the figures they're being given every day by the government, even though we know hospitals have been left empty, we're still told this many have died today. Who? Who are these people? Yes, the government has discovered that people, about half of us, will do absolutely anything we are told to do and will believe anything we are told to believe. And it's frightening. It's a frightening reaction.

Barry Nussbaum: I can't be more enthusiastic in my agreement with you. One hundred percent, Anne Marie, it's terrifying what you can get people to do if you control the media. It's the old Joseph Goebbels statement, give me control of the press, and I will make the people into sheep or pigs or whatever. And my gosh, here you've got people getting in fights at stores. If you run into somebody without a mask, the mask wearers will terrorize the non-mask wearer because the government told them they should.

Anne Marie Waters: Yes. And quite literally, in our case, the leader of the Metropolitan Police, which is London's police force, is on record as saying, "We want the public to shame, that's the word used, to shame non-mask wearers because we're admitting we don't have enough police. We don't even have enough police for actual crime. So they're not going to have enough for this. They said, well, we're going to rely on the public to shame each other into wearing it. So they're creating a 1984 type scenario. It's communism. It's like the Soviet Union, people reporting each other. And if they didn't report each other, they were frightened of what would happen to them if they didn't. And that's the kind of society we're creating.

Barry Nussbaum: Anne, how can people get a hold of you and see what you're doing online?

Anne Marie Waters: Our website is ForBritain.UK and that will have our manifesto, all of our contact details, details of branches, how to help, how to get involved. So ForBritain.UK, please do check it out.

Barry Nussbaum: Thank you so much, and for all of you that haven't subscribed in the US only, please take out your cell phone and send the message truth and send it to 88202. You'll be subscribed to our text message service that's always free. And you'll get all the episodes like this one with Anne-Marie Waters directly to you on your cell phone. For ATP Report, Barry Nussbaum.

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