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Andrew Cuomo Made An Announcement To Reopen the State May 19th


Welcome, to ATP's Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo live-streamed his announcement to reopen the state beginning May 19th. He included an extreme accusation against New Yorkers who won't or didn't take the vaccine. The Democratic governor said live on the air, "Maybe you go home, kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother."

Lovely, isn't it? How many grandmothers and grandfathers did Cuomo already kill by locking them up in closed buildings with all the infected older people crammed in there together, and they were not allowed out with cops guarding the door? Then afterward, they covered up the death rates, so no one knew.

No matter how many dumb policies this governor crammed down the citizens of New York, he's still the governor. You know, there's like dozens of women who have come forward with charges of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo and worse, but he refuses to accept any responsibility. He also refuses to resign.

This is a dumb guy with dumb policies and takes no responsibility. There's nothing that can describe his responsibility that he should have taken, and the deaths caused by killing elderly locked up in nursing homes where the COVID death rates went through the roof.

Wake up, New York, and do something about this guy.

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